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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 24

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Previously, on Big Brother, the Six Shooters alliance had a bad break-up. But Tommy hoped to get the gang back together. Unfortunately there was too much bad blood between Christie and Michie. After Tommy put two of Cliff’s angels on the block a plan was hatched to form a new sixsome. And knowing his life was on the line Cliff quickly accepted, but Nicole wasn’t so sure. Torn between nominees Kat and Cliff, Nicole spilled the secret alliance to Jessica and it left the model fuming.


Needing to pick a side of the house, Nicole ultimately went with the majority at the live eviction and Kat’s nine lives were all used up. With the HOH back on the line, a slippery battle began. Who will slide into power? And who will be nominated? Plus, see how Jessica caused chaos the night before the eviction. All this right now on Big Brother.


We pick up on day 58 during the HOH competition. We see Cliff take a fall and Analyse says her butt is so jiggly. Nicole says she decided to vote out Kat. This was the hardest decision she had to make in the game, and she had to do what was best for her game. In the end, she realized if she voted out Kat, she’d have the fewest people angry with her.


Holly really grew to love Kat and she wishes she could pull some strings and she feels bad she couldn’t do anything for her. Now it’s just her and Michie and one of them has to win this HOH. Christie says she knows she has to win this HOH, there are a couple of people she doesn’t feel safe with so she needs to secure her own safety.


Cliff says he made a deal with five other people, but how tight and loyal he is depends on this HOH. He’s doing what he needs to survive at this point. Jess says she needs to win this HOH because she found out that she was excluded from an alliance. So before Kat left, she wanted to make sure she started a little fire.


18 hours before eviction, Jess says she knows about the new alliance and Sis says she never agreed to a new alliance. She doesn’t need to lie, she hasn’t lied once in this game. Sis says there is a group of six that doesn’t include Jess, but she isn’t going to tell her that. Holly walks in and then leaves them in privacy. Jess tells Sis that she doesn’t know what’s going on between Holly and Jackson, but Holly told her Jackson told her Sis has been flirting with him.


Sis says that just goes to show how fake and how much of a liar she is. We then see Sis talking to Christie about what Jess told her. Michie is in the WA while Sis and Christie are in the lounge and Holly is listening at the door. She goes in and Sis says she’s not a happy camper and Sis confronts Holly. Michie, Nick, and Nicole are all listening at the door. Holly says if this is happening, why aren’t you asking me? Jess breaks up those listening outside and she heads in and tells them they have an audience.


Christie, Sis, and Jess are in the lounge and Christie wants to know where they can talk in private where no one will be listening. They head upstairs to camp comeback. Jess tells them about the new six and Christie denies it and it never happened on her sister’s life. We then see a clip of the six making their agreement. Michie is upstairs listening and Christie tells them that Michie was the next target, then Holly. Jess says then me? Christie and Sis say no.


Holly and Michie and Nicole are in the HOH and Holly wants to know if she should start her eviction speech and Michie says he does. Michie asks Nicole for a moment with Holly. Michie tells Holly what he heard and he wants to go in there. Holly says she will because it was about her, but she’ll go in alone. Holly asks if she can come in and Christie says she’s done anyway and Jess heads out of the room leaving Holly, Christie, and Sis.


Holly tells Christie and Sis that she assumes it’s coming from Jess because Jess told her earlier about the six person alliance. Christie again swears it is not true. Sis says she doesn’t know what’s true or not. Michie says so Kat is gone and it’s him and Holly vs everyone and if one of them doesn’t win this, then he will see the block and most likely go home.


Nick is taking an early lead. Nick says he feels good right now, he’s keeping pace with Michie. If he can stay strong, then he’ll have a real shot taking this competition. Christie asks if anyone has fallen yet and then we see Cliff, Nick, Jess, and Sis all take a spill. We then see Christie struggling to get up the lane and then we see her fall. Nick falls on his bottom and slides down. Nick says he started great, but he’s running out of a lot of steam.


