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Live Feed Preview - Tuesday, 6/25

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2:02pm BBT Feeds are up for a preview. Sam is talking to Nicole about working night and day shifts. They are in LR. Sam says he likes getting up at 3am and hitting the Brooklyn Bridge toll before the traffic. He talks about route changes after 9/11 preventing trucks from going the lower level. He says truckers hit the road early and try to get across the upper level as quickly as possible.

2:05pm BBT In the WA, Jessica was cleaning up and Jackson walks in singing and we get FotH. A quick peek in the KT and now we're in the treehouse lounge where Nick and Tommy are squaring off with a game of checkers. They also have Backgammon.  In the Outside BR, some of the HG are cleaning up. Inside the Camper BR, Kemi and Isabella are going through close. Bella has 2 different style shoes on while Kemi makes up her bed, arranging the pillows.  She doesn't think the one-shoe look is good.

2:10pm BBT Back in the LR, Nicole and Sam are joined by Cliff and Isabella comes in to show off her one-shoe on different feet look. Ovi comes in and walks out with Bella. Sam is talking about cars that try to test trucks by going out in front and slamming on breaks. He says he's torn off side mirrors of cars that got too close. Christie in in the LR talking about the second soda spill in the last 12 hours. Not sure who she was talking to.

2:13pm BBT Sam continues to expound on why traffic in NYC can be so bad. In the tree-house, it's Ovi, Isabella, Tommy and Nick. They are talking about songs but BB keeps telling them to not sing or recite lyrics. Tommy is obsessed with this one song that is on his HoH request list. He says if they play the song, everyone will just go hyper. Bella teases he's awfully familiar with that. 

2:15pm BBT Isabella is lacing up her white converse shoes.  Nick calls Tommy Thomas, so Thommy calls Nick Nicholas. The checkers game resumes, with Ovi offering strategy advice. Bella wants to lace her shoes cool and Tommy says make up a design without planning one. He asks why they gave her laces and she says she thought she'd have to run.  And that's it for your Live Feed Preview!  Remember, you can get your Camp BB Live Feeds at https://mortystv.com/to/feeds!

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