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Big Brother Canada Season 7-HOH, close have-not room, nominations

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, with the pretty boy machine in full throttle, the bros worked every angle to make sure they’d weather every storm. First, they roped Kyra into a final five. Then Adam and Dane doubled down and made a final three with Kyra, while the other half plotted a final two of their own. And on eviction night, the Pretty Boys dumped another sidekick to jury.


Then Big Brother opened the trap door with the second double eviction of the season. Things got rolling when the Great Dane cued up another celebration making the pretty boys 8th win of the season. Then Dane put up Damien and Kyra on the block and the pretty boy lieutenant bagged a POV win and dashed Damien’s hopes. Then a unanimous vote sent a fan favorite to jury sealing the final five. With the Pretty Boys one win away from perfection, they are ready to write big brother history.


We pick up after the double eviction on Day 55. Adam says the Pretty Boys just survived the double eviction and he can’t believe it. It’s been their plan to take Kyra to top 5 because they’d be easier to beat to make Final Four. Adam and the guys talk about how they convinced Damien to evict his ride or die and then they sent him home. Kyra says they are beyond relieved and they are thrilled their final five deal made earlier in the week became a reality.


Anthony and Dane are in the WA and Dane says he can’t play HOH, but he knows the common goal is to get Kyra out. He says he did his part to get the Pretty Boys to top five and now the others need to finish it out and beat Kyra.


It’s time for the HOH! The competition is called We Need an Answer. Dane will ask a series of answers about the season, then they’ll race to find the answer on their walls and hit their buzzer. But take too long and it will cost you because only the first three to ring in will get a chance to answer. The player with the most points will win HOH. Mark says he knows his days and he’s been studying all season so this is his challenge to win.


What was the name of the only POV competition Eddie competed in. Mark rings in first, then Kyra. Adam and Anthony seemed stumped and Adam finally grabs an answer and buzzes in. They all say spaced out and they all get one point. Kyra, Mark, and Adam each get a point and Anthony has 0. Anthony says he didn’t even know he was supposed to study days until week 3. But hey, at least he won’t be seen as a mental threat.


How many HG were evicted without having been a have-not. Is the answer A. 3 or B. 4. Adam, Mark, and Kyra each ring in and Anthony is out again. Dane says Anthony, were you sleeping the whole season. Mark and Adam answer A and Kyra answers B. The answer is B and Kyra now has 2 points. Adam and Mark have 1 point. Anthony has 0.


Kyra says they’ve been studying all season long and they feel really good about this competition. Next question: On what day was a HG evicted becoming the first member of jury. Anthony, Kyra, and Adam ring in first. Kyra answers 41, Anthony answers 34, and Adam answers 41. The correct answer is 41 and Kyra has 3 points, Adam has 2 points, Mark has 1 point, Anthony has 0.


In what POV competition did a nominee win for the first time. Anthony is the last to buzz in. Kyra answers spaced out, Mark answers after, and Adam answers 36. Dane says what are these guys doing?!? The answer is Spaced Out and Kyra has 4 points, Adam has 2 points, Mark has 1 point, and Anthony has 0.


Who was the first HG to be have-not in back to back weeks. Adam, Anthony, and Kyra answers first. They all answer Samantha and they are correct. Kyra has 5 points, Adam has 3 points, and Mark and Anthony have 1 point each.


What day did the very first POV competition take place? Mark is very quick to ring in with Kyra right behind. Adam is stumped and Anthony rings in. Adam is repeating the question and he is still stumped. Adam is confusing POV with HOH and can’t find a number 1 and Dane keeps saying POV.  Everyone answered 8 and they are correct. Dane says Adam is very wrong. Kyra has 6 points, Adam has 3 points, Mark and Anthony have 2 points each.


Which HG won a POV competition on day 22. Kyra, Adam, and Mark ring in first. They all answer Cory and they are all correct. Kyra now has 7 points, Adam has 4 points, Mark has 3 points, and Anthony has 2 points.


If Kyra answers this next question correctly, they’ll be the next HOH. Which HOH competition took place following Kailyn’s eviction? Adam rings in first, with Mark right behind. Kyra and Anthony are both looking. Kyra finally hits the button. Adam and Kyra answer Buzzkilled 2.0 and Mark answers Secrets and Spies. The correct answer is Buzzkilled 2.0 and Kyra is the new HOH!


