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Big Brother Canada Season 7 Premier

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The time has come once again to assemble all operatives. The mission: find the ultimate agent. The protocol: by any means necessary. We will always be one step ahead. We will always be watching. All operatives will be tested and they will face pervasive threats completely out of their control. How long will they survive? What will they sacrifice? These answers are yet unknown. But one thing is for certain, they should never truly trust us. Let the spy games begin…Big Brother Canada Season 7 starts now.


Please welcome the host of Big Brother Canada, secret agent boss Arisa Cox! This year is all about top secrets, espionage, and undercover missions. We’re in for another explosive season of BB Canada. Tonight, we begin our search for the ultimate agent, the one who can outwit and outlast anything Big Brother can throw at them.


Access is granted for our first look at the inside of the Big Brother house! The HG will be trapped 24/7 for 70 days. In a house of spies, there’s nowhere to hide and nothing is at it seems. The life of a spy is never easy. The have-nots will be tested and tortured. This season’s biggest secret is hidden behind agencies walls: Leon’s Lounge and there is a mysterious weapon never seen before…the blood veto. Tonight, the first agent to enter chosen by Canada, will get to enter early.


We’re ready to drop our first blindside and this was left up to Canada. We got to choose which HG got top level clearance and they will be sent into the house alone and will have a chance to get some top secret intel and none of the HG will ever know. The HG chosen for this opportunity is…Damien.


Let’s get to know secret agent Damien a little better. Damien is 28 and he’s an all Canadian stereotypical guy. He plays hockey and played pro in Australia and is now retired. He thinks it’s important to be a role model for kids. Whether he’s on the ice or in the house, he’s ready to do what it takes to get the job done.


Damien is welcomed to the stage by Arisa and she explains the first twist. Arisa says there are a couple of ground rules. He can’t tell any HG, Canada chose them for a reason and there is something for him to find. He can now enter and he heads into the house.


Damien steps into the house and notes it’s pretty empty. He begins to look around and heads downstairs and wants to know if this is even real. He begins looking through cabinets and he goes to the storage room and sees the Wendy’s window and looks in the fridge. He heads back upstairs and he’s in the bathroom and looks in the washer and dryer. He says he has to find something. He looks under the couch and then heads back downstairs.


Damien is trying various doors and he finally finds The Archives with a desk and empty shelves. He looks under the table and looks at each of the shelves. He finds a shelf that moves and he heads into Leon’s Lounge and he sees the blood veto. He tries to grab it but an alarm goes out. A television screen comes on and he sits down to watch.


Time to meet the next group of agents. First, we have Laura and she’s 26 and she’s from Alberta. She’s a judicial court and people don’t expect what she does because of how she looks.


Dane is next and he’s 27 from British Colombia and he was a hockey player. He has a few missing teeth and he’s the life of the party. He’s single and ready to mingle.


Chelsea is from Alberta and she’s a perfectionist. She does a morning radio show and she comes from the pageant world. She doesn’t keep her opinions to herself and she’s here to win.


Adam is from Newfoundland and he’s been working in the oil fields. He’s a super fan of Big Brother. He’s been waiting for this moment!


Eddie was born in Chine, but he lives in Montreal now and he learned English from watching Big Brother. In the future, he’ll be very rich and he feels most people are stupid.


Dane wants to find a solid alliance with people who are smarter, Adam wants to find a guys alliance and duke it out the end. Chelsea is not here to fall in love. Eddie is playing the game for no one but himself. Arisa welcomes the first group of HG to the stage.


Arisa welcomes them and congratulates them. She let’s them know Big Brother has never taken surveillance so seriously before. They’ve been warned. They then head inside to the house. Damien gets to see them enter the house. The HG are introducing themselves to each other while Damien watches. The HG go to check out the house. Adam and Dane are in the SR already chatting strategy. They are feeling each other out and Adam pitches a four person guys alliance. Damien says someone is always watching and he’d get along with those guys.


Five HG are officially in and one is in full spy mode. Time to send in some more. Mark is from Edmonton and he’s a travel guide. He comes from an ultra religious family, but he’s not religious.


Samantha is from Newfoundland and she’s a local eye brow celebrity. If someone is a threat, she will fire them.


Anthony is from Ontario and he’s going to be a comp beast, but he’s a big teddy bear.


Kiera is from British Colombia and she’s an alpha female. There’s more to her than meets the eye.


Kailyn is from Alberta and she’s a psychic and her gift is reading people. If someone’s spirit doesn’t speak to her, then bye!


