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Episode 25-Zingbot and Veto competition

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Previously, on Big Brother, at the live eviction Scottie was the sole vote to keep Rockstar, but it was not enough to save the pink haired Pagan. At a battle of HOH that was slippery and messy, the power finally came to the one and only Fessy. JC came up with a plan to throw Scottie under the bus and when Scottie and Brett both took credit for the lone vote, Faysal didn’t know who to believe. Wanting to guarantee the geek was a goner, JC convinced Faysal that Scottie was head over heels for Haleigh and Faysal bought it hook line and sinker. At the nomination ceremony, Faysal followed through with JC’s plan. Tonight, will the power save either Scottie or Brett? No one will be safe from Zingbot as the robot returns.


We pick up on day 59 after the nomination ceremony. Faysal tells us he nominated Brett and Scottie because he doesn’t trust them at all and they are both claiming to be the one and only vote for Rockstar. Brett says Faysal, you big buffoon. He put his alliance member on the block next to him and guaranteed he gets to play in veto.


JC says he got Faysal to do what he wants and he’s running this week. Faysal and Scottie are talking and Faysal says they are cool and all, but they don’t talk game. Brett and Angela are in the WA and Brett says this is great. Faysal is still talking to Scottie in the DR and he says someone is lying. Scottie says either Faysal is fantastic at this game on a level he can’t comprehend or he sucks at this game. He just put his ally on the block. These people better hope he doesn’t win veto.


Kaycee and Brett are talking about the veto and they are saying Scottie can’t win. Kaycee says just when she thought Faysal’s HOH could hurt Level 6, he puts Scottie up and as long as he doesn’t win veto they have the votes to get him out. Thanks Faysal, you’re the man. Haleigh tells us she believes Scottie was the one vote to keep Rockstar and she needs Faysal to believe that too. Haleigh says they have no one else except JC and he’s…


We see Haleigh and Faysal in the HOH arguing about the nominations. Haleigh tells Faysal that Angela and Kaycee are in a three person alliance that can take each one of them out. Faysal says you make it sound so scary, play the game. Haleigh says this is how you play the game! Haleigh says she’s not trying to fight or make Faysal feel bad, but she thinks he made the wrong move. If she gets picked to play veto, then she’s going to try to win and take Scottie down.


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Faysal says right now he wants to pick Haleigh or JC because they are loyal to him and they’ll do what he wants with the veto. Faysal draws Angela. Scottie draws HG choice and he selects Haleigh. Kaycee says Scottie picks Haleigh for the veto and now he has two people playing for him. If Scottie comes off the block, then a second member from Level 6 could go up. Brett draws Tyler. Tyler says he’s picked again and if he wins he can be safe, keep his people safe, and save his power app for one more week. Faysal and JC are talking in the HOH about Scottie picking Haleigh for veto. JC says Scottie is straight up playing an emotional game. Tyler comes in and Faysal says you ready for this veto. Faysal says he doesn’t want to come up with a replacement nom.


Faysal says he feels the only people who have won comps and made moves in the game are himself, Tyler, Angela, and Haleigh. Faysal says even thought they haven’t been working together they’ve been playing similar games, maybe they can come together now and get out the weak floaters. He pitches to Tyler a F4. Tyler tells us hey Faysal, welcome to Big Brother on day 60. He finally decided to play and make some alliances. He says sure, we can work together, just don’t put me up and we’re fine. I guess.


The HG are laying down or having breakfast and Zingbot comes in and says get up everyone. Tyler says he’s been trying to keep the fact he’s a superfan of the show but he’s excited. Kaycee says Zingbot is a legend on big brother. He comes in every year and roasts the HG. Sam says her boyfriend finally showed up.


Zingbot says people say robots are heartless, soulless, and emotionless. Did I say robots? I meant Angela. Haleigh, I have a question for you. What do you call someone who’s blond, blue-eyed, and has a crush on Brett? Scottie! Zing! Kaycee…you have all the Big Brother fans shouting let’s go…to another channel! Zing!


Kaycee says she doesn’t say let’s go that much! Brett..you always seem fresh and clean. Which makes sense because you’re a giant douche. Brett says done. Scottie says yeah he can be, but that’s part of his charm. Zingbot sounds like an order speaker and Zingbot says he’d like something greasy, burnt to a crisp, with a side of zits. Sounds like you want the…Tyler. JC says why you do my guy Tyler like that.


Fessy…I was surprised to learn you’re a part time teacher, considering you’re a full-time moron! Zing! Every child left behind! Zing! JC tells us Faysal is a moron but he’s telling Zingbot he’s not a moron. JC…the only thing thicker than your accent is your…back hair. Zing! Sam says she shaved JC”s back hair. Haleigh…you were so good reading Hamlet, but the real Shakespearean tragedy was your HOH reign. Zing. To zing or not to zing! To Zing!


Sam…you love to tell everyone how real you are. You ARE real…real F’ing crazy! Zing! The HG start moving away from Sam. JC says Zingbot what did you do? You don’t live here, we do. Sam says that wasn’t very nice. She was gonna date Zingbot but he’s not her type at all.