Michie says Nick is a contender to win this thing, but he can’t let that happen. Cliff says he’s like a hippopotamus on a high wire. Christie, Nick, and Holly are neck and neck. Michie says he loves pain. Christie can see Michie is flying and she really doesn’t want him to win so she has to step it up into overdrive. Michie says the straps in the costume so he tears them off and he realizes they were holding his pants up. He decides to take them off and do this in his underwear. He apologizes to his mother.


Holly says beer makes his clothes come off. Tequila makes hers come off. Just kidding. Cliff says he may not win, but he’s giving it 100%. We see Nicole fall and then Christie struggling again. We see Cliff take another spill and Sis says she looks like a baby deer that was just born and doesn’t know how to walk. Michie is in the lead, Holly is in second, and Christie is in third. Michie wants to see his mom. Michie says a lot can happen and Holly says she might beat his butt.


Christie says Michie said weeks ago he’d win this comp. It sounds like he manifested something. Michie says it sounds like a man with a job to do. Michie finally gets the ball to pop out and Michie is the new HOH! He needed to come through and he did it. He got the key and safety and he needs to look at things long term. The person who is gunning for him the most and the biggest target. And he thinks we all know who he’s talking about!


The HG head inside and Tommy congratulates Michie. He says he couldn’t be happier. His initial instinct is to throw Christie and Sis on the block. Actually, his instinct is to put up Christie with anyone in the house and he needs to eliminate anyone who is going to get in his way. Cliff says Michie just won HOH and he could be in a little bit of trouble here. He’s going to have to figure a way out of this thing.


Michie and Holly celebrate in the lounge and they are safe. Holly says Michie is young, but he has a big heart. She hopes he listens to his head and not his heart. Michie tells her he wants Christie and Sis on the block. Holly isn’t sure if it’s better to do Sis or Tommy. Michie says he needs someone next to Christie and from the things he’s heard, Sis a good option. Holly says you have to have someone on the block who will vote for Christie so you can take away a vote.


Sis is talking to Christie and says she doesn’t know what they’re going to do. Christie is scared. Christie thinks Michie would do a backdoor and he seems that type. Christie is hoping he puts up anyone but her. Tommy joins them and Christie says she’s really scared. Tommy doesn’t know what he would do. Sis thinks MIchie would put her up and Tommy and Christie don’t think so. Tommy says Christie has been the one saying she wants him out, not him. He wanted them to get back together. Sorry girls, he’s going to watch this one from the side lines.


Cliff tells Michie he killed it and Michie says he had to. Cliff says he just made a deal with the other side, but he needs to come clean and maybe he’ll set his eyes to target someone else. Michie says the fact that Christie, Tommy, and Sis were going to have Cliff do the dirty work for them is a coward move. But he didn’t expect anything less from them. Michie then talks to Holly and tells her what Cliff said. Holly says it’s time to assemble our army.


Michie and Holly are in the panic and Michie is scared to burn again. Holly says he’s like an old man in a rocking chair. Holly says Michie and his sayings. He has a rolodex of idioms. We see clips of some of his sayings. Holly says he has his old stand bys too, and we see some of the ones he uses a lot. Holly says she swears she’s heard some of them a dozen times. Holly says he’s lucky he’s cute.


Christie says she’s realizing the days are getting shorter and shorter and the sun disappears earlier. Sis says wait! The days are getting shorter? Holly explains the summer solstice and Sis is barely listening. Sis says well then ten will come sooner and Nicole says daylight wise.


Michie and Holly are talking in the HOH. Michie says if he puts up Christie and Sis and only one could come off if they win veto. Holly says this will definitely end the five and he says that’s been done. Holly wants to stay in Tommy’s good graces because they will still need allies after this week. Michie says he will take a risk and not put Tommy up and live with his decision. Holly says the fact they overheard their convo is golden ammunition. Michie says he’s ready to make some moves.


