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Episode 33-Nominations

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Previously, on Big Brother, things were heating up between Tyler and Angela and they chose to keep their showmance on the DL. But the house suspected they were more than just friends. With Scottie and Haleigh on the block, everyone wanted the geek to go bye-bye. At the live eviction, Scottie was booted for the second time. With power back up for grabs, it came down to Brett and Kaycee, but the wide receiver was too quick on her feet. With Kaycee in power, will Level 6 ride together and target the remaining outsiders? Or will the alliance start to implode. Plus, BB18’s Nicole is back and you’ll never guess why. And it’s all tonight, on Big Brother!


We pick up on day 79 after the HOH competition and with Julie telling them good night. Kaycee says check it out baby, she’s on a roll and she’s racking up competitions. They’re in the fourth quarter and there’s no stopping her. Brett says he came so close to winning HOH. This could have been the week to stir the pot and make some moves but he’s safe this week and he doesn’t get any blood on his hands. Hopefully, Kaycee doesn’t call an audible.


Tyler says with Kaycee as HOH, it might mean Level 6 might make it to final six. They’re almost there. Haleigh goes into the SR to get her luggage and she collapses in frustration. Haleigh tells us she needed to win that competition. Haleigh says back on the block again. She knows she’s going to see the block this week, it’s just a matter of who she sits next to. She just has to keep smiling and just keep swimming.


Sam is upstairs laying down and talking to herself and says it’s another Thursday day and she’s still here. She says she must be doing something right, but she’s in here all alone and it’s really hard. Kaycee and Angela are in the lounge and Angela says Kaycee won HOH and that’s what is keeping her happy. Kaycee says all they have left is Haleigh and then Sam. Kaycee feels the best move is to put up Sam as a pawn and Haleigh because she put Kaycee up and she can go right back up.


Who wants to see my HOH room! We see everyone head upstairs and make lots of noise. We see Kaycee’s basket and pictures. Angela is asking what a box is from and it says will you be my. Kaycee says she’s always been super close with her family and she’d do anything for them. She says her mom is still trying to understand her sexuality, but she knows they are supporting her and they have her back and she hopes she is making them proud.


We see Kaycee read the letter from her brother and we hear her read about him asking her to stand next to him at his wedding. Kaycee says yes of course and the HG all clap for her. Tyler says Kaycee might come off as a tough football player, but on the inside the real Kaycee is a teddy bear and she’s the most kind-hearted, genuine person. We see everyone give her hugs. Kaycee says she absolutely needed this and it fuels her so much to make it to the end. Nothing is going to stop her and she’s going to keep going until she gets there.


We see Angela and Tyler laying in the HOH bed and they are asking each other questions like what their favorite food is and what their least favorite food is. Angela says she’s had this acute strange sense of smell and it’s hard being in the house because some of the smells are foul. We see a montage of her smelling stuff, but she says a keen sense of smell can be a good thing sometimes. She says it’s one of her super powers. She can smell Kaycee cooking from the DR. She says Haleigh smells good, she smells like Moroccan oil. Angela says JC smells like sweat and Sam smells like her grandmother. Angela says Kaycee has a mild smell and Tyler smells amazing. Angela says Brett smells like beans and beer on a fraternity night.


Brett and Angela and Kaycee are talking in the BBR and they are talking about putting Sam up as a pawn and talking to her and making her feel comfortable. Kaycee says she’s not going to put anyone from Level 6 so that leaves Sam and JC. JC has been working with them more than Sam so she’s going to talk to her. Brett is talking to Sam and tells her no matter what, the house wants Haleigh out. Brett says she has to stay calm and Sam says so you’re saying it’s me? Brett says it could be him, but if it’s her she needs to stay calm. Brett says he’s trying to bond with Sam so if she wins HOH next week, she doesn’t look at him.


Sam tells us she trusts Brett. She says when he says something she takes his word for it. She recaps her conversation with Brett and says he tells her not to freak out. She says me? Freak out? Never! She tells Brett she appreciates the friendship. We then see Kaycee pull Sam into the HOH and she asks Sam how she’s feeling. Sam says her plan was just to say congratulations, she’s happy for Kaycee, and other that that she doesn’t know what to say.


