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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 11

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Tonight, Camp Comeback comes to an end. One Camper will a battle back competition and return to the game, and the other three will go home for good. Previously, on Big Brother, a new twist called Camp Comeback was unleashed. So even though David, Ovi, and Kemi were voted out, they still lived in the BB house. Despite the Gr8ful alliance were still in control, Michie and Jack considered going after their allies Nick and Bella. But those plans were put on hold after Nick won HOH.


For some inexplicable reason, Cliff decided to spill his strategy out loud every morning and Christie overheard everything. Taking the intel back to Gr8ful, Nick initially wanted to target Cliff and Jessica, but after Nicole warned them that members for their alliance were gunning for them, Nick went nuclear. Gr8ful plus Sam got together to hash things out and the tide shifted to make Nicole Nick’s new target and the mob of nine put down their pitchforks to christen a new alliance name.


After winning the final Whacktivity comp, Christie got a diamond laced power. The veto was on the line and look what the cat dragged in. Before the veto meeting, some meaningless comments from Nick made Christie go Cuckoo! But after Kat saved her friend, the therapist told Nicole her time was up. Tonight, Cliff or Nicole will be sent to Camp Comeback. But one camper will get a second chance at the half million dollars, while the other three will be permanently evicted.


Julie greets us and tells the four campers from Camp Comeback will compete in an epic do or die competition. The winner will return to the game, and the other three will go home empty handed. But first, it’s time to tell the HG about tonight’s Comeback Comp. Julie goes to the HG and she tells them the Comeback Competition is happening live tonight. Whoever is voted out will join David, Ovi, and Kemi in a live competition and the other three will head home for good.


As HOH, Nick has declared Nicole public enemy number one. But could a blindside be in the works? We pick up on day 27 after the veto meeting and Nick says Kat saved Jess and he nominated Nicole and now she’s going home. Nick says Nicole tried to pit members of Gr8ful against each other, but it only made them stronger and unde9able.


Nicole is in a dilemma because she’s on the block with Cliff and she has to campaign against him and she doesn’t want to take anything away from someone. Kemi asks if Nicole should have a conversation with Nick now? Nicole wants to stay calm and she feels she has no place in the house. She has Ovi, but he’s not in the game. She has Kemi, but she’s not in the game. She has Cliff, but one of them is going home.


Cliff tells us hearing from Nick that he’s safe for the week makes him feel better, but he doesn’t want to campaign against Nicole. Christie is upstairs talking to Nick and Bella and Christie says it was just her hormones. We see Christie before the veto meeting talking to Nick. Nick told her he was hurt that she’d think he would put her up. Christie says she needs to do something to mend fences with Bella and Nick and she tells them she has the power and it’s called the Diamond Power of Veto. If someone comes down, then the person who has the veto gets to name the replacement instead of the HOH. Nick says that could be useful and keep him from being backdoored.


Michie is talking to Christie, Holly, and Sis and Michie says every time Nick talks there’s something he doesn’t trust about it. Jack and Tommy are also there. Christie says this room is the energy she likes. Michie says even though there’s an alliance of 8, and 9, there’s a core 6 at the middle. They are all stoked on the six and Michie says they are the strongest six. Jack likes Six Shooters. Michie says thank you Nick and Bella, we are Gr8ful for your services.


Christie is talking to Holly and Sis and she’s saying voting Nicole might not be the biggest threat in their game. Christie thinks Cliff is. Christie says she doesn’t think Nicole was the biggest liar in this drama, she thinks it was Bella. Holly says it does make a lot of sense because she doesn’t think Nicole would go after the Six Shooters. It’s risky, but she’s thinking she should stay.


Tommy, Jack, and Christie in the SR and Tommy says is it worth it to hold on to Nicole or pull in Cliff? Christie says Cliff has vocally called out the couples. Tommy tells us he’s starting to think getting rid of Nicole isn’t best for everyone’s game, it’s best for Nick and Bella’s game. Jack says if they can pull Nicole in the fold, it could be all good. Christie says she’s not voting Nicole out. Christie tells us it’s important to make sure their plan stays secret because loose lips sink ships.


Nick tells Bella Nicole started the game late. Nick says Christie is a straight shooter and Jack would not put them up. Nick says if one of the outsiders wins, he still thinks they are good. Bella says she’s been really nice to people this week for sure. Nick tells Bella he loves her and she says I love you too.


As they prepare to get back into the game, it’s clear that David, Ovi, and Kemi have one thing on their mind…payback. David says he had to leave the BB game before the game even started. He wants to get back in. He says it’s kind of tough to play the social game, but he’s still going to try and build relationships. David and Christie have a staring contest and they hug it out. David says he’s being the most charming camper he can possibly be. He’s building a relationship with everyone in the house, even if he doesn’t trust them. He’s playing the game. He wants Michie to trust him, but he shouldn’t. He’s number one on the list and if he gets back in he’s coming for him.


