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Big Brother Canada Season 7-Jury Starts, Eviction, and HOH

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, at a full groan HOH competition, Cory struck a deal with Adam and her pipe dreams came true! Now in power, Cory was consumed by an old failed plan to backdoor her. Bound by a promise and with limited options, the tough talking teacher threw Este and Dane in detention. Besides being the true backdoor culprit, the Great Dane sucked up to top dog Cory, while Big Tony stood by and set up the fall.


After informing Dane on his part to play, the stage was set for a pivotal POV competition. In the end, Sam flopped and it was total Dane domination! With the star-crossed lovers left out of the loop, Adam tried to get to the bottom of the plan, but a suspicious Sam sensed her fate and the east coast sweetie got salty. At the veto ceremony, the prince of Kelowna tossed the bullets to Xory for his dream assassination. Tonight, can Sam scam her way to safety? Will the Pretty Boys turn on each other? It’s going to get pretty ugly right now on Big Brother Canada!


Arisa welcomes us and says what a week it was! Talk about drama! With Cory’s HOH you’d think there would be a major power shift, but the Pretty Boys are still running the house. Let’s look at the fallout from the POV ceremony!


We pick up at the veto ceremony and it’s Day 38. Sam is crying and says she feels a little stupid right now and she’s ben fighting since day one. Dane is incredible with lying and she wasn’t comfortable with backdooring him during her HOH and now she’s paying the price. Anthony says seeing Sam on the block gives him all kinds of tinglies and Adam had to be in the dark, but it’s for his own good. Este says Sam has been the biggest target and she just has to sit back and watch.


Sam says she had Cory’s back the entire time to Cory and she just wants her to know that. Cory says her gut is telling her that Sam has been gunning for her and she just knew she has to strike first. Cory says she is sorry, but that’s the way the game works. Dane and Mark go outside and they are celebrating. Dane says he’s wanted Sam gone since week 2 and his heart is full. Dane says Adam might be heart broken about it, but they are going to Pretty Boys until the end of this game.


Sam tells Adam not to be sad and upset. He gives her a hug and holds her in the KT. Sam tells him he’ll be ok. Adam says he knew this was coming every single week. Honestly, he’s surprised she’s still here. He says he had to work every week to convince people why Sam should be here. Sam says Dane started the backdoor plan, but she didn’t give all the details to Cory because she wanted to protect Adam because he was part of the conversation.


Cory is in HOH with Anthony. Cory feels great! The plan her, Dane, and Anthony have been planning all week worked to perfection. Sam is a liar and she seen right through it. Cory asks Anthony if she was too hard on Sam and he says he would have went way harder.


Adam says he’s 100% loyal to the Pretty Boys, but he doesn’t understand why Sam has to go this week. Sam is outside talking to Kyra and telling her them she didn’t tell Cory everything and Dane is telling Adam this is for the best. Sam is crying and Kyra is consoling her and Adam says he feels guilty for Sam protecting him and now if she goes home, it’s his fault. Kyra says they could create a tie and Cory could be the tie breaker and Sam says she wouldn’t waste her energy. Adam tells Sam to stop it.


Adam is talking to Anthony and Mark and he says he feels bad because Sam thinks she has a chance to sway Mark’s vote. Mark says he’ll listen to her and Adam says stop, I know how this is going to go and it’s decided. Mark tells us Adam is beyond infatuated with Sam, Sam already put him on the block and he doesn’t trust her. Adam can’t see the game in front of him. Adam says why not Este? Anthony says Este is very week. Mark says Adam had a chance to convince Sam not to put Mark on the block and he can’t trust her and she’s a liar and Adam tells him to chill out. Mark says he’s not mad at Adam, he’s fired up about someone with Adam. But you know what? He’ll listen as a gentleman with an open mind…and with an open mind, he’ll vote Sam out.


Let’s head back inside to see what strings Sam is willing to pull to see if she can avoid the backdoor. Kyra is outside with Adam, Sam, and Dane and Sam is asking Dane for a vote. Adam and Kyra head inside and Sam says she’ll be straight up with him, but she’s guaranteeing she’ll keep Dane safe if she wins HOH. She says if she could get his vote, they could tear the house apart. Sam says Este is riding your coattails, do you want that? Este comes over and the conversation ends.


Este goes to talk to Dane in the lounge and Este says Cory told her when Sam goes, they’ll be the only two girls left. Dane tells Este that Sam has been campaigning for his vote and that Kyra is campaigning for Sam too. Dane says they will campaign to Mark and he could be a wild card.  Dane says Sam said she has a better chance of winning HOH than Este. Dane says Sam has to go, she’s overbooked her stay in Big Brother Canada.


Este goes to talk to Mark and last week she campaigned so hard for Mark to go, and now she has to make sure he doesn’t hold any grudges. Mark says people see Este cuddles up to Dane and they are close. Este says she knows Dane is playing his own game. She says Adam and Sam are in a real relationship and they are never going to go against each other. Este says Sam is a better competitor than she is and she could win. Mark says cool.


Adam is heading into the HOH and asks Cory how it’s going. Cory says it feels like you want to talk to me. Adam says he knows everyone wants her out right? Cory says she isn’t doing this because it’s what the house wants, she’s doing it because it’s her own thing and she hopes he can see that. Adam says everything is pointing at Sam and it’s not fair. Adam says if Sam stays, then they won’t put her up. It’s two numbers. He knows she’s going home and he gets emotional and Cory says you’re breaking my heart, Pike and she consoles him.


