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Big Brother Canada Season 7-Secret Assassin, Eviction, and HOH start

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Arisa says tonight, the HG discover the secret of The Archives! All season long, the archive has confused, consumed, and confounded. Tonight, the mystery ends! Tonight, one houseguest cracks the code. Tonight, the secret assassin s unleashed, and the rest will learn that luck comes in threes.


Tonight, in a Big Brother Canada first, the HG will be voting to evict 1 of 3 nominees. It’s a massive game move that could change everything. Let’s take a look at what happened after the POV ceremony.


We pick up after the veto ceremony on day 45. Este hugs and Damien and says she’s a big, bad player. Este tells us this isn’t a good move for Mark. Anthony says Este is on the block. Cory, the beast from the east, is not because that was HIS plan. That mojo can’t be bought or taught. Kyra says Mark just made the whole house mad. This was the opportunity to backdoor a strong player.


Dane says if Cory goes to the F2, he will give her his votes. She came in late and everyone said she was the target, but now she’s still here. Mark says to Cory he isn’t going to bow down to people. Cory says they were telling Mark to take out a big target, but maybe it could have been Dane. Mark says if they want the power so badly, then they can win and take out a big player.


Adam says he has seen this week that Mark listens to Anthony and he has Cory’s back more than theirs. Dane agrees. Anthony comes in and asks if it was a good move and Dane says he honestly doesn’t think so. Dane says they got out Sam last week because she was a threat to the group and Anthony says to everyone in the group. Anthony says Damien is more of an athlete and Adam says he’s just afraid it would bite him in the ass. Anthony doesn’t think so.


Damien goes to talk to Mark and says so I’m the big move? The guy that hasn’t won anything? Mark says yeah. Damien says he’s played nice and calm all season and now Mark is screwing him over. Damien leaves and Mark looks at the camera and shrugs. He says yeah, the nominees might be upset, but that’s part of the game. Este says Mark only has Anthony and Cory now and he made Adam, Damien, and Dane mad so he better hope one of his friends has his back. After Este leaves, Mark looks at the camera and says bitter much?


Adam heads into The Archives and he says Anthony is getting on his last nerve and he wants to kick his game into high gear. He knows Big Brother really well and he says there has to be something in that room and he’s not giving up until he finds it. He begins looking through boxes and he finds a little case with what appears to be a flashlight. Adam hears someone and puts it back, but he takes it back and reads use the flashlight to search the room for top secret clues that could change the game. This is for your eyes only so make sure you are alone. Adam says what am I supposed to be looking for Big Brother?


Adam is using the flashlight and looking on the floors, the boxes, the walls, He finally finds a box that when he shines the light on it he can see a 7. He thinks season 7 so maybe he has to search that box. He doesn’t find anything in there. He then finds a box where he can see a 4. Mark is lying on the counter in the SR while Adam is looking. Adam finds a box with a 2 and then one with a 9. He is stacking those boxes to the side. He finds one with a star and then a tape recorder. He can’t find anything else so he knows he has to keep searching.


Adam finally finds a part of the wall that looks different and a box slides out of the wall. He goes to look at the numbers again and he puts in the numbers. He tries different combinations of the numbers and finally gets the box to open and there is a cassette tape that says secret assassin. He puts it in the recorder and plays it. It says, “Agent, if you are hearing this message, you have unlocked the secret of The Archive giving you the power of the secret assassin. You will now go undercover and take a shot at the target of your choice. You will lock in a third nominee for eviction. The third nominee will be revealed to the house, but your identity will be kept confidential. The HOH is immune from this power. Take your shot and make it count!”


Adam says the timing paid off. Adam says he is the secret assassin and he’s watched the show his whole life and having a power like this is mind blowing and he definitely won’t waste it. Arisa says we now know Adam is the secret assassin and when we come back, we’ll find out which HG has ended up in his crosshairs.


Arisa says the eviction vote is just minutes away and it will be unlike anything they’ve ever done before. Damien and Este are nominated, but one more will be joining them. Who will it be? It will be all up to Adam!


