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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 25

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Previously, on Big Brother, with only nine remaining in the battle for the half million dollars, Michie slid into power and he had his sights set on a big target. Michie considered putting up Christie’s close ally next to her, but after Sis threw Nick under the bus Michie wondered if Nick needed to go on the block.


At the nomination ceremony, Jackson went with his original plan, leaving Tommy to rethink his loyalties. Tonight, the power of veto is on the line. Will the Universe’s divine intervention save Christie’s game or will she continue to spiral and dig her own grave? Find out right now on Big Brother!


We pick up on day 59 after the nomination ceremony and Michie nominated Christie and Sis this week. Christie is his biggest threat. She’s playing a great social game, she’s great competitively, and she’s a mental beast. He needs to make sure Christie does not come off. Sis says obviously says she p*ssed off and she feels like she’s a pawn because he wants Christie gone, but Michie and Holly better watch out.


Christie says surprise, surprise she’s on the block. She’s not shocked and obviously she’s the target. She has a fire in her now and the Universe takes care of good people and it’s not her time to go yet, so she’s going to win the veto. Michie tells them it’s not personal, they are his two biggest threats. Christie says it’s cool. Sis and Christie are talking in the camper and Sis tells her she better win the veto.


Tommy goes into the camper with Sis and Christie and Holly follows and Christie says I know I’m the target. Holly says she didn’t know what direction today was going to go. Christie says it is what it is. We get an awkward silence and Holly says she loves them. It’s more awkward silence and eventually Holly leaves and Sis flips her off and says she knew what was going to happen. Christie says everyone is fake, this house is a joke. Tommy heads out and Sis tells Christie best case scenario she goes down and Sis stays up because she has the best chance to stay out of everyone.


Sis says not to toot her own horn, but she’s well liked in the house and she knows she’s least likely to go home of anyone. So the best case scenario is Christie to come down or Tommy to win and take Christie down because she knows she’d stay. Christie tells Sis the Universe will have her back, she knows it.


Michie and Tommy head upstairs to talk. Tommy says while Michie nominated his two closest allies, he still has a good relationship with Michie and Holly. He wants Christie to come down, but it is what it is here and he has to think about himself. Michie tells Tommy he wants to stay loyal to those who have stayed loyal to him and he has no reason to take a shot at him. Tommy says he has proved to be loyal to him and Holly, but he’s in a weird spot this week. He tells Michie that he will gun for the veto and to win that competition. Michie says if Sis were to come down, his only move would be to put up Tommy to make sure Christie goes home.


Holly goes to talk to Michie and wants to know how his convo with Tommy went and Michie says good. Holly tells him that Sis and Christie won’t talk to her and Sis won’t even look at her. Michie says they are fighting for their lives and if this is the reason he goes out, then so be it, but he’s not going to cower down to Christie.


Jess is talking to Christie and Sis in the camper and she’d rather Christie win it and get the votes for Sis to stay. Jess says she still has a really strong ally in the game who will help her if she stays. Jess tells Christie and Sis that she thinks Nick has a final with Michie. Christie says Kat told her that Nick is a puppetmaster and he’s working with Michie and Holly. Christie says Nick is good at this game, he flirts with everyone.


Christie tells us the last few weeks Nick has been trying to rebuild trust, but after Kat dropped her bomb and then Nick orchestrated the whole plan with Cliff makes her wonder about his loyalty. They says this game is savage. Sis is pretty sure Christie is the target and she needs to make sure Christie comes down because she’s her number one ally in this game. Sis goes to Nick and asks if he’d throw the veto to Christie if she were out and he says no because he’s not sure if she’d stay if Christie come down. Sis asks if he’s working with Michie and Nick gets defensive. Nick says he doesn’t know who he’d put up next to Sis. Nick says pick whoever you want, but if you pick me I’m taking you off.


Sis and Christie are talking in the camper with Tommy and Christie asks how she’s feeling about Nick and she starts to tell her about the conversation and Nick pops in. Christie says she just wants Nick to be honest if he’ll go after the veto and use it. Nick says he does have loyalties to both Christie and Sis, but his relationship with Sis has been more solid and consistent. Christie says Nick’s game is so sketchy. Like who is he working with? Everyone?


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Sis and Christie join Michie at the front. Michie does not want to see Tommy or Nick get picked because they are very close with both nominees. If Christie comes off, his plan is shot. Michie draws Cliff. Cliff is happy Michie drew his chip so he can help keep nominations the same. Christie draws next and gets Nick. Sis draws Holly. Sis says the last person she wanted to pick was Holly and of course, she picks Holly. It just puts more pressure on her and Christie to win the veto themselves.


Sis tells Christie and Tommy of course she drew the one person she didn’t want to play. Christie tells Sis that Nick is working with Michie and he has been. Christie says Nick is a snake and she’s telling them this because she knows. Christie says she’s piecing things together about Nick and she’s sure he’s working with Michie. Sis asks if Michie would put up Nick if she came down? Tommy says the girls are expressing their mistrust of Nick and that’s what got them in trouble in the first place. He’s going to confront Nick and try and squash this thing before the veto.


Tommy goes to talk to Nick and Nick is upset. Tommy says it’s not a big deal. Nick doesn’t understand why no one trusts him in this game. Tommy says they are just feeding off each other. Nick wants to confront them but Tommy tells him not to. Nick is so p*ssed off that he’s been loyal to and they are questioning him. He goes and asks Sis and Christie why they are questioning him and Christie says something isn’t adding up and it’s just odd he’s not put up. Nick says he’s starting to get upset and he’s been nothing but transparent with both of them. Sis says she’s not saying she doesn’t trust him, just stuff is starting to add up. Nick says he gets why it looks weird, but just because he has a good personal relationship doesn’t mean anything. Nick says the best thing he can do is win veto, take Sis off and hope whoever Michie puts up goes home.