Arisa says let’s head back inside for all the last minute campaigning. Sam heads into the HOH. Sam says she 100% has Adam and Kyra’s voice and if she can somehow get a third vote Cory could break a tie. Sam says she needs to get back Cory back on her side. Sam tells Cory that Adam WAS part of the backdoor conversation and that’s why stories were never lining up. Adam says she’s throwing Adam under the bus, but she has to play her game and she thinks he would understand.


Sam tells Cory if she gets to stay, then she is still the number one target and they are still coming after her. Mark talks to Sam and says he wants to hear what she has to say. Sam says she got to Cory, now she has to work Mark and she’s going to say what she has to in order to stay. Mark wants to know why he was the pawn and Sam says that would have ruffled the fewest feathers.


Mark says he’s been waiting weeks to blow up the Pretty Boys and he missed his shot at the double. He’s afraid he makes it through and never makes that big move that sets him apart that it will be bad for his game. Sam says she thinks Dane is running the house and she will never screw Mark over. Mark tells Sam if he keeps her there, he’d be relying on Kyra, Adam, and Sam to keep him safe. Mark says if something crazy happened and he kept Sam there would be chaos and that could be good for his game.


Anthony asks Dane what Adam is saying to him and Dane says he’s campaigning for Sam to stay. Anthony tells us Adam is running his mouth and trying to save Sam and that’s not a good move for The Pretty Boys and if he keeps running his mouth they have bigger problems. Anthony goes to talk to Adam and says they are supposed to stick together as a team and he loves Sam, but they have not social game. Adam says Anthony has spent as much time with Cory as much as he has with Sam. Anthony says you know when I first spent time with Sam? When she became a problem for the Pretty Boys and I got right on it so she wouldn’t be a problem for the Pretty Boys. He says you know she wants Dane out? That’s a problem, so let’s get her out and everyone else and then it can be a blood bath.


Arisa says we have a showmance that can be hot and steamy one second and downright cold the next. We look back at Sam and Adam and their relationship. Sam says Adam is caring and funny and he’s a good kisser. Adam says he’s glad he has her in there. Sam says it’s getting harder to play Big Brother and crush on someone. We see a few of their arguments. Sam says to Adam with Kyra sitting there that if is what she thinks it is, then she won the best prize ever.


Arisa asks Adam how it feels to see Sam on the block and he says it breaks my heart. Arisa wants to know who they think is the most underestimate player in the house and Sam says Kyra. Kyra says Damien. Dane says Este. Cory says Mark. Arisa wants to know who they think will win it all? Mark says himself and Anthony says definitely him and Arisa says he’s staying humble. Adam says his boy Dane. Este says hopefully her, she doesn’t know. Damien says he has to get on the Me train as well. Arisa says that means we have a game. Arisa then congratulates everyone because whoever is evicted tonight will be the first member of the jury.


Arisa says it’s time for eviction! Este says she loves everyone and she appreciates them sharing the experience and she’s been playing with her head and her heart and she doesn’t think that’s a weakness. Sam thanks Big Brother for living her dream and she says the HG are amazing and she sees value in each of them, except Mark. Sam loves Kyra and without Adam she wouldn’t know what she’d do. She wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for him. She tells Cory she had her back and this is how she repays her and she hopes everyone keeps that in mind.


Time to vote!

Dane finally votes to evict Sam.

Anthony sadly votes to evict Samantha.

Damien votes to evict Sam.

Kyra sadly votes to evict Sam.

Mark votes to evict…Sam!

Adam votes to evict Este.

We now know that Sam is the first HG headed to jury and we’ll break the news to the HG in just a few moments.


Arisa heads back inside to give the results of the vote. By a vote of 5-1, Sam has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Sam gives Este a hug and then Dane. Sam then hugs Kyra and Adam walks upstairs with Sam carrying her bag. The HG chant Sadam. Adam puts her bag down, twirls her and dips her and gives her a kiss. He picks up her bag and hands it to her as she leaves.


Arisa says to Sam what’s it like to see the house without her in it and she says it’s strange and such an incredible experience. Arisa says she had a huge impact on the game and clearly on some people. Arisa says she feels like Sam didn’t expect what happened with Adam and Sam says getting to know him she completely fell for him and she loves when people surprise her in that way.


Arisa says Adam dropped in that competition and now you’re here. Do you regret protecting Adam with Cory and she says a little, but she felt the trust with Cory was there and she paid the price for it.


Kyra says Sammy Squirrel, they trusted the wrong people and they don’t know what they’ll do without her and they’re proud of her. Dane says he and Adam had a stronger bond than her and Adam and he’s going to miss her and he makes the Pretty Boy sign. Anthony acts like he’s crying and says he hates this and he loves this and makes the PB sign and laughs.


Mark says Sam, he thinks she’s the best player in the game but he wants to be the best player in the game and that’s why he had to vote her out and he also makes the PB sign. Cory says she did want to work with her but her and her allies saw right through her lies. Adam says he tried everything he could to keep her this week, but there’s a lot going on that she doesn’t know about and he makes the PB sign and then says he loves her.


Arisa says it’s time for the next HOH competition! This competition is called Drunk Speeches. During the season, they’re going to hear some speeches given season, but they will be a little fuzzy. They have to identify the day the speech was given.


The first question is up and it’s Kiera’s speech from the blood veto week and Mark answers 34 and he is correct and everyone else was wrong.


Next, we hear Maki’s speech played in slow motion. The answer is 13 and Mark, Damien, Adam, and Kyra get a point. Mark has 2 points in the lead.


We’ll see the rest of the drunken speeches on Sunday and we’ll find out who is the next HOH. Arisa wants to share one more thing from her family…she is expecting her THIRD child!

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