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Big Brother Canada Season 7-Double Eviction

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It’s coming! There is no escaping it! Tonight, on the double eviction, their sights have been set. It’s time to take the big shot. Who can avoid the crossfire? What targets will fall? It’s about to get bloody!


Arisa welcomes us to Big Brother Canada and she says the HG are about to experience one of the biggest nights of the year. Anything can happen! But first a look back at what happened after a super dramatic veto ceremony.


We pick up at the veto ceremony on day 23 and Dane says Chelsea came into the ceremony guns blazing saying his name and that was the last nail in her coffin. Dane says no one trusts her and she is definitely going home this week. Este says Chelsea is intelligent, she’s proven to be good at comps, and called Dane out. Sorry, Chelsea, you have to go.


Chelsea says her chances don’t look that good, but she’s hoping people start to play their own games and not just go along with the HOH. She’s ready to expose game and how strategic and smart he is in his game. He’s using HG as soldiers. Chelsea says he’s going to win this game if people don’t start smartening up.


Chelsea is talking to Kyra and she says it’s a weird feeling going from HOH to being on the block. Kyra says this is an impossible situation. The thought of being in the house is unbearable and it’s going to be a challenge moving forward. Chelsea is asking Kyra about non-binary and Kyra says there’s gender fluid and non-binary. Kyra says they came out 15 and they always knew they were attracted to women. They thought they had to transition, but they always felt different. Chelsea says she watched Kyra in the game and she kind of understands how Kyra is. Kyra says as humans we want to be seen.


Mark is outside talking to the camera. He says he likes being outside with no one else around it gives him peace and time to think. Mark says Anthony, Adam, and Dane are the strongest people in the game with him and he says that time is done. It’s time for him to make a big move. Ideally, he wouldn’t want to blow up the Pretty Boys, but Dane is too strong and he will win this game. Mark say no great poker tournament has ever been one without someone going all in at least once.


Chelsea says she went really hard after Dane in her speech so she has to work really hard to flip some people to her side. Chelsea goes to play pool with Mark and he wants to know what would make her happy? She says my dream not ending this early. Mark says something that would make you happy that I could do? Mark says say you have my vote, now what? He says if she gets four votes, come back to him. Mark says after the game is over, he’ll sit with Chelsea and explain everything to her and she says that’s condescending. Mark says she’s upset and frustrated. Chelsea says she really wants to tell him he can shove his vote you know where, but she might need it. If the rest of the house is this hard to crack, she has some serious work ahead of her.


Both eviction votes are coming up, but first let’s see what Kyra and Chelsea can do to keep themselves safe during the first one.


Eddie feels like there is a big secret in the house and detective Eddie is on the case. He goes to Cory and wants to know if she’s older than she’s saying. Cory says she is 29 and Eddie says people think she’s 40 or something. Cory tells us plot twist! Cory goes to Damien and asks him if he thought she was older than 28 and Cory starts laughing. Cory says she’s 29.


Adam, Sam, and Chelsea rea in the WA and Kyra comes in and grab something and heads out. Sam says she wants Chelsea here. Chelsea is disappointed in Adam and Sam because she thought they would want to keep her in the house. She asks Adam and he says if he keeps trying, then people are going to start looking at him. Chelsea says he’s why she’s on the block so he could show he’s loyal and give her his vote. Adam says if she can get others on board, then he will.


Dane, Mark, and Adam are talking about previous HG. Kyra is outside also and listening. Kyra is talking about past alliances from other season and they are making some of the signals. Then in the mirror they see Dane make a signal and to them, that’s a clear sign of their alliance. Kyra goes in to tell Chelsea and what they seen. Chelsea says apparently there is a guys alliance and they even have a hand signal. If Kyra isn’t going to use this info, then she definitely will.


Chelsea goes to talk to Este and she tells her Kyra confirmed there was a guy’s alliance and she shows Este the signal. Chelsea says if there is a bros alliance, then they need strong women working together. Chelsea says she needs 5 votes, she has 3 right now and her and Kiera vote her way, she has what she needs. Chelsea says she can’t stand the idea of watching the rest of the season and seeing the women get picked off. Chelsea tells Este to think about it.


Coming up either Kyra or Chelsea will lose their clearance to stay in the BB Canada house, and we’ll tell the HG about the double eviction. Jaws will drop!


Time to head to the first vote of the night right now! Kyra says this is their second week on the block. They stay calm and they don’t flip-flop no matter how stressful the situation they get. Kyra wants them to prove how trustworthy they are so they can play. Chelsea says it’s time for them to open their eyes. This is a crucial moment in the game to make a move. Keep her here because she is ready to fight.


Time to vote!

Anthony votes to evict Chelsea Bird.

Mark votes to evict his hometown girl Chelsea.

Eddie is sorry to vote to evict Chelsea.

Damien votes to evict Chelsea.

Este votes to evict Chelsea.

Sam votes to evict Chelsea.

Kiera votes to evict Chelsea.

Adam sadly votes to evict Chelsea.

Cory votes to evict Chelsea.

By a unanimous vote, Chelsea has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Chelsea hugs Kyra, Sam, and Adam. She says it’s just a game and she’s grateful to have met every one of them.


