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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 30

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Previously, on Big Brother, Michie, Holly, Nicole, and Cliff made a final four deal and they wanted to take out Christie. But after Christie made a deal with Michie and Holly to save herself it kept her in the house another week. With the dude rancher’s daughter in control, a new twist took away half her power and Nick became America’s Prankster. Holly put her target on the block, and the prankster put up his.


After Michie won his third veto of the season, he left two big targets on the block. Christie implied she had made good on her promise to Holly and Jackson, but the power couple wasn’t buying it. At the live eviction, the master of the bowl cut was cut from the house. With only seven remaining in the battle for half million dollars, the power is back up for grabs? Who will survive this terrifying competition? And who will the nominate for eviction. Find out now on Big Brother!


We pick up on day 72 at the HOH competition with Julie telling the HG good night. Nicole says she wants to win this HOH so badly and she’s sick and tired of not winning. She wants to pull her weight in her alliance instead of them pulling her along. The house tilts forward and Tommy says oh gosh! The rain starts and Michie says it’s cold.


Michie says he doesn’t want to win this, but he will if he has to. Ideally, he’d like Nicole or Cliff to win. The one person he doesn’t want to win is Tommy because he’ll go after Cliff and Nicole and he has a final four with them and that indirectly affects his game. Christie says she thinks she’s in a good spot, but she’d love to see Tommy win because it’s like her winning.


Cliff would like to win but he’s already sore and his muscles are shaking. Cliff would love to see Nicole win. Jess wants to win this comp because Tommy has been overlooked and she doesn’t want to play a punk game. If you get the chance to take out a big target you have to do it. The HG get cold blasts on them and Tommy says they hurt and they scare the crap out of you! He says it’s terrifying!


Jess says this comp is so hard and she doesn’t know how long she can go on. She’s struggling to find a good angle or a good grip. She wants to fall off gracefully and wee see her turn and drop after 24 minutes and 5 seconds. Michie says he doesn’t know what just happened, but it was a very dramatic fall to say the least. We see it in slow motion a couple of times and in reverse and again.


They have ghosts hitting them in the chest. Then the ghosts come at the same time as the cold blasts. Then the rain starts again. Nicole has her eyes closed. Christie is leaning forward. Cliff is struggling to stay on and Christie says he’s so strong. He’s amazing. Jess is encouraging them. Cliff says it’s a lot tougher to hold onto than he ever imagined. Cliff falls after 41 minutes and 56 seconds.


It’s down to Nicole, Christie, Michie, and Tommy. Christie doesn’t think she’s anyone’s main target this week and the longer she’s up there, the harder it gets. And with the cold mess, maybe it’s time to bow out of this. She hopes Tommy wins and she’ll leave her fate up to the universe once again. Christie falls at 42 minutes and 26 seconds.


It’s down to Nicole, Michie, and Tommy. Nicole feels pretty good. She sees Tommy shaking and after he falls she thinks Michie will fall. She can do this, she just needs to hold on a little longer. She knows she can do it…


Cliff is encouraging Nicole. Michie says Nicole is on the right and Tommy is on the left and Michie is hoping Tommy falls first because if that’s the case he’s going right down with him. Tommy says his calves are on fire and his core is shaking. He doesn’t know how he’s still standing because it’s hard to hold onto the boards. Nicole wants this so bad, she refuses to drop. Her whole body is shaking and she’s pushing through it. She says this is your comp it’s happening. Nicole falls are 49 minutes and 8 seconds and she’s down and crying. Jess goes over and says she loves her so much and comforts her.


Cliff and Holly come to get Nicole and she’s crying. Holly says they are so proud of her. Nicole is in the DR and says darn it. She’s not a sore loser, she’s just frustrated with herself. Holly tells her not to beat herself up. Nicole says she just wanted to see her family so bad and she’s so frustrated dammit. Holly and Cliff are talking about what might happen if Tommy wins. Holly says Michie might have to win this because her and Michie promised to keep Cliff and Nicole safe. Michie looks at Tommy and tells him he’s good. Christie is sending Tommy good vibes because she knows it would be a guaranteed week of safety for her. But her and Michie have been on good terms so maybe he won’t come after her.


