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Big Brother Canada Season 7-HOH competition and Nominations

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, with Cory as HOH, Anthony took the chance to go after the number one threat to the Pretty Boys and the mastermind burned his vision into her brain. And when Dane pinned down the POV, Anthony’s deisciple tagged in and slammed Sam on the block next to Este. Hoping to save his beloved, Adam pitched Este as the target, but the mad menace still had to a bone to pick with the showmance.


With the vultures circling, Adam struggled to accept Sam’s fate so Anthony stepped in with a full court press. And when Sam threw her last hail mary, the trigger happy marksman was tempted to go rogue. But on eviction night, despite a farewell vote from her Romeo, Sam kissed her game goodbye and crossed over to the other side. Straight into jury. Tonight, who will get drunk with power and become the new HOH? Will Mark strike first in the Pretty Boys civil war? Will the two underdogs finally get the message? There’s a whole lot to swallow on big brother Canada!


We pick up on Day 41 and Adam says he’s sad to see Sam go, but he’s kind of relieved on the game. With her not here, he can focus more on his game and the Pretty Boys. Anthony says his plan worked, Sam is gone. He saw how much of an influence she had on Adam. Adam’s focus is back on the Pretty Boys and they can do what they came here to do…make it to final four.


Kyra says they’re devasted. They wanted to give Sam their vote, but they had to play the game with their head and not their heart. Kyra tells Adam they feel like a coward and he hugs them and Dane comes in and Adam says it’s ok. Adam says people would have understood if Kyra had voted to keep Sam, she was going home either way.


The Pretty Boys are in the SR celebrating and they all do the sign to the camera and Adam says he feels bad doing this right after Sam leaving. Adam says he feels like a target in this house even with Sam gone and he thinks one of them has to win.


We’re at the HOH and we pick up with the Drunk Speeches competition. They will play clips of the speeches, but they’ll play them as if the speaker was tipsy when they gave them. Mark says he wants to win the HOH because he wants to show the house that he is strong and shouldn’t be considered a pawn. He wants to take a shot at the “biggest” target in the house. Kyra is sick of being looked at as being a pawn and they think this competition is for them.


We hear Kiera’s speech from Day 34 and Damien says he’d sound like that if he were drunk. He says he knows it’s Kiki but she’s had so many speeches. Anthony says he’s been studying days, but it’s hard to remember the forgotten ones have been saying. He’s got bigger fish to fry, the GM, the top scorer has to make sure they are good. Mark gets one point.


Mark says he knows his days like the back of his hand and he even made a poem all the way to day 41. The next speech is Maki’s speech. The answer is Day 13. Mark, Damien, Adam, and Kyra are all correct.


The next speech is Chelsea’s eviction speech. The answer is Day 23 and Mark and Este get it right.


Next is Laura’s speech from her eviction night and some people are answering day 20, but the answer is Day 6 is correct. Mark is in the lead and Adam and Kyra are two behind.


Sam’s speech is from when she won POV and saved Kiera. Dane says he knows his day very well and he created a calendar in his suitcase and he’s used pasta noodles and cereal, but this is not his HOH to win. He wants everyone to think he’s a dumb meatball. The correct answer is day 17 and everyone is correct except Anthony and Dane.


Next, is Cory speech when putting Sam on the block at the POV ceremony. Adam would like to give Cory a taste of her own medicine. The correct answer is Day 38. Mark is in the lead and gets the next one correct, no one else can catch up and he will win.


The next speech is Maki’s speech from the veto ceremony. Mark answers Day 10 and then re-thinks. He settles on day 10 and that is correct. Mark is the new HOH!


Day 41 and Mark becomes a man, the game starts now! Kyra says Mark got all the answers right in a row and that’s impressive. It make them concerned about Mark’s mental game. Mark makes Dane, Este, and Anthony have-nots. Mark says he knows he can’t beat The Pretty Boys in a final four situation and this might be the week he has to take a shot at them.


Mark celebrates with the Pretty Boys in the SR and he tells us he has a chance to make a very strategic move. But he has to consider his options very carefully because if he goes down that path, there is no turning back. Dane and Cory are speculating what Mark might do and Cory thinks Mark might put Adam up and Dane thinks Mark will put up Este and Damien. Adam is talking to Kyra and he doesn’t think she’s a target. Adam finds something of Sam’s and begins reminiscing about her.


Dane is walking around and pours water on his head. HE says you want some of this? You can’t handle this! He pretends to be a Zamboni. Then he picks up some hand towels and swings them around. Adam says he’s nuts, he lost his mind.


Who wants to see Mark’s HOH room?!? They all head upstairs. His video is from his friend Itay and he sends love from Mark’s parents. Mark says his parents probably aren’t the happiest he’s on the show, but it feels good to hear the words of encouragement. Itay says everyone they know is rooting him on like crazy and tell him to keep his head down and go for it.


Este and Damien are talking in the lounge. Este says he won’t put up Dane or Anthony or Cory. Este says everyone wants Adam out and she says Mark will want to make a move. Damien feels great with Mark and he doesn’t think he’s on Mark’s radar. But the gears in his mind are starting to turn and maybe it IS him he wants to target. Damien talks to himself and says whatever, put him up and he’ll take himself down.


Mark and Anthony are whispering and Anthony says we got three targets right? Mark says he has some ideas. Mark wants to put up Adam and Mark tells us putting him covers the boys alliance. Mark says it also gives him an opportunity to maybe take a shot at the Pretty Boys. Anthony says he likes that.


Dane and Mark are in the HOH room and Dane says The Pretty Boys take over the room again. Mark says in order to pull of putting Adam up he has to make sure Dane is on board. Mark says Adam will be upset but Mark was on the block because of his girlfriend, and by extension him. Mark says it’s not the prettiest situation, but he knows Anthony will be on board with it.