Members of the Zing patrol get dressed and meet zingbot in the backyard. It’s time for the veto competition! Scottie says he HAS to win this veto competition or he knows he’s gone.


Zing, Zing, Zing! Zing-A-Lago is the setup for the backyard. It’s time for the hide and go veto. Tyler says the house is about to get trashed. As Kaycee would say…let’s go! They each have a folder with an incriminating photo of each of them with Zingbot inside. They will each hide their folder inside so the photos will never be seen again. But all the folder’s look alike. The HG who hides their photo the best will win the golden POV.


They have three minutes to hide their folder. Haleigh says she know it’s not what Fessy wants, but she wants to save Scottie. She hides her folder in the ottoman in the LR. Faysal hides his folder inside a dresser draw in a slot behind the drawer. Faysal says he wants to veto to keep noms the same. Brett hides his folder in a pillow in the HNR and hides it under other pillows. Brett says he needs to win to keep himself safe.


Tyler says he wants to win veto to keep himself and Level 6 safe, and he gets to keep his power app. Tyler hides his veto wrapped up in a pair of Sam pants because he doesn’t think anyone has the guts to go into Sam’s pants. Angela says well Zingbot, since she’s a cold, heartless B, so there’s a nice warm spot hiding spot for her photo. Angela hides hers in aluminum foil and hides it in the over and pours coffee grounds on it. Scottie hides his in the WA under the sink. Scottie would like to win and shove it in everyone’s faces that he gets to stay another week.


Haleigh has two minutes to search for a veto folder. Her initial strategy is to start in one room and make her way through the house. She’s looking everywhere in the KT and she opens the oven and closes it. She says no one hid their folder in the KT? Maybe she should have. Faysal knows Brett spends most of his time in the HNR so that’s where he starts but he finds nothing. Brett says his strategy is to make it as difficult as possible to find his folder. He takes the mattresses from the PBR and throws them in the HOH on top of the bed with his folder.


Tyler thought about putting his in a mattress, but it looks like someone beat him to searching the folders. Angela searches the rooms closest to the yard first, the lounge and WA. But there are no folders. Scottie pours milk on the floor in the bathroom to discourage them from finding his veto and getting on the floor.


Brett slips and falls on the floor as soon as he goes in, but he keeps going and throws baking sheets all over the floor. He takes more mattresses into the HNR. Faysal delicately walks by the milk and says people are going crazy in there. He doesn’t even know where to look and he can’t find a folder to save his life. Tyler says this place is a natural disaster and all he’s thinking is Sam is going to kill them. We see JC tell Sam not to go inside because she might have a heart attack. Tyler looks in the oven and he sees the aluminum and thinks it’s out of place and he’s found a folder.


Haleigh comes in and she’s cursing at the state of the KT with the milk pour on the floor. She dumps Sam’s stuff out but doesn’t find the folder. Scottie says this place looks like a thrift store. Scottie is looking through the clothes and he finds the veto hid in Sam’s pants.


Brett runs in pumping himself up. He takes the couches and puts them in the HNR. He’s not sure his is even still there, but he hopes it is. Faysal says the ottoman catches his eye and he thinks that might be a good hiding spot and he finds the folder. Tyler is back in and he goes into the HNR and says omg?!? What the heck! He wants to investigate, but he can’t because there are 19 mattresses in there. He falls on his way out.


Scottie starts searching the drawers in the bedroom and he finds the folder hidden there. Scottie has found two folders. Brett says Scottie has found his second folder! This isn’t good! He needs to step it up. Haleigh says finding this last folder is a pain. Angela says she’s over this, the house is disgusting. Scottie falls on the way out from his trip. Haleigh still hasn’t found a folder, but it hits her there’s one place she hasn’t searched. She finds a folder and heads out.


Tyler found the first folder and it is…Angela’s. The second folder was found by Scottie…and it is Tyler’s. The third folder was found by Faysal and it is…Haleigh’s. Faysal says I guess Zingbot was right, he just took Haleigh out of the competition. Scottie found the fourth folder…and it is…Faysal’s. It’s down to Brett and Scottie and one of their folders is here and the other is inside. Haleigh found the last folder and it belongs to…Scottie. Brett has won the POV!


Brett goes and hugs Zingbot. Brett says he’s not going anywhere, just call him a cockroach. He’s never leaving the house, even after the game is over. He’s going to live there. Scottie says second in another competition. He needs a hail mary in order to stay in the house. Faysal says this isn’t good because now he needs to come up with a replacement nominee and get more blood on his hands.


The HG head inside and they can’t believe the house. Sam is looking around with disgust on her face. She’s in the DR and says um…the house is a mess. She says they are bunch of ungrateful spoiled little B’s. She geos into the lounge room. They all head to the HNR and Brett shows them where his folder was. Faysal says he looked through the pillows and Brett says do you know what wins championships? Defense!


JC says insane. He says he was having a heart attack down there. Faysal says they have to make sure the replacement nom doesn