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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 17

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Previously, on Big Brother, there was a massive nine person alliance, but when Jack, Michie, Christie, Sis, Tommy, and Holly rebranded themselves the Six Shooters, their former allies, Bella, Nick, and Sam were in their crosshairs and Bella was the first casualty. At a swinging party for power, Christie and Tommy earned punishments while Holly hung tough and captured the head of household!


The sommelier wanted Nick nixed, so she put him on the block next to his buddy Sam. Holly was secretly working with Kat, so Kat offered to be a pawn in case Nick or Sam came off the block. At the power of veto competition, it was Nick who secured his safety. Christie told Sis she thought Michie and Holly may be playing them, but Sis immediately sold Christie up the river. After Nick removed himself from the block, Holly put her pawn up. Tonight, will it be Kat or Sam sent packing. Plus, are the Six Shooters about to self-destruct? And the battle for power begins again! All this live on Big Brother!

Good evening and Julie says mistrust has plagued the Six Shooters alliance for weeks. Kat and Sam finds themselves on the block, but who will be going home in the next hour is truly anyone’s guess. The Six Shooters prepare to battle each other.


We pick up on day 41 after the veto ceremony and Nick feels bad for Sam and he might end up going out the door. Holly says it is sad that Sam’s friendship hurt his game. Kat says she feels good about being a pawn. She says there’s a good chance this could be a good maverick game move. Sam says he doesn’t have much ammunition on Kat, but he’s not dead yet and he’s not rolling over.


Sis is telling Sam he’s the only person that makes her laugh in the house. Sam knows Sis could be a vote for her to stay, but he knows there are a lot of powerful voices in her ear and he has to find a new pitch. Sis knows Six Shooters want Sam out but she can’t help feel bad for him and if there was a way to save him, she would.


Tommy is annoyed that he’s pink and he says his skin is burning. He’s over it. He says they couldn’t go outside, they couldn’t shower, and this has been the worst punishment ever…but they are cured! They do a run outside to celebrate with the HG and they say they made it. They shower outside next to the pool a little.


Kat is in the HOH with Holly and Kat says it doesn’t hurt her long game to keep Holly close to the six. She says she needs to drop some seeds to help start the rift. Kat says she’s a pawn, but she’s also a conspiring b*tch. Kat says Christie and Tommy don’t plan on going to the final six with couples. Kat says they are already plotting their next move. Holly says she’s been suspicious of Christie for awhile so she’s going to keep her eyes on her.


Sis is talking to Holly and Sis says she loves Christie and Holly says she’s making her nervous. Sis says she gets in her head and she sketches her out because she has loose lips and she says so much with everyone. Holly says like Christie making an executive decision to make a deal with Cliff. Holly says Christie definitely feels like she has to be in control of everything. Holly says this is her HOH and she barely gets an opinion in edgewise and Christie makes the decisions for everyone without consulting them.


Christie is talking to Cliff and asks how he’s doing. Cliff says there are four powerful people there and he knows Tommy and Christie need to start winning and Cliff says he hopes he can start proving himself. Cliff says he’s been planting seeds and hopefully he can start breaking off the couples. Christie says if she goes with couples she knows her and Tommy will be picked off first. Christie says she doesn’t know what they will start going for each other, but she needs to build herself a little army because it’s going to be war and be bloody.


Holly and Michie are in bed talking and Holly tells him that Christie doesn’t want to go far with couples and Michie says that explains why her and Tommy are so close. Holly says Christie is just so cold too. She’s really afraid she’s doing Christie’s dirty work. Michie says as the weeks have gone on, he’s been hearing things about Christie and if he wins HOH it might be a good time to take her out.


With absolutely nothing left to lose, Sam makes a last ditch effort to break up the couples. Sam tells us he may have a little stick of dynamite and last week Christie told him he’d vote however Cliff wanted her to, Jack or Michie. Sam tells Michie that Christie was on board with Cliff taking the shot at Michie or Jack. Michie says he and Holly have been suspicious of Christie for awhile and Sam is just confirming all the doubts he’s been having. Sam says if that would be beneficial if he stayed, maybe they could use Sam for their game. Sam agrees if he stays to work with Michie and Holly. Michie says if Jack is on board, he would consider keeping Sam because he would be loyal.


Michie then goes to Holly in the HOH and tells her what Sam told him. Holly tells Michie that Christie is trying to make an alliance with the other side of the house. Michie tells Holly he made a deal with Sam and Sam said he’d be willing to take the shot at Christie. Holly says Kat can’t go home though and she trusts her. Michie says will Kat put up Christie? Holly says I don’t know. Holly says she should have just put Nicole up. Holly tells us she listened to Christie instead of listening to her own gut and Christie got what she wanted!