Christie is in the shower talking to Tommy and she says she’s disappointed. She says she’s been very vocal, but at least she’s been consistent and she’s who she is and she feels like she can’t wait to get out of here anymore. She says nothing is real in here. Nothing! Tommy says he’s real. Tommy tells Christie to look at him and she says what? He says it again and she says what? He says it again louder and Christie Er cath eg orm.


It’s time for the veto competition! Tommy is a squid and tells them to head to the backyard! It’s an under the sea themed veto and the veto players are in snorkel gears and flippers. Nicole says she fees like she’s in a scene from the little mermaid. She wants to sit in the shell and hold the pearl.


It’s the HG job to put the seaside back in balance. They have to take their ten ocean creatures to their deep sea structure and they need to put all ten on their bars with none of them touching the ground. The first HG to hang all ten and hit their button will win the Power of Veto! Christie says she doesn’t trust anyone else playing and she knows her life is on the line. Michie says Christie is a huge threat to his game and it’s time for her to go.


They are running in the flippers and Nicole says they are flippin’ fantastic! Nick says the fact Christie and Sis don’t trust him is annoying and he wants to win and show them he’s loyal. Everyone is back with their sea creatures. Holly says Michie drew a massive line and she just wants to win veto to keep noms the same because if both girls stay she’ll have her own friends coming after her.


Christie’s strategy is to gauge the weight of the sea creatures. Slow and steady with a little pre-strategy is how she’s doing it. Nick says this is frustrating. He’ll get five or six on and then one falls off and it’s a chain reaction. Nicole says it stinks she can’t play in this veto and she’s praying the nominations will stay the same. She says if one of them comes down it could spell bad news for Nicole. Cliff says as an engineer he feels like this competition is his. Cliff really wants to make sure Christie stays on the block.  


Cliff says this competition is turning out more difficult than he thought. One hand is steading the structure while the other is adding another creature. He says he hasn’t handled this many rods since his fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico…way before the wife. It’s neck and neck between Michie and Christie.


Michie thinks he knows where everything goes so it’s about balancing everything. We then see all his pieces his fall and he has to start over. He says he has to slow down and grit his teeth. Christie says even though Michie’s creatures fell off he’s picking up the pace and gaining momentum so she needs to focus. Christie is close and all of her creatures fall but one. Michie is getting close and he thinks he has it. He crawls under the structure and runs for the button and hits it. Michie has won the POV!


Michie says he was good enough at puzzles to pull out a veto win and they ain’t going anywhere and it’s time to follow through and send Christie out the door. Tommy is telling everyone good job. Sis is mad because Michie won and one of them will go home. Christie says she did her best. She gave it 100%, but Michie won it fair and square and she’s proud of the game she played. She’s not giving up but she’s feeling kind of helpless at this point.


The HG head inside and Michie says he’s been wanting to get Christie out for awhile. Tommy and Holly realize they match and Jess suggests they start running slow mo. We see them saving Nicole and playing around and Christie takes her drink and gets up and leaves and goes to the camper. Christie tells Sis she’s glad Tommy and Holly are playing Baywatch and think everything is so funny. Tommy came in and Sis says do you really think it’s funny to play around right now?


Christie says seeing Tommy and Holly playing around made her realize she’s probably going to be evicted. She doesn’t see herself acting that way if the roles were reversed. Christie goes to Camp Comeback and lays down and cries. She says really Tommy? You want to run around and play Baywatch? I can’t. I really can’t. Tommy comes in and apologizes and Christie says she’s fine. Christie says you’re my friend!?! With Holly? The girl who’s sending me home? Let’s play Baywatch? Tommy says Christie wants to place blame and today it was him. He can’t waste his dream because she’s ruining hers.


Christie says she feels like a fool because she’s the only person who came in with a friend and she feels like she doesn’t have that. Christie tells us she didn’t think she’d feel alone with Tommy here. Christie says the people who hate her and want her out are Tommy’s closest allies right now. Christie tells us unless she can come up with a great plan to save her, but it will have to be a power of manifestation and words. She has faith though. She has faith.


Christie goes to make her pitch to Holly and Michie and she says she realizes she’s likely going home. Christie says if she manages to stay by any means, she would protect both of them and she would do anything to prove to them she’d be loyal to them and try and get to a final four.


Michie is on cloud 9 the last three weeks and now she’s begging him to save her game. He says it’s kind of poetic justice. Christie did and still has faith they can get back together and she thinks America would flip out at that comeback story! Christie starts crying and she’s so emotional, she hates this game. Holly gets emotional and she says she didn’t foresee this happening either. Holly says she wants to make Christie feel better and she feels like she had something to do with it. Michie is sitting their stone faced.


Christie says if you can see a chance of reuniting. Michie says it’s not week 2 or 3, it’s getting to the end and she is in his way of getting to the finale and the win. Michie says his character has been questioned and smeared and there is nothing she can say that will mend the damage that’s been done. He respects the effort, but he gave her a chance to play in the veto and he feels like he owes her nothing.


It’s time for the veto ceremony! Michie has decided not to use the POV. He picked both of them for a reason and he has to follow through with it. Tommy says the veto’s not used. It sucks. He and Christie had dreams of sitting in the F2, but now it seems he’ll have to let go of that dream. He hopes she understands that outside of the house.


Christie doesn’t want Michie to have the satisfaction of getting her out. She’d love to stay and build her own army to take out the strong guys. Michie says he made sure his nominees stayed on the block and now it’s out of his control. He needs to rally the votes and get one of them out of the house.

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