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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 16

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Previously, on Big Brother, after Bella was booted Nick was next on the Six Shooters hit list. At the HOH competition, Christie and Tommy earned punishments, while the dude rancher’s daughter secured power. Holly considered Sam or Nicole to sit next to her target Nick, and Sam made a pitch to save his skin. Meanwhile, Christie and Tommy’s skin became infected with a bad case of poison ivy. At the nomination ceremony, Holly went with Sam over Nicole. Tonight, the power of veto is on the line. Can one of the nominees herd themselves to safety? Will cracks in the Six Shooters alliance continue to widen? Find out now on Big Brother!


We pick up on day 38 and Sam says this is stressful. He needs this veto. He needs it for himself. It’s past the point of wanting to win, it’s needing to win. Nick said Shocker! He says he has to win veto or he’s going home. Jackson gives Holly a hug in the SR and says she did great. Holly says she’s just continuing the plan and she’s just getting rid of their former unde9able allies. Don’t let the door hit them on their way out.


Sam and Nick are talking about who they might pick with HG choice. They say Jess and Cliff. Sam is thinking Cliff will be loyal if he can stay. Nick says if they want any chance of staying in the game together, one of them has to win and hope whoever the replacement nominee is will go home.


Cliff is talking to Jess and Nicole and Cliff is saying he hopes nothing changes because that’s what would be best for their game. Nicole tells us that what’s best is noms staying the same because if one comes down, then there’s a good chance herself, Cliff, Jess, or Kat will go up. Jess suggests maybe they’ll send one of their own home and Cliff says that’s what we’re hoping will happen.


Sis is talking to Christie, Holly, and Kat and she wonders who they might pick for veto. Kat says say one of them wins veto and she has to put someone else up, then put her up. That way Holly isn’t getting any more blood on her hands. Kat tells us she has a F2 with Holly and what better way to hide that, plus she looks like she’s helping that side of the house. Holly says Kat’s plan is genius. Christie says we’re running this game and if Kat does go up that’s a great game move. Kat says she’s like a genius at this game or it could absolutely backfire.


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Nick and Sam join Holly at the front to pick players. Holly wants anyone from Six Shooters to play so they can keep the power and she doesn’t have to make any more decisions. Holly draws Tommy. Sam draws HG choice and he chooses Cliff! Sam picks Cliff because he doesn’t think he’ll win and if he wins then he might take him off the block since he saved Cliff when he won the veto. Nick draws Jessica! Nick says he manifests, manifests, manifests that. Hopefully one of them wins and they can pull themselves off this week. Jack will host.


Jack is dressed as a shepherdess and it’s time for the veto competition! The backyard has a big corral and several pens and a bell. Sam says he sees a farm and fencing and he knows something is going on barnyard style! He’s ready to be a farmer! Let’s do this! Jack says they’ll be working with these guys and he lets in a bunch of sheep. Kat says they are so cute! In each head to head match, a target number will appear on the bar. They will have to get sheep in their pen to add up to the number. Each sheep has a different number. The winner of the match will stay in the game and move to the back of the line and the loser is eliminated. The last remaining player will win POV. Who’s ready to play counting sheep?


Nick vs Jessica is the first match-up. Then it will be Holly vs Sam. Finally Cliff will face-off against Tommy. Round 1 is up with Nick and Jessica. Nick says this is the most important veto competition for him. He’s not ready to leave this game and he has to do this for Bella! He’s not following her out so Bell, this is for you!


The first target is number 7. Nick and Jessica are out and Jessica is saying hi babies! Jessica recaps the rules and Nick is chasing them all over the place. Jessica is hoping to lure them in and she keeps saying come here girl. Come here baby! Jess says they are too smart they know. This is so hard! Nick says these things are so quick. So fast. He has the number 5 sheep in the pen, now all he needs is number 2. He thinks he’s getting the hang of this competition. Jessica says this is way harder because they are so smart. Nick gets the 2 and he rings the bell and Jess has been eliminated.