Adam is in HQ considering his options. He says Dane could go up but he’s put in his work for the Pretty Boys. Adam says he and Kyra are tied together because of Sam and he feels like they are a solid number for him. Adam says Anthony has way too much power in this game and hasn’t won a competition. That annoys him. He thinks Anthony has Cory’s back over the Pretty Boys. All of the Pretty Boys have sat on the block except Anthony. Adam says he pushed for Cory to go on Sam’s HOH and it didn’t work out. He pushed for her to go this week and it didn’t work out. He says it’s pretty risky on who he puts up but seeing as how he has this power, you will be going up and he grabs Cory’s picture. Adam says it’s a big move.


Attention HG…everyone report to the living room immediately! “As you have noticed throughout the season, The Archive room has piled up with an endless supply of documents and boxes. What you didn’t know is one of the boxes contained a special power. This power allows one agent to change the trajectory of the game. This power has been found! The agent that found it has now assumed the role of secret assassin. This assassin earned the right to secretly nominate a third HG for eviction! The HG they have chosen to nominate is…Cory. The secret assassin’s work is complete! The three nominees now face eviction and the vote will end one of their games!”


The HG are in shock and Este says what?!? Cory says she has to get ready to campaign and she walks away. Anthony is in shock and Mark is just smiling. Damien says Cory goes up on the block and he is not the threat anymore. He thought he was 100% going. Holy crap! Este says she’s very, very happy right now. Mark looks stupid this week! Este says not to be cocky, but she’s not leaving this week. Adam says right now no one knows he’s the secret assassin and he wants to keep it that way. The HG speculate the assassin was Damien. Kyra assures Damien he’s staying.


Anthony and Cory are sitting together and Anthony is thinking hard. He says he thinks it was Adam and Cory thinks so too. Cory says she knew people wanted her out but she thought they’d have the balls to take her head on. Anthony says whoever the secret assassin was, his name definitely crossed their mind. Taking a shot at Cory is taking a shot at him. Anthony says when I find out who you are and believe me I WILL find out who you are, your game is over. You will be uncomfortable every single day and you will be begging to leave the house.


Arisa is with Emmett from Season 1 and asks what he thinks of the season. He’s impressed with the way the Pretty Boys are holding it together and now they are showing cracks. He’s impressed they stayed together. Arisa says for now. She asks him to predict a winner and he says Dane.


Adam is in the SR and says what a day. Adam says he wears a necklace for his friend Taylor who passed away September 16 and he knew Adam loved the show and they were very close. He says on the back of the necklace it says today is going to be a good day and he always tells himself that. Adam goes to pray in the HOH and says this was a good day. He wants to win this game for him.


Damien is talking to Adam and says everyone loves Cory, but she’s great at this game and she could beat all of them. Adam says Mark and Anthony are gunning for Damien, but he put Cory up to get her out of here. He wants to save Damien so he’ll have his back moving forward.


Cory goes to talk to Dane and she says his vote is crucial. She can’t rely on Adam or Kyra because she sent Sam home last week. She’s confident Mark will keep her if she can get Dane’s vote and force a tie. Cory says she wants to battle it out with him and she’d love to battle it out with Pike’s. Cory says if they battle it out and Dane gets her then he’ll have her vote. She promises she’ll be loyal to Dane until they get to the end. Cory says she doesn’t see Adam and Kyra changing their vote because they are emotional people. That’s what blows her mind because she put Sam up but she didn’t vote her out. Cory says she is going to prepare an eviction speech.


Adam and Kyra are talking. Kyra says they can get out the girl who backdoored Sam. Kyra says they finally feel like Adam could be their number one and they feel like they are part of the game and have some influence. Adam says Dane better not mess this up and Kyra doesn’t think Dane would do that. Kyra says Dane is smart and they don’t think he would do that. Adam says Mark is in love with Anthony. Kyra really thinks Dane is going to be smart.


