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Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 - Episode #10

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Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, with power on the line, the house was gunning for the duo of Tomato and when it came down to Tamar vs. Kato, the Braxton derailed the K-train. Kandi tried to warn Tamar about the real power in the house, but Tamar was intent on her original plan. With the veto still to be played, Tamar considered a possible backdoor, but with Lolo earning her first gold medal, she assured Tomato would be squashed.


At the live eviction, the house said lato to Kato. Tonight, a new HOH will be crowned and two more celebrities will be put on the chopping block. Plus, Omarosa is back! All this right now on Celebrity Big Brother!


We pick up on Day 20 after the eviction and Lolo says she’s sorry Tom has to stay another day or two. Tom says he’s surprised he’s still there. Is he in a futile position? He needs to make some friends fast and then he has to win HOH. Tamar is celebrating getting Kato out and she says nothing like making the best out of your HOH, but you can’t ever get too confident in this game.


Lolo says she’s grateful to be there, and she feels comfortable with Tamar, Natalie, and Ricky, but they have to go after Tom. Tom congratulates Tamar and he says she did much better than he did. He says he stunk at it. Kandi says Tom is like a lost puppy now that Kato is gone and she needs to make sure she brings him over to her side to take out one of the big dogs.


Ricky and Lolo are talking and Ricky tells her good job and they need to keep winning. Ricky wants to know who she’d put up and Lolo says there are a few options. Ricky says Tom and Kandi and she says that’s an option. Ricky says they have to make sure they win HOH and get one of them out.


We see Dina and Kandi talking and Kandi is telling Dina she’d put up Natalie and Lolo. Dina wants Kandi to go talk to Tom. Kandi says she needs to get Tom motivated to fight with them and win this HOH. Kandi asks Tom who he’d put on the block and he says he hasn’t thought about it. He doesn’t think he’s going to win. Kandi says it has to be one of the athlete’s because if they win past this, they have the majority. Tom says yeah, get out the athlete’s next, but he needs to hold his cards close to his vest. She could be coming in to gather information and he needs to make sure she’s on his side.


Tamar comes out of the DR and says it’s time for the HOH competition. The BY is set up casino style. There are slot machines, a craps table, and two life-sized dice. Omarosa comes out. Lolo says Omarosa is a boss and she was one of her faves and seeing her makes her day. Omarosa is excited to host this competition but a part of her wishes she were competing.


Omarosa reads the rules and they will go head-to-head and select an opponent. Each HG will step inside the dice and they will be given a number they have to “roll”. Omarosa will spin the wheel they have to match and the first player to get their number on the top of the dice and on their platform will become the next HOH. They will be playing Celebrity Tumbling Dice.


Tom is up first and he would like to challenge Ricky. Tom says Kato is gone, he’s next. He has to win HOH. He chose Ricky first so he can knock him out so he doesn’t knock out Kandi or Dina. Their target number is 6. Ricky recaps the rules for us and he says this is really hard. He feels like he’s in a puzzle he can’t get out of. Tom says this is challenging. He’s rolling but he’s getting disoriented. Tom is moving and he thinks he has it and Tom is first back to the platform and Tom has won.


Lolo and Natalie don’t look happy and Lolo says he’s good at it. Natalie tells Dina and Kandi they have to pick Tom. Kandi says why would she pick Tom? She needs to keep him in the game. Lolo is up next. She says they just sent Kato to the guest house and now the gloves are off. Lolo selects Tom. Their target number is 4. Lolo says she feels like a hamster on a wheel. She can’t even get her brain to fathom how to do this.


Tom says Lolo is trying to take him. Tom says if they keep picking him he will get better and better at this. Not a smart move. Tom has it and steps on the platform and he is correct. Lolo is eliminated. Lolo says Tom is like the bad guy and they can’t get rid of him. Natalie is next and Lolo tells her to pick Dina. Natalie selects Dina. Lolo tells Natalie to use this one to figure it out.


Dina doesn’t know why Natalie picked her, but she thinks it looks like fun. Their target number is 6. Dina is just trying to figure out how to do the dice, but in dice it’s luck. She never thought she’d be in a cube rolling a dice like that. Kandi says Dina doesn’t know where to flip. She’ll flip forward and then back to the same spot. Omarosa is encouraging both HG. Natalie makes it back first and wins. Dina is eliminated. Natalie says she doesn’t feel good about it because it took her way longer than she expected and she still has to beat Tom.


Kandi is next and she has to challenge Natalie. Lolo says what is Kandi doing here? Did she forget they just saved her? She’s scrambling to the other side because Tom is winning. She needs to go. Kandi says she needs to get Natalie out. Their target dice is 2. Tom is rolling the dice in his head to figure out the moves before he gets in the game.


Kandi has her dice moving and Natalie is moving hers along too. Natalie needs to be Kandi because she doesn’t trust her at all. Natalie makes it back just before Kandi and Natalie remains in the game and Kandi has been eliminated. Natalie now will go against Tom for HOH. Natalie says the pressure is on and she wants to win it for her team.


Natalie and Tom’s target number is 5. Tom says it’s him vs Natalie and he’s a target. Guess what? He’s not going to lose, he’s winning this Natalie. Tom easily rolls the dice and is the first back and Tom has won the HOH! Tom says he’s excited and he did it for Kato. He holds the key up. Natalie says this is very bad. Lolo says this is not good. Ricky says Tom won HOH again and is coming after us.


The HG come inside from the HOH comp and they are all chanting HOH. Tom says he’s making every effort not to celebrate too much. Things change quickly and he has to be more careful about that now. Natalie says Tom winning was the worst-case scenario, but this is Big Brother and she believes in miracles. This isn’t over.


Kandi goes into the lounge with Tom and she celebrates. She says she couldn’t celebrate before she has to tell him good job. She hopes by going after Natalie in the competition shows him she meant what she said and that he will go after the athletes.


Natalie and Tamar are in the BR and Natalie says so close. She says she’ll be going up on the block. Tamar says why do you say that and she says because she didn’t listen to him and Kato. Lolo says Tom needs to go after someone else because he has way too much blood on his hands. Natalie says Tom ran through each of them. Lolo says he had it figured out game one.


Dina is talking to Tom in the lounge and says Tamar is with Natalie, Lolo, and Ricky. She says they are freaking out. Tom says that’s why he doesn’t want to celebrate too much. Dina says they told us to pick Tom and they have been mean girls since day one. Tom says this is the first time he has seen Dina actually talk game. Oh, there’s Dina. He needs Kandi’s vote and Dina’s vote and let’s do this!


Lolo and Natalie are in the WA. Lolo says it’s in God’s hands. Lolo says Dina and Kandi have no blood on their hands. Natalie says Kandi picking her in the competition shows she isn’t with them. And if she’s not with them, she’s against them. Lolo goes to tell the room that. Natalie tells Tamar. Natalie says Kandi is stupid, bye bye. Tamar says they are making Kandi smarter than she is. Tamar tells us Kandi let the cat out of the bag by making it clear she was working with Tom. Lolo says she has no blood on her hands and Natalie says Kandi is dead to her.


Kandi and Dina are talking about relationships. Dina says she misses a special someone. She lives in New York and he lives in another state. Kandi asks if they’ve met and she says not yet. She says she knows it’s crazy, but she’s going to marry him. Tamar comes in and Kandi says that’s catfish. They haven’t done facetime either. Dina says he doesn’t use it and Tamar says that’s a lie. Everyone facetimes, even her son.


Natalie comes in and Tamar is still talking to Dina. She wants to know why they haven’t met and Dina says he lives in another state and he can’t leave because he’s taking care of his mom. They tell Dina she can’t go by herself. Natalie says she needs to have someone go with her. Tamar says she’ll do it because she wants to see if it’s a catfish situation. Dina says some guys just don’t use iPhones.


Natalie goes to talk to Tom in the HOH. Tom wants to talk to the HG and maybe it will curry favor for next week when he can’t be HOH. He says one of them will be the target though. Natalie says she’s good with not putting him on the block next week. Tom says I won’t put you up, but if someone wins veto and comes down I might have to put you up, but the other person will be my target. Natalie says wait! That’s a backdoor, and she’s not cool with that.


Tom talks to Lolo and says he wants to put her up as a pawn and he wants her to win veto and take herself down. Lolo says what if I don’t? Tom says you’re not my target and I’m hoping you won’t put me on the block next week. Lolo starts crying and she says she’s hoping she’s not the target. Tom says she is not. Tom tells us she’s not the target, he has someone else in mind…hello Ricky!


Ricky comes in for his talk. Tom says he wanted Ricky out last time and he still wants Ricky out. He needs to orchestrate all the moves to get Ricky out. He makes the same deal with Ricky that he made with Lolo. Tom tells us he lied to Ricky. Hello, it’s Big Brother. Ricky says Tom’s deal is not a deal. He’s not an idiot. Ricky says they had enough votes to evict Tom last week but if he doesn’t nominate himself, Lolo, or Natalie, Tom’s chances improve on staying. Ricky says he doesn’t think Tom will let their alliance stick together.


Tom says he’ll consider Ricky’s offer and Tom says his gut tells him there’s deception going on. Ricky is lying to him and he’s lying to Ricky. This is what happens in deception. He gets lied to and he lies back and now they are lying to each other. That’s just Big Brother.


It’s 2:27 am and the HG are sleeping and Tom is downstairs in a pink hoodie holding two boxes of cereal and pretending to be an eagle and soaring around and flying. He flies between the KT and WC area. He finishes and says that was a good one. That was a good one for sure.


Tamar and Natalie are talking and Natalie says it’s pretty obvious he’s going to put up one of the four. Natalie says she’s not even mad at Kandi, she pretends like she’s not playing, but she’s playing. Kandi comes in and Natalie says it’s way too cold in the room and she leaves.


Kandi says Natalie clearly isn’t a fan of hers and that’s ok. She’s not a fan of theirs. Tamar says they feel like they saved Kandi and Kandi says they didn’t save me, Tamar did. Tamar says they are mad they are going up. Kandi says then be mad at that, but don’t blame me. Tamar says two of her BR alliance is going on the block, but she trusts Kandi 100%. Kandi says at the end of the day, if one of them goes, they have a better chance of making it to the end.


Tom and Kandi are talking in the HOH room. Tom tells her he’s thinking of putting up Lolo and Ricky and he wants to keep Lolo safe and Ricky is the target. If Ricky wins veto, then he’ll put up Natalie. Kandi says Lolo and Natalie should be the targets and she doesn’t think Natalie will come after Tom. Kandi thinks Natalie will come after her. Tom says maybe he should have talked to her first, because he might have gotten himself into deeper trouble than he wants to be. Tom says he told Lolo she was going on the block and Natalie would not. Now he might be in trouble.



It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Tom’s first nominee is…Ricky. Tom’s second nominee is…Natalie. Tom says he nominated because they are both incredible athletes and competitors and he chose to target them because they are targeting him. He wishes them luck in the veto competition.


Tom says he was in an alliance together, but it was full of lies. He wants to knock them out of the game before they can get him out. Ricky says he’s not surprised, but he’s going down fighting. Natalie says Tom is a massive liar. He lied to her face and then switched nominations last minute. He’s coming for her. Lolo wishes Tom would cut the BS. Thanks for saving her for the backdoor. One of them has to win.

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