Holly and Sam are next and Sam says the odds are stacked up against him and he needs to secure a third veto win and keep himself safe. Their number is 8. Holly says hi sweeties! Holly says she needs this veto in her hands so Six Shooters can carry on the plan to get Nick out. Sam’s plan is to get a tiny sheep and he says they are the fastest sheep in the corner. Holly says she works with animals every day. The only thing that could make this easier is a glass of rose. She’s got this thing on lock. Both Sam and Holly have a 5. Holly grabs a three and has it in the pen and she runs for the bell. Sam has been eliminated. Sam says this is pretty devastating.


Cliff and Tommy are up next and Cliff says you’re mine and points to a sheep and Tommy says hi guys! They need a 9. Tommy creeps out and Cliff is trying to figure out if he tries to win and if he does, then what will he do with Sam because he pulled him off the block week one. Tommy says these sheep are fast, they mean business. These are demon sheep. They have red eyes, sharp teeth, they won’t come to him. Cliff says normally he’s as happy as a Hogg in a mud puddle. But they are giving him a run for his money. Cliff has 7 points and Tommy has 6. Tommy gets the 3 and he rings the bell. Cliff has been eliminated.


Holly and Nick are up next and their target number is 15. Holly says she already put Sam out to pasture, now it’s time for his buddy to join him. Nick has his hands on a 5, but the sheep gets away. Holly says the number has nearly doubled this round. Nick gets a 6 and heads back out. Nick has a second 6 and Holly tells him good job. Holly has her hands on a 5, but the sheep gets away. Nick gets the 3 and he rings the bell. Holly has been eliminated and she hugs Nick. Holly says are you kidding me? How in the world did he just beat me?


It all comes down to this! Nick vs Tommy. Sis says it’s super stressful and she hopes Tommy pulls this out. Their target number is 21. Nick says he’s exhausted but he knows he has to use every ounce of energy because he’s had to play two rounds and Tommy has only had to play one. Tommy says counting sheep my butt, he’s going to be having nightmares all night about these things. Nick has a 6 and then a second. He says he needs to tap into his reserve tank.


Tommy says Nick is on fire, but he can’t give up. He has to pull this through for his team. He says back off, this is my sheep, get your own! Tommy has 6. Tommy then gets a second 6. Nick gets another 6. Nick has 18 and Tommy has 12. Nick just needs to get a number 3 and he says that sheep is all his. Nick has the three and he gets him in the pen and rings the bell and Nick has won the POV!


Sam says he’s really happy for Nick and hopefully his son’s will watch this back one day and they’ll understand he tried. He’s not going to roll over, he’s going to try and stick it out. Holly says her target just won the veto and she still has a big target on the block. But it’s going to be a serious decision who she puts next to him.


Christie joins Jack, Holly, and Sis in the HOH room and Holly is not happy. Christie says this is one of those things you have to chalk up to everything happens for a reason and maybe God is telling them Sam is the bigger threat. Sis says Nicole is sketchy. She never talks game with everyone. Holly says she’s sketchy, but will she ever be in power? Holly says she could put up Kat. Holly tells us Kat volunteered as pawn, but maybe she should put Nicole up and see what happens.


Christie and Tommy are called to the DR. They say after a few days of the itchy rash, BB is going to give them so relief. Instead of being covered in head to toe with poison ivy, now they are going to be covered head to toe in calamine lotion. Christie says she doesn’t feel soothed and neither does Tommy, he feels like a pink oompa Loompa. Christine says they look like pink flamingoes and Nicole tells us she’s afraid of birds. It’s very scary.


Holy, Cliff, and Sam are in the KT and Sam wants to talk to Holly and they head to the HOH. Sam feels like he’s a dead fish in the water and he wants her to put up a threat or someone with baggage next to him. Sam tells Holly he would never go after her. He doesn’t have any beef with her at all. Holly says she never had a problem with him at all. Sam asks is there a way that another threat can go up next to me? Holly throws out Nicole’s name and Sam says she’s played both sides. Holly says she’s the only person who has kind of caused drama so far.