We see Tommy and Michie pumping themselves up. The HG on the side are encouraging them. Michie is watching Tommy and Cliff says they are beasts. The house tips forward and Michie says again Tommy he’s good. Tommy says Michie told him he’s good. Tommy says he wants another win under his belt and paint a bigger target on him, plus he can play in the next HOH? The deal doesn’t include Christie, but he’s his own person and he has to take care of himself. Tommy falls and Michie falls behind and Michie is the new HOH!


Michie shakes the key and says it sucks. This is the last HOH he wanted to win. This is his fifth competition in a row and it’s back to back to back for him and Holly but he couldn’t risk Tommy winning HOH because he didn’t know where his head was at. Dammit!


Michie didn’t want to win this HOH, but he made a final four with Nicole and Cliff and he’s sticking to that. Holly is so proud of him but now they somehow have made the target on their back bigger. She’s praying people would rather be with them than against them. Christie is a little frustrated didn’t win HOH because her and Michie have a strange relationship. She doesn’t necessarily feel safe.


Michie goes to Nicole and tells him he won for her and Cliff and she gets emotional. Michie says I love you, you’re ok. Holly says you did great. Cliff comes in and the four of them head into the camper. Michie says he didn’t want to win, but he doesn’t know when they’ll get another physical comp and he didn’t want to risk them going on the block. Nicole is still crying and Michie comforts her and says it’s ok.


Nicole says she’s content with Michie as HOH, but she needs and wants to start building her resume in the game. She wants to contribute and she hasn’t and that sucks. Michie goes and tells Tommy that Nicole is crying. Michie and Tommy hug and Michie says he told Tommy he was good. He’s not putting up Holly, F4 with Cliff and Nicole, and he promised Tommy he wouldn’t put him up. Jess and Christie is pretty much where he’s at.


Michie tells Cliff he wanted to throw that to Nicole, but he wanted to keep him and Nicole safe. Michie tells Cliff he thinks if Tommy goes it would be bad for them because they would be the next targets. He pitches Christie and Jess. Cliff agrees but in DR he says he would prefer Tommy and Christie rather than Jess, but Michie is the HOH. Jess in the DR says she wanted to win that HOH, but she’s so happy for Michie.


Michie says he needs to make Christie comfortable with the idea of going on the block this week. Michie says this might be the week you have to go on the block as a pawn. He says he’s afraid of Jess. Christie is crying in the DR and she’s tired of being on the block. This is the fourth week now and she’s tired. Michie tells her Jess is brilliant and he wants her out. Christie says why me? Michie says first he doesn’t want people to know they’re working together and two, he wants people to think their deal is done. Michie says any mental comp Jess can win. Michie tells her she’s not the target. He says Cliff will vote her out and Nicole will go with Cliff. Christie says she trusts him and she says in DR she has to trust him. If she argues with him it will make him think she doesn’t trust him and she’ll be skating on thin ice.


Nicole is talking in her bed and she says today was exhausting and she’s just feeling down. Christie is talking to her and says it broke her heart to watch her fall. They are talking about their families. Christie is crying and says she’s starting to forget what the bark of her dog sounds like. Nicole says she’s having trouble hearing voices. Nicole says she’s trying not to be the emotional girl, but she could have been reading a letter from her family.


Christie and Nicole are crying and the other HG see them and they are trying to figure out if they’re laughing or crying and why they’re crying. Christie says it’s not normal to cry so much on live TV. She says it’s fine to cry at home, but not every day on TV. Nicole and Christie go in the camper and we hear Big Brother loves you. They get emotional again and Nicole says that’s so nice! Christie says she’s so psychotic.


Michie and Holly are alone in the SR. Michie says they need to make Tommy and Christie think they’re doing what’s best for them, and the same with Nicole and Cliff. Michie says he and Holly are between two couples, Tommy and Christie and Cliff and Nicole. He needs to take Jess out and let the other two groups take a shot at each other and leave him and Holly in the shadows. Holly is always questioning Christie’s word and she thinks it might be smarter to get her out. Holly is so bummed she didn’t get to play that comp because she’d have loved to kick his butt again.


