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Big Brother Season 21-Episode 7

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Previously, on Big Brother, a new twist called Camp Comeback put evictees Ovi and David back in the house and David was already sniffing out possible alliances. With Jack wielding power, the Gr8ful alliance of Bella, Michie, Analyse, Christie, Holly, Nick, and Tommy was squarely in control.


Meanwhile, an all women’s alliance with Bella, Kemi, Jessica, and Nicole was forming. But Bella was playing both sides, so she ratted out the Black Widow’s to Jack. At the nomination ceremony, the Black Widow’s got caught in Jack’s wicked web. Tonight, will Kemi or Jessica secure their safety with the POV. Plus, BB 20 fan favorite is back in the house. All this right now on Big Brother!


We pick up after the nomination ceremony and Jack says he put up Kemi and Jessica because they aren’t part of Gr8ful and he needs to get rid of that side of the house. Jessica says she needs to find out who is giving Jack wrong information and get back at them. Kemi says she’s been trying to play a more reserved game, but when she wins veto Jack is going to be shook. And she’s going to be the one doing the shaking.


Bella tells Nicole that she told Jack about the Black Widow’s to save her and Nicole’s game. Nicole says she can’t believe or understand why Bella would tell Jack about their alliance. That spells bad news because if one comes down she could be the replacement nominee. Bella wants to be in an alliance with everyone, but she can’t keep her mouth shut. Everyone keeps finding out about each other and it’s really not good for her game.


Kemi wants to talk to Jack and they head into the lounge room. Kemi says she wants to clear the air. Jack says he does respect her. He can’t stand he had to make this decision and part of the reason he made this move is because he respects her and he’s scared of her. Jack says Kemi is his target, but he didn’t want to blindside her because she’ll go to Camp Comeback and if she doesn’t win veto she only has herself to blame. Kemi says she’s not a stab you in the back kind of person, she’s a spin you around kind of person and slit your throat.


Nicole goes to Jessica and says she didn’t say anything. She then fills her in that it was Bella who outed the alliance and Jess needs to keep her cool. Nicole says Bella told Jack she’d look good which puts a target on Kemi, Jess, and Nicole’s backs. Jess says her blood is boiling and the fact that Bella is such a slippery snake is disgusting to her. She’s more determined than ever to win this veto because she’s not going to get the satisfaction of seeing her go home.


David and Ovi are in the lounge room and Ovi says their Camp will get bigger soon. David says you can’t sit idly, but there are alliances in this house. He’s watching every move and he thinks he has the whole house figured out. David says it appears the big two are Jack and Michie. From there, it appears Holly and Sis are with them. Then Christie and Nick appear to complete the big alliance that are dominating the game so far. Then there are tiers from there. Tommy seems to be the likeable guy who no one will want to put up and Nick and Bella are close. He says his banishment partners Cliff, Kemi, and Jessica seem to not know what’s going on. Sam seems to be a free agent and he’d love to have him on his side. That’s David’s assessment so far and the more information he has the better off he’ll be when he gets back in the game.


The HG start to feel an earthquake and Jack tells people to get under a table. Christie says this is one of the craziest things she’s ever felt. Jack says it’s still shaking by the way. Jack tells Nick to move because he’s under a chandelier. A few HG have gotten under a table and the rest are standing by the BY door.


Several HG are in the lounge and we hear the Bugle and it’s time for David and Ovi to get into their Camp Comeback uniforms. They come out to show the HG their uniforms. David says it’ll be all worth it when he gets back in the game and Ovi says when I get back in the game.


Jess is talking to Michie and Jess says she’s sad because Jack called her out and that’s a bunch of bologna. Michie says he hasn’t heard anything but he advises her to be strong. Jess gets emotional and Michie tells her not to cry and he comforts her. He tells her it would break his heart to see him go. Jess says she was blindsided with something that everyone believes and it’s frustrating because she knows it’s not true. Michie says he’s looking out for her and he wants to help her, but he can’t make people believe a certain way and he says he can’t take Jess off without a veto. Jess says she’s actually close with Michie and she’s hoping he’ll take her off the block if he won the veto. Michie says Jack is his boy, but Jess is his mom in the house and he doesn’t want to cross any lines with Jack. He doesn’t want to get drawn to play in this veto.


Time to pick players for the veto competition! Jack calls Jess and Kemi to join him to draw players. Jack is hoping people from Gr8ful get picked, someone like Christie, Tommy, or Michie to keep noms the same. Jack draws Bella. Jess draws HG choice and she selects Michie. Nicole says Jess! Why are you picking Michie? I’m sitting right here! Come on girl! Kemi draws Sam. Sam says bam! My name gets pulled again and he wants to make sure he can secure his safety and make moves if he needs to.


David tells Ovi the fact that Jess just chose one person in the big alliance to be in the veto competition…David says that was a bad move. He says it seems like these people have zero idea what’s going on in this game. David says out of all the people there she was most comfortable choosing Michie?


Kemi is alone in the BR and she says all she needs is God in her corner. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen. So yeah, she’s going to win the veto and watch Jessica cry some more. More Jess tears. She says she loves her, but this game isn’t about love. She says if she wins this veto…be scared!


Cliff and Tommy are in the KT and the doorbell rings and it’s Tyler from BB20! Tyler says what are you guys doing in my house? Analyse says she’s dying inside. He’s so hot, he’s her dream man. She loves Angela, but watch out girl! She’s kidding. Tyler says he’s back in the BB house! Can you believe it? Even if he didn’t win, he did win the girl of his dreams. He’s here to host the veto competition and he tells them to get dressed and he’ll see them in the BY.