Adam goes and hugs them and says Samantha would be so proud of them. The guys all give hugs. Kyra can’t believe it, they finally something. Kyra says the timing is perfect. It couldn’t be better. Dane says this was 3 against 1. He would have killed this comp and those boys let him down. The greatest story ever written is the biggest fail of the season.


The HG head inside and Kyra says they’ve never been so grateful and proud. Adam and Kyra head upstairs and Anthony, Mark, and Dane are all in the KT talking about Adam. Adam says now that Kyra is HOH, one of the Pretty Boys has to go home. Now he has to push the final three he and Dane made with Kyra. Adam asks Kyra if they are down with this and Kyra says yeah. Kyra says he has Adam’s back 110%, but they need to think. Adam says he has their back too.


Mark says to Anthony and Dane, who would have thought? Dane says day 55, the end of the Pretty Boys. Kyra says now that they have some power, they can actually make a big move and big moves look good on a resume. Kyra likes Adam, but he’s way more loyal to Dane and that causes them to doubt the final three. Kyra says Anthony and them had a rocky week last week, but they still are close to him. Kyra says Mark is annoying, but they have to think about this decision.


Anthony says maybe there will be a secret assassin who can evict the HOH. Who wants to see Kyra’s HOH room! Kyra misses their family so much and they’ve wanted this room for so long. Kyra’s video is from their nieces and nephew and they are proud of them and tell them to keep up the good work. Their nephew says they misses them so much and Kyra is their favorite Auntie! Kyra says seeing their faces made them even stronger for the final push.


Anthony says last week Kyra and him had a bit of a disagreement, but he smoothed it over and they are tight again. Anthony and Kyra are in the SR and he says they didn’t just win the competition, they crushed it. Kyra says they’d take him to Wendy’s and heads upstairs.


Adam comes into the HOH room while Kyra is listening to music and they sit down to chat. Adam says they’ve basically had power now for two weeks and Kyra says Adam won’t touch the block. Kyra says if they don’t nominate Dane, then Anthony will know they’re working together. Dane comes in and Kyra tells him if they don’t put him up, Anthony will know they are working together. Kyra says they are considering putting Dane up as a pawn. Dane says he won’t get mad about it just like Kyra didn’t, but what if Anthony wins veto and pulls down Mark. Adam feels like they would keep Dane or Adam over the person. They tell Kyra to enjoy their music and head out.


Kyra calls everyone to the LR! HG, Big Brother knows they are all tired of being have-nots and are sick of slop. They will now have the opportunity to close down the have-not room for the season. Since they’ve all spent a lot of time in The Archive room, they will now be quizzed on the contents. They will be given 30 minutes to study the room now. If they pass the quiz, they will close the have-not room for the season. If they fail, then they will ALL be have-nots for the rest of the season, including Kyra.


Dane says he’s tired of being a have-not and he wants to win. They all head into the room and decide to divide and conquer. They are reading the boxes and moving some around and doing some counting. Kyra gives a 15 minute warning and they are still studying. Dane says he can’t reach the top shelf. Time is up! They must get 5 of 7 questions correct to close the have-not room for the season.


Question #1 True or False: There were three pink binders on the desk. They answer True and they are correct. They have 1 point.


How many boxes said evidence on it? Anthony says 7 before Kyra answers the question and they are correct and have 2 points.


On the emergency plan binder, what color what the Evacuation strip? They discuss red and green and Mark and Adam says red but Dane answers green. They have 3 points.


How many boxes in total were on the top shelf? Mark does some convoluted math and they answer 31 and Kyra says the answer is 35. They still have 3 points.


On the bright green folder standing on the shelf, what did the label say? They are all stumped. Anthony say bright green folder? How the heck are we supposed to know this. Dane answers evidence. They are wrong, it says Heat Up Procedures for Glass Furnaces. They are still at 3 points. They must get the next two correct.


On the bingo card on one of the boxes what number was circled. Mark says I-24, he saw it. They answer it correctly. They must get the final question correct.


How many red binders in total were there in the room? Anthony says there weren’t any red binders. They decide on 0. The answer is 2. It gets very quiet. Dane is waiting for the joke. Kyra says that means we’re all have-nots for the season. Dane throws the board down. Kyra walks away. Dane hits the pool balls and Anthony says he can’t do slop again. Kyra is crying and says they don’t even get to sleep in the HOH room, they didn’t even get to play. Kyra says being on slop sucks. It’s unbearable to be around these people and these guys are going to be even more upset when they put them on the block. All the HG are very upset.


