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Results for the First Cycle (6/25-6/26)


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Welcome to the Results for the first cycle of  Morty's TV Monopoly Game.  It's not to late to play along. Just go to the Token Selection page and follow the easy directions. Then later check back here to see where you stand in the results!


Note: A cycle is an eviction cycle (HoH, Noms, Eviction).  For this first period, the cycle refers to the two night premier.


Board Events for this cycle:

These are the routine events in the Big Brother House (and their values). Note that an event that does not take place does not impact the account balance.


  • HG Token Wins HoH ($500) - Christie


Chance Cards for this cycle:

Chance cards are drawn when BB throws in a twist we didn't anticipate. This week's Chance cards (and their values) are...


  1. This HG Token was the the 300th HG to enter the BB House ($100) - Analyse
  2. These HG Tokens already knew another HG in the Big Brother House ($100) - Christie & Tommy
  3. This HG Token was elected Camp Director ($250) - Jackson
  4. These HG Tokens were banished (-$100) - Cliff, David, Jessica, Kemi
  5. This HG Token was banished and did not win their way back into the game (their account was unfortunately bankrupt but if they reenter the game, their account balance will be restored) - David


Each cycle there will be different Chance cards as we identify fun and unexpected ways to earn bonus money with your HG Token.


First cycle HG Token results:

This table reflects the net amount earned or lost this cycle for each HG Token.


HG Token - Cycle 1
Analyse $100
Christie $600
Cliff ($100)
David Bankrupt
Holly $0
Isabella $0
Jack $0
Jackson $250
Jessica ($100)
Kathryn $0
Kemi ($100)
Nick $0
Nicole $0
Ovi $0
Sam $0
Tommy $100



First cycle player results:

Each player's HG Token was seeded with $500 to start the game.  The Cycle 1 total reflects the total money earned or lost during the cycle. The HG Token Balance reflects the current account balance for the player at the end of the cycle.


Player HG Token Cycle 1 Total Player Balance
Fuskie Nick $0 $500
Yolanda09 Jack $0 $500
TerACNJ Jack $0 $500
izzynorm13 Cliff ($100) $400
gishy333tx Jackson $250 $750
teresalynn Jackson $250 $750
Dade Bella $0 $500
angelhrocks Jackson $250 $750
Amy123 Tommy $100 $600
scifigrl0 Nicole $0 $500
Relevart Analyse $0 $500
Lesann Sam $0 $500
Tabbydo Sam $0 $500
kakidoodle Jackson $250 $750


If you want to swap your HG Token for another (at a cost of half your balance), reply to this post with the name of your old HG Token and the new HG Token.


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