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Big Brother Canada Season 7-Veto competition and ceremony

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Tonight, Big Brother changes the game like never before. The HG vie for the sweet taste of veto victory and trouble hits the rock right in the feels. It all happens now on Big Brother Canada!


We pick up after the nomination ceremony on Day 7. Dane says even though he nominated Kyra and Maki, there is still a backdoor plan for Samantha. He wants to keep the Pretty Boys safe. Samantha doesn’t feel safe and she has an uneasy feeling she’ll go up.


Maki says being nominated isn’t the greatest feeling in the morning, but sometimes you have to be near death to appreciate life. Kyra says they’re in serious danger of leaving the house this week and they need to make it clear to the house they aren’t playing with emotion.


Kyra tells Dane because of his speech it looks like they’re the target and not Maki. Dane says his words just got twisted. Kyra says they’re emotional state was just adjusting to the house and they needed for this to happen and it’s a wake-up call. Dane says if Kyra stays calm, then the gears can be turned. Dane apologizes and Kyra says no hard feelings.


Maki is talking to Anthony about nominations and Anthony tells us the house is starting to divide and he needs to be on both sides of the fence. Anthony says he loves Maki, but at the end of the day he’s riding with The Pretty Boys and that’s where his loyalties lie.


Maki says the thing about this game is it’s easy to lose yourself and he needs to take himself from the hecticness of the house and collect his thoughts. He’s going to be dancing right through this, he’s a happy guy. He goes to the HOH room and puts on the headphones and dances around. He says music is therapy for him.


Adam asks Samantha if her parents would like him and she thinks her dad would like him a lot. Samantha says parents love her and Adam thinks Canada loves her. Samantha says Canada loves him too and he says maybe they love us Sadam. Estefania interrupts to put something away in the fridge. Estefania leaves and Samantha and Adam agree on Sadam as their name.


Estefania says everyone is getting on her nerves, but she has an alliance with Kiera and they are called Young Bloods. They go to the archives and they are talking about taking Adam out. Estefania says they are laying low, but they are just waiting to run the house.


Adam asks Dane if he wins POV who would go up. Dane says there is the potential for a backdoor and Adam asks who. Dane says who do you think and the discussion turns to Samantha and her connection with Adam. Dane asks if Adam wants to be here for a showmance or for a legacy. Dane doesn’t care if he wins, or Adam, or Mark, or Anthony, as long as it’s them and they leave a legacy and a mark on the game.


Kyra is in The Archives and they’re praying for another chance to play the game. Kyra says it’s not over and they have a strong alliance member they can go to the end with and they love her. We see a clip of Kyra asking Chelsea if they can pick her for the veto. Kyra says there is no way they are going this week.


Kyra goes into the SR and Dane is in there. Kyra says they are going to go hard for this veto and Dane says he’s going to play for it for control of the whole house. Kyra says they hope Dane is true to his word because loyalty goes both ways.


It’s Day 8 and it’s time to pick players for the POV competition! The HG all dance their way to the LR. aTtention agents, the POV competition as you know it is about to change for the entire season. The HOH will not compete in the veto competition! The veto will be played by the two nominees and three players at random. If the veto is used, the HOH will still name the replacement nominee.


Dane says he really wanted to play and he’s so angry because he wanted to control all the power in the house this week. Dane picks Adam. Maki picks Anthony. Kyra picks houseguests choice and they select Chelsea to play. Dane is also going to choose a host and he chooses…Eddie!


Chelsea is in the blue bedroom and she is saying she cannot win this veto, she just can’t. Kyra comes in and Chelsea says she’s freaking out and Kyra says she told them they could pick her. Chelsea doesn’t think these people will go with her if she wants to shake things up. Chelsea wants to keep Kyra because she’s a friend and ally, but if she uses it then everyone would be mad because she tried to make a move. Kyra says they just thought they’d have a better shot of beating Chelsea than the guys. Adam comes in while Kyra and Chelsea are talking and Kyra leaves. Chelsea says Adam will you please win this veto and he says of course.


Adam and Samantha are in the HOH room and Adam wants to know what’s on Sam’s mind. She doesn’t want him to think she’s paranoid. She finally says she’s worried about going on the block. Samantha says she feels like if Adam doesn’t win this POV she’ll go on the block. Adam says he doesn’t think she would and he tells her Dane told him to win veto and things would stay the same. Adam tells Samantha not to stress. Adam tells us he’s trying to keep Sam calm and he thinks she knows he was lying to her.


It’s time for the POV competition! Eddie is dressed as a beaver and the HG are lumberjacks. It’s called On a Row. On go, they’ll grab buckets and collect sap from a tree and they have to carry the bucket across logs and pour their sap in the container. If they fall, then they have to return to the beginning. The first to fill their container enough to remove the ball will win the POV.


All the HG are struggling to get across the logs. Anthony says the logs spin randomly. You don’t know which ones will spin and win. Anthony says he needs to win the veto so they can get Samantha out of there because she’s making Adam gaga and distracting him from the game.


Kyra says they are definitely the underdog in the veto. Kyra says no one really thinks they can beat the guys. Chelsea doesn’t want to win the veto, but she’s walked down pageant walks for a long time. Adam says he looks over at the HG and he says Sam looks super nervous. Adam says he knows he has to win this so she can feel safe for another week.