Christie goes to talk to Michie first thing in the morning. Michie says he’s not doing much talking at all, he’s mainly listening. Christie wants to make sure Michie knows she wasn’t the sole person responsible for the deal with Cliff. Christie says there was no handshake and it was not a real alliance. Christie feels like it could be water under the bridge. Michie says he has respect for people who make game moves, but he’s looking out for his game. Michie says at this point, Christie is the biggest speed bump between him and a half million dollars. He says everyone else is afraid to take a shot at her and he’s tired of it. Michie says he came to play a game.


Sis is talking to Christie about where she’s from. Christie says her and Tommy who lives on Staten Island are very close. Nick says so you’re 9 exits apart and Christie says even less. Tommy says hey Christie, tell them my address while you’re at it? Christie just stopping talking please! Cliff says you all have to know each other.


Sis goes to talk to Michie and she congratulates him on winning HOH. She says two…what was her other point? She’s a little nervous. Michie says that deal, who came up with it? Sis says her and Nick were in bed with Christie and they were talking and they were discussing the pros and cons and she said the only way she’d keep Cliff is if he’d make a deal with her. Sis says Nick is the one who went with it. Michie says Nick is now someone he has to worry about sooner or later. Michie says he doesn’t blame anyone for taking the deal, we have to do what’s best for his game. Michie says what’s best for his game is not her walking out the door. Sis tells us she feels better. It means she’s got another week of safety! Michie tells us Sis, it doesn’t mean you’re not going on the block, just that you’re not my target.


Sis is called to lay eggs. Sis says this was part of her punishment from the Field Trip. She has to go lay eggs in the chicken coop and she has to speak chicken the whole time. Then she has to go make whatever eggs BB wants her to make. She then has to deliver them to the HG and only then can she go back to being normal! Eggs Florentine! Eggs Benedict! She doesn’t know how to make any of these. She’s in trouble if she has to make Eggplant!


We see Sis giving some to Nicole while she’s asleep. Sis says this punishment is beyond tired. She gets woken up in the week hours of the morning and she’s so emotional and exhausted. She doesn’t feel like herself, she feels like Sis. Analyse definitely did an EGGcelent job being a chicken and her punishment is over! She cockadoodle did it! Tommy tears the costume off of her.


Nick goes to talk to Michie. Nick asks how he’s feeling and Michie says he knew he needed it because he knew he or Holly were going on the block. Nick says he doesn’t have much to say. Michie says on a personal level he loves him, but game wise he’s going to try and eliminate people between him and the win. Nick says sometimes as a therapist you just have to sit back and let them talk. If that’s what makes him happy and keeps him off the block, great! Talk away Michie!


Michie says it’s been made clear to him that if he hadn’t won, he would have been a target. Nick says for sure. Michie says thanks for confirming I was a target. Nick is slowly creeping up on his list of people he needs to watch. Michie and Holly talk and he tells Holly that Cliff didn’t make the deal, Nick did. They need Christie gone, maybe Sis, but they need Nick gone too. Holly says Nick is good socially and manipulation wise, and he’ll do good mental too. Michie says this is the best move. It’s high risk, high reward.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Michie’s first nominee is…Christie. His second nominee is…Analyse. Michie says he nominated them for a couple of reasons. One, if he hadn’t won the HOH key, he’d have been a nomination key. It’s not personal, they are adults and they are two threats. Christie says respect.


Michie says Christie and Sis. Sis is the back-up plan and Christie is the white whale. She is his biggest obstacle. Sis feels very blindsided and she feels really upset. Christie doesn’t think Michie wants to make a game move. She thinks he wants to get her out. She will win this week. She is honored to go head to head with him and beat him at his own game. Tommy says his two biggest allies are on the block. He maybe have to let Christie go because after saving her last week and fighting for her this week could make him a target. If it’s her time to go, then it’s her time to go.

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