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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 20

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Julie says last week, shortly before eviction the house erupted in chaos and it has all lead to this. Previously, on Big Brother, the Six Shooters alliance was in shambles. When an outsider took control of the game, Jess, Kat, Cliff, and Nicole devised a plan to take out Jack. After the jacked Jacks went on the block, Holly was standing by her man while Tommy, Christie, and Sis were in Jack’s corner.


At an out of this world veto competition, Michie, Jack, and Tommy got punishments, while Jess became a true power player in the BB Universe. At the veto meeting, Jess ensure that one of the alpha males would be booted. Tonight, who will become the first member of the jury and lose their shot at the half million dollar grand prize. Plus, Jack and Michie go through extra-terrestrial hell. And a new HOH will be crowned live. All this right now on Big Brother!


Julie welcomes us and says we’re halfway through the summer and the power has shifted. Who will be evicted becoming the first jury of 9? We’ll find out tonight. But first, as Michie and Jack prepare to leave the BB world, they must first face visitors from another world.


Jess says this has been her dream HOH. She not only won HOH, but veto on her HOH and her target is going home. Michie says he’s not going to campaign against him because he doesn’t want the votes of Tommy, Christie, or Sis. They are non-existent to him. Jack says he’s still on the block with his old pal Michie, and they have punishments coming. This is going to suck!


Michie is on call as the Area 21 alien doctor. He has to get to the tent now and he runs out to the yard. When he gets summoned to the yard, he has to go perform an alien autopsy. He puts goggles on and he gets covered in orange and green goo. He says the insides of aliens are quite colorful. Some are red, some are green, some are blue, and some are yellow. It looks like a Bob Ross original.


Michie says it’s one alien after another after another after another. We see him asleep and he gets up and heads out. He’s barely slept and he’s covered in alien guts head to toe. All he wants to do is wash his lab clothes, rinse off the goo, and get some sleep. He’s in the shower and he gets called again. He says are you kidding? We see him covered in goo several more times and he’s finally done.


It’s night time and Jack gets up and we have an alien creeping around the house and confronts Jack in the LR. The alien has come to study human beings and Jack is his subject. He wants Jack to take him to his leader and Jack takes him to the HOH and the alien plays with the doorbell. Jack says he doesn’t understand how things work on earth. He’s watching Jack clean the toilet. Jack says he has to teach him about earth, but there’s one problem…he’s pissed. He smashes some watermelons and then pours some coffee out. Jack is measuring macaroni in a measuring cup and he pours it out and has Jack count it.


Jack says the alien just keeps getting more and more angry. Jack says he doesn’t seem to be learning much. We then see the alien pouring various things on Jack’s head because on the alien’s planet they absorb nutrients through their head. Jack says he’s with him all the time and he won’t leave him alone. The alien then comes into the DR. The alien then screams in Jack’s ear, and we see the alien screaming at various times, including 4:41 am. The alien says you think that was annoying, try hanging out with you for 24 hours. The alien plays fetch and catch with Jack. Jack says at this point, he’s the best friend he has. The alien hates him and he says see you later…stupid!


With the clock ticking and his back against the wall, Jack has one last trick up his sleeve. Holly, Sis, and Tommy are in the have not room and Jack and Christie join the room. Tommy would love to not be at opposite sides of the game. Tommy says they don’t have to love each other, but if they can come together and get everyone else out that would be best for all of them. Jack says I made a flaw and it’s the bed I lay in.


Jess asks Michie when he’s going to start campaigning and Michie says he’s not going to campaign against Jack because he made a handshake deal. Tommy calls Michie up so they can make up as friends. Cliff says he thought the six was done, but now they’re upstairs having a closed door meeting. Michie joins them and Christie says it sucks they are all going. Michie says when they watch the show back, they’ll see everything he did was for the benefit of the alliance. Michie says they should have given him the benefit of the doubt.


Jack says he violated Michie’s trust and he’s sorry and Michie says he betrayed someone who would have died for him in the game. Jack says he loves them all very much. Christie just wishes Michie would have told Jack before the blow-up that the six was over and Michie says don’t put words in his mouth. Christie says normally when someone apologizes sincerely, the other person also takes responsibility for their role but Michie just threw it back in her face. Michie says the game has been Christie’s for the entire time and he’s not playing it anymore.