Kyra comes out of the DR and Dane calls everyone to the LR. Kyra reads, since they have not taken this news well they’ll be happy to hear Big Brother was pranking them! They all scream and celebrate.


Dane wants to play pool with Adam. Dane tells him he has a secret. He went to school and he’s an engineer. He wanted everyone to think he was so dumb. Adam laughs and says designing buildings. Dane says he fooled everyone and Adam says he fooled him.


Anthony is talking to Mark in the blue bedroom and Anthony doesn’t want Mark to touch the block because he’s been loyal to him. He needs to give Mark so mojo to spit to Kyra so he can stay off the block. Anthony says his best shot to stay is to throw the other two guys on the bus. He says they just aren’t smart enough and he needs to put jets on the plan.


Mark says Anthony has given him a plan and he needs to talk to Kyra and make them realize he is the best final two for them. He goes to talk to Kyra and Kyra says you’re an option. Kyra says they are close to Adam, but they are going to run this HOH. Mark says he is a better position for Kyra in a F2 as well as Anthony over Adam and Dane. Kyra says everything Mark says is true and noted. It’s a lot to think about it.


Arisa comes on and says it’s time for the annual Big Brother Canada awards and Canada can help decide the winners.


Kyra is bringing Anthony to Wendy’s because even though they’ve had a rocky few weeks, he’s still someone they want to work with. They say it’s their first date and laugh. Kyra heads to get the food and it’s Erica from Season 6. Erica congratulates Kyra and they get their food. Kyra says they were leaning towards Dane and Mark up. Kyra says Adam and Dane want them to put up Anthony and Mark. Anthony says they’ve done so much sneaky stuff, and to Kyra, and that’s disrespectful. Anthony says if Kyra wants Dane gone, that’s fine. Kyra says even though they trust Anthony, no one else is going to tell them how to run their HOH. They are going to choose their own path to the end. Kyra says they are down with a F2 and Anthony says they ARE the final 2.


Adam goes to talk to Kyra and Kyra says they are feeling good and going to do what they need to do. Kyra says they had some thinking to do and Adam needs to trust them. Kyra says no worries man. Adam says he’s worried and he knows Anthony is really good with talking. Kyra says they made up their mind without Anthony. Kyra says my decision is my decision. Adam says fine, I’ll win HOH next week and we’ll be sitting in the finale laughing. Adam leaves and says Love ya and Kyra says love ya back. Kyra gets emotional after Adam leaves. We see shots of each of the HG getting ready for the nomination ceremony.


Kyra heads to HQ and they say they finally have power in this game and they can’t be called weak anymore. Kyra says they need to make a decision that will not only keep them safe next week, but for the finals. Kyra says with only 4 people left, it’s not really about ruffling feathers because either way people will be upset. They need to think about what’s best for their game moving forward and that means making hard decisions. Kyra says they are about to make the biggest move this season and they know they are about to make some people mad, but it’s their decisions and they feel really good.


Time for the nomination ceremony! Kyra’s first nominee is Dane and the second nominee is Adam. Adam says they could have put Kyra up last week and they’d have been walking out of this house. Kyra says they know Adam is loyal to them, but he’s more to loyal to Dane. Adam says you know what? We go to commercial.


We’re back and recapping the second nominee. Adam says you know what? I’m loyal to this and he motions to all the guys. Since day one. He says Kyra is lucky they are here right now. Kyra says they know they are and that’s why they need to play smart. Kyra says they know, everyone knew. Adam says no one did anything about it.


Kyra says they nominated Dane because he won HOH three times and put them on the bock every time. Dane is a strong competitor and they couldn’t beat him in the end. Kyra says they nominated Adam so he couldn’t take Dane down or save him. Kyra says they’d be insane to go to final three with him and Dane. Kyra says they didn’t come to play for third, they came to win.


Adam hugs Dane and heads into the SR very upset. Adam is mad that Kyra put him on the block. Adam says he did everything he could to keep them safe and this is how they repay him? Adam says he just blew up the Pretty Boys, but he doesn’t care. If he’s going down, then they’re going down with him. Who will win the Pretty Boys showdown? Find out Wednesday!

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