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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 15

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Previously, on Big Brother, the Six Shooters of Jack, Tommy, Michie, Sis, Holly, and Christie were dominating the game, but an unlikely hero would emerge and try to put a stop to their dominance. Michie wanted Christie to use her panic power to ensure Bella could be back doored, but after Michie captured the veto Christie was having second thoughts which didn’t sit well with Michie.


Worried about his own game, Cliff struck a deal with Christie. So after Michie saved himself, Cliff backdoored Bella for the Six Shooters. At the live eviction, the house said Ciao Bella, leaving her showmance in tears. With the power back on the line, the HG went for a swing in poison ivy. Who will emerge from this epic competition as HOH? And which two players will be targeted next for eviction?


We pick up on day 37 during the HOH competition. Nick says he has to win this HOH. Bella just walked out the door and if he doesn’t win he’s most likely going up on the block. This is do or die for him. Sam says he only has Nick and he feels like his game is plummeting and he feels like he needs to win and he needs to win now.


Jack says the house has their eyes on two targets, Nick and Sam, so someone has to win this HOH to get them out. Christie says she’s ok with anyone winning except for Nick because she’s single handedly responsible for getting Bella evicted and Nick will want to get her out. Cliff says his HOH didn’t go as planned. Even though he didn’t get Jack out, he thinks he’s made inroads with the group.


Jess falls and she wishes everyone luck. Since she fell first she gets a chip from the first aid box. Jess draws a smiley face from the box and she is safe. Nicole is struggling. She tells us she doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but this is HOH is so hard! We see her fall after 5 minutes and 52 seconds and she says she’s so embarrassed. Nicole draws a smiley face and she’s safe. Nicole says at this point she’s rooting for Nick or Sam to win because they would take a shot at the group who are acting like tyrants.


Michie says he wants to win this HOH competition more than any other because the other night Nick dropped a line that Christie was coming after him. We see a clip of her saying she doesn’t like the way he talks to people and Nick blowing up her game to Michie. Sam says his foot slips out of the stirrup and then we see him lay down vertical. Sam says his life is in shambles! And everyone else is completely solid and he’s laying back hanging on like a moron! Sam says whatever you guys do, don’t do that! Sam is hoping Nick pulls it out for them. Sam pulls a smiley face from the box.


We see Kat and Christie swinging a little and then they all get covered in pink goop. Christie says this competition is no joke! Christie says I don’t know Jack and he tells her to go and she falls after 15 minutes. She says she’s ok with it because she doesn’t want to win this HOH. Christie has drawn the poison ivy chip and she’s a little nervous about what kind of punishment this will be.


Nick is starting to struggle and he tells us these vines suck. He doesn’t like his odds. He falls after 17 minutes and he held on as long as his body would let him and it wasn’t long enough. He says it’s not looking really good for him. Jack says Nick just fell and all they have are Six Shooters plus Kat, but he doesn’t trust her because she’s a fly away so they have to outlast her.


Kat says she wants to win and she doesn’t want to give Michie the satisfaction of outlasting her. She says she wants to win and backdoor MIchie because he doesn’t respect her. We see clips of Michie berating Kat for various reasons. Kat says she’s had to share a room with Michie since they were both have-nots and she’s just had it with him. We see the have-not room and someone farts and Kat sprays Febreeze and Michie gets upset and storms out of the room.


Christie says Michie looks solid and he says he doesn’t need anyone. Jack twirls on the vines and he falls. Jack draws a smiley face and he’s safe. Michie says he’s 215 lbs and he can’t do the comp the way the smaller girls are doing it. He has to squeeze his legs and ropes together and hold on tight. Sis seems to be struggling and we see her legs shaking. Sis says she plays soccer. She knows what pain is. But she’s a competitor and this is super hard.


Tommy loses a foot and hand grip and he says he doesn’t want to win this. This isn’t time for him to be winning a competition. Michie and the girls can take this. Tommy falls after 39 minutes. Tommy draws the other poison ivy chip. Tommy says only two people and who pulls them out of all the HG? Him and Christie!


It’s down to Michie, Holly, Sis, and Kat. Kat says the odds are against her and she didn’t get much sleep last night. She’s going to stay on as long as she can because no way will she let Michie outlast her.


Holly, Sis, Michie, and Kat are still hanging on. Michie tells the girls he’s solid. Kat says she’s kind of struggling, but there is no way she’s going to drop before Michie. Michie flings his goggles off and his legs are shaking. Holly says these vines are no joke and she’s trying to intertwine the ropes with her legs because if you lose control it gets sketchy. Kat’s foot slips out of the stirrup and she struggles to get her foothold back. She gets it and twirls around and she’s back in.


Jack tells Michie hangs there long enough he’ll be able to eat and he tells Jack not to talk. MIchie legs are shaking and he finally falls after an hour and 29 minutes. Holly says she just wants to see her folks so bad and she says she won’t put either of them up. Kat says she’s going to drop and Sis swears she won’t put Kat up. Kat says Michie goes down and she beat him. She’s out b*tches and she falls after an hour 31 minutes.


