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Big Brother Canada Season 7-POV competition and Ceremony 2

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, on the night of the double eviction Sam got more proof that Adam was down with the dudes. Still, the pretty boys steam rolled their way to two unanimous votes. At the HOH competition, a spytacular test of memory got down to a tie breaker which put Sam against Dane and his dame. With her back against the wall, Sam reeled in her first HOH win of the season and the great Dane went off his leash.


Leveraging her new power, Sam put the screws to Adam about his bromance. With her sights, set on a dude, the shifty marksman stepped into Sam’s crosshairs, but Sam couldn’t drop her baggage with the veto vixen. While the tiny tornado was shaking up the house, BB unleashed an earthquake. With everyone on edge, Bb left the house to decide who will wield the bloodiest power of all. With a 1-2 punch of logic, Kyra cleared the ring and the blood veto found its master. At the noms, Sam lowered the boom on pretty boy Mark and Kiki.


We pick up at the nomination ceremony on day 28. Sam says her nominations were designed to shake up the house because she wants to test the guy’s alliance and put Kiki on notice because she’s been coming for her all season. Kiera says she has to do whatever she has to do to save herself. This week, Kyra wants one of the guys to go home. They don’t know if this blood veto is good or bad, but they were willing to take the risk. Mark says if he doesn’t win this veto, he could actually go home. Maybe he needs to start winning comps.


Kyra says they know Sam can be easily swayed by Adam and they need to get in her ear and make sure a guy goes home this week. Kyra tells Sam when she nominated Mark, Dane, Anthony, and Adam all had the same reaction. Kyra pitches taking Kiki down because they already have a target on their back. Kyra says they are both independent, strong non-males.


Kyra is talking to Kiki and Este and Kyra says Dane is much closer to Adam and they guys than they might think. Dane comes in and Kyra says you look worried. Kyra says Dane is freaking out and they know they promised they wouldn’t use the blood veto, but this is big brother. If it’s best for their game, they will absolutely use it. Kyra asks Dane if Kiki comes down, who should Sam put up? Dane doesn’t know and he asks if Kyra is being sketchy about that blood veto. Kyra says Dane is acting super sketchy. This guy’s alliance is slowly emerging and it’s just convincing them that one of the guys has to go this week.


Dane leaves the room and Kiki says well, she has Kyra’s back, Este’s back, and Sam’s back. Anthony asks Mark if he trusts him. Anthony says he’s very smart and he pays attention to a lot of things. Anthony says Mark should have never been on the block in the first place. He says if it were him that he was number one with the HOH, they would have been in their ear to make sure none of the guys goes on the block. Anthony tells Mark to stay calm. His energy is going to speak volumes.


Adam is in the SR with Kiki and Este and Adam doesn’t know why Sam won’t go after someone else. Este says it’s been a battle for you and Kiki the whole time. Adam says a lot of people are worried about him and Sam, but there are others that people should be worried about. Este says she needs to do what she can to keep Kiki safe and she needs to show Adam they could be good allies. Kiki says it doesn’t make sense to her to let other’s roll along to the end without doing anything. Este says everyone here is sheep and she didn’t come to work with sheep. Adam says they should all go talk to Sam. Adam leaves and Este and Kiki celebrate.


Adam says Este and Kiki are bringing up a lot of points that he needs to think about. Adam says Kiki said that everyone is sitting back and watching them go at each other and Adam pitches backdooring someone. Adam says Sam is definitely into the five person alliance with himself, Este, Kiki, and Dane. Kiki says she’s not comfortable playing a game where these people are sliding by. Adam, Dane, Kiki, Este, and Sam are all talking and they work on making alliance. Adam says if they win, do they take Kiki off? Dane says Adam is talking about taking Kiki off over Mark. Come on Adam? You have to save the pretty boy. Dane says whoever is in Adam’s ear last will have the most influence. Adam needs to be thinking with his head and not his heart.


Mark is talking to Kiki and he says this isn’t how he envisioned this week. Mark wants her to know, that regardless of what’s happened over the last 24 hours, he still cares about her and he still wants her in the game. Mark understands if she doesn’t want to talk to him and Kiki says she doesn’t know what he goes on about half the time. Mark says he likes to look down when he talks and Kiki says you don’t like to look people in the eyes.