The HG head into the BY and there’s a giant pond filled with lilly pads and frogs and Cliff says hopefully this lake doesn’t have a lot of gators in it. Sam wants to jump in the pool. Tyler welcomes them to Lake Big Brother! Remember, there’s more on the line than just the veto, because the winner will go on a vacation to Fiji. Tyler needs their help. The lake has been overrun with poisonous frogs. When Tyler says go, they will unplug their aqua clock and go grab a frog and stack it on the other end. But they can only stack frogs while there’s water in the aqua clock. If their water runs, then they are out of the competition. Whoever has the most frogs after 30 minutes wins. Who’s ready to play Froggy Style?


Jess doesn’t want to rely on anyone else to be her knight in shining armor. Jack is filling his water and says there are plenty of frogs. Kemi is going to take her time. Jack’s strategy is to stack frogs right side up and then upside down. He wants to win the veto. Michie says he needs to win this because he wants Fiji, but then he’d be stuck with the decision on the veto. Sam says whoever wins this veto is going to Fiji and he wants to win this for his wife to celebrate their 8 year anniversary.


Jess says this is harder than it seems because the frogs have to be super steady. Jack is running back and he drops one. Kemi knocks half hers down. Nearly Jack’s entire stack falls. Bella wants the trip to Fiji so bad, she can picture it right now. Her laying on the sand and Tyler fanning her, but her frogs are falling. And then she starts falling. Why are her dreams to Fiji falling? Bella knocks her entire stack over.


Jack and Jessica are re-stacking. Kemi’s stack is getting pretty high and Sam is on her tail. She needs to kick it in high gear because she needs to win this veto. Sam has 18 frogs and he lets his aqua clock drain out and he stops. Jess says Sam clocked in at 18 and she’s freaking out, but she’s going to keep focus. All she has to do is keep those frogs…she knocks her stack down. Their 30 minutes are up and they can now only stack until their aqua clock runs out. Bella knocks hers over right as her clock runs out.


Kemi says Sam has clocked in at 18 and she has 17. She needs two more frogs in order to win the veto. Jack’s timer runs out. Jess’s timer runs out and she has 13. Kemi is trying to stack her last frog and the stack falls and she only has 4 frogs. Sam’s score of 18 frogs holds up and he has won the POV and the trip to Fiji! Sam says the veto is shiny, and beautiful, and he loves it! And he’s going to Fiji! How much better can it get.


Jack says Sam listened to Gr8ful last week and took Cliff off. Hopefully, he’ll listen to them this week. Jess says hopefully she can talk to Sam and get him to use the veto on her. Kemi says don’t count me up and all she has to do is talk to Sam, who’s happy he’s going to Fiji with his wife, and maybe he’ll make her happy and take her off the block.


Kat is going to talk to Sam. Sam says the good thing about the veto is you have some power. The bad the about the veto is everyone knows you have a power. Kat is awkwardly talking to Sam and Kemi comes in and she says if they want her to leave so they can talk game she can. Sam says that saves them from being awkward.


Sam is talking to Jessica. Sam tells us that Sam is the popular guy and everyone wants to talk to him. Yak, yak, yak. Jess tells Sam to pray on it, but this is ultimately a game. Nicole is in there slurping her drink and she apologizes because she didn’t realize what the conversation was and she leaves.


Sam goes into the camper and Kemi is there and Sam tells us here we go again! Kemi says would never put him up and she’d be a number for him and Jess wants to put two men up. Kemi says if he kept her she’d still have the bigger target on her back. Sam says if he uses the veto it would be on her. He has to weigh out is it worth it. He really likes Kemi. He thinks she’s genuine, he doesn’t put on a front, but he has to think about how he can use the veto to push him further in the game. Kemi reiterates that Jess is a number against him.


Sam is called to the DR and he says that’s weird. He settles in and there’s a card for him. Sam has a letter and he begins to cry and gets emotional. He heads out he tells Kemi, Nicole, Ovi, and David that his grandfather died and they immediately went to give hugs and comfort him. Nick and Bella come up and give him a hug. Sam says he thought he was doing ok.


He goes to lie down in a bed and Bella goes to comfort him and says she’s just going to sit with him. Sam says there were days he just called to talk to him. Tommy and Christie come in to offer comfort. Sam says his grandfather was the first one to take him out in a tractor trailer. Sam says he doesn’t do well with death, but at least he’s with Gram.


He says it’s really hard because he can’t be there with his family and his grandfather told him to not forget about his family and keep focus. He’ll have an extra pep in his step from here out and he loves him and he knows he’s with Gram now. Cliff says he’s sorry he can’t be with his family, but they’ll be there for support. Sam says thank you all for being here and David says we wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.  


It’s time for the veto ceremony! Sam says dealing with the passing of Pop and it gave him a reality check and made him realize he was in the game for him and his family only. It pushed him to help make the best decision on the veto. David and Ovi are watching from Camp Comeback on the black and white television.


The HG are all in the LR. Sam says he has decided NOT to use the power of veto. He says he loves both Kemi and Jess and he doesn’t want to cause ripples in the BB pool and he wanted to honor the HOH and he wanted to keep noms the same.


Jack says Sam decided not to use the veto this week and the plan is still on schedule and he’s loved his HOH reign. Nicole says two of her best friends are on the block and she has to keep the person who can help her down the line.


Jess says it sucks she’s still on the block, but she’s going to keep talking to people and clear her name. Kemi was hoping Sam would use the veto, but she’s scrappy. We aren’t going to see her in a Comeback Outfit because it’s not her style. Tommy says this decision could come back to bite them in the butt.

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