We see Michie talking to Jack and he says they should have put Nicole up. Michie says they have a problem. He then tells Jack the information Sam gave to him. Michie says Christie was 1000% on board to vote Jack out? Jack says she wouldn’t shoot that shot that early and if she wins HOH next week she wouldn’t do it. Michie says Christie would have someone else take the shot for her. Michie pitches keeping Sam and Jack tells us it seems the Six Shooters are deteriorating and forming an alliance with Sam could change everything. Jack says why would she make a move right now? Is she that stupid?


It’s time to check-in with the HG. Julie mentions it’s tense in the house right now and she congratulates them making it 44 days in the BB house. Julie goes to Cliff and asks how difficult it’s been to be away from his wife. Cliff says even when he travelled he got to talk to her and he misses her. He really misses her.


Julie goes to Nicole and asks how she’s been dealing with being locked away for 44 days. Nicole says she’s never been away from the four most important people in her life and she has a big family here, it’s a new family, different but new. Julie says we all know how Tommy’s been dealing with it, and last night live feeders got a peek at what Tommy’s been teaching them. Let’s take a look.


We get a look at Tommy’s flash mob. The HG all cheer and laugh. Julie says Hamilton has nothing on this group. Julie asks Tommy who has a chance of making it on Broadway like he has and Tommy says there’s something about Nick’s hips. Julie says she won’t comment and she thanks them and she’ll be back for the live vote and eviction shortly. Kat volunteered to be a pawn tonight. Will it come back and bite her? Stay with us!


It’s now time for the live vote and eviction? Will Kat run out of lives or will the trucker be hitting the road? We really don’t know! Julie goes to the HG. Kat says she’s changing what she was going to say and she is very passionate about empowerment outside the house. Sometimes, you do have to save yourself and your big personality because it benefits your game. She wants her family to know the things they instilled in her and she hopes it’s coming across to them and she hopes they are proud of her. Her mom told her she can be nice and win and she hopes it’s not her last night here.


Sam to his beautiful wife, Melissa, she’s the prettiest angel to ever walk to the Earth and he loves his boys and daddy is coming home. Sam says he’s been caught in guilt by association and he’s been in rooms where names have been dropped and he stayed drama free despite the fiasco going on tonight. He may have planted little seeds, but it’s Big Brother and he’s playing the game. He loves them all, and he’ll leave them with one word. Send it!!!


Time to vote!

Christie votes to evict Sam.

Nicole votes to evict the sensational Sam.

Michie votes to evict Sam.

It’s 0 votes to evict Kat and 3 to evict Sam. We’ll find out the rest of the vote when we come back!


Time to get the rest of the votes!

Jack sadly with a heavy heart votes to evict Sam.

Nick votes to evict Sam.

Sis votes to evict Sam.

Jessica sadly votes to evict Sam.

Cliff sadly votes to evict Sam.

Tommy sadly votes to evict Sam.

By a vote of 9-0, Sam has been evicted from the Big Brother house.  Sam gives hugs as he walks to the door and Jack and Christie go and comfort Kat who is emotional.


Julie says let me tell you what you probably don’t know. This morning Sam was a goner, but earlier he was going to be saved. She asks if he was aware? He says it was close. Julie says what’s going on. Sam came clean about Christie lying to him and he said why was he withholding information if she’s campaigning to get him out. Sam would like to take credit for it for planting the seeds.


Julie asks how it flipped back and Sam says Kat may have cried more than he did. He should have talked about his family. Julie asks why he cried in the DR, why do people cry? Sam says you feel all alone in there and he missed his family so much. When you’re around your family all the time you don’t get a chance to miss them, but when you’re in the house you have to hold it in. Julie says do you think the alliance of six survives tonight? Sam says no way. Sam thinks Jack might go after Michie.


Sam’s goodbye messages. Nick says Sam was his bromance, his ride or die, and he’ll avenge his death. Nicole says she had to do what was best for her game but she respects him so much. Cliff says he didn’t want Sam to go home and he felt like he had more in common with Sam. Best wishes. Holly says she’s sorry Sam is going home, but she had to send him home because she has a F2 with Kat.


The field trip is America’s vote! America will vote for THREE HG to play in a competition. The HG who wins will get safety for the week, the second place HG will get a punishment, and the third place HG will be a THIRD nominee. But it won’t affect this week, it will affect NEXT week. Voting is open now!


It’s time for the HOH to begin and given tonight’s events it will be one everyone will be fighting for. Right now, they have either made it to jury or they are going home with $50,000 or they will be going home with a half million dollars. For now the power is up for grabs. This competition is called Camp Expo. There are themed kiosks and they can study advertisements for various camps. After their time is up, they’ll be asked a series of True or False questions based on what they saw. The last HG standing will become the new HOH. They HG are all studying the kiosks and they only have a certain amount of time to study. Julie wishes them luck and good night!

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