Jack is talking to Nick and wants to know if he gets the votes if Nick would be his fifth. Jack says he knows he has Tommy, Christie, and Sis so he only needs two more. Jack says he can’t go to Kat because he accused her of knowing Holly and Michie and he doesn’t talk game with Nicole. So Cliff is his best option. We see Jack talk to Cliff and he knows Cliff is a man who likes to make deals and he wants to offer Cliff a deal of 4 eviction immunities. Cliff can put him up, but he won’t put Cliff up. Cliff says he knew Jack was going to give him a sweet offer, and this is pretty good. This could take him to the end game and he will have to think about the offer.


It’s now time for the live vote and eviction. Michie or Jack, who will become the first member of the jury? Jack says 51 days and how he’s learned all the little things about her and he names something about each HG he has learned. He closes with he loves them all and go be great because they all are.


Michie gives shoutouts and he misses them. Michie says things have been taken to a personal level which is heart breaking and he’s loyal to a fault and he didn’t campaign against him. He says to the Allen family, they raised a beautiful daughter and he hopes they are proud of her because he is. He thanks Julie.


It’s time to vote!

Holly sadly votes to evict Jack.

Sis votes to evict Michie.

Christie hopes the universe rewards loyalty, she votes to evict Michie.

Nicole votes to evict Just Jack.

The vote is 2-2 and we’ll return in a few moments to get the rest of the votes!


Time to get the rest of the votes!

Cliff with absolute respect, but with complete satisfaction votes to evict Jack.

Nick votes to evict Jack.

Tommy sadly votes to evict Jack.

Kat votes to evict Jack.

By a vote of 6-2, Jack has been evicted from the BB house. Jack gives hugs to everyone and he tells Michie to stay humble. Jack heads out the door.


Julie says last week Michie told him they couldn’t rely on Tommy and Christie and the rest is history. Does he think that’s why he got evicted? Jack says yeah. That decision could have been it. He says he should have been loyal to Michie, but he made a decision to live or die by trust Christie and Tommy. Julie asks if Michie knows that and Jack says he found out.


Julie says if he could do it again what would he have done differently. Jack says he doesn’t like to live with regrets and Christie and Tommy were his ride or die over Michie. He says Michie was a bromance and he did trust him, but he knew there was numbers with being with Christie and Tommy.


Julie says at the beginning he was part of a huge alliance and they had clear targets, but he personally wanted Kemi out. Why? Jack says Kemi said some bad stuff about Michie and Julie says he did say some bad stuff about Kemi. Julie shows a clip of a couple of the comments he made. Julie says he called her a b*tch, called her dog poop, and stomp the mudhole comment. Jack explains the mudhole comment was based off a comment Sam made last season. He says he does apologize for what he said. He thinks Kemi was and is a great person. He says if he could take back the things he said back he would, but he thinks Kemi is a wonderful person.


Julie mentions Jack’s comment about Bella concerning the rice pudding. We see Tommy say the proof is in the pudding and Jack says the rice pudding and Tommy and Christie say slop pudding. Julie asks Jack about the connotations behind the comment. Jack says people were making different puddings earlier and they were making slop pudding and rice pudding and it had nothing to do with Bella’s ethnicity.


Julie wants to know what Jack is going to take away from this experience. Jack says it’s like nothing you’ll ever do in life and anyone gets the opportunity don’t. He says he needs some alone time and Julie says he’s going to get some in jury. Julie tells him he will get his good-bye messages during the extended interview. There is one more night to vote for America’s Field Trip!


It’s time for the next HOH! This competition is called “Time Me a River”. With the aid of their river guides, they will enter the river and float to the end. The person closest to 9 seconds will be the next HOH. And it doesn’t matter if you’re under or over, it’s just whoever is closest.


Cliff is up first and he says SKD143 and he crosses the line at 9.70 so he .7 away. Christie is up next and gets a total of 9.19 and her differential is .19 and she is in the lead.


Tommy is next and he gets 8.90 and he is .10 away and he is in the lead. Nicole is next and she came in at 10.20 and she’s out.


Michie is up and she gets 9.39 and Tommy is still in the lead. Kat is up next and she gets 11.29. Tommy is still in the lead.


Sis is up next and she scores 9.14 and Tommy is still in the lead. Holly is up and she turns completely around and she scores 10.07.


It is down to Tommy and Nick. Nick scores 9.82 and Tommy, the birthday boy has won HOH!

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