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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 19

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Previously, on Big Brother, Holly and Kat were closer than anyone realized and that bond propelled them to a final two deal. The Six Shooter alliance was steam rolling the game, but mistrust was growing within their ranks. With Sam and Kat on the block, the trucker was set to go, but after Michie leaked Holly and Kat’s big secret, Jack, Christie, Tommy, and Sis considered flipping the votes! Which lead to all out war between the Six Shooters. Right before the eviction, the vote flipped back, and they decided to SEND Sam out of the house.


With everything in chaos, the power was back up for grabs and an outsider became queen of the house. Jessica made a plan with Nicole, Kat, and Cliff to target Jack. At the nomination ceremony, the alpha males got put up by the new alpha female. Tonight, will the POV save a nominee or will it finally be game over for one of the Jack’s. With Christie’s panic power set to expire will she seize the opportunity to unleash the Diamond POV?


We pick up on day 45 after the nomination ceremony and Jess has nominated Michie and Jack because they are two great competitors. Cliff tried to do it two weeks ago and failed, so she’s going to have to be the one to put the nail in the coffin. Michie says his relationship with Jack is non-existent and his goal for the week is just to survive.


Christie says it sucks that Jack is on the block, but there’s still veto and she still has her panic power so things could still go their way. Jack says it sucks that he and Michie are on the block, but he thinks it will end in Michie’s demise. He’s there to win the money and do great things in his life. Sis tells Jack that she feels bad for Michie because no one is talking to him.


Michie tells Holly he’s lucky she’s here. He’s not going to kiss their butts or bow at their feet. He doesn’t need those people. He says it’s not the end of him, it’s just a speed bump. Holly says Christie is the queen of the castle so he needs to win veto and take himself on the block. Holly says the fact that her and Kat know each other started this whole thing so she has to work to smooth things over and get the target off their backs.


Jess says you have two alpha males and she prefers that Jack go. Kat is concerned he could get Christie to use her power. Jess says the last thing she needs is Jack to win the veto and get Christie to use her power. Kat says Michie is on her list, but not this week. Holly says getting Jack out would change the entire game. Jess didn’t see herself as an aggressive player and if she only wins HOH once, she’s not going to play it safe and get rid of a pawn.


Jack is telling Christie, Nick, and Tommy that he’s going to win it. He says who wants to be my HG choice and Nick is in and so is Christie. Jack says he’s ok with winning it and just staying up. Tommy and Christie advise him not to do that and Christie says people would vote him out for being arrogant.


Jess is telling Nick, Cliff, Nicole, and Kat that she wants nominations to stay the same. Nick says he wants to play, it’s his time to get his chip pulled. Nick asks who Jess wants to get out and she says Jack. Nick says he’s a lone wolf and he has no clue where he stands in the house and he’s not sure who he wants to work with. So he’s going to tell them both what they want to hear and figure it out as he goes.


Hey everyone, it’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Jack and Michie join Jess to draw chips. Jess doesn’t want Tommy, Christie, or Sis to get picked because they are all close to Jack and could take him off. Jess draws HG choice and she selects Kat. Jack draws HG choice and he selects Tommy. Michie draws Nick.


Christie tells Jack she despises Michie and she thinks him, Kat, and Holly do know each other. Christie says they can’t have Michie there because he wants her out. Christie says her priority is getting Jack safe and Michie out. Christie says if Jack wins one of them is going up and she can make a deal with Jess so she won’t have to get blood on her hands. Christie says if Jack wins she can use her power and Jack can pick the replacement nominee and maybe a pawn will ensure that Michie goes home this week.


Michie and Holly are in bed in the have not room and Holly asks if he’s ready for battle? Michie says yes. Holly says she thinks Jess will target to Jack this week. They discuss Christie’s power and Michie says if Tommy or Jack win pov, then he will be going home because no matter who goes up, he’s gone. Michie says if Holly goes up he’s gone, same with Cliff or Nicole. Michie says his safety in the house is all on him. He needs to win.


Nicole says hey everyone it’s time for the veto competition! It’s going to be out of this world! We see Area 21 and Kat says we’re in the Big Brother galaxy. Nicole explains the rules. Each round they’ll board the spacecraft and get taken for a spin and then they’ll launch their rocket. Whatever spot their rocket lands on will be their score. The HG with the lowest score will be eliminated each round. But don’t worry! No one goes home empty handed. They will each get a prize. And the next eliminated HG can take away someones prize or keep their own. The winner will get their choice of ANY prize. But beware!!! The competition will become harder each round.


Nick says this is going to be hard and he’s spun around and he says he hates this already. He launches and gets a score of 18! Tommy is excited to play but it’s a tough one. He wants to keep his pal Jack safe, but who would go on the block? One thing for sure, he has to gun for it so he stays safe. He scores a 4. Kat is up next and she launches and scores a 2!


Jess is up next and she has to win this competition to keep the power and ensure Jack goes home. Jess scores a 12. Jack says he or Tommy have to win and he launches and hits Planet Veto for 21 points. Michie says given recent events he has to win this because he isn’t safe. Michie launches and scores 12 points. Kat is eliminated and she won the Golden Power of Veto! Kat knows she won’t be holding onto this much longer and she hopes these b*tches aren’t conspiring against her and give her a crappy punishment.


