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Big Brother Canada Season 7-HOH and Nominations

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Tonight, can Cory complete her mission or will she be right back out of the house? Who’s up for a little FORE play at the next HOH competition? The intelligence is still being verified on Big Brother Canada!


We pick up from where Arisa tells them about Cory moving in and that it was Canada who voted them in. It’s Day 6, and the HG are speculating Cory was in a room watching them the entire time. Cory enters and she gets a lukewarm reception from the HG. We see some of the introductions and hugs as Cory is welcomed to the group.


Cory tells us she’s in the house and it’s insane and these people have no idea she has a secret mission. Dane takes Cory up to look at the bedrooms. Chelsea says they just got rid of someone and they get someone new, it’s like last week didn’t even matter.


Cory wastes no time and she says she has to focus on the mission because she only has 24 hours. She can’t go too hard too fast. She has to gain trust first. Cory and Adam are talking in the bathroom and he’s filling her in on the eviction and that it was unanimous. Adam tells her they all think she has immunity and she has been watching them and Cory says no she’s been locked away.


Dane and Anthony are talking about Cory. Dane says he’s freaking out about the new HG. He doesn’t know what she’s seen or heard so he has to win HOH so he can keep himself and his alliance safe this week.


Time for the HOH competition! It’s golf themed and Dane says he’s a huge golfer and he loves his chances with this competition. Adam tells the HG Cory can’t play in any competitions this week. The competition is simple: They have to balance a ball on a golf club. If it falls, they are out. But if they are balancing their ball and they hear the word “Fore!” they get ONE shot to sink a ball. When they hear the word, the first person to hit their button can take the shot.  If they hit it they win HOH, but if they don’t get it they are out.


The competition is on and Estefania says she doesn’t want to appear like she’s a comp beast. Estefania immediately is out right after the start. Damien is out right after. Sam and Chelsea both drop and they are out. “Fore!” and Mark immediately hits his button. Kailyn drops her ball. Mark takes his shot and he doesn’t want to win and he misses and is out.


 “Fore!” Anthony hits his button and Kyra drops her ball and is out. Anthony decides to take the shot so maybe he can win and keep the “Pretty Boys” safe. He takes his shot and we go to commercial!


We’re back and Anthony is taking his shot for HOH. Anthony takes the shot and it goes right by the hole. Anthony says he was so close to being HOH this week. Dane, Eddie, and Maki are the last three standing. Dane really needs to win so he can see a picture of his father who passed away last year. Dane says he wants to see his dad and they are good. Maki says this is a friendly competition, let’s do this.


An hour has gone by and Dane, Eddie, and Maki are still balancing. Maki is shaking his hand because his wrist hurts. “Fore!” Maki hits his button and he steps up to take his shot. He just has to bring his meditative mind and knock it in the hole. He misses and he is out.


Dane is trying to make a deal with Eddie and he tells Eddie he is safe because he wants to see his dad. They agree to play it out but they both agree each other is safe. Dane says Eddie isn’t backing down so they are duking it out man to man. One hour and twenty minutes have now passed and Eddie says he feels like sneezing. Dane says if you do that your ball will fall. Dane almost loses his ball but he recovers.


Eddie and Dane are still in it and Adam says they look pretty solid. The ball is moving on both of their clubs but Eddie needs to adjust his glasses. He makes the move and he drops his ball and Dane has won HOH! Eddie immediately runs over and gives Dane a hug. Dane says he knows there’s a guy up there that’s really proud of him.


Adam says Dane has one more bit of business. He has to pick the first three have-nots of the season. Dane picks Mark, Adam, and Samantha. Dane picked Mark and Adam to hide their alliance and Sam volunteered so she could hang out with Adam.


The HG head inside and Kyra is talking to Chelsea and Kyra is saying they messed up and they need to keep their mouth shut. Chelsea says she is close with Kyra, but Kyra has had huge emotional breakdowns. Chelsea says the house sees Kyra as a loose cannon and that seems like a weakness and she needs to distance herself from that.


Cory goes into the Blue Bedroom and begins talking to Eddie. She wants to know Eddie’s story and he says he came to Canada by himself and he’s very shy. Cory is surprised and Eddie says Cory is very easy to talk to and he really loves her. Cory loves his aura too. Cory reminds of us her mission and she needs to build a bond with Eddie. Cory pitches working together with Eddie and he agrees. Cory says she goes with her gut and her gut is telling her she can trust Eddie. Eddie says yes, let’s do it. Cory says me and you to the end and Eddie agrees and they shake hands and Eddie heads out of the room. Cory says one down!


The HG are in the LR playing would you rather? and Dane comes and asks who wants to see his HOH room! Dane immediately starts crying when he sees the pictures and he picks them up and hugs them. Dane tells them if they want to sit down and he’ll explain. He tells them that’s his dad and that he passed away last May and his dad was his best friend, his hero, his role model. His dad committed suicide. They comfort him. He gets a video from Brittney, his sister, and she says everyone is so overjoyed for them and Skylar thinks it’s awesome her uncle is on TV and famous.


As a reward for winning HOH, our friends from Skechers will be giving the HOH shoes to wear for the week. Dane goes through his basket and he sees the Wendy’s menu and he can’t wait to have a frosty. Everyone gives hugs!


We see all the HG sleeping and Damien tells us he hasn’t been able to keep his mind off that secret room, and it’s even harder when you know there’s a secret veto. He gets up and goes into the room and there are files and boxes in the room. Samantha, Dane, and Kailyn are up and Damien tells them there’s stuff in there. Samantha and Dane head in and they are trying to figure things out. Dane tells them not to touch anything as Damien comes in. Samantha says Big Brother, what is this room? Damien says you can never sleep in Big Brother.