Maki is making decent progress. Maki says this is a bit of sticky situation for him and he just needs to keep his ninja focus and bring the veto home. Adam is making good progress too. Kyra is struggling and they’re getting exhausted. They keep telling themselves they’ll win the POV and they believe it will happen.


Maki is in the lead but Adam is right behind. Kyra is still moving back and forth and takes a hard fall. Adam is picking up the pace. Maki says Adam is right on his tail. He’s not only big and strong and fast. Maki knows he’s ahead. Adam is still catching up. Maki says he needs to get himself off the block and this is 100% beast mode Maki, something that even he’s afraid of.


Eddie says Adam and Maki are now neck and neck and Adam makes a trip across with Maki right behind. Dane says they are both so close, they are neck and neck. Maki pours and tries to get the ball, but he can’t get it. Adam pours and he can’t get it either. Samantha tells Adam to make sure all his sap is in the container. Dane is hoping Maki will win so he can pull himself off so he can backdoor Sam.


Maki pours and works at the ball, but still can’t quite get it. Maki is moving quickly and almost falls. Adam makes another trip and he tries for the ball and he manages to pull it out. Maki wants to know how Adam put his finger through there. Adam goes to Sam and she jumps on him and he tells her to chill and the HG are looking at them. Eddie congratulates Adam. Adam says the first POV is his. Adam says he knew he had to win that for Sam because there was a backdoor in the works.


Samantha gives Kyra a hug who is upset. The HG head inside and Adam and Dane go into the SR. Samantha comes in and Dane wants to know who told her she was a target because he hasn’t told anyone that. Dane and Adam leave and Kailyn comes in and Samantha gives Kailyn a look.


Dane and Adam go to the Have Not room and Dane says her hips were up to here. Dane says you put a huge target on your back, because if anyone puts her up, you go up with her. Dane says you better win next week or she better win. Dane leaves and Samantha comes in and Adam kisses her and he loved the celebration, but it didn’t look good to the rest of the house. Samantha says we’ve always been a threat, and she says she’s was about to go home. They kiss some more.


Samantha says no one would even sit by her. Adam says he trusts Dane and Samantha says she doesn’t. Samantha says if she can’t play the game with Adam, then she’ll play it by herself. She says they need to separate and take the heat off themselves because she needs to play for herself and this is getting her nowhere.


Adam is in the bathroom area and Chelsea wins they celebrate. Chelsea says Adam wins the POV and she is ecstatic and it’s good for her game. Adam says Sam was tripping and he knew he had to win it. Chelsea says he’s a beast. Chelsea says Adam is an alpha male and she needs to play into that so he thinks he’s the big man of the show.


Day 9 and Kailyn and Eddie are talking in the have-not room and Cory comes in. Cory says she had to make three final two deals and she thinks Kailyn is the best person to work with. Cory says she’s wise and the mom of the house. Kailyn says Dane is watching Cory like a hawk.


Eddie is in The Archives with Damien and Estefania and there are files all over the floor. Eddie says he sees people trying to memorize all the documents, but that’s so dumb. Estefania and Damien are tearing file boxes up and Eddie is complaining he’s bored.


Adam and Maki are in the SR. Maki says he wants to talk to Adam and even if it’s a longshot, he has to plant a seed. Maki says he’d love for all the guys to push forward. Adam can’t remember the last time a group of guys went to the end. Maki says girls tear them apart. Adam says with Sam, it’s just the Newfoundland bond. Maki says they have chemistry, he can see that. Maki says he and Adam are different people, but if he wants to stay he needs to be a bro with him. Adam says when is a good time to start getting rid of the girls? Maki says he’d like a house full of girls too, but they tear them apart.


Anthony is talking to Mark and Dane in the SR and they are talking about Adam. Anthony says Samantha is a really big problem. She’s in Adam’s head and they need to get her out of there. Anthony tells Mark that Adam gets jealous when he’s around Sam. Anthony says they need Mark to flirt more to make Adam jealous so they can control him that way. They fist bump on their way out and say they are too pretty for this.


Adam and Samantha are in the KT and Mark comes in and he says this will be easy because he loves flirting with everyone. He gives Sam a nice long hug and then Adam points out the long hug. Samantha says she’s like that with everyone and Adam says that’s not right. Adam says Samantha thinks she’s his ride or die, but if he has to cut the cord on her he will. He came in with a plan with the boys and he’s sticking to it.


Today is the POV ceremony. Adam heads into HQ. Adam says he has three options, he can take Maki off the block, Kyra off the block, or keep nominations the same. If he takes Maki off the block, it might create another ally. Adam says Kyra is not a threat to him at all and he can get them out of the house whenever they want. Adam says The Pretty Boys think Samantha can be trouble for their game and maybe they see something he doesn’t. Adam says he has a big decision to make because he trusts them.


Adam heads to the LR and he asks Kyra why he should use the veto to save them. Kyra says they don’t expect Adam to use veto and they hope they prove they are not as emotional and their weaknesses will not get in the way of their game. Maki says no hard feelings, but he hopes Adam will use it so he can be competition for him.


Adam has decided…NOT to use the POV strictly because he wants to respect Dane’s HOH and keep nominations the same. Kyra says they are not surprised Adam didn’t use the veto but Maki just put a target on his back with his speech. Maki says he has to put his faith in the universe. Dane says they missed their chance to backdoor Samantha, but they’ll just have to keep an eye on her in the future.

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