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Episode 29-Live Eviction and Jury Battle Back

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Previously, on Big Brother, Faysal and Haleigh thought they had an alliance with Tyler and Angela. But those hopes were dashed when Angela put them on the block, and Faysal finally fessed up to his terrible game play. With the POV the last chance to save Fayleigh, there was no slowing down Kaycee.


Angela told Haleigh that Faysal was the target. So Haleigh knew she had to start making new relationships to move forward, but Faysal wasn’t happy about it. At the veto meeting, Kaycee sealed the showmances fate. Tonight, Haleigh and Faysal will be broken, but the evictee will compete against the other jurors in the battle back. Who will get a second chance at the half million dollars? Find out now on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and tells us the past will come back to haunt the HG as the jurors compete to get back into the game. But first, is there such a thing as one final two too many? We pick up on day 69 after the veto meeting. Kaycee decided not to use the veto on either Faysal or Haleigh because they are big competitors. By keeping noms the same it guarantees one of them will go home.


Faysal says sitting next to Haleigh on the block is not great. The thing that makes him mad is he thought he made a deal last week during his HOH to keep them from feeling the block. Haleigh says Faysal is important to her and she has no idea how to keep herself in the game without hurting him.


Faysal and Haleigh are talking in the WA and Faysal wants to spend time with Haleigh because it’s the last time they’ll have together for now. Haleigh says she likes him but she has to build relationships with the other side if she stays. Faysal says he understands but it feels weird if they get out of the house wondering if everything was real or just game.


Haleigh says she’s the same outside the house as she inside. But she doesn’t want him to act weird because she is just hanging out. Haleigh tells us she does want to pursue the relationship outside of the house, but she doesn’t want to hurt him this week. Faysal says he is going to set her up to win with his eviction speech and she will not be touched for a few weeks. He’s going to throw shade.


Brett is talking to Tyler and he says he feels like he and Tyler on the outside. Brett says JC probably has like five final twos. Brett says Level Six has been doing great, but he’s been feeling like he’s the low man on the totem pole. So maybe he should make a final two with Tyler and lock that in. Brett says Angela and Kaycee would take each other and Tyler says he agrees. They shake on a final two.


Tyler says of course he’s going to agree to a final two, he can’t be turning one down. Now he has a final two with Kaycee, JC, Sam, and Brett. That’s half the house. Awesome. Join the club guys, who wants to bring Tyler to the final two. Brett questions Tyler about Angela. Brett tells him to keep it in his pants and focus on the game. Tyler says he likes Angela a lot, but he’s here to win $500,000 and if he has to cut Angela he will do it. He looks at the camera and mouths four final twos.  


There’s less than a month left before we crown a winner of Big Brother. Time for allies to turn on each other if they hope to claim the half million dollar grand prize. JC says he needs to make sure he gets to the end of the game. He says it’s time for him to start talking to people on his side of the house to get rid of people. He pitches to Tyler about breaking up Kaycee and Angela. JC says they need to get one of the out after Faysal. Tyler says no because Haleigh put him on the block. JC says once Faysal is gone Haleigh isn’t a threat. Tyler says we can’t do that because it’s too early. JC says they need to talk about it. Tyler says they aren’t going to keep Haleigh over anyone else in the house.


JC and Brett are talking in the hammock. JC says Tyler isn’t on board, but Brett isn’t as close to Kaycee and Angela. He tells Brett he might not put Sam and Haleigh up next week. Brett says you’re not wrong, I agree. JC says the question is what are they going to do about it. Brett says they if JC were to take a shot, it would have to be a full commitment, they couldn’t say a word, and do it. Brett says there could still be a battle back.


It’s now time for the live vote and eviction. Faysal does some shout outs. He has nothing but love for Haleigh who is a beautiful woman. Faysal says when he was HOH Angela was bragging about driving a range rover and wearing a fake engagement ring. He tells Sam Angela threw her under the bus. Faysal says Angela is acting like she has everyone on leashes.


Haleigh says she doesn’t know how to follow that and there are no words to capture Julie’s beauty. She shouts out to her family. Houseguests, she is so grateful to meet and know each of them and she’s been dreaming of this journey for a long time, but she couldn’t have picked a better group of people to experience this. But she adores them and does not want to go and they are beautiful people.


Time to vote!

Tyler sadly votes to evict his boy Faysal.

Brett votes to evict Faysal.

Sam votes to evict Haleigh.

JC votes to evict Faysal.

Kaycee happily votes to evict Faysal.

By a vote of 4-1, Faysal has been evicted from the Big Brother house.


Faysal gives hugs and Sam embraces him. Haleigh hugs him as he leaves out the door. Haleigh thinks she seen Faysal’s sister in the audience. Hugs going on inside the house.


