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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 10

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Previously, on Big Brother, with Belka playing all sides of the house Michie and Jack planned to target her and her showmance Nick and Michie even threw them under the bus to Nicole. At the live eviction, Michie cast a rogue vote in hopes of pinning it on Nick or Bella, but after Nick won the HOH, Michie changed course blaming the hinky vote on Nicole. Not believing Michie, Nick told Nicole she was safe.


At the final Whacktivity competition, Christie won the panic power. With nominations looming, Nicole was feeling paranoid so she told Nick and Bella what Michie had said and she also revealed that some had called the bullies. Nick wasn’t ready to rock the boat at nominations, but he was far from picking his true target. Tonight, how will the POV shake up Nick’s plans. Plus, with accusations swirling, Gr8ful because H8ful. Plus, BB20’s Kaitlyn returns!


We pick up on day 24 after the nomination ceremony. Nick says he nominated Jess and Cliff because he wanted to do what was best for his alliance. But Nicole told him right before nominations that his alliance was targeting him and that makes him livid. Jess says she feels like she’s at the bottom of the totem pole, but if she wins veto she can take herself off and work her way to the top. Cliff says he’s going to show these youngsters he still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Nicole is not on the block, but she still doesn’t think she’s out of the clear because she thinks that hinky vote is still being pinned on her.


Nick and Bella head up to the HOH room and Tommy joins them and Bella fills Tommy in on the information Nicole gave them about being targeted. She believes Nicole, but she also has a lot of faith in Gr8ful. Bella says everyone walks in on the HOH and they are going to hash it out. David is going to go in, but they say they are talking game and then Michie comes in right by David. Bella tells them Nicole told them that Sis and Michie said that Bella and Nick were bullying her and Sis wants to confront Nicole we see a flashback of Sis telling Nicole with Kat that Bella is a bully. Bella is blown away. Bella says seeing the anger in Christie and Sis’s eyes, Nicole got her good. Nicole is the devil. She got them good.


Cliff starts to go into the HOH and Nick tells him to give them a second. Nicole is in the lounge with Jack and Bella and she’s going to get water. Cliff comes in and tells Jack there is a meltdown going on and Nicole is heading upstairs. Michie says he’s got it and Sis says she’s going to go off. Michie goes out and says bad time. Nicole says what’s happening and Jack walks by and says he doesn’t know and heads into the HOH. Nicole starts to head back downstairs and Sis says this dumb b*tch. They fill Jack in and he is stunned. Bella now thinks Nicole was the rogue vote. Michie says Nicole aired some dirty laundry, some of it’s his and some of it’s true, but he’s not saying a word. Nicole heads downstairs and tells Kemi and Jess about the pow wow in the HOH room and Nicole says she’s so stupid. She says it looks very horrible and she has gotten herself into her own pickle. The people in the HOH are yelling and making loud noises and they can hear them from downstairs.


Ovi says he experienced a lot of bullying when he grew up and he doesn’t like to see it and he didn’t like to see Nicole getting kicked out of the HOH. Ovi nocks on the HOH door and they tell him it’s not a good time and he needs to go away. Ovi says he doesn’t like that and it’s not cool or not nice. Bella says it’s none of his business. Ovi heads back downstairs and Cliff tells him to protect his game and it’s a game and not let them get under his skin. Nicole says she’s ok.


Nick says he’s glad he thought everything through logically and Nicole is just lying and so is everyone else. Nick says if he can name a replacement nominee, then he knows exactly who he’s going to put up. Nick says she defamed his character. We see the 9 people in the HOH and they decide they are worthy of an alliance name and Nick says the Nasty 9, but they don’t like and Christie says she doesn’t like nasty. Jack says Undeniable 9 and Christie says Unde9able. Sam says he’s Gr8ful to be in Unde9able. We then see Kat trying to get into the HOH and ring the doorbell and being ignored.  