Arisa says last week she was HOH and a week later here we are. What happened? Chelsea says her game went down into the toilet and her campaigning all over the place. Chelsea says it’s hard for people to declare sides because it’s early in the game.


Adam says she’s a great person and for his best interest she had to go. Sam will miss her dearly and exposing the guy’s alliance isn’t good for her game right now. Kyra says they would’ve put their game on the line for her, but she wouldn’t have done the same for her. Este says her mistake was trying to get her to go against Dane. Dane says her speculation of an alliance isn’t necessarily false, and he makes the signal to her.


It’s time to let the remaining HG know about the big new. It’s a double eviction. Chelsea is excited. Arisa calls all the HG to the LR. She says hi everyone and says if they’re surprised to see her, they shouldn’t be. Brace themselves, tonight is a double eviction. She sends them to the backyard to get ready for the HOH comp.


It’s time for the HOH competition! This competition is called before or after. Arisa will read questions about events that happened this season and they’ll have to say if the first event was before or after the second event. If they are wrong, then they are eliminated. Last person standing will win the HOH!


Did the have-nots win the entire house a meal before or after the entire house was trained for a mission? Anthony says after and everyone else says before. Anthony has been eliminated.


In the competition slop and slide, were slop cookies served before or after the slop salad. Cory says before and is eliminated. Everyone else says after.


Did a female HG win a POV competition before or after a male HG was evicted. Este says before and is eliminated.


In a competition go for it, did Chelsea drop her ball before or after Kailyn dropped hers. Adam, Eddie, and Mark answer before. Kiera, Sam, and Damien are all wrong and step down.


In Kailyn’s eviction speech, did she say you didn’t sign on for a beauty pageant before or after she said you didn’t sign on for a dating show. Adam answers correctly and is the new HOH! Arisa tells them to head back inside immediately.


Adam wants to know if they want quick one-on-ones in the pantry. Anthony is first and they celebrate. They discuss separating Este and Kiera. Dane celebrates in the WA alone.


Eddie talks to Adam and he tells him he wanted to keep and work with Chelsea, but he was very stressed and he wants to watch for him. Eddie suggests Kiera and Este.


Sam is next and they kiss. Sam wants to know what everyone is saying. Sam says he should do Kiera and Eddie. She tells him to make a move.


Arisa calls the HG back to the LR and says she knows it must be incredibly stressful, but he has a decision to make right now. His first nominee is Eddie. His second nominee is Kiera. Arisa thanks Adam and they’ll be back in a few minutes for the POV.


So far tonight, Chelsea was sent packing. Adam won HOH and put Eddie and Kiera on the block. Time for the POV! This veto competition is called Spaced Out. On go, they will drop their ball into a maze and while standing on a disc, they’ll shift their body weight and get their ball through the maze. Anthony, Este, and Mark are playing along with Eddie and Kiera. Arisa gives the go.


Kiera is working very quickly. Eddie is moving at a slightly slower pace. Este is working to get her ball out. Kiera gets her ball out and she has won the POV. Will Kiera use the POV? Probably. But who will be the replacement nominee?


Sam and Kyra are whispering about backdooring someone. Sam isn’t sure they have the votes to backdoor Dane or Mark. Kyra says if he doesn’t backdoor someone now, it’s going to be obvious he’s working with the guys. Sam goes to the SR and tells him it’s his opportunity to make a big move and she suggests putting up a big player. Adam isn’t sure he has the votes and if he does it and fails, then it puts them in a bad position. Eddie is crying and Anthony has an arm around him.


It’s time for the POV ceremony! Arisa asks Kiera if she is going to use the POV and she says this wasn’t a crossword and she will be using the POV on herself. Adam has to choose a replacement nominee for eviction right now. Adam hopes the HG can agree that Kyra is just a pawn.


Eddie says thank you to everyone. He’s sorry that he’s been boring, but he’s tried. He’s been an outsider from day one, but he’s really tried and he’s trying to be strong. Kyra is thankful to be on the block twice in one night and please help them to survive it twice in one night and give them a chance to prove how loyal they can be.


Time to vote!

Damien votes to evict Eddie.

Este votes to evict Eddie.

Cory votes to evict Eddie.

Dane is sorry to evict Eddie.

Mark votes to evict Eddie.

Sam votes to evict Eddie.

Anthony votes to evict Eddie.

Kiera votes to evict Eddie.

Again, by a unanimous vote, Eddie has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Eddie gives Kyra a hug and Adam and Dane. Dane is saying he’s proud of Eddie. Eddie heads upstairs and the HG start chanting his name.


Arisa says this is a crazy end to the night and she asks what he’s feeling. Eddie says this has been his dream and he’s sorry he’s been so boring to watch. Arisa says when you got in there, it’s like you disappeared. What happened? Eddie says it’s hard to fit in and he doesn’t feel like he has a lot in common with the HG and he can’t relate to them, but it didn’t work out. Arisa asks who he wants to win and Eddie says Damien.


What a night! And just like that we’re down to 10 HG. Join us Sunday to see who the new HOH is and also the HG will find Leon’s Lounge and the Blood veto!

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