Julie says that was quite a speech Faysal made and where was that guy all season and how much of it was true. Faysal says some of it. Julie wants to know how much is revenge from last week? Was he surprised? Faysal was surprised he was nominated, but he knew she was nominating Haleigh. Julie asks if he thinks it will work and he hopes it stirs up a little bit.


Julie asks why Faysal and Haleigh waited so late into the game to try and expand to the other side? Faysal says he knew he was going to be loyal to the people he was with from the beginning and ride it until the wheels fell off. Julie asks if he had won veto if he’d saved himself or Haleigh. Faysal says that’s a hard one and he doesn’t know. Faysal feels like if he used the veto on him, she would have definitely went home. He didn’t realize until after he lost the veto that he was the target.


Julie quotes Haleigh saying they were the worst BB players in history. Julie asks what his worst move was. Faysal says probably taking Scottie out, but Scottie sketched him out and that’s why he voted him out. Julie asks if there will be a relationship outside of the house and Faysal says we’ll have to wait and see.


Good-bye messages. JC says Faysal was his friend and they were always hanging out and what is he going to do without his big muppet. Kaycee says there can only be one football player in this game and sorry he has to be evicted, but it’s been a long time coming. Haleigh says she can’t believe he is leaving her alone in the house and she is going to miss him and she’s sad he’s leaving.


Julie asks if he could get back in there what would he do differently, would he switch it up. Faysal says he doesn’t have a lot of regrets but he should have taken a shot at Tyler or Angela is he had a chance. Julie says tonight is his lucky night. Because tonight, there will be a jury battle back and he’ll face off against Scottie, Rockstar, and Bayleigh to go back into the house.


Let’s break the news about the jury battle back to the HG. They were all standing by the back door and they come back to the LR. Julie has some very important news. In just moments, Faysal will join Bayleigh, Rockstar, and Scottie in a battle to get back in the game. It’s time for the jury battle back competition and they will NOT watch this competition. They’ll remain inside until the winner shows up at the door step.


We see jury house two weeks ago and Bayleigh is doing yoga. She says it’s not fun but it’s great to decompress from the house. She has no idea who’s going to walk in next but she’s hoping it’s Tyler or Angela. Rockstar comes in and says they got her. She feels terrible about being evicted. They go to watch the DVD.


Bayleigh says didn’t they get the POV, what’s going on? Rockstar says just wait. Bayleigh says why would you tell him? What is wrong with you?!? Are you kidding me? Rockstar really cannot stop playing that last POV through her head. She’s having a hard time forgiving herself for that. Bayleigh says she’s never seen anything like that in her life.


We then Scottie pull up. Rockstar is excited to see who’s coming in and she doesn’t want to see Faysal or Haleigh. Scottie is still dumbounded he was evicted and he was frustrated how it happened. They watch the DVD. Rockstar is confused. We see Faysal’s nominations and Rockstar says why is he up there. They see the veto ceremony and Scottie says he did a lot of stupid things, he panicked.


Scottie says he told him he had a crush on Haleigh. Bayleigh says what? Why? You told him you have a crush on the girl he loves? Scottie says he didn’t know that. The HG go into the KT and they have champagne and they get a note and learn about the battle back. Bayleigh says if she goes into the house she’s going to single out Tyler as the person she wants to get revenge against.


Julie greets Scottie, Bayleigh, and Rockstar and asks who they hope to see as the fourth member of the jury. Bayleigh wants to see JC, Angela, or Tyler. Rockstar thinks it’s either Angela or Tyler. Scottie hopes and thinks it will be JC because he won’t be good at the challenge or Brett.  Faysal comes out and he says first of all I’m sorry Scottie. He gives them all hugs and says he’s so stupid. Julie breaks it up and tells them in just a bit they’ll compete in a live competition and the winner will be back in the game.


Time for the jury battle back! The competition is called Big Top Drop. There are balls behind them spinning in the air. On Julie’s go, they can retrieve their own colored balls and drop them in their tube. They can only get one ball at a time. The first juror with four balls in their tube and who runs back and hits their button across the yard wins and will re-enter the game.


Scottie gets his fourth ball and he runs for the button and he hits it. Faysal is whispering and they are all hugging him. Scottie will re-enter the house in just a few moments!


Julie is on stage with Scottie who just won the jury battle back. Scottie says he’s ready for redemption. Julie asks how he’s going to switch things up and Scottie says he’s probably going to have to get back with Tyler, but it might be different when he gets there. Julie asks who he will target and Scottie says Angela will be the target. Julie asks who will be the most shocked and Scottie says probably JC because he was whispering in Faysal’s ear about me.


Scottie re-enters the house and Sam and Kaycee give hugs and everyone goes to celebrate and give a hug. They are all celebrating. Scottie is back in the game and it’s sure to be an exciting week. Tonight, we’ll crown a new HOH. Sunday, we’ll see who the HOH is and who is nominated. Wednesday will be POV and Thursday will be the live vote and eviction.

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