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Big Brother Canada Season 7-Live Eviction

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Welcome to Big Brother Canada! In just moments, one of our agents will be forced into very early retirement. And tonight, one asset will get voted in and we’ll let the HG know. Let’s find out what happened after the HOH comp.


We pick up with Adam becoming the first HOH of Season 7. He’s feeling amazing right now. He knew if he didn’t win he was going on the block. Before entering the house, he knew he had to make a four person guy alliance. He has his guy Mark, Dane, and the last piece of the puzzle is Anthony and their alliance is called “The Pretty Boys”.


Dane is excited Adam won because there’s no way he’s getting put up. Damien says it sucked because he didn’t get past the first sequence. But Canada gave him power to get secret intel. Adam and Keira are showering and talking. Adam says he can’t see her, just her hair. Keira doesn’t know where Adam’s head is at and he’s going to be the most popular guy around. Keira wants to know if Adam is marine.


Samantha is over the moon that Adam is HOH because they are both from Newfoundland and she feels like he will have her back in this game. She goes to the SR and jumps on him. Samantha says they are going through this together whether he knows it or not.


Eddie says he was a huge mess in that challenge, and he needs to make sure he talks to Adam because he feels like he’s an easy target week 1. Eddie says he’s very intelligent and he’s aware of everything, but he wants to appear basic and naïve. Eddie is alone with Adam in the SR and Adam says everything just worked out in his favor. Eddie says Adam is the eye candy of the season. Eddie can see Adam is a very arrogant person and he said that so he can appeal to his ego. Eddie tells Adam he’s very shy and he wants Adam to know if he’s off putting, it’s because of the cultural barrier.


Damien says no one knows he was in the house first and he saw Dane and Adam create an alliance and he knew he wanted to work with them. Damien wants to let it happen organically. Damien is talking to Adam while he’s playing pool. Adam says there’s no POV and he feels a little guilty. Adam says it was nice to win the first one. Damien feels like he’s in a house of super fans and he’s just a rookie.


Adam, Dane, and Damien are talking and Damien says his girlfriend signed him up for the show and Adam doesn’t believe it. Adam touches base with Mark and they are tossing out ideas and Mark says Eddie could be a mental threat. Damien walks in while Dane, Adam, and Mark are in the SR talking and the subject changes.


Tonight is our first live eviction. Adam is our first HOH, and with no POV to save the nominees, this is a huge decision. Who wants to see Adam’s HOH room? Adam says this is the sexiest HOH by far hands down. He knows this will open opportunities to talk to people and he’s going to use it for snuggling.


Adam is in the HOH room with Samantha and they are discussing potential noms. Samantha mentions Damien as someone who could be a threat. Adam says he feels like this is just something to do for Damien. Samantha says she’s vibing with him and he’s super hot. She says they have to have fun in there too. Samantha says she’s already decided Adam is her ride or die and they pinky-swear.


Eddie is talking to Laura and Eddie is saying he’s a virgin and he has a lot of insecurities. He has a lot of scars on his body and he hides them. Laura is flabbergasted and she has so much stuff to tell Eddie. Eddie can’t believe he told Laura he’s a virgin and Laura says it’s not a big deal.


Dane is stacking the fruit in the KT and Laura goes to talk to HOH. She says Adam is the worst HOH for her game. Laura tells Adam says there’s a lot that can be said about people are phony and being nice to him because HOH. Laura says she prides herself on being honest and she feels like Sam could be a problem later on. Adam says Sam isn’t even close to being his target. He doesn’t know what her strategy is, but it’s not good for her to tell him. Laura reiterates Sam is who she’d pick to target.


All the lights go out in the house and Adam heads downstairs with a briefcase and all the HG are in the LR. Adam says it’s still week one and he’s trying to figure out who’s a threat to his game. There’s no veto this week, so these nominations are huge.


Adam says Eddie is on his radar because he thinks Eddie is smarter than he’s letting on. He’s considering Keira because she did well in the first comp and she could be a threat later on. Adam is considering Laura because she told him Sam was her target. Adam’s last potential nominee is Damien because this doesn’t seem like his dream and he could be a threat later in the game.


Adam heads out to the LR to reveal his nominees. His first nominee is Damien. His second nominee is Laura. Adam says he nominated Damien because he feels like this isn’t Damien’s dream. Adam says he nominated Laura because the conversations they had she told him who her targets were and he can’t keep her in the house knowing she’s going after that person.


Laura says Adam nominated her first week! She’s pissed. Laura tells Damien she was shocked it was him. Damien says that’s a reality check. He says Canada voted him in first, and he can’t let them down. He knows there’s a veto in the hidden room, now he needs to get back in there when no one is watching.


