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Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 - Episode #2

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Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, 12 celebrities began the battle for a quarter of a million dollars, among them the gold medal swimmer, the WWE superstar, the comedian, the recording artist, and the mooch. Some HG were star struck by the fellow roommates, but Kandi and Tamar were less than thrilled to see each other.


Julie quickly unleased the first twist of the night, and the famous faces were forced to team up. But when Kato and Natalie didn’t get picked, they got an unexpected surprise. With the HOH on the line, the power pairs went for a swing, and Jonathon and Ryan lapped the competition. But before the champagne could be popped, Julie dropped a bomb. Tonight, Ryan and Jonathon go to battle and the stakes could not be higher. Who will become the first HOH and who will be the first nominee? Plus, with the game on, alliances are starting to form.


Julie greets us and welcomes us to night 2 of the CBB premier event. Tonight, either Ryan or Jonathon will become the most powerful player in the game. The winner will become the first HOH of the season and the loser will automatically be placed on the chopping block. But first, a victory has turned into a Big Brother blindside.


Jonathon tells us this is worst nightmare coming true. Now he has to compete against Mr. Gold Medalist, Ryan Lochte, to keep himself safe in the house. This is so screwed up. Ryan tells us this is hard. He has to go against his boy Jonathon. He has to win, he has to be the first HOH. Tamar says she knew Julie was going to throw a doozy, it’s why they say expect the unexpected.


Joey says they started the game hard. Now Ryan and Jonathon have to compete and cannibalize each other. Jonathon meets with Ryan in the gym and recaps Julie’s announcement and he says with numbers he wants to make sure he’s safe. If they can get 7 people in alliance to control the vote, he is golden. They discuss Lolo and Natalie along with Joey in an alliance but Jonathon says he and Ryan all the way to the end. Jonathon tells us he feels alright, he’s the brains and Ryan is the brawn. If they can get this alliance going, then they can have this game on Lochte. Ryan thinks the alliance will be golden for them.


Lolo is in with Tamar and Jonathon and they are talking and Jonathon broaches the idea of an alliance. Lolo and Tamar listen to Jonathon’s pitch to create the alliance with Natalie, Ryan, Joey, and Kandi. Tamar tells us this alliance fell in her lap, but her and Kandi don’t have the best history, but she needs to invite her in to the super group.


Tamar approaches Kandi in the WC area and pitches the alliance. Kandi says her and Tamar have a rocky past, but if this is what it takes to get her through the first eviction, let’s align! Lolo approaches Joey when they go to the gym and she pitches the alliance to him. Lolo says she knew Natalie would be on board because they are on the same wavelength, but she needs to talk to Joey. Tamar comes in and they start talking and Joey asks are they already playing? Joey tells them everyone is playing? Alliance? He hates that word. Lolo says she’s getting ready to pitch the alliance and then he says that? If he thinks he’s going to make it through the game without an alliance? Good luck. He’s talking and says if he had to he would, but it would be the last thing he would choose to do.


Lolo says she’s getting ready to pitch the alliance and then he says that? If he thinks he’s going to make it through the game without an alliance? Good luck. He’s talking and says if he had to he would, but it would be the last thing he would choose to do. Jonathon says does he know what game he’s playing?!? He thinks they are still good with six people, but the only way to guarantee his safety is to win the HOH competition.


The HG are milling around the KT talking. Tom has noticed the BY is open and there is an endless pool. Ryan says he’s in training for 2020 and there is an endless pool. He never has to stop training. He immediately gets in and the guys are standing around discussing Ryan swimming. Anthony says Ryan can swim, but can he swim with the sharks like he did in the White House?


Dina says the way he swims is great. He says he really is a mermaid…Merman? Merman. Kato is giving commentary on Ryan’s swimming and everyone is cheering. Tom and Anthony are talking in the LR and Tom asks if Anthony would go work for Trump again and he says he wouldn’t be asked to go back. Tom says Anthony is savvy and intelligent and they have something in common that very few people can say, they were both fired by the president. Tom says aren’t they draining the swamp though and Anthony the swamp doesn’t have a drain. They wonder if the government is still shut down. Anthony says there is so much acrimony between the parties, they can’t get anything done. Tom says maybe they fixed everything and got it all taken care of now. He says he’s Canadian, this is not his problem.


Lolo and Natalie are in the SR with Jonathon and they discuss Joey and his dislike of alliances. Jonathon makes a four way alliance with Natalie, Lolo, and Ryan. Natalie and Lolo are talking about being able to beast their way through the game. Natalie absolutely LOVES her final four, but Big Brother, you have to have a ride or die, and that person is Lolo.


Tamar, Kandi, and Lolo are in the BR talking and Natalie comes in and Tamar says they need four girls who will not stab each other in the back. Lolo says it never works. Tamar tells us even though she’s in the bigger alliance, having a four girl alliance is the best thing ever. She says it’s raining alliances. They discuss names and Natalie pitches The Four Tops and they all high five. Natalie says the new alliance is great and all, but her and Lolo were already in an alliance and they are going to play both sides for the moment. So when the time comes and your girls has to drop someone out of this ring, she’ll do it. Bye!


It’s now time to crown the first HOH of the season. Julie greets the HG and says this competition is called Block Buster. In front of them is a billboard for a new movie Nominee, but it’s one movie they don’t want to star in. They will fly across the yard and knock down ALL the blocks. The first HG to knock them down will be the first HOH and the loser will star in the movie and become the first nominee.


