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Big Brother Canada Season 7-POV competition and ceremony 3

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Previously, on Big Brother Canada, sly Sam overheard a bombshell between the bros and when she shared the intel it sent Chelsea over the edge. So the outgoing HOH counter punched with a pitch of a girl’s alliance. When word got back to Dane, the hairtrigger hoser was ready to fire back. At a marathon HOH competition, it was buzz or be gone. With Chelsea watching from the sidelines, her ally Sam fought for their lives. But in the final faceoff, Sam proved no back for dangling Dane’s superior wrist shot. While the power hungry Pretty Boys sharpened their knives, the dynamic duo found themselves at a crossroads.


Feeling boxed in, Sam turned back to her rocky showmance and found a way forward. Then she angled for safety and tried to cut a deal with Dane. Meanwhile with Chelsea’s fantasy of a girls alliance she was dead in the water, she looked for mercy. But Dane had none to give. Then Dane, the bane of Chelsea’s existence, pulled the plug on her friendship with Kyra. At the nomination ceremony, Dane dealt the death blow and nominated Chelsea and Kyra.


We pick up after the nomination ceremony on day 21. Sam says Kyra and Chelsea are on the block right now, but she’s been on Dane’s radar before so she’s concerned for a backdoor. Chelsea says Dane is blowing things out of proportion and now because of his speech she doesn’t know who she can trust. She just needs to go out and win that POV.


Kyra says their feelings for Chelsea are growing. It started out a crush and it’s just growing stronger. Kyra wants to repair things with Chelsea and they are pretty sure Chelsea has their back. They talk about Dane and Sam says they need to stay calm and think and Kyra says it centers around Dane.


Dane and Anthony are in the archives and they are celebrating. Dane says he nominated two threats and even if one comes off the block, he can still backdoor Sam. Anthony leaves and Dane asks if what he did makes him a mean person or a good BB Canada players. He says when you watch this, you’ll learn a little thing called The Pretty Boy alliance.


The HG are in the KT eating and Dane and Chelsea head up to the HOH. Dane apologizes to Chelsea and says they can talk. Chelsea says Dane threw her under the bus with his nomination. Chelsea tells Dane she thinks some things were taken out of context. She didn’t want it going around she made all the deals because it’s not the case. Chelsea starts getting emotional and she doesn’t want to play a game where she has to lie to people’s faces. She gives Dane a hug and leaves. Dane says go cry somewhere else.


Chelsea goes to the WA with Adam and Sam and she says she can’t trust anyone and she thinks everything she told Adam has gotten to other people. She says she trusted Adam and she was looking out for him and now it’s blown up in her face. Adam says every time he spoke to Dane it was good and he was trying to get them to trust each other. Kyra says Adam is shook. Kyra says if there was fuel to the chatter, why would you add more fuel. Kyra says if you knew Dane was questioning the girls, then why would you go to Dane and tell him anything about the girls? Adam says are you coming at me right now?


Adam heads downstairs and asks to talk to Dane and they head to the have-not room and Adam says they are up there tripping out at him. He tells Dane they are pissed at him and Dane says he didn’t tell them that. They are screwing with your mind and that’s what they’re doing to you. Adam says Kyra storms in and says if you’re loyal to the two girls why would you run to Dane? Kyra comes in and says they were testing Adam and he ran straight to Dane. Adam says of course, he wanted to talk to Dane because that’s what who was about. Kyra leaves and Adam says so they just tested me? Dane tells him to chill out.


Kyra goes to the SR with Chelsea and relays what happened and Sam comes in. Kyra says Adam can’t be trusted. Kyra says first Sam hears Adam and Dane throw out their names and now he’s been caught again and they are in denial. Sam and Chelsea says this is crazy. Kyra says they aren’t going to make it easy to take their friends out, they are going to put a target on their back too. Chelsea says you’re going to put a huge target on your back and Kyra says they don’t care. They are angry. Chelsea doesn’t want to believe that and Sam says there is so much time for them to settle and re-evaluate. Kyra says the fact he went straight to Dane, Sam, hopefully tells you something.