Arisa welcome the next 5 HG to the stage. Arisa gives them a minute to soak it in because this will be the biggest mission of their life. They head inside and introductions begin. Damien is still watching them from Leon’s Lounge. Chelsea and Laura are talking about being able to spy on people. Damien says this is nuts. Arisa informs Damien his mission is now over and he needs to come out.


Time to meet the final three HG. Kyra is 25 and she identifies as gender non-binary. She can understand and manipulate both males and females and she’s going to be a strategic force.


Estefania and she’s from Quebec and she loves to do yoga and meditate. She says it’s easy to connect to people and she will use that to her advantage.


We meet Maki and he’s here for the social experiment of Big Brother Canada.


Kyra’s weakness is women and Estefania is single. Maki’s strategy is to find out what people like and become that. He’s chill.


We welcome the last 3 HG along with Damien to the stage. Arisa says before they move in a word of warning: they are taking secrets and spying to a whole new level. They enter the house and introductions begin with the last group.


The HG all head to sit down and they do a round robin of introductions. During introductions Dane takes out his teeth and Chelsea does not seem excited. Arisa tells us we have a lot to get to, the first HOH of the season and another blindside.


For the next ten weeks our HG will act as secret agents, but spying has never been this much fun. Time to check in with the special agents now. Arisa calls all the HG to the LR. Arisa says they might want to wipe those smiles away. There’s about to be a Big Brother breach, they might not be happy about. Before they entered, they all were asked one thing they didn’t want the HG to know about them. They’re about to learn each other’s weak spots.


Anthony didn’t want the HG to know he hasn’t watched that many seasons. Dane has a soft side. Chelsea is from the pageant world. Maki has watched one full season of BB Canada. Kyra is going to be a comp beast later on. Adam didn’t want people to know he works in oil fields because they make good money. Estefania is an undergrad in psyche. Laura is a sensitive person. Kiera thinks she’s a great liar. Kailyn doesn’t want people to know she does readings. Damien didn’t want people to know he played hockey professionally. Arisa let’s their secrets sink in.


14 HG are about to compete in the first HOH comp of the year. Let’s get to it. They are all in individual booths and they are in chairs and they are tied up. This mission is called Operation Escape. They have to be the first to escape their cells. The first 7 to escape their cells will move on to attempt to dig their way out of the yard. The first to escape and hit their buzzer will be the first HOH. Oh, and one more thing. There will be no veto the first week which means one of the two nominees WILL be evicted. The challenge starts now!


The HG start working to escape. Damien says he’s already seen alliances form and he wants to ensure his safety and win HOH. Water is pouring on them from the ceiling. They are all untied and a few are breaking their chairs to reach for the keys. Adam is the first to grab his keys and all he has to do is figure out which one opens the lock. He wants to win because he doesn’t want to go home week one.


Laura gets her keys and she wants to win. She’s never going to be a floater so it’s imperative that she win this HOH. Adam is the first out with Kiera right behind. Estefania is out in the third spot. Dane hasn’t gotten his keys yet and he wants to win because he’s a huge target. Kailyn is out and Anthony is out. Mark immediately gets out and there is one spot left.


One spot remains as the HG work to free themselves. Maki is the last out and takes the final spot. Laura is very upset and she has to watch from her cell and there’s nothing she can do about it. For the second portion, they have a spoon and the first person to dig out and hit their buzzer becomes the first HOH. Adam is working hard and scooping huge amounts of dirt. He says there is no way in hell he’s letting the others get to the other side before him.


Estefania is concerned she’s so much tinier than Anthony and Adam she doesn’t have a chance, but she keeps digging to get through it. Mark is making progress and Maki is too and he’s moving faster because he sees Adam is making good leeway too. Maki can’t fit through. Adam is sliding through and he’s halfway through and working to get unstuck on the other side. Everyone else is still working to catch up. Adam is finally free and he hits his button and has become the first HOH.


After the commercial, Arisa will give further intel on the next blindside. It will give Canada a chance to change things inside the house.


14 agents have already entered the house. But guess what? We’re not done. It wouldn’t be Big Brother Canada without giving the fans input. Tomorrow night, one agent will be voted in and they will be given 1 day to complete a mission.


Holly is from Newfoundland. She doesn’t have a strategy. Cory is from New Brunswick and she will be strategizing all the time. Holly is an armored guard and she’s trained to shoot to kill. Cory is a math teacher and she’s a smart cookie. Cory doesn’t care what her mission is, it will be complete. Holly will not fail and she’ll accept the mission. It’s all up to Canada. They can vote as often as they want and they have one day to do so. Spy season has officially begun and the 14 HG inside have no idea about this blindside but they’ll get to see it all go down tomorrow night!

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