Kaycee says Sam has a history of being paranoid and she needs to make sure Sam knows deep down she’s not the target. Kaycee starts talking and she says she has a target and that person has to go. Sam says she’s not as stupid as everyone thinks. Sam says Haleigh is going to do things to make her snap, like leave two pieces of fruit in the Tupperware. Kaycee tells us fingers crossed that she stays calm. Kaycee says she’s glad she got that over with.


We then see Haleigh go into the HOH room and she says it makes sense for Kaycee to put her up and she feels bad she put Kaycee up. She tells Kaycee she has her, she has her in her corner, and if she needs someone she has her. Kaycee tells us in DR, I have you, I have you, I have you. If she had me she wouldn’t have put me on the block. Not just once, but twice. She doesn’t trust Haleigh. Haleigh is continuing with her you have me comments a few more times in her pitch. We get an awkward moment of silence and then Haleigh says she’ll go downstairs, but Kaycee has her. Kaycee says Haleigh, yes I do have you…as my number one target.


Nicole comes in and she’s here to host today’s luxury competition. She goes in and she’s looking for the HG. She looks in the HNR and both bedrooms. All the HG are in the HOH room. She starts running through the house and says they don’t like her. The HG in the HOH room see her on their TV screen. As Nicole hits the LR, she sees Victor on the screen and tells her she’s not there for a luxury competition and he has a special message for her.


Victor says they met in the BB house and he thought she was the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen and he feel in love with her. The developed a friendship in the BB house, but their relationship blossomed in the real world. They had a solid friendship and he knew the moment they had their first kiss in New York that he was in love with her. The last place he thought he’d end up is Ubly Michigan, and now he lives in Ubly Michigan. Where she is is where he belongs. She’s the most kind and generous person he’s ever knows. She’s his soulmate and his lover and his best friend and even if he didn’t win BB, he walked out with the best prize of all. Their story began in the BB house and he doesn’t know where the next chapter will take them, but he knows it will be with her.


Victor comes around the corner and he got a hair cut and he’s clean shaven. Nicole says he changed his whole look she’s going to cry. He says she’s his everything, his soulmate, and he loves her and will he marry her? She says yes, of course. She says the ring is so cute and pretty and she says she loves him. They are both in the DR and she says they’re engaged she’s so shocked. Victor says you’re looking at the future Mr. and Mrs. Arroyo. He had the ring custom made just for her. The HG in the HOH room saw everything on the TV screen and they clapped. We hear a ding dong. Nicole says oh my god! We go to commercial.


Nicole and Victor are talking and the door bell rings and Vic says he got some friends of theirs to come and celebrate. Derreck and Paul carry in a huge cake, Josh has flowers, Danielle comes in with Brittney. Tyler says he needs a nice shirt in the HOH. Paul congratulates Victor. Paul says he had no idea they were dating because he was busy with shenanigans on 19. But his two favorite people are together. Josh is freaking out. He’s back in the BB house, but he couldn’t be more happy to celebrate the proposal of Victor and Nicole. He’s going to cry.


Derrick says he knew Nicole since 16 and they’ve become very close and stayed in touch and Victor is a great guy. Brittney says they are so cute together and so in love. Brittney says they have farm girl Nicole and strong man Victor and they are just cute together. Daniele says it’s very interesting to be back here, but she’s upset Dom didn’t propose to her here. She’s kidding…kind of.


Paul says should we invite more guests and he calls the HG down from upstairs. Tyler has changed his shirt. Hugs all around. Haleigh says this has been the worst month of her life, but these are iconic BB players and meeting them makes it worth it and she feels very grateful right now. Brett can’t believe he’s a part of something so beautiful, but he wants to ask them if he’s making himself look like a jackass or does he look as totally cool as he thinks he does.