Tommy says this competition gets more and more difficult as the game goes on. Tommy scores 15! Jess is next and she scores 10!  Jack says he got a 21 in the first round, the highest score of anyone. He needs to bring home this veto! Let’s go!


Jack is up for his turn and he launches and he hits Planet Veto and he scores a 0! He hates that he doesn’t control his own fate and now all he has is Tommy. Michie is up and scores 18! Nick has to get better than 0 to stay in. He wants to win to keep himself safe, but at the same time Jack and Jess will expect him to use the veto how they want. Nick scores a 5! Jack has been eliminated and his prize is a Hawaiian vacation he asks Kat if she wants to trade and she says yes! Aloha b*tches!


Jess is so happy Jack is out. One nominee is out, one more to go. Jess scores a 4! Michie will have to beat that to stay in. Michie scores a 4 also. Nick is up and he is not feeling well. Nick scores a 5 and he is on the ground not feeling well. Jack doesn’t look good either and Kat asks if he needs a bucket. Tommy is up and he says Jack is out and he needs to win this or he and his allies are in serious trouble. Tommy scores a 1 and he is eliminated. Tommy’s prize is Angry Alien. Nicole says for 24 hours an alien will follow him around to observe human kind. Tommy takes the veto.


Jack says Tommy could keep him safe, especially with Christie’s power. Time for the next round. Michie is up first and he launches and it bounces off the board meaning he scores a 0! Nick is up and he launches and he scores 15! Jess is up and launches and she scores a 10. Michie has been eliminated and his prize is BB Explorer. For the next week, he’ll be sent on missions across the BB house. Michie trades it for the veto. Christie says Tommy and Jack choked in the veto so it sucks they can’t keep the three of them safe. Michie is hoping to keep the veto and not get a punishment.


Nick is up and he scores a 17! Jess needs to beat 17. She says it’s down to her and Nick and 17 is a really high number and she’s freaking out. She launches and scores 28! Nick has been eliminated and he gets $5000. Nick decides to keep that and Jess get the first place prize which is Area 21. They’ll be the Area 21 alien doctor and for 24 hours straight they’ll be on call for any new alien. She trades for the POV giving the punishment to Michie.


Christie says Jess is HOH so her panic power is officially dead. But she thinks they can get the votes because Jack doesn’t deserve to go. Jack says great. He’s probably staying on the block and it could be the end. Michie says Jess taking the veto is the cherry on top. He’s on no man’s island, with his game getting blown up. Jess says look what I have! The veto and jury house called and it’s for Jack!


Jess is in the HOH talking to Kat and Christie and Jess is saying she’s trying to even the playing field. Christie says it’s obvious who I want out and Jess says I understand that, but Jack is only loyal to three people and after everyone else. Christie says she, Nick, Sis, and Tommy are voting out Michie. Jess says did she hear correctly? Kat says it’s a tough decision. Christie is starting to get the feeling that Jack is going to go this week and he doesn’t deserve it. Christie thought Michie was public enemy #1 because he’s the common denominator of all the lies.


Christie is talking to Tommy and Jack and she says this is a no brainer, but they are making it a BIG brainer. Christie says they can’t say anything until after the veto meeting. Jack says he’s not saying anything. If he goes home, then it means he has game. Nick advises them not to say anything and push Jess because if they do then she might put one of them up as a replacement nominee. Michie has heard them talking and he decides to go talk to Jess. He needs to stir the pot so he can stay.


Michie says he’s not sure he wants to say anything. Michie says I hope this stays here and Jess assures him it will stay there. Michie tells them that Nick told them not to say anything to Jess and push her or she might put one of them up. Holly’s not sure if Nick would flip. Jess says Nick is playing both sides. She says he’s best friends with Jack right now and she wouldn’t hesitate to put him up. Michie says he didn’t tell her to get off the block. Jess says she’s not afraid to make a boss move.


Tommy is called to the DR and he says maybe it’s my punishment! He was selected to be the BB explorer and he is a life-sized rocket. Jack is laughing and Michie says oh my. When he gets his call to duty he has to search every room in the house and announce the speed he’s travelling. Sometimes he’s travelling at the speed of light, sometimes he travels at the speed of sound, and sometimes he travels at the speed of smell. Christie says it smells like a sweaty butt that ran a marathon for three days and then laid out. The worst part is he never knows when he’s going to be called to a mission and we see him in the shower, then at 3:56 AM. We see Nicole and Jess hide and they come out after he leaves. He can’t wait for the end of the week.


It’s time for the veto meeting. As the meeting starts, Tommy must travel at the speed of smell and he runs by all the HG in the LR a few times running in a circle around the table. Kat comes in with air freshner. Jess has decided NOT to use the POV. Christie looks like she’s about to cry.


Jess says this was one heck of a week and she has all the power. Now all she needs is the cherry on top. She says Jack says Hola to Julie for me! Christie says Jack is one of her closest friends and allies and she doesn’t have her power anymore to use as leverage and she’s not willing to let Jack go without a fight.


Jack says he wishes things were different, he felt like he had power in the game. Jack feels like he’s been a decent guy and he’s tried to be loyal and trustworthy and it sucks he could go home this week. Michie says he and Jack have been on the block before and he’s going to do everything he can to stay because he thinks Jack may have a few more people coming after him than Michie does.  

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