Ryan and Jonathon both say they need to win this competition to secure their safety in the game. Ryan says in the Olympics he follows a straight line, but here he has to climb over obstacles and climb things and swing. Jonathon seems to be struggling and Ryan has two huge hits on both of his billboards. Anthony says the way Ryan is knocking down that wall…the president should be worried. Ryan says he nearly took out both billboards.


Jonathon asks how he did that and he still seems to be struggling. Tom says watching Jonathon soar through the air reminds him of Mean girls…because he never stops talking about being in the movie Mean Girls. Jonathon finally gets a big hit on his first billboard. Ryan now has his first billboard done and only has 2 blocks on the second one. Jonathon says he needs to start knocking down these blocks or he’s going to be on the block.


Ryan says he has one billboard down and this is getting so difficult because he has to find the exact angle to knock down the last couple of bricks. Jonathon is back up and trying again. Dina says she’s worried for Jonathon because he’s an extended child and she’ll be crushed if he’s a nominee on day 1. Jonathon finally hits his second billboard and he says this is his chance to catch up because Ryan is having trouble with the last two blocks. Jonathon hits his second and then takes out his first billboard. Both Jonathon and Ryan are working on their second billboard. Lolo says Jonathon needs to work out a little more and move faster.


Ryan swings again and hits one of his blocks. Jonathon swings again and misses. Ryan finally hits his last block and he is the first HOH. He didn’t want to win the first HOH and get so much blood on his hands, but he can’t help it he’s a strong competitor. Julie says the twist doesn’t change anything, Ryan still has to choose two nominees to sit next to Jonathon and there will be three nominees. And he will have to choose those nominees in 30 minutes. Kandi says she hasn’t talked to Ryan at all, but she needs to quickly because she needs to stay in this game. Anthony says he’s worried about being a nominee. Tom says three nominees? What are you going to do take my right nut? They did that already.


Jonathon says he needs to pitch who should go up because he needs to make sure he’s safe this week. Jonathon says Dina and then Tom comes in. He stands there while Ryan and Jonathon are putting clothes away. There’s an awkward moment and Tom finally leaves. Jonathon pitches Joey and then Kato comes in and Tamar and Natalie both stick their heads in. Jonathon tells us he can’t get time to discuss things so he’ll have to figure it out later. Tamar tells us she knows she’s safe. They’re in an alliance! Kandi goes to Ryan to talk and Kandi asks what he’s thinking and Ryan says he doesn’t know. Kandi says if they’re supposed to be in an alliance, but he won’t discuss anything, how is that an alliance?


Anthony, Kato, and Tom are in the KT and Kandi is there and they are talking about using the nerd strategy in dodge ball. Let the jocks take each other out and then run up and hit the last jock. They discuss teaming up. Anthony and Tom shake hands and Kato says he’s in shock and he thinks it’s a great political move for him. Tom says he’s hanging out and discussing alliances with two guys who have hung out with two of the most controversial people in American history and…this might work out actually.


Just moments ago, Ryan became the first HOH of celebrity big brother and Jonathon became the first nominee and in just a few moments Ryan will have to nominate two people to put on the chopping block. Let’s see how he’s handling the pressure. Ryan talks to Tamar and Lolo and mentions Anthony and Dina as nominees. Tamar says that works for her, they are the two oldest in the house. Lolo also says she’s on board, let’s roll with it. Kandi says Ryan is being a little shady towards her because if he can tell the other girls, but was evasive with her, that makes her feel like she might be the first to go when they are down to just their alliance.


Ryan and Jonathon are talking again and Ryan says he wants to have his back and he suggests Dina and Anthony and Jonathon says it doesn’t feel good to him for Ryan to nominate Dina. She’s like a second mom to him, plus Lindsey would kill him. Ryan says who then? Jonathon suggests Tom and save Dina for later. Ryan says why are you doing this to me? Ryan tells us he has no idea who he will put up and he totally understands what Julie was talking about with power comes great responsibility.


It’s time for the celebrities first nomination ceremony. We’re going to the LR to find out Ryan’s decision. Julie calls everyone to the LR and asks how they are all doing. Anthony says it’s more stressful than the White House. Julie says Ryan as HOH, it’s now time to face your house mates and nominate to HG to sit next to Jonathon on the chopping block. As a reminder, Kato and Natalie cannot be nominated.


Ryan says he doesn’t really like this but his first nomination would be…Anthony. Anthony joins Jonathon on the couch. Julie says make your second nomination. Ryan says my second nomination is going to be…Tom. Tom joins Jonathon and Anthony. Julie says Tom, Jonathon, and Anthony, the three of you are now in jeopardy of being the first to be evicted.


Anthony gives Ryan a hug and says no hard feelings. Anthony says he needs to learn how to adapt and pivot. Tamar says she’s caught off guard and she thinks Jonathon advised him not to nominate Dina. Jonathon says Ryan took his advice and it shows him that Ryan listened to him and he can trust him 100%. Tom is freaking out right now and he’s not under the radar but he’s still in it to win. He’s not giving up!


Julie says tomorrow, Jonathon, Tom, and Anthony will all battle in a veto competition to save themselves and Friday will be the first eviction. And live feeds go live tonight! And after dark starts tonight and will be on every night.

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