Sam congratulates Nicole and Victor. She says she’s a hopeless romantic, she lives for stuff like this. She should have been in a Nicolas Sparks novel. Tyler says the house if full of legends right now. He only hopes he can be half the players they were. This moment is so surreal. Nicole says it’s crazy how much Big Brother has affected their lives, it couldn’t get any better. They pop champagne and Paul gives the toast. He says he was lucky to play with them both but he and Victor are buddies and his two buddies are merging. Derrick says he’s very happy to be there with her. He says playing with her was one thing, but her friendship outside the house is so special. Josh says we love you guys! Paul says he’s so happy he could be part of this and he can’t wait to see what lies ahead for them. Nicole cuts the cake and it’s strawberry filled and it has Nicole and Victor’s faces on them.


Josh says wedding crashers has nothing on him. He’s going to crash the wedding and bring meatballs and pots and pans. Angela says Derrick smells really good and you can tell a lot about a person by the way they smell. Victor grabs everyone’s attention and thanks them all for being there. Nicole seconds that. Josh starts the circus song from season 19 and they all kind of dance. Nicole says she got the money and the guy! Life is great! Derrick says they have to go because he thinks the HG have a nomination ceremony. Josh says bummer. Derrick said have fun with that. They do group hugs and the former HG leave.

JC has a hula hoop and he’s entertaining Sam and Brett. He has it around his waist, then puts it on her arm, and then he jumps rope with the hula hoop. Brett says he gets around…Get it. We then see Tyler and Angela in the hammock and Tyler wants to know her life story. Angela says her parents put her in gymnastics when she was 5 and started competing. She was fearless as a little kid. She got to a level she couldn’t be coached in Hilton Head so her mom drove her and she was still competing. She says she had no childhood and no life. She didn’t want to be the center of attention and she hated it. She says she doesn’t remember anything good from the sport and her relationship with her mom is weird. Plus her brother never got to see her mom so he resented her because she took their mom away.


She says that’s why she doesn’t have emotions now because she’s been forced to hide them for so long. She says she doesn’t know who she was without gymnastics and that broke their family apart. She felt like it was her fault and she felt like she needed to repay them by making them proud. She quit when she was 17 and she felt free. She decided her happiness was what was important. She then joined the track team and she decided to do pole vault. Her first pole vault meet she broke the women’s record and the men’s record. Tyler says hearing what she’s been through and it’s shaped her into an incredible person and he’s lucky he got to meet someone like her.


We see Haleigh go upstairs and ring the HOH doorbell, but Kaycee has her headphones on. Haleigh rang her doorbell six times and then peeks in and Kaycee says she didn’t hear anything. Haleigh says the last time she talked to Kaycee she didn’t get any answers so she’s going to go back in and give it the old college try. Kaycee says she really hasn’t been talking to anyone, but to get the least amount of blood on her hands, she’s sure Haleigh knows what she’s going to have to do.


Haleigh says she didn’t know if she’d be a target or what. Kaycee says she doesn’t have a target, so it comes down to veto and what the rest of the house wants to do. Kaycee says I know it’s not what you want to hear. Haleigh says she’s not mad and Kaycee says it’s going to be ok. Haleigh starts to get emotional and Kaycee comforts her and tells her not to stress. Haleigh says she feels like she has minimal people in here and Kaycee is one she enjoys and cares about and she keeps taking shots and she doesn’t want to go through this again. She apologizes to Kaycee and Kaycee says she’s fine. Haleigh says she’s just emotionally drained.


Haleigh says she has Kaycee again and she is just frustrated. Kaycee says she does love Haleigh, she really does. But she’s never worked with Haleigh in the game and she’s been loyal to Level 6. But for her to win the game she has to take out Haleigh. It’s nothing personal, strictly game.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Kaycee’s first nomination is Haleigh. The second HG she has nominated is…Sam. Kaycee has nominated Haleigh because she put her on the block twice and Sam voted against the house twice. At this point, she doesn’t have many options and this feels like the best game move her. She loves them.


Kaycee says this week has gone perfect. She has who she wants on the block, Haleigh as her target and Sam as the pawn and as long as Haleigh doesn’t win veto she gets to go to jury with the rest of her alliance. Sorry kid. Haleigh says her alliance has been sent home week after week and if they think she’s going to roll over and die, they have another thing coming.


Sam says it doesn’t seem real, but Kaycee has promised her she’s safe. Sam says if at the end she is standing there looking like a fool she’s going to rip these b*tches to shreds and tear every door off its hinges on the way out. They will regret it.

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