Kyra and Anthony are in the blue room talking and Kyra asks Anthony about his family. Anthony talks about his mom and her being a single mom and how hard it was to raise him alone and how he always had everything he always needed because of his mom. Anthony says she’s amazing. Anthony tells us his mom is best friend and that’s his real ride or die.


Kyra asks Este what Dane’s favorite food is and Este says they are the furthest thing from that. Este says she likes Dane, she’s working for him, but she’s aware of the perception of them in the house and she doesn’t want to be seen as a power couple, but she doesn’t want to pull too far away because he is her protection in the game. Este says she knows what’s she’s doing.


Anthony goes in to talk to Adam and Mark and Adam says it would be stupid to send Kyra out. Anthony says they have to decide their target. Adam throws out Este and Damien because Damien won’t win and pull himself off. Mark says he has a different idea and he says maybe putting up one of the boys, either Adam or Dane. Adam says he doesn’t feel comfortable on the block and Mark says I wasn’t comfortable either. Adam says what if Damien comes down and Mark says we put up Este.


Adam and Mark are talking about when he was on the block. Adam says that week was out of our control and Mark says you could have taken me down. Adam says we had the votes. Mark says he could have assured he was safe and take him off and screw Sam, but he played with her. Adam says do whatever, put me on the block.


Adam says Mark tells him that he’s not going up and he’s not ok. He says power is getting to Mark’s head and he doesn’t want to go on the block. It shouldn’t happen. Adam goes to the blue bedroom and talks to Kyra and tells them he’s probably going on the block. Adam says Mark is sour about last week and Kyra says why is he thinking about the past and not about the future of the game. Kyra says Adam needs to calm down because he’s big and intimidating and Mark is a small man compared to him.


In The Archives, Dane is walking through. He says the first time he went into the room all he seen was empty shelves and every week more and more boxes came in and he wants to get to the bottom of what these boxes mean. Adam and Dane are talking and Adam says they are counting boxes and it probably means nothing. Adam says there are 253 boxes.


Damien sits at the table in The Archives and Este comes in and she spots a tape recorder. Damien picks it up and says it’s cool. Damien says Big Brother didn’t throw it in there for nothing, there has to be a story. Dane comes in and they are discussing the recorder. Damien wants to hide the recorder and Dane puts it in a box and puts stuff on top of it. Dane says does that mean anything? Does this room mean anything?


Mark has invited Damien Wendy’s. He says Damien is a very under the radar player who doesn’t give away much so he invited him so he could get him to talk. William from Season 5 makes the Wendy’s delivery for Mark. Mark and Damien start to talk and Damien says the hardest people to beat would be Cory, Adam, and Dane. Damien says it’s probably a chance I’m going up and Mark says you or Este. Mark is trying to get Damien to open up and nothing is coming out and that’s a massive red flag and Damien says I hope that conversation goes real bad.


Cory is talking to Mark and she tells him to figure out who has her best interest in the game. Cory says after an HOH, she pays attention to the everyone, who comes over and celebrates and who looks scared. Mark says Cory is giving him advice on his HOH and he feels like he’s in a classroom and she’s the teacher. Mark says Cory is a strong player and she could do damage. He’s not here to sit in a classroom and learn new things.


Dane says you want nice Dane? You’re not going to have him this week because he put him on slop! He goes to the lounge and he’s venting. He says he stinks, he’s disgusting because he’s on slop. Dane says slop is the worst!


Mark is talking to Dane about putting Adam up and Dane says he’s on board with that. Mark says he’s putting Adam up for the story line. Dane says Adam is going to freak out. Mark says 2 of the 4 of The Pretty Boys have already touched the block. Dane says Mark could put him and Este up if he doesn’t want any backlash from Adam. Mark says he’ll think about it, but he’d rather not. Mark says after this conversation, he is starting to question if now is the time to take a shot? But Adam is out of control and he wants to see him on the block.


Adam says Mark floated the idea of putting him on the block and he thinks it’s a terrible idea. He says there are in an alliance and there are four other options he can choose from. Adam is talking to Dane venting to Dane and Mark comes downstairs and Adam says he thought they were going to discuss things at a team instead of them doing things on their own. Adam says he doesn’t agree, nor does Dane or Anthony. Adam says why did you put Dane on slop? Adam thinks Mark is making decisions on his own and he’s bitter about last week. Mark says Adam not taking him off the block is asinine.


Dane tells Adam and Mark they should all just calm down. Adam says Mark seems bitter about last week. Adam says Mark got a little taste of power and he’s making decisions on his own. Mark says he’s done and walks away. Adam says Mark will not enjoy this HOH, I can promise you that.


Mark heads to HQ to consider his options. He says he has to make a strategic move to catapult him to the end of the game. He says he came in with three stage plan, create an alliance, evict the comp beasts, and then turn on his alliance. Mark says timing is crucial and he doesn’t know if now is the right time. He can’t afford to take a shot and miss. He needs to play this right.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Mark’s first nominee is Damien and his second nominee is Adam. Adam says two weeks ago, the girls wanted him out of the house and he campaigned for him and it was a 5-1 vote. Adam says he’s going to use all his energy and come after Mark. Mark says him and Damien have a good personal relationship, but their game relationship is struggling. He nominated Adam because he’s the biggest, baddest player and he’s taking his shot.


Adam says he’s mad he’s on the block and the speech is complete BS so people don’t think they are working together. Mark decided this is NOT the week to take a shot at the Pretty Boys and he’s just going to roll along with it. But it’s a long week until Thursday night…

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