Dane goes into the HOH with Mark and Anthony. Kyra says Anthony is good at talking, but they think Dane is too smart. Anthony tells Dane that Adam will be up any second. Dane says he thought Cory was the best person to go out. Anthony says we all discussed and decided Damien was the best person to go and now you’re changing your mind. Anthony says if the three of us know 100% that Cory won’t put us up, then it breaks down to Adam, right? Anthony says we need to think about the team. Dane says why are we worried about Damien? Anthony says why are we worried about Cory?


Adam says Cory is a school teacher, she’s smart, she knows her days and she’s athletic. Anthony starts defending Cory and he stands up. Adam tells him he needs to calm down and sit down and stop pointing at them. Anthony asks Adam if he thinks he can beat them in the final four? Adam says yes. Anthony says he is going to be all of them in the F4. He can take ALL of them down. Wake up call guys! In the final four, he’s beating every single one of them!


Arisa says thanks to Adam and his secret assassin power, Cory is up as a third nominee alongside Este and Damien. Arisa goes to the HG and tonight, they will all get to hear from some of their favorite people, their former HG.


Laura says can’t say she was too sad to see Sam go. Maki says seems like they got away from her plague after all. They are in for a treat when they get out. Kailyn says her shoulders are tired from all the cooking and cleaning she’s been doing. Eddie says he never had a crush on Adam and it’s like a sausagefest in the house. Chelsea says she’s talked to a few of their families. Kiki says she misses some of them and she wishes Este luck. Sam says she’s having so much fun in the jury house and she doesn’t want to see Adam or Kyra anytime soon.


Damien says three times he’s been on the block and this time with three other people. He says you know the type of person I am in this game and he shouts out to his family and friends. Este says she holds them close to her heart and soul with a lot of love and she hopes the people who said they have her back really do. Cory says she doesn’t want Kyra and Adam’s vote because even though they know Sam threw their names under the bus, it shows they are weak minded and weak players. And she doesn't want to work with weak players.  Cory tells Dane if she leaves this house he will not have her vote, but if he keeps her and she’ll be loyal.  


Arisa says only four of you will be voting and Mark will only vote in the event of a tie.

Adam says this is for you Sam, I vote to evict Cory.

Anthony votes to evict Este.

Kyra gladly votes to evict Cory.

Dane says I guess I don’t have a jury vote, but I evict Cory.

By a vote of 3-1-0, Cory has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. We’ll let her know in just a few moments.


It’s time to reveal this wild vote! She goes to the HG and tells Damien he is safe. She says Este and Cory, one of you are heading to jury. Este is safe, which means Cory has been evicted. Arisa reveals Cory had three votes and Este had one. Cory hugs Este and Damien and then hugs Anthony and heads up the stairs and out the door.


Arisa gives Cory a hug and has her settle in. Arisa says can we talk about that speech? Cory says Arisa cut her off! She says you have to go out swinging. Arisa says when you sent Sam out last week she said you were out next. What will you say to Sam? Arisa says we voted you in and Cory says she’s so sorry she let them down. She says it’s been a whirlwind but she wouldn’t’ change anything. Cory says her boy Anthony is going to win this.


Kyra says they spent the better half of the season watching her back and when she got power she tossed that loyalty out the window. Anthony says he will find out who did this and he will get revenge. This will not go unavenged.  Dane says Cory is an amazing person and she got too close to his boy Anthony and he’s been working with Anthony for a long time. Mark says Dane was the one who was behind the backdoor plan. Adam says he and Dane were the ones who came up with the backdoor plan and Sam was the one person who was on her side, he’s been in an alliance since night one called The Pretty Boys and they’ve been taking everyone out ever since, and yours truly is the secret assassin.


Time for the next HOH comp! This competition is called Ship til you Drop! They are all about to start their first shift at BB Can shipping. The goal will be to never drop their package. Boxes will begin to come down their ramp and they will have to stack their boxes. If they drop a box, then they are eliminated. Last one standing will be the new HOH. Their first shipment is on its way! The competition starts now!


They are holding a box against a yellow beam. They get a second package and the HG all get it and work on putting it between them and the other box. Adam says this will get more difficult when it gets out there. One week from tonight, we will have a double eviction!

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