Adam and Sam are in the HOH room and they have the television in their room and they are watching adult swim. Sam says she hasn’t watched anything in so long. Adam says it’s their first date. Sam says thank you BB.


Cory and Damien are talking about backdoor potential this week. They are talking about the blood veto and speculating what it might do. Este is in the HOH room listening to music and dancing around.


Sam comes out and it’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Kyra is unable to compete because she has the blood veto. Sam draws Damien’s name, Mark draws Este’s name, and Kiki draws Adam. Mark says he should be happy that Adam is playing, but it’s hard to know where his head is at. He’s in the pretty boys alliance, but he’s also massively in love with his showmance and he doesn’t know what that means for him.


Adam and Dane are in the SR and they are talking. Adam says he told Kiki he’d use it and if he doesn’t it would be weird. Adam says he wishes he didn’t get picked. Dane says if it’s between you and Mark throw it to him. If it’s a log roll keep falling. Adam says he wishes he hadn’t gotten drawn. Sam is listening at the door and she comes in and she says she’s going to do what’s best for her game and Dane says you should.


Kyra is the host and the competition is called Balance of Power. On go, they’ll grab a ball and place it on their pole and go across the beam and turn around and come back. Each round, they’ll grab another ball and add it to their pole. If they drop their balls, they can continue, but can only add one ball per round. If they fall, they have to start over. The first HG to get 25 balls on their pole and make it down and back will win the Power of Veto! Kiki wishes everyone luck. Adam says this might be Kiki’s game. Mark says the pretty boys should be loyal to the soil, but Adam is acting kind of suspicious.


All the HG get off to a solid start. Este says she does yoga so it should be easy peasy. If she can win, she’ll take Kiki off the block because she needs her hear. Damien says this veto is important to him. There’s a blood veto on the loose, and Sam is in power and he doesn’t know how safe he is this week. Damien is crossing and he loses a few balls. Adam loses a couple. Mark loses a couple. Este is losing a ball as well. Kiki is at 13. She’s been in the service industry for awhile now. It’s all about balance and mental focus. She’s so laser focused, nothing can shake her. Adam farts and she loses a ball.


Kiki is on her 20th ball. She has a ball sliding to the end of her pole, and then another and she’s wobbly and she loses 5 balls on that trip and she has 15 balls now. Damien says they might be there awhile. 30 minutes later Adam has a nice amount and he has to slow down because he loses a few. Adam says every time a ball falls he wants to swear and freak out. He snaps at Sam. Adam says you have to be as steady as you possibly can. Adam now has 17 balls. 25 is the magic number. Adam and Kiki are neck and neck. Mark says until someone gets 25 balls, it’s anyone’s game. Mark falls off and he has to start all over again.


Kiki is at 21 and she’s starting a lap. Adam is at 24 and adding his 25th ball and he heads out. Kiki loses a few balls in her transition. Adam has one sliding towards the end and we go to commercial.


Adam is going for his 25th ball and to win the veto. He is at the end of the balance beam and he is turning slowly. He loses one ball in the turn and then four more as he makes it back. Sam says this is so hard, they are doing amazing. Kiki has 21 balls and she loses two on the trip. An hour has elapsed and Damien is making a trip and he loses one. Mark is making a comeback. Este has had to start over and she is at 4. An hour and 20 minutes has gone by and Kiki is at 22. She makes her turn and loses 2 balls. Adam is back and Adam is on 25 again and he heads out for his trip. He’s moving very slowly.


Adam makes it to the end and 2 balls are sliding down a bit. He slows down as he turns step by step and he heads back down the beam. Everyone is quiet and the two balls on the end are moving a little. Adam sets the pole down and he has won the POV! Adam says this win wasn’t a great win for him because his boy Mark is on the block and he also told Kiki she was safe. He didn’t really need to win this.


The HG head inside and Damien says Mark made a good come back. Kiki heads to the WA and lays on the couch and Este says she did amazing and Kiki says it wasn’t good enough. Este says it’s ok, you aren’t going anywhere. Este says they are so much more trustworthy than mark and Kiki says she’s better for Sam’s game than Mark. They discuss backdooring Cory to ensure Mark goes home.


