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Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 - Episode #3

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Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, 12 famous faces began the battle for a quarter of a million dollars and two of the celebs came in with some extra baggage. With the HGs playing in pairs, power was on the line and Lochte and Bennet were victorious, but it was short-lived.

Knowing he could end up on the block, Jonathan pitched Ryan on a super alliance and he quickly got Lolo, Tamar, Natalie, and Kandi on board. With Ryan and Jonathan going to battle for the most powerful position in the house, Lochte knocked down his block...tee's, putting Jonathan on the block-tee.

Needing two more nominees, Ryan told his alliance he was going after the long islanders, but Jonathan didn't want his Mean Girl momma up. At the nomination ceremony, Jonathan kept Dina out of the deep end. Tonight is the first veto of the season, and with the game underway, emotions are beginning to erupt. All this right now on Celebrity Big Brother!

We pick up after the nomination ceremony and Ryan says Tom is a sleeper and could be a threat and Anthony is smart. Anthony is not loving the fact he is on the block, but from a strategic point of view, Ryan did what he would do and nominate people who could be a threat.

Jonathan says it sucks being on the block but he has a solid alliance and he should be OK. Tom says I'm on the block, what do I do? Do I go up and chew the HoH out? No, that's not going to do me any good. He says maybe I get close to him and he'll use the veto on me if he wins.

Natalie, Lolo, and Tamar are talking and they are discussing the change of plans on the nominees. Lolo says she saw Ryan and Jonathan exchange looks right before nominations. Tamar says it's very clear that this is Jonathan's HoH and Ryan is playing them, but she sees right through them.

Jonathan and Ryan are talking the HoH room and Jonathan says he never thought he'd be teamed up with an Olympic athlete and for some reason he just trusts him. Jonathan thanks Ryan for not putting up Dina and Ryan says it's good, they can get others out and they can be ride or dies until the end.

Tom is talking to Anthony with Kandi, Ricky, and Joey in the kitchen and they are talking about Trump and his tweeting. Anthony says Trump figured out Twitter has a bigger reach than the newspapers. Anthony says Trump's never tweeted at him, but if he turned on Anthony he has a big mouth and that wouldn't be good for him.

Lolo, Tamar, and Natalie are working out and Jonathan comes in and he says he's bored and he's eating a bowl of cereal. The girls they aren't talking and Jonathan leaves again. The girls wonder why he would come in. Lolo thinks Jonathan is sketchy and making decisions for the alliance without their input. They discuss that Jonathan has to go and Natalie doesn't want to go after their alliance already and Tamar says he is already on the block. Natalie says they are thinking too much. Lolo says if we don't get him out now, we might regret it.

Tamar, Lolo, and Natalie are in the bedroom talking. Natalie tells us she and Lolo are in the final two and they have to come up with a bomb name. She's talking right in front of Tamar about a Final Two and Lolo sees Tamar.

In the DR, Natalie says OMG, how could I not check the room.

Natalie asks if she thought of a Final Three name and Tamar says I don't have a name. Lolo says did you say Final Two and Tamar says that's what she said. Tamar tells us it's been a day and she has a name for them...Busted dot com.

Lolo says she will back Natalie up but she thought Kandi and Tamar were a Final Two and Tamar says I will punch you in the throat. Lolo gets offended and backs away and says she doesn't know Tamar well enough to know that's a throat and she says she was born a fighter. Jonathan comes in and Lolo advises he might want to come back and he leaves. Tamar says Lolo isn't happy that she knows about her alliance with Natalie and Tamar just needs to sit and chill. She says people think she's stupid and she's not stupid.

Tamar, Lolo, and Natalie are in the HoH room watching the TV and they are talking about Jonathan and Ryan being together all the time. Tamar says she knows they have a Final Two. Ryan bursts in and says why are you talking about me and it gets quiet and Lolo says let's go guys. Lolo says she's a little jealous of Ryan and Jonathan because her and Ryan are supposed to be bonded.

Ryan says he may not be a Big Brother fanatic, but he can tell when something's up and if the girls are scheming and plotting something, he's going to have to turn it up a notch. He tells Jonathan he might have to turn it up a notch and win veto and put one of the girls up. He and Jonathan are cracking up.

Jonathan and Ryan go downstairs and Ryan mumbles try and backdoor me. Lolo says she's trying to put her trust in Ryan, but she doesn't know if Jonathan has swayed him enough where she can't trust the alliance. Lolo comes into the kitchen and says wonder who's a Final Two and she motions to the pictures on the wall of Jonathan and Ryan and flips them off as she leaves again. Ryan wants to know what is up with Lolo and if she wants to come at them like that, she will find him on the winner's podium and her behind on the block.

It's time to pick players for the veto competition! Only six people will participate in the veto competition. The nominees join Ryan. Ryan doesn't want to pick Lolo, he doesn't really trust her and doesn't know if she's part of his alliance. Ryan will pull two chips out of the box to determine the other two players. If he picks his name or a nominee, they get to select HGs to compete.

Anthony would like to see Kandi, Tamar, and Dina pulled because they aren't athletic. Ryan pulls Ricky and Ricky doesn't really want to show his athletic ability this soon. Ryan pulls Joey next. BB will inform when the competition is to begin.

Lolo comes out of the DR and says it's time for the veto competition. It's western themed and Kato loves it.