Adam is running laps and Eddie wants to work out but he’s trying to maintain an image. Eddie wants a minority final two. Eddie really likes Damien as a person. He says they have such different backgrounds, but they have so much in common. Eddie tells Damien he’s an OG Canadian. Eddie hasn’t worked out for two weeks so he’s weaker now.


Chelsea and Sam are talking in The Archives. Chelsea says Kyra is trying to pin everything on Adam. Chelsea says she still trusts Adam, she doesn’t think he’s throwing her name out in a malicious manner. Sam says if she wins she can blow up Kyra’s game. Adam comes in and Chelsea tells him she still trusts him and Kyra is blowing up their own game. Kyra comes in and Adam leaves and Chelsea says they were talking about options with the POV. Kyra asks if Chelsea is lying and Chelsea says they were just discussing options.


Day 22 and Kiera is talking to Mark. Mark says up until this point he’s been lurking in the shadows, but you can’t be Switzerland in this house and you need to connect with people. Kiera is asking Mark what his vibe on the house is and he says you have to go after the big boys and Kiera says who are the big boys? Mark says who do you think and Kiera says Adam and Sam. Kiera says if they were to work together on a stronger level there has to be trust. Mark says he has to control the information going out, but he has to give something. And with most people it works, but with the people that see through that he has to do more. Mark and Kiera flirt a little more.


Hey everyone! It’s time to pick players for the POV! Dane chooses first and he draws Mark. Chelsea draws Sam, and Kyra draws Cory. Mark is still repping the Pretty Boys and right now he has to be Dane’s soldier and he has to go fight and ride this through. Chelsea is glad Sam is up there with her and she’s not too worried about Mark, but Cory worries her a little bit.


Chelsea goes to Dane and is wondering who might be a replacement nominee, and Dane tells her he doesn’t know but he hopes she wins. Dane says he’s pumping Chelsea up. He doesn’t want her to win, but if she does he can finally pull off the backdoor on Sam. Dane says if she wins, then we’ll talk. If she doesn’t win the bye-bye. And if Sam wins the veto, then we’re in a pickle.


The POV is called Comp Beast Hall of Fame and there is a podium and a track with some obstacles. Anthony is hosting. They will compete head to head. On go they will put on a medal and go over and under hurdles, go over a balance beam, and then toss and land rings. They have to complete three laps.  If they win they advance, and if they lose they are eliminated. Kyra is up first and they can choose who they want to battle. Kyra selects Mark because he’s hasn’t shown he’s been good at competitions and they are sure if Mark is throwing them or just isn’t good.


Kyra and Mark begin and they are close going over and under. They both are on the balance beam and Mark says it’s not easy because of weight of the medal. Mark makes it over before Kyra. Mark lands two of his rings and Kyra is still struggling on the beam. Mark hits all his rings and he heads off to complete his first lap. Kyra says they’ve never been good at balancing, but they have to keep fighting.


Mark laps Kyra and is on to the second ring toss. Anthony encourages Kyra and Mark finishes his rings and heads to finish his second lap. Kyra is frustrated. Mark is now on his third lap and Kyra is apologizing and says this is so pathetic. Mark hits his final rings and Kyra is frustrated they couldn’t make it past the balance beam. Mark finishes and is the winner and he goes to Kyra and makes them get on and helps them across the beam. Kyra says it was nice to feel supported.


#BBCAN7 Chelsea is next and Chelsea selects Mark. Chelsea selects him because he’s already gone once and maybe he’s tired enough and she can beat him. She’s fighting for her life in this game. Chelsea gets to the ring toss first, but Mark catches up and passes her at the ring toss. Mark doesn’t want to stand out in the house, but he doesn’t want Chelsea to have a chance to come off the block.


Mark hits the ring toss again just as Chelsea finishes her first ring toss. She heads off and Mark finishes and is not far behind. Chelsea struggles with the second set of rings and she says the others are distracting her by cheering for her. Mark is on his final rings and he struggles a bit. Chelsea finishes up and is round again and both on the final round of the ring toss and we go to commercial.