Mark, Adam, and Samantha are informed the have-not room is now open and everyone runs for the room and it is a torture chamber inspired room. Chelsea says the have not room is literally from her nightmares. She doesn’t like it, it’s scary. The lights are flickering and Samantha says the room is mortifying. It looks like they are sleeping in electric chairs and she’s not looking forward to sleeping in there. Chelsea says nope, nope, nopity, nope.


Kyra is in the The Archives and Cory goes in and she says she’s trying to find someone who is on the bottom and that way if they go that deal won’t come back and bite her. Cory and Kyra start talking and Kyra says being emotional puts you as a target and Cory says she’s open to the idea of working together. Kyra says they’re not open to that because they don’t know if they’re going to be there next week. Kyra says let’s get past this week and if I’m still here, then we’ll talk about working together. Cory agrees and leaves the room and says damn it!


The HG are milling around and Dane says during the HOH competition he promised to share Wendy’s with Eddie. They are looking over the menu and Dane places the order and heads down to get it. Dane goes to the Wendy’s window and Ika is the delivery person. Dane can’t believe it and says she’s gorgeous and he’s so thrilled to meet her. Dane says good job Demetri! Dane and Eddie begin to eat and they talk about nominations and Eddie says he supports whatever his decision is. Dane says Eddie did amazing during the HOH competition, he has a lot of respect for him and he kind of feels like they are building something.


Cory is working on her next final two and she has her sights set on Kailyn. She’s waiting for a firm answer. We see clips of Cory talking to Kailyn and pledging loyalty and Cory says she was close, but she has to try again. Kailyn is showering and Cory is talking to her and they are discussing a deal. Cory says she’d like it to be them at the end and Kailyn laughs and agrees and says okay deal. Cory says Kailyn was tough, but she got her. We see Cory in the blue room and says there’s two! One more!


Maki goes to the HOH room with Dane. Dane wants to see how Maki would feel going on the block as a pawn. Maki wants to meditate for a minute. Maki says he’s got an idea and he’d like Dane to tell people it’s his idea. Maki says if he puts both Kyra and Kiera up, that wouldn’t be a bad idea. Maki says that gives it a playful way to go with it. Dane needs Maki to compete in the POV and Maki says you want to put me up? Dane says he knows it’s scary, but does he think people would vote him out? Maki says he doesn’t like the idea and Dane says he controls a lot of votes.


Samantha is talking about her and Adam and how they are feeling each other, but they don’t want people to know. Adam and Samantha are talking about how hot it is and Samantha thinks it’s better for their game if they resist the emotions. Samantha tries to go for a kiss but Adam pulls away and leaves the room and Samantha is gathering her clothes and she smiles into her clothes.


Adam and Samantha are in the SR and Adam says there are no targets on them. Dane has seen them go into the SR and he listens by the door and Samantha tells Adam she’ll get him to the end because he’s hers after anyway. Dane says this isn’t good for the “Pretty Boy” alliance. Samantha heads and Dane says he feels very threatened by Sam and he might have to take a shot at her sooner than later.


Cory and Damien are talking about working out. Cory wants to talk to Damien about a deal because he was on the block last week and maybe he’s looking for allies. Cory says she’ll work out with him. Cory says she feels like she could be an asset. Cory tells us she feels if she doesn’t get Damien she’s a goner. Cory pitches a deal and Damien says it might be too early and Cory says she’ll give him time to think about it. Cory says if she doesn’t get Damien on board, this might be it.


Dane is in the HOH restroom and he’s practicing his nomination speeches. Anthony comes in and Dane tells Anthony they need to keep an eye on Adam and Samantha and that’s not good for them. Anthony says Adam does extra, like Samantha says she doesn’t like mowing her lawn and Adam says if she’ll cook for him, then he’ll mow her lawn. Dane says they might need to get rid of Sam to make sure Adam is on their side.


Cory, Kyra, and Damien are in The Archives. Cory says they are in the 11th hour and she needs this deal. Kyra heads out and Cory asks Damien if they want to do it. Damien says they’d have to keep a distance and keep it low key and Cory says she can be discreet. She shakes hands with Damien and she thanks him as he’s leaving. Cory says she worked her butt off to get the mission done and she’s here to play. The HG definitely need to watch out for Cory.


Dane leaves the HOH with the briefcase to lock in his nominations. He says the decisions he’s making could have a major impact on his game. Dane says he’s got two options and go the safe route and put up who the house wants out or put up a big target that will make waves.


Dane is worried that Sam may have too much influence over Adam and she’s a distraction. Dane doesn’t want Maki to go home but he could be a tough competitor. Dane has considered Chelsea because she’s close to Adam also. Dane is considering nominating Kyra because they are an emotional player and emotional players can turn into wild cards.


Dane heads out to make his nominations. He nominates Kyra and Maki. Dane says he’s chosen Kyra because he believes they came a very emotional player and they can be wild cards and that’s not good for anyone. Dane nominated Maki because he tried to make a deal in the HOH and he rejected it. Dane says it’s nothing personal, only game.


Kyra feels incredibly disappointed in themselves and they need to keep it together so people Maki is more of a threat. Maki says he’s worth it and this is his chance to prove it. Who will win the Power of Veto? Will Maki or Kyra fight their way off the block? Find out Wednesday!

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