Sam says if she puts up Nicole then he could campaign and get Nicole out and then maybe he can stay and work with Jackson and Holly. Holly says there are really big threats in the house that have to go and she’s aligned with most of them. But she doesn’t want to be the one to take those shots and maybe if Sam stays he can do it for her. She tells him she’s been giving it some thought.


Tommy, Christie, and Holly are talking and Christie tells Holly she’s doing so good. Holly says Nicole has made waves and she doesn’t trust her. Maybe she should put her up and let the house decide. Christie says Nicole isn’t a threat, she’s not going to win anything and she can go next week. Tommy says don’t you think Sam is a bigger threat? Holly says if Nicole gets in power she’s going after two of the six for sure.


Christie says am I missing something? She thought her and Holly were on the same page and they were going to split Sam and Nick up. But suddenly Nicole is this big huge threat? Tommy tells her to do what’s best for their game. Tommy then goes to Sis and says they need to talk to Holly. Tommy tells Sis that Holly was pitching Nicole. Christie tells Tommy and Sis she thinks they are being played. Christie says if Holly and Michie want to build a little army to break away from the six, then it’s a brilliant plan.


Sis says this is Holly’s HOH and she doesn’t understand why Tommy and Christie are coming up with conspiracy theories. Sis then goes to Michie and Holly in the hammock and tells them about the situation. Sis says Christie thinks Michie and Holly are planning something and Michie says Christie can F herself. Holly says Michie doesn’t tell her what to do. Sis says she knows Holly and Michie don’t like to be seen as a pair, but one knows if one is the HOH, then the other is HOH too. Michie says if Tommy and Christie are going to say X, Y, and Z then he’ll go clear the air because he doesn’t like people in his alliance linking his and Holly’s names to Sam and Nick.


Michie goes to the target BR and he says he doesn’t like hearing that he and Holly are working with Nick and Sam and especially when it’s from the mouths of people in his alliance. Michie says let me make clear this is Holly’s HOH, not mine and Holly’s. Michie says he’s down with the common folk. Holly comes in and she says why do you talk when I tell you not to talk to them and Michie gets upset and leaves. Holly tells them what Sis told them on the hammock. Christie says are you freaking kidding me right now? Did Sis really blab to Holly? Christie says she needs to smooth this over before it becomes a crisis.


Holly says it makes her mad because Sis compared her and Michie to Nick and Bella and she says she’s not a package girl homegirl. Holly says she feels a lot better after hashing things out with Tommy and Holly and she thinks Sis has been planting little seeds to cause division. Holly comes out to the hammock where Michie is with Kat and he says can I talk now? Holly says I asked you not to talk to them until I was there. Michie says you don’t have to bark at me, I’m not a dog. Holly says Sis is trying to put a wedge between her and Michie and that’s making her mad.


Holly says she has to re-think her nominations. She says Sis seems to be sowing division in their alliance or she can stick with Nicole because she’s giving bad vibes. Or she can nominate Kat and make sure Sam gets out of here.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Nick has decided to use the POV on himself and Holly must name a new nominee. Holly says she chose someone she doesn’t talk a lot of game with and she doesn’t really know where their head is at so she says Kat, you’re throne awaits. Kat says conspiring b*tch.


Kat says these b*tches ARE conspiring against me! Just kidding! She volunteered as a pawn. Nick thought this week was going to end with him talking to Julie, but now he’s praying something happens to help Sam stay. Holly says it’s too early to cause a big rift in the Six Shooters because she feels Kat is a safe pawn. Sam says he definitely feels like the target. All he can do is campaign and plant some seeds of doubt in Kat’s head and hope she spirals out of control and makes herself a bigger target.

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