David confronts Jack and Christie in the SR about what they said to Ovi. Christie says they didn’t do anything to him. They were talking game and he came at a bad time. Jack says as a person who hasn’t been in the house, you’re doing perfect and he gets in his face. Christie says Ovi shouldn’t have said anything. Ovi comes in and Christie heads out. Ovi wants to know if everything is good and Jack has a smirk on his face and says everything is fine. Jack says you’re in Camp Comeback I can’t touch you right? You’re fine. You’re good. Ovi says Jack is disrespectful in the game. He thinks he can intimidate people. He wants to get back in the house and change things. Nicole comes in and she wants to know if she’s going to find out anything about the conversation. Jack says this one? Nicole says any? Jack says you might.


Nicole is going to talk to Bella. Bella says she had to sift through all the lies with Gr8ful and she needs to speak her peace to Nicole and Tommy is there to mediate. Nicole says she’s emotional and she put her trust in Bella and she doesn’t think Bella needed to tell everyone in the house. Bella says I had to talk to them and question things. Nicole starts to say something and Bella interrupts and says let me finish. Bella says for Nicole to say Nick and Bella were bullying her was a lie, it was disgusting, and she didn’t need it. Nicole says she is so irritated with herself for even talking to Bella. She knew how Bella was. Bella says it makes her sick, she’s not a bully, and she’s not here to listen to Nicole and she doesn’t want to ever have this conversation again. Nicole says so you just came to rant? Nicole says I’m going to bed.


Tommy says to us it is easy to get wrapped in a mob mentality and we were all up yelling and pinning on Nicole. But after seeing Bella bulldozer Nicole and not let her get a word in makes him think maybe Nick and Bella were bullying her.  After Bella leaves, Tommy says he’s sorry Nicole didn’t get a word in and she needs to breathe and relax.


Nicole is crying and she is upset and she says she came into the house as an advocate against bullying and people who are different getting bullied. She’s upset because she just sat there and took it and let Bella call her disgusting and atrocious. Nicole says she would never attack anyone on a personal level. Nicole says she’s glad Bella can sleep at night knowing she’s playing that way. Good for her.


Nicole goes into the camper and Kat and Bella are in there. Nicole says she knows they haven’t spoken and but she still loves and respects her. Bella says she doesn’t like that Nicole attacked Nick’s character by calling him a bully. Nicole says she didn’t call anyone a bully, someone else used the word bully. Nicole says you couldn’t even have an educated conversation last night. Bella says you’re saying I’m uneducated? Nicole says last night you just ranted in my face. They go back and forth a bit more and then Nick comes in. Bella thinks she’s allowed to be angry. Nick wants to know when he bullied Nicole. Nicole tries to talk and Nick interrupts and says he wasn’t going to put her up this week but then Nicole played both sides and got caught in lies.


Nicole says she didn’t say the things these people keep saying she said and she doesn’t even they aren’t hearing or don’t believe her. In the camper, it’s still Bella, Nick, Nicole, Holly, and Tommy listening. Nicole finally says she’s just going say it, it’s Bella. It’s Bella who’s lying and taking people’s words and twisting them. Nick says that’s a brilliant strategy to play both sides and he leaves behind Bella. Tommy gives Nicole a hug.


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Jess and Cliff joins Nick. Nicole wants her name to be drawn for this veto so badly. She believes she’s a backdoor plan and she needs to play. Nick says the only person he doesn’t want to be picked is Nicole and he doesn’t want her to compete and be able to ensure her safety this week. Nick draws Michie. Cliff draws Kathryn. Kat is excited to be picked to play and she has bombed all the comps and she wants to redeem herself. Jess draws HG choice and she picks Christie. Jess says Nicole is her friend and she’s there for her and she wants to give her a chance to save herself, but she ruffled too many feathers and she can’t mess up her game to save Nicole.