Both Chelsea and Mark are on their last ring and Mark finally hits it and he crosses the finish line. Chelsea says she’s trying to be strong, but she knows what she just lost and it’s hard. Cory is up next and she selects Sam. Sam starts with a slight lead. Cory is a little slow on the balance beam and Sam hits the rings first. Cory isn’t far behind. Sam says there is a good chance she could be backdoored this week so she needs to have that POV. Both Sam and Cory need one ring and Cory hits it first with Sam about half a lap behind. Cory is at the ring toss and she yells. Cory says when she does random yells it’s her way of reactivating her brain.


Cory has four rings and Sam is struggling across the beam. Sam finally makes it and is on to the rings. Cory finishes and is on her final lap and she says Sam doesn’t realize what’s about to hit her. It’s go time. Sam is struggling and Cory has finished her rings and crosses the finish line. It’s the final round with Cory vs. Mark. The winner will win the POV.


Mark says since Sam and Chelsea are out there’s not as much pressure. But when he re-evaluates he realizes he doesn’t know where Cory’s head is at and he might have to win this. Mark struggles on the balance beam and Cory is on to the ring toss and she hits them all five consecutively. Cory is on her second lap. She says she’s a competitor. Cory makes it around again and hits all five rings again. Cory says THIS is her time and she finishes her last set of rings and she has won the POV.


Cory wants to know if she gets a banner too. Dane says it’s great to see Cory win and she hopes she’ll keep nominations the same. The HG head inside and Sam is happy Kyra and Chelsea can’t take themselves off because that’s better for her. She’s comforting Chelsea and encourages her to stay calm. Kyra comes in and is frustrated too. Sam says there’s lots of time and Chelsea and Kyra are both emotional and pacing.


Cory is talking to Damien and she says that was made for her and Damien says she looked like an athlete out there. Cory values Damien’s opinion and she has his back and she hopes he has hers. Cory talks to Damien about the options and Cory seems to sense they might go after Sam. Cory says she doesn’t know what she’ll say to Chelsea. Damien says ultimately, the decision is hers.


Chelsea says it’s so different from being HOH to being on the block. It shows how different people act. Chelsea says Dane is puppet mastering the whole house. Chelsea says she underestimated Dane and she’s not here to play his game. Chelsea says he’s definitely making targets and he’s someone who could get taken out in a double or triple.


Kyra and Cory are talking and Kyra says they know it will be better for them if Chelsea does go because they can re-focus. Kyra says they have a crush on Chelsea and it’s making them blind. Kyra really wants to stay in the house and they need to separate the emotions from the game. Cory is listening and Kyra says if she decides with Dane to use that they would be grateful and they would love to have it used on them. Cory says she does care for them on a person. Cory says she’s open to use the video, but she’s not sure what she’s in the middle of, but she’s a rational person and she’s willing to listen to rational arguments.


Cory goes to talk to Chelsea and Cory says Dane’s speech did put a few things into perspective and she’s glad they can chat. Chelsea says she wants to clear the air a little bit and she says there is misinformation being spun to make her look bad and she feels like she’s being played. She hopes Cory’s perception is that she would not scheme that way. Chelsea says Cory using the veto is a long shot and she has to look at all options she has available to her right now. She goes to the SR and she doesn’t want to look like a player who rolled over and died, but does she want to play dirty and people really not trust her. Chelsea wants to be the player that plays.


Cory is heading to HQ to consider her options. Cory says if she takes Kyra off the block and develops trust, but she’d be drawing a lot of attention to herself. If she takes Chelsea down, she might throw a vote her way, but she’s not sure if she can trust her. She needs to think what’s going to benefit her weeks from now.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Kyra says they’d be wildly grateful and they’ve been through it before, but they are sitting next to one of the strongest people they’ve met, but they came to play. Chelsea says she was nominated because she made a bunch of alliance which don’t exist. Chelsea says moving forward her loyalty is to the person who is next to her on the block and her target is the person who put her there and if they think she’s going to roll over they don’t know her.


Cory has decided NOT to use the POV. She says Dane gave solid reasons for the nominations and she wants to support that. Kyra doesn’t want to campaign about their best friend, but they want to stay in the game. Chelsea says she has to let everyone know Dane is her target and she is here to fight. Dane says you want to talk about targets? You are mine so bye! Join us tomorrow for a double eviction!

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