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Michael vs. Gretel & BB - And the Winner is ??

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During the Live Nominations show on Monday Night Michael was a guest. This is as per usual since the latest evictee is always on the noms show. Gretel asked Michael what he had been doing in the 24 hrs. since he left the show. Michael was a bit put off on a couple questions he had been getting repeatedly in interviews.

Here is a transcript of the conversation.


During Monday night's nominations show Gretel stirred some controversy by initiating a heated argument between herself and evictee Michael over the editing of footage on Big Brother.

Incase you missed it, here is a transcript:

Gretel: You've had interviews from dawn till dusk, how've they been?

Michael: They've been interesting, they've focused on several topics.

Gretel: What ones?

Michael: Ahh, the David and myself relationship, that was the question that came up the most. Aaah.. and you know, essentially what I was trying to accomplish in the house.

Gretel: What was the David relationship business?

Michael: You know there was a supposed kiss that took place that never happened... it was great editing by Big Brother.

Gretel: Hey wait a minute

[Gretel raises a finger at Michael, and nods]

Gretel: You want to say that again?

Michael: It was great editing by Big Brother

Gretel: Why was it editing? I've seen that shot we didn't edit it.

Michael: I haven't seen the whole video so...

Gretel: So how do you know it was great editing?

[Gretel raises her finger again]

Michael: Because as far as I've been told because I haven't been able to actually see the footage...

Gretel: Well I actually heard you said it was camera angles

Michael: ... can I finish the sentence?

Gretel: Yeah give it a bash

[The audience says "oooh"]

Michael: Just give me a chance. As far as I've been told because I haven't been allowed to see anything, I'm going on hearsay...

Gretel: [sarcastically] Right thats always a good basis...

[Gretel looks down and starts writing something on her clipboard]

Michael: Just give me a second let me finish what I'm saying ok

Gretel: [while still writing] I'm absorbing, go on

Michael: Ok, so as far as I've been told, its been edited, in a manner that you don't actually...

Gretel: Who told you this!?

Michael: [pauses, annoyed] do you want me to speak?

Gretel: I'm having whats called a conversation

Michael: Wait let-

Gretel: Who told you this?

[Michael pauses, annoyed]

[Gretel raises her finger at Michael]

Gretel: Listen mate, if you're going to tell me when I've worked on a show for six years, that we have edited something...

Michael: Well if you let me-

Gretel: and it has not been edited, I'd like to know who told you that.

Michael: Ok and I will actually be able to give you a retort, if you would actually let me finish a sentence.

Gretel: Ok so opposed to a discussion, we'll have a monologue.

[Gretel points her finger towards Michael]

Gretel: Fire away!

[Gretel crosses her legs]

Michael: No its a dicussion Gretel and-

Gretel: Go on, go on

Michael: If you're asking me a question how am I supposed to-

Gretel: You believe it was edited even though you haven't seen it... go! Please continue.

[Michael pauses]

Michael: Ok will you actually let me finish the sentence?

Gretel: Yeah I think we got over that bit, yeah.

Michael: Ok, what I was saying was, what actually took place was there was a great bit of editing, because from what I have been told and it is hearsay because I've only been out of the house a short time and haven't had a chance to view anything, so I'm going on what people have actually told me and it does not finish, where it ends in what was shown last night, or whenever it was shown, does not finish the whole, the whole the structure of everything that took place. So you don't actually see me laugh and walk away. So if that is the case then thats brilliant editing by Big Brother. And that is exactly what I'm saying.

[Gretel pauses]

Gretel: Rightio. Lets move on shall we.

Moments later:

Gretel: Can I just ask you one question before we go onto the next nominations. When you go into the Big Brother house you are aware there are cameras in the house?

Michael: Absolutely

Gretel: And you are aware there are cameras all around you.

Michael: Absolutely

Gretel: And you are aware therefore that cameras will pick up things from different angles, not necessarily front on.

Michael: Mmhrm

Gretel: Ok so you are aware when you're in the house that your behaviour will be filmed.

Michael: Absolutely I'm aware of that

Gretel: Ok, [Gretel shakes her head] fine. Alright lets move on.

Michael: What was the point of that?

Gretel: We're just moving on, I'm just digest(ing) that.

Michael: Ok you can digest that but I still don't understand the point of it.

Gretel: You don't have to

Michael: And I don't understand where the attack is coming from when I personally feel that something was done in a manner... [Gretel looks away from Michael, annoyed] ... which I didn't feel was justified now and I don't understand where the attack is coming from.

Gretel: It was never said on the program that you kissed. May I just say that you haven't seen it-

Michael: You asked me a qu-

Gretel: and you are accusing myself and everyone who works here

Michael: Yourself!? I never implicated you in any manner

Gretel: I represent everybody who works on this show

Michael: Well I never implicated-

Gretel: Please, would you look at the footage before you comment on it. That is what I'm asking you to do.

Michael: You asked me a question of what people asked me today, so I am discussing what people asked me and if you don't like the answer I can't help that. But I will give you my best honest answer that I can give you.

[Gretel starts talking over Michael]

Gretel: You know I'll tell you one thing, I just mentioned tonight, you know, I live with kids. I'm used to people trying to bamboozle me.

Michael: I'm not trying to bamboozle you.

[The crowd laughs]

Gretel: Lets...

[Gretel smiles, and raises her finger to Michael again]

Gretel: Lets move on, because it is a nominations night, we can discuss this further.

Maybe Gretel should go on the show and teach some of the HM how to put a stop to pushy and offensive conversations. She sure didn't have any problem over-riding Michael..


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