Nicole says again Jess picked someone who was part of the big alliance. She could have won and taken Jess down, but now she thinks they are both out of luck. Tommy walks into the BY and she sees Kaitlyn who is his all time favorite! Kaitlyn says who wants to hear a ghost story? Kaitlyn has a flashlight and she says a long time ago there was a girl who couldn’t put a puzzle to save her Big Brother life. For a year, she was haunted by that puzzle and it even invaded her dreams. She says sometimes you can even hear her screams in the BB house. You know how I know this? That girl was me! Welcome to My Big Brother Nightmare!


She says the HG have to search the forest for 17 colored pieces and put her back together. The first HG to put her back together will win the POV. Who’s ready to play The Haunting of Kaitlyn Hermann. Nick says Nicole has been super shady this week. Her ability to manipulate is scary. So it’s important that he win the veto so he can backdoor her out of the house. Jess says there are so many mirrors she doesn’t know where she is.


Cliff says being on the block is horrible, but the mirrors are disorienting him. Kat says this competition isn’t too bad because she’s cute and she has all these mirrors to prove it. Nick is first back with is pieces and then Kat is right behind. Kat says people are underestimating her and she wants to win to show everyone she’s actually a really good player. Jess is working on her puzzle and she says sorry Kaitlyn for judging you. Sam tells Nick he has to flip the pieces over.


Nick says this puzzle is hard and he can’t put the puzzle together for the life of him. Kaitlyn says this is triggering. Christie is saying she can’t find her last piece. Kat has her puzzle halfway built and everyone is still trying to get ground pieces. Tommy says do it for Brett baby! Kat is trying to stay 100% focused and everyone else is so far behind. Kaitlyn says she doesn’t feel bad anymore. Kat finishes her puzzle and she wins the POV!


Nick says Kat, yes that Kat, annihilates this competition. But she’s not part of Gr8ful, but he hopes she uses the veto. Christie says she could activate her power, but she’s feeling pretty safe. Kat says conspire this b*tches! She’s been playing really well the whole time. Kat loves Jess, and Cliff is like her dad, and she wishes she could save them all. Can she do that?


Christie and Sis are just waking up and Nick comes in to wake them up. He asks Christie how she slept. Nick leaves and says he doesn’t just mad, he gets even. Christie is starting to get a weird feeling and she says everything Nick is saying is freaking him out. Christie says something in her gut is telling her he’s trying to backdoor her. She pulls Kat into the Target BR and she’s telling Kat she’s going up. Christie says she could be paranoid, but she doesn’t know who to trust at this point.


Sis comes in and Christie tells her with Kat she’s going up. She’s freaking out and she knows she’s going up. Kat says Christie is freaking out and Kat is clearly out of the loop because she has no idea what she’s talking about. Sis says Christie is freaking out. She thinks Nick and Bella, who are in their alliance, are putting her up. Christie says she doesn’t want to use her power so soon, but she knows she’s going up. She doesn’t want to use the power and throw it away this soon or trusting she has the votes if she does go.


Kat says having the POV is great because you get so much information. She was going to take Jess off, but then Christie was freaking out. But she needs to do what’s best for her game. Christie says she’s so worried. Maybe she should use the power to make sure she stays off the block.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Kat has decided to use the power of veto…on Jess. Since Kat has vetoed one of Nick’s nominations he has to name a new nominee Nick says as a wise person once told me, I don’t get mad, I get even. With that being said, Nicole take a seat. Nicole says very well said. I can respect it.


Christie says the risk she just took by not using the pov is huge. She basically put her game in the hands of the universe and she’s safe. Kat is sad to see Nicole and Cliff, but you can’t save everyone. Bella is so glad Nicole is on the block. She had it coming. All she has to do is make sure Unde9able votes the same way and they never have to see her again. Nicole says she needs to find people to adhere to, but it’s frustrating to not know who to trust and who trusts you. Who will be evicted Cliff or Nicole? Plus, Camp Comeback will compete for one to return which means three will be evicted for good!

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