Sis and Holly are talking a little bit and Michie says focus Holly. Sis says she’ll give her lasagna and a massage every day. Michie says stay focused Holly. Sis says I’ll cook for you every day. Michie says I can do all that. Sis says she’s trying to get a conversation with Holly to drop but Michie keeps interrupting. Holly says she wants the letter and Michie says don’t budge Holly. Hang in there! Christie says Michie has an opinion about everything and poor Holly is under his thumb. Christie feels like if Holly won, it would just be Michie’s HOH. It’s Michie’s world and we’re all just living in it.


Holly says she really wants to win this for herself. She came to Big Brother to play. Sis falls and Holly has won the HOH!  She tells us she won HOH in an endurance comp! She wanted to play low key and under the radar, but she also wanted to show her own strength. Sis is so mad because they are all in the same alliance. Sis says it just ticks her off that he had to do that! Ugh!


The HG head inside after the HOH competition and Christie and Tommy tell them that was incredible. Holly tells us that is so surreal and she wanted to prove her worth to everyone there. She’s about to get her hands as dirty as she is. Sis would have loved to take that W and she’s annoyed Michie stopped Holly from making the deal with her when they were in the same alliance.


Michie says he’s ecstatic Holly won and they are super close and he wants to give her food for thought and help her see things. Nick says things aren’t looking good for Nick. But he wants to win this game and he just needs someone to paint a target on themselves. Cliff says he was promised a couple of weeks of safety in exchange for backdooring Bella and he hopes that deal is intact. He saved a few beers from his HOH for the people who are giving off have-nots.


Nick and Sam are washing and drying dishes and they think they are screwed. Sam says Holly won HOH and this could be bad. He really needs to figure out how to pull himself together in this game. He’s never talked game with Holly so why not start now! Sis is complaining to Christie and Tommy about Michie not allowing them to make a deal. Christie says she’s totally sympathizes with Sis’s frustration with Michie because she’s been getting annoyed with how overbearing and bossy Michie is.


Who wants to see Holly’s HOH room? Everyone is in the camper and doesn’t hear her and she has to go get them. Holly’s letter is from her parents and she gets emotional as she reads. Holly says she misses her family like crazy and she’s the only one that doesn’t live in Wyoming. She always knew she wanted to chase big dreams, but it’s hard being away. They never see her cry either. They’re cowboys they don’t cry.


Nicole says it’s so nice to see that side of Holly. She’s so quiet in the house and people see her as cold, but this reminds everyone that yes they are playing a game, but they are still people. Christie is talking to Tommy about her grievances with Michie and the way he talks to women. Christie doesn’t like the way he talks himself up, the way he plays the hero, he’s moody all the time, and he’s teetering between Kat and Holly and that doesn’t align with her beliefs.


Holly and Michie are talking in the LR and she wants to get through the week without a target on her back. She is thinking about putting Nick and Sam up and Michie says that would be a “bold” move because she’s a woman putting up two men. Holly says it’s scary to put them both up because they are both good competitors. Michie suggests putting Nicole up and it would be less of a direct hit and there would be less of a chance that whoever stays wouldn’t be coming directly after him and Holly.


The HG are in the backyard. Kat wants to get Cliff’s thoughts on the moon landing. Kat wants to know if we did or didn’t. Kat says she’s somewhat of a conspiracy theorist. Kat says how is the flag waving when there is no gravity? Cliff says there is gravity on the moon, just not as much. Kat thinks Tupac is still alive and she thinks he’s hiding in plain sight with a different name. Kat says Avril Lavigne died and was replaced by someone named Melissa. Area 51 has aliens, and we shouldn’t mess with them.


Christie and Tommy are in the lounge talking to the other HG. Christie and Tommy are called to the DR. They are in yellow swimsuits and they have vines on them with red make-up splotches. Tommy hopes it isn’t contagious because he loves to cuddle people in the house. Christie says they have to be quarantined for the next four days and they can’t shower or go outside.


Sam is going up to the HOH and he rings the bell and Holly is cuddling with Michie and they tell him to come in. Sam says Michie can stay and he’s not dumb so he knows Nick’s name will be thrown around and he’ll be guilty by association. Sam really needs to talk to Holly and her man and he hopes they can see he can help them! Sam says if Holly and Michie think they are on the bottom of their alliance he could help them. Michie asks if he or Holly would go up if Sam won HOH and Sam says no. Michie says at some point, the Six Shooters have to go after each other and Sam could help them go after bigger targets.


Michie asks if she’s looked at the memory wall and he says they are next. They are surrounded by black and white pictures. Michie says Christie has to go, she’s too close to Tommy. Holly says she has everyone wrapped around her finger. Michie says that’s why he wants to keep Nick or Sam to take the shot. Holly says she does want to keep Sam because the Six Shooters are all big threats and she needs someone in her corner who is a strong competitor when it’s time to take shots.


It’s time for the nominations! Holly comes in with the nomination block. Holly’s first nominee is…Nick. Her second nominee is…Sam. Holly says she thinks the key to survival is trust and team work and Nick lost trust with a lot of players in the game and it set him back a lot and Sam got caught in the crossfire. It’s far from personal and she loves them both.


Holly says her alliance wants Nick and Sam out and she knows her alliance will have to turn on each other and it’s not that week yet and she doesn’t want to cause division in her alliance. Nick says there is no way he’s going home without a fight and he wasn’t coming after Holly. Sam sees his face up there. This is great. He doesn’t WANT to win this veto, he NEEDS to win this veto. If he has to think about his wife and two boys in the veto he’s going hard. He’s getting emotional and says he needs this veto.

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