Ovi says they know what it is to feel different in real life and there is no reason to do that in this game. He wants to compete and make his way back in and make a difference. We see Ovi knock on the HOH room door and he goes in and Jack says do you need something and then tells him to come back. Ovi is using the HOH restroom and Jack tells him to hurry and wrap it up. Ovi still has his secret weapon though, who wants cookies? But not matter how hard Camp Comeback gets he knows he has Cliff to rely on. We see Ovi and Cliff playing pool and Ovi says Cliff is his number one ally in this game and it’s super important that he stays this week so they can both take over the house together. Ovi will have two weapons if he gets back in the game…Cliff and his nightmare power.


Kemi says she’s been out, but on the sidelines of anything going on. Kemi is telling Nicole in the hammock she wants to be friends with everyone if they would just give her a chance. Kemi says Nicole is the only person she trusts in this game. Kemi thinks Michie is a nice guy, but fake. Kemi thinks Bella should keep her mouth shut once in awhile. Kemi says her personality doesn’t agree with Jack’s. We see Jack admonishing her for putting her shaker bottle in the fridge or the freezer. He says if they all did it then the fridge would be full and what makes her special. Kemi says Jack’s obsession with hating her is so confusing. Jack says they all sacrifice not putting their bottles in the fridge and he just wanted to get it off his chest because he cares about her and he thinks she’s great and he didn’t want it to be derogatory and he’s hitting the counter punctuating his words. Kemi wants to take Jack out.


Ovi wants to fight for his life and make some waves, and if he does the other HG better watch out. David says this will be the biggest comeback in BB history and he’s so ready to play the game. Kemi says if she were to come back she’d like to be in a position of power so she can flip the house. She’s someone who wants to make big moves. Up next, the live vote begins and either Nicole or Cliff will be voted out. But they will immediately compete to get back into the game.


Time to talk to the two nominees! Cliff says howdy Julie and America. To Sharon, Kelly, and Daniel he loves them completely and forever. He loves Big Brother. He loves the challenges and competing mentally with them all. He didn’t think he’d create the bonds and friendships he made. Please vote to keep him in, but if not no hard feelings.


Nicole says Mom, Dad, Meg, and Kay I owe you so much more than I’ve given. To the HG, a wise woman once told her to grab life by the boobs, and that’s what she wants them to do. Not grab her boobs, but maybe later hey can celebrate!  She wants them to make a strong move for their game and don’t listen to their heart when they vote, but listen to their head.


It’s time to vote!

Analyse votes to evict Cliff.

Bella votes to evict Nicole.

Jack votes to evict Cliff.

Sam says ho, ho, ho, Nicole’s gotta go.

The vote is 2 votes to evict Cliff and 2 votes to evict Nicole. We’ll get the rest of the votes next and we’ll see the Comeback Comp!


Let’s continue with the vote!

Jess unfortunately chooses to evict Nicole.

Kat votes to evict Nicole, BUT don’t think she doesn’t know what’s going on.

Christie votes to evict Cliff.

Holly is so, so, so sorry to evict Cliff.

Michie votes to evict Cliff.

Tommy sadly votes to evict Cliff.

By a vote of 6-4, Cliff you are the final member of Camp Comeback! Everyone is silent as Cliff begins giving hugs.


Cliff, David, Ovi, and Kemi need to head outside because the Comeback Competition will begin shortly.


We see everyone in the BY and there are wavy boards that are like a flat snake in front of each camper. The comp is called Path to Redemption. They have to roll balls down their ramp one at a time in an attempt to sink balls in their receptable. The first HG to sink six balls wins. If no one has six balls in three minutes, then whoever hast he most in the fastest time wins. Julie gives the go!


Cliff is going slow and stead and he gets his first ball. Ovi is doing ok. Cliff has scores his second ball. Ovi drops his ball. Kemi is struggling. Cliff has his third ball and he is the only one to have a ball. David just misses his at the end. Cliff has his fourth ball. Ovi has his first ball. Cliff has his fifth ball. Cliff has his sixth ball almost to the end. Julie says one minute on the clock and Cliff says he doesn’t need that long and Cliff has won his way back into the game! David, Ovi, and Kemi are now out of the game. The HG are hugging and Cliff is so relieved and he sighs. Julie will talk with David, Ovi, and Kemi when we return.


Julie is back with David, Ovi, and Kemi. Julie notes about the tears she saw on David’s face and he says he tried. He gave it his all, but he’s happy for Cliff. He’s so proud of Cliff and what he’s done. He destroyed that competition. Julie asks why he was in tears? David says he wanted this experience to be different and he wanted to go further this year.


Julie turns to Ovi and she says he mentioned he felt ostracized in Camp Comeback. Why does he think they were ostracized? Ovi says it’s strictly game sometimes, but sometimes it felt personal. He says people were protecting their game and he can respect that. Kemi is thrilled Nicole got to stay and she wouldn’t have wanted to compete against her.


Julie confirms the big alliance of six and then tells them Nick and Bella were part of the 8 at one point. David says he knew the house was split, but he heard Cliff was going to try and split the power couples. David is rooting for Cliff, Ovi is rooting for Cliff, and Kemi is rooting for Sam. Julie asks about Nicole and Kemi says she’s always rooting for Nicole, but she’s been watching Sam and how he’s playing the game and she likes the way he’s playing.


Julie will be doing an extended interview with David, Ovi, and Kemi. We eavesdrop on the house and the Six Shooters are trying to smooth things over with Nick and Bella.

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