Nicole and Cliff are in the HOH with Holly and Tommy and Nicole wants to know if it looks sketchy. Cliff says no, they are a group and there are three people who need to go. Cliff offers himself as a pawn if needed so maybe it will deflect people from thinking they are working together. Michie says Cliff volunteered as pawn and that’s great because it might keep their F4 secret. Cliff says if he can’t trust them to keep him safe, then he’s screwed at this point anyway. Cliff says he’s in it for the longhaul and he’s not flipping to anyone else.


Tommy and Christie are talking and Tommy says he tried. Christie is frustrated with Tommy because she feels that of all the comps they’ve played this season, this was his. She tells Tommy what Michie told her in the shower about Jess being the target. Tommy tells Christie that Michie can’t put him up because he promised him safety. Christie says really?!? She says that’s great he’s safe, but she’s going to be used as a pawn. Christie thinks Cliff and Nicole are working with Michie and Holly and Tommy says she has a point. Nicole and Cliff are a strong duo, why wouldn’t Michie put them up?


Cliff is outside and says good morning Sharon. He says it’s so hard being away from his wife and he hates to be away from her. He’s doing everything he can to keep in touch with her. He says he can’t wait to dance with her. He’s not a great dancer, but as long as he has the right partner that’ll be ok. We see Cliff dancing in the BY imagining he’s dancing with his wife. He likes to dance with her when he’s feeling down and when he’s feeling lonely. We see various clips of Cliff dancing with his eyes closed. He can’t wait to dance with her when he gets back. He’s thinking this is a good time to ask her to renew their vows so he can show her how much he loves and values her and wants her with him the rest of his life.


Jess goes to make her pitch to Michie in the HOH. Michie says they’re getting into the memory and mental comps and to be honest, if he’s going against her and Christie he’s terrified. She says oh wow! Jess says thank you and she laughs. Michie says there are two seats he has to fill. She says nothing. He says I love you and she says nothing. She says in the DR and she says she’s trying to read between the lines and figure out what he’s trying to say. Michie says he has two seats to fill and only 6 to choose from. Michie says he’s not threatened by Tommy, Cliff, or Nicole, and he won’t put up Holly. Jess says ok… Michie says that leaves you and Christie. Jess says like, like, like…Jess says this si the biggest bunch of BS she’s heard in her life. Jess says me a mental threat?!?


Christie goes to the HOH room and asks Michie how he’s doing. Michie says people you want to work with have to be up as pawns at this point. Christie says if she’s going to go quietly on the block, there are things she needs to know. Christie asks him if Jess wins veto who does he put up. Michie says most likely Cliff. Christie says do I still have the votes to stay and he says yeah! Christie wants to make sure he’ll break a tie in her favor and she wants some reassurances. Michie doesn’t promise his vote, and Christie says her mouth is bleeding from biting her tongue. He won’t promise to keep her over Cliff because he probably wouldn’t. Michie says Christie is taking this really well. He says Christie said she’d gladly take fifth and until then he doesn’t see her as a threat. He says maybe he’s being naïve.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Michie’s first nominee is…Christie. Michie’s second nominee is…Jessica. Michie says it’s very straight forward. He thinks they are the two HG that stand the greatest chance of beating him and this is just a game. Michie says he nominated them because they are the two biggest mental threats in the game. Jess is his target, but if something unexpected happens it wouldn’t be a total loss to see Christie go out the door.


Jessica says this sucks! She knew he was going to put her up and she didn’t believe it. Jess says she was duped. Touche!  But she has a veto to win. Tommy says Christie is on the block for the fourth week and that sucks and if she goes home he’ll feel alone and partially responsible. Christie says now that Michie has put her on the block two times their contract is null and void. She is not working with them going forward no matter what they think. If she wins HOH, she will be going after them. But first she needs to go win this veto.

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