Damien goes back to The Archives and he finds a piece of paper that says Top secret, but he can’t get through the door to Leon’s Lounge. He’s desperate and he needs that veto! Laura says this is brutal and she needs to damage control with Sam and Adam. Laura tells Adam he threw her for a loop and she apologizes to Sam. Laura says she misjudged Samantha and Samantha appreciates the apology. Laura says she needs to get her head in the game. She’s not going home. She’s here to stay.


Adam is walking around the house looking around and he finds the door to The Archive room. Adam says he’s freaking out, this is so cool! Adam looks around the room, on the shelves, and says it doesn’t make sense. He doesn’t find anything so he’s thinking maybe someone else got there before him. Samantha is walking by and Adam shows her The Archive. Samantha says the room has her spun sideways. Adam then calls in Dane.


Dane says there is definitely something going on, but he just can’t make sense of it. Kailyn and Mark are in there too. We see various HG making guesses what’s going to happen with the room. Chelsea says the secret room has been discovered and no one knows what it is. Chelsea says there is a lot of speculation and a lot of paranoia.


The HG are all in the HOH room. Damien asks for a beat and he does a rap for everyone. Adam tells Laura she’s next but she declines to participate. Laura says to see Damien rapping when he barely says two words a day, maybe that’s way of campaigning. She’s not going to do that for a vote.


Kyra, Kiera, Samantha, Anthony, and Estafania are in the HOH room talking about Laura and they feel a fake vibe. Laura comes in and talk switches to The Archives room. We then have an awkward silence and Laura decides to leave. They says Laura is fighting for her chance to stay and she’s trying to get on everyone’s good side. Chelsea with Laura, you have a loose cannon, a wild card. But look at Damien, you have a big strong bro. Do we need another one of them in the house?


Samantha points out they don’t really know Damien’s capabilities yet. It’s a balance, do they keep a potential comp beast or someone who lies? Chelsea says they might be flip-flopping all the way up until the vote.


Arisa goes to the HG and greets them and it’s time for the first eviction of the season. They have 30 seconds to plead their case. Damien says he’s really a rookie trying to play with the big leaguers. He’s grown to love them and he hopes they give him the opportunity to keep playing the game. Laura says her time in this game and she hopes they honor the alliance they made on the first day. Put some respect on her name and keep her here because they will be taking each other to the final two. Arisa reminds them the magic number to be evicted is 6.


It’s time to vote!

Samantha votes to evict Laura.

Dane sadly votes to evict Laura.

Eddie sadly votes to evict Laura.

Kiera sadly votes to evict Laura.

Chelsea votes to evict Laura.

Right now Laura has 5 votes for eviction and Damien has none. We’ll find out the rest of the votes soon…


Time to continue voting!

Kyra votes to evict Laura.

Anthony votes to evict Laura.

Maki votes to evict Laura.

Kailyn sadly votes to evict her friend, Laura.

Estafania votes to evict Laura.

Mark votes to evict Laura.

Arisa says it’s unanimous. By a vote of 11-0, Laura you have been evicted. Laura gives quick hugs and heads upstairs.


Arisa asks what Laura would have done differently. Laura says she doesn’t regret anything. Maybe in the moment she should have done something different, but that’s who she is and that’s how she felt in that moment and she doesn’t regret that.


Arisa says Laura called out one of Adam’s allies as a target. Why? Laura says she felt Samantha was someone to be careful of and people might think that was her mistake, but she doesn’t regret it. If she’s going down, then she’s taking them with her.


Last night, we gave fans the chance to vote for an asset to enter the house. They will have one day to complete a secret mission or they will be evicted immediately. Arisa brings out Holly and Cory. Arisa goes to the HG inside the house and she tells them they have an opportunity to see a blindside go down. Arisa introduces them to Holly and Cory and says one of them will be moving in with them tonight. Arisa tells them Canada voted them in. Arisa is going to reveal who is going in…the agent moving in to BBCAN HQ tonight is…Cory.


Arisa says now that the HG are no longer watching, Cory gets her secret mission. She must make 3 separate final two deals. She has 24 hours to accomplish her mission and if she doesn’t then she’ll be immediately evicted. Cory says what?!? I just got here! Arisa says she’ll head into the house in just a moment!


Arisa recaps Cory’s mission. She’s also tells Cory if she’s successful, then she’ll have immunity for the week! Cory heads inside to meet the HG. Introductions and hugs begin. Arisa can’t wait to see how Cory fits in and if she can complete her mission. Sunday night we’ll find out how she does and who is the next HOH. Live feeds are open a little later tonight!

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