Adam heads to the HOH room with Sam. They are eating some cookies and Adam says he didn’t want to win that. He says he was trying hard and he’s in a crap situation and he doesn’t know why he said he said that. Sam says do you what you want. She’s pretty sure Kiki is going to stay and Adam says are you sure? Sam says before the veto she overheard Dane and Adam in the pantry and it’s leaving her suspicious. She needs Adam in the game, but these things keep happening and she doesn’t know if she can trust him.


Adam tells Sam everything he’s doing is to get them to move forward. Sam says but every time you run to Dane. Adam says he knows Sam doesn’t trust her and she follows him around. Sam says he can leave because the way he’s acting, she doesn’t feel like she can trust him one bit.


Kiki is heading to the have-not room and there is a bed in there with some pillows. Canada has voted to give her one night’s sleep on a bed. Kiki says Canada has no idea how much she loves them and how proud she is to be Canadian. She’s so excited to get a great sleep tonight. Kiki is looking at the control and it has a massage feature and it’s reclining. Dane and Este come in and jump on the bed and Dane says Canada loves you!


It’s Day 30 and Dane is talking to Este. They are talking about the blood veto. Dane thinks Canada is voting to keep Mark or Kiki safe. Dane says he’s having nightmares about this veto. Big Brother, what is this blood veto?!? Dane says there has to be a twist on this because there’s no way they gave the least powerful person the most powerful thing in the game.


Kiki is talking to Adam and Adam says he and Sam are always going to be number one and Kiki disagrees. Kiki says Adam said he’d use the POV if he won, so now she needs to check in and see if that’s still going to happen. Kiki tells Adam she needs him to Sam because everyone else is standing back watching them go at each other. Kiki says she really likes Dane, Este, him, and Sam with her. She thinks it’s a strong group and it’s a numbers game. She says that’s a strong five. Adam says this makes things more complicated. He’s trying to stay close to the pretty boys, but maybe saving Kiki and keeping her in the house will keep Sam happy and the heat off of him.


Anthony and Adam are in the HOH room. Anthony wants to know what Adam is thinking. Adam is trying to figure out how to get Sam to think Mark should be good to stay. Adam says Kiki and Este have convinced Sam they are numbers for her. Anthony says they would 100% go after Adam and Sam no matter what they’ve said. Adam wants Anthony to talk Sam but he doesn’t feel comfortable. Anthony advises him to talk about their future and then get to the game aspect.


Sam and Adam are in the have-not room and they are talking. Adam says he feels like Mark is better for them. Sam so now you want to keep Mark. Adam says no, he’s not saying anything yet. Adam says Kiki was running around last week saying their name. Sam says everyone thinks you guys are working together. Adam says even if we are, she’s still his number one. Adam doesn’t think Este and Kiki staying together are safe. Sam says good chat and they start to leave and Adam hugs her and says he cares about her and he wants her to be part of whatever is going on.


Adam heads to HQ to consider using the veto on Kiki or Mark. Adam says this week has been tough. He’s had Sam in one ear and the pretty boys in the other. If he saves Kiki it could be a number for him down the road, but he’d also be turning his back on the pretty boys. If he saves Mark, then it exposes the pretty boys. He has to consider the blood veto is still out there.


Time for the veto ceremony! Mark says Adam won the POV fair and square and he respects that. He says please use the veto on me, I don’t think I pose a threat to you. Kiki congratulates Adam and he is a true competitor and whatever he chooses, she respects him. Adam has decided NOT to use the POV. He has the power the week and he wants to keep Sam’s nominations the same.


Kyra is called to the DR right as the POV ceremony finishes and everyone looks around. Kyra heads to the DR and there is an envelope the blood veto. Kyra says oh my gosh, what is happening. Kiki in the LR says holy crap! Kyra is reading the card. Adam says do you think they get to replace somebody? Kyra says holy! Oh my God! This is insane! To be continued…


To find out the true power of the blood veto and how it will affect the house, tune into the live eviction Thursday night!

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