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Big Brother Canada Season 7-Live Eviction and HOH

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Maki is talking to Kiera and Estefania in the SR and he’s saying they will suck if they vote him out. Estefania says Maki is a really good friend, but so is Kyra. Both girls are reassuring Maki he is safe. Estefania says she really hopes Maki safe. Maki says girls have magic powers so they can use them to keep him safe.


Kyra is sitting alone upstairs and Kailyn joins and says no game talk. Kyra says they know Kailyn will want to keep Maki. Kailyn says her and Kyra didn’t click from day one and she says Kyra has been dragging her name through the mud. Kailyn confronts Kyra and Kyra says Kailyn you like to plant seeds and they aren’t buying. Kyra says they are chill and calm and Kailyn says your chill and calm got you on the block. Kyra says Kailyn is playing a great social game. Kailyn leaves Kyra to get in their good space.


Anthony and Adam are talking and Anthony says Maki has no idea he is super close with Adam. We see Maki talking about trying to get rid of Adam and Anthony says that’s not good for Adam or for him. Adam says if Maki wins next week he will put Adam on the block. Anthony says they have to get him out because he’s getting close to Estefania and Kiera and Kailyn. Anthony says they aren’t smart, they’re scared and he can control Kailyn. Adam thinks they can easily send home Maki.


Arisa welcomes us back and she says Maki and Kyra are on the block this week, but first BB set up a delicious task for the HG. Kevin and Karen make an appearance and set up a delicious task for the HG. Samantha says Wendy’s is on the screen and she’s a havenot and she hasn’t eaten food in three days. Adam is paying close attention to the video. Kevin and Karen are in the video and they are ordering from Wendy’s and Karen wants to know how her $100,000 is. Karen asks Kevin who he likes and she says the blond, the nerdy person, and the old person and Karen realizes she’s not watching. Kevin says this has been fun and Karen says not really.


Dane is now going to ask the have-not questions about what they just watched and if they get three correct they win Wendy’s for themselves and the entire house. Everyone has to leave except the have-nots.


Question #1-How many times did Karen blink? Dane tells them to talk amongst themselves and everyone in the HOH is cracking up. Mark looks stumped and Mark says he never saw her block and they answer zero. The answer was 19.


Question #2-Who did Kevin says his favorite HG was? They say the nerdy super fan and the old person and they are correct.


Question #3-What did Kevin order and they get that correct too.


Question #4-What did Karen order and they didn’t get it correct.


Question #5 Who was waiting in the car for Karen? They answer Bruce and they are correct and they all celebrate. They all eat and say thank you to Wendy’s!


Kailyn says she’s tapped into the energy of the house and Maki isn’t half as safe as he thinks he is and she doesn’t trust Kyra. Maki says he has confidence and Kailyn says she needs to wake Maki up and light a fire under him. Maki says he hasn’t been doing much and Kailyn says but they have. Maki says definitely. Kailyn asks if Dane talks game with him and Maki says no. Kailyn leaves him to his thought.


Maki says he’s not the type to campaign, but Kailyn is making some good points. He needs to go talk to Dane because he’s the king of the castle. Maki heads to the HOH. Dane says he’s scared and worried that Maki could put him up. Maki says it’s a possibility because Dane put him up. Maki wants to play a truthful game. Dane says Kyra has one foot out the door? What is Maki thinking?


Let’s head back inside one more time before the vote. We’re on Day 12 and Kyra is making breakfast with Damien. Eddie is talking to Adam and Samantha and says he’s not sure about Kyra. He’s trying to do anything he can to get them to evict Kyra because he doesn’t want to work with Adam. Eddie says Kyra is a superfan. Eddie says if they get out a comp beast, that’s not good for Adam. Adam says Eddie is making good points.


Eddie says he’s trying to be sincere with Sam and Adam, but he’s not really watching their back. Eddie says he’s not a manipulator, he’s just laying out his reasonings for getting rid of Kyra over Maki. Kyra says they know this game and things can change fast and if they can get Adam on their side, they could be safe. Kyra plants the seed that Maki is going after Adam and he tells Kyra that Maki is gone and lists Dane, Chelsea, Mark, and others are on board. Kyra says how did I actually pull this off?


Estefania is talking to Maki in The Archives and she wants to know who Maki’s target would be? Maki tells her about his conversation with Dane and she says that wasn’t smart. Dane comes in and Estefania says Maki just told her he told Dane he’d put him up. Estefania says these guys have a brain but they are acting like they are 5-years old. Estefania says Dane still has a lot of sway and she needs to get the guys on the same page. She says if she wants to get Adam out, then she needs Maki here. Estefania asks Maki why wouldn’t he want to put Sam up? Maki says yeah, that would be smart. Estefania says you just can’t tell Sam and Chelsea that. Dane says he’s on board with that and if Maki will take Sam out of the game, then he’s worth keeping there.


It’s time to check-in with the HG. The next mission is the second eviction vote of the season. Kyra says they’re humbled and grateful to be there and this has been a dream of theirs. Kyra thinks they have proven they aren’t weak and if they are loyal to them, then they’ll be loyal back.


Maki believes he’s the music in a house of whispers. He’s new and he makes mistakes and he’s hurt the people closest to him. He loves them and nothing is more important than loyalty in this house and for those not sure who they are voting for, choose your soldiers wisely.


It’s time to vote!

Chelsea votes to evict Maki.

Anthony votes to evict Maki.

Kiera votes to evict Kyra.

Kailyn votes to evict Kyra.

Adam votes to evict Maki.

So far, Maki has three votes for eviction and Kyra has two.


First to six is heading home, let’s get back to the vote.

Mark votes to evict Maki.

Samantha votes to evict Maki.

Eddie votes to evict Kyra.

Estefania votes to evict Kyra.

Damien votes to evict Kyra.

We have a tie!


We have a tie which means Dane will be casting the deciding vote on who to evict! Dane hates this but he earned this opportunity and he earned this power. He made a terrible mistake this week but he’s sorry he has to vote to evict Maki! Maki heads upstairs and goes back to hug Kaillyn. He puts a plague on the whole house, they are all fake.


Arisa asks Maki how he feels and he says he feels free. Arisa asks who he feels most betrayed by and Maki says he doesn’t know. Arisa asks does he think he started playing too late and Maki says yes, he’s new to this.


Dane says he tried all week to keep him safe but things he said and did spooked everyone else. Adam tells Maki about The Pretty Boy alliance. Kailyn says Maki, you should have kept your mouth shut and he dug himself into a corner. She tells him he’s a mother of four. Estefania says she tried so hard to keep him here. Eddie says he loves Maki and he campaigned for him.


Yesterday, BB Canada put all the agents through rigorous training and it’s all leading up to a serious mission. They are all told to drop and give them 20. Agents are to jump rope allowing 5 HG to jump in tandem. Agents are supposed to hide in anticipation of an intruder. Agent are told to dance. Agents, rest is important, take a nap. Agents form a Conga line and maneuver through the house. Agents, to prepare for a water landing, all HG must get in the Hot Tub.


Arisa says tonight’s HOH comp is complete based on that mission, so let’s see who was paying attention. This competition is called Truth and Spies and now it’s time to see how prepared they are. They will face off at a podium and they have to determine if a statement is a truth or a lie. If they answer correctly, their opponent is out and they pick the next pair to battle. If no one buzzes in they will both be eliminated.


Question #1-They were asked to nap before they were asked to dance. Adam vs Damien and Adam hits lie and he is correct. He picks Kailyn and Kiera.


Question #2-Only 3 HG were wearing goggles. Kiera hits true and she is correct and she selects Mark and Adam.


Question #3-Adam asks Mark if he wants it. They were asked to do 40 push ups and Mark hits lie and he is correct. He picks Eddie and Kiera.


Queston #4-You were trained for an emergency evacuation and Kiera hits lie and she is correct. Kiera selects Sam and Kyra.


Question #5-The Conga line went through the main bathroom. Samantha hits lie and that’s correct. Sam picks Anthony and Cory.


Question #6-They were asked to have 6 HG jump rope in tandom and Anthony hits lie and he’s correct. He selects Sam and Estefania.


Question #7-They were asked to hide before nap. Estefania answers true and she’s correct. She selects Chelsea and Mark.


Question #8-They were asked to dance to practice their agility. Chelsea hits lie and she’s correct. Chelsea selects Estefania and Kiera.


Question #9-They were trained for a water landing. Estefania hits true and she’s correct. All that’s left is Anthony and Chelsea.


Question #10-At one point they were asked to do jumping jacks. Anthony hits true and he’s incorrect.


It’s now Chelsea vs Estefania for the win. Question #11-They were asked to jump rope before they were asked to get in the hot tub. Chelsea hits true and she’s correct and the new HOH.

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