Lolo reads the directions and they need to stack up gold bars to win the veto competition. They have to rock their bronco back and forth and once they've done it 60 times, they will have 30 seconds to stack their gold bars. But there's a catch, their horseshoe is spinning. The first player to stack all their gold bars will win the power of veto. Anthony says the thing that looks like a toilet seat from Trump Tower?

Ryan says his rear still hurts from the last competition. Tom says he needs to win, but he's got a beer there and he takes a drink and says that won't help. They all get on their broncos and begin. Ricky is the first off and he starts moving his gold bars closer to the horseshoe. Jonathan is off next and he says he needs to win because Lolo just flipped of his and Ryan's photo on the memory wall and his alliance is a hot mess.

Joey says even though you want to win every competition, he thinks it might be smarter to lose so he doesn't have a target on his back. Ricky says his ability to stay calm will help, it's like stacking blocks with his son. Tom doesn't want to jam his testicles into the saddle. He doesn't want to call his mom and says she'll never be a grandma, but he won veto on Celebrity Big Brother!

Kato says Anthony looks like a little kid on a horse in front of a store and he needs another quarter. Anthony doesn't seem to like the competition. Joey is moving slowly and Tamar says he's done better acting since he was five and everyone knows he's throwing the competition. Ryan is feeling super confident and he thinks he's going to win this. His gold bars fall over and he has to start over again. Ryan says, Jonathan, you have to win this!

Ricky and Tom are doing really well and Jonathan realizes he needs to giddy-up for this win. Tom says he needs to keep stacking his bricks properly to keep the momentum going. Ricky is getting close and Jonathan says looking at his gold bricks is like looking at a mirage and Jonathan's bricks fall. It's between Ricky and Tom, with Ricky slightly leading. Tom says he has no idea what Ricky will do if he wins so he can't horse around. Tom's bricks fall and Ricky finishes and Ricky has won't the Golden Power of Veto!

Ricky says he didn't really want it but...yee haw! He did. Now he has to figure out what he's going to do now. Tom is in the DR and Ricky! Help me, help me! Anthony says he knows if he can't get off the block he's going to be going home. But if he can get through these twists and turns, then maybe he can get through this week.

They all head in after the veto competition. Ricky says he won the veto and he was trying to lay low and now he has to figure out what he's going to do. Tamar is in the bathroom area with Kandi and they are discussing and they whisper about their relationship. Kandi says they have a long history with each other, but she thought they were good. Tamar says the tour was horrible for her because she was having trouble and Kandi interjected herself. Tamar says she's just trying to keep it cool with Kandi and she doesn't want any drama.

Kandi and Tamar are in the lounge and they are discussing their history. Kandi says Tamar thinks her group was trying to be mean to Tamar and that wasn't happening. Kandi says whatever Tamar is thinking, it's clearly a misunderstanding. Tamar is getting upset with Kandi because she's laughing. Tamar says she didn't come here for all that cackling and hackling. Kandi says this isn't going well and Tamar gets up to leave the lounge and they start arguing again. Kandi says this is hilarious to her and it's totally ridiculous. We see Tamar go into the DR and she has glasses on and she's crying.

Ryan wants to talk to Ricky real quick and they head to the lounge. Ryan says he doesn't want any of the guys to go on the block this week so he wants to make a deal with Ricky. Ryan tells Ricky he's in an alliance with the girls. Ryan says the girls have been acting shady so he needs Ricky to use the veto so he can put Lolo on the block. Ryan tells Ricky he thinks the girls will vote out Jonathan and he pitches putting up Lolo if Ricky uses the veto.

Tamar and Kandi are talking again and they agree to talk after the show is over. Kandi says she felt like Tamar was being petty and Tamar is immediately upset again and they start arguing again. Kandi says she can't believe they are still arguing about this. She doesn't know what Tamar wants her to say to make them feel better.

Ricky goes to Lolo and tells her what Ryan has said. Ricky says he did that to stir the pot because he thinks people don't deal with stress well. Lolo doesn't know if Ricky is being honest or not, but she feels betrayed by Ryan. Lolo calls Tamar and Natalie in and tells them what Ricky said and then Kandi comes in and she and Tamar start again. Tamar says they need to set it aside and hug. Tamar says she hugged Kandi because they have to keep Lolo off the block because that's her girl for real.

Ryan hopes Ricky sees the girls are a threat in the game so they can use the veto and kick them off. Natalie is hoping and praying that Ricky does NOT use the power of veto now that she knows Lolo is in danger.

Time for the veto meeting! Ricky has decided... NOT to use the PoV. Ricky says no one came up to him and gave him a strong enough offer. He didn't want to get any blood on his hands if it wasn't worth it. This veto meeting is adjourned!

Ricky says he decided not to use the veto because no one up there is worth saving to him right now, but it helped create some relationships. Anthony says it's time to put knee pads on his elbows and get out there and schmooze. Anthony says he's been fired before but he's not a quitter.

Tom says Ricky didn't use the veto on him. Tom says Big Brother is like his real life...disappointing. Jonathan says he needs to make some real moves to make sure he doesn't go home. Lolo says thank god! Crisis averted! But if Ricky tells the truth, it might be time for Jonathan to go.

Which celebrity will be the first to be evicted? And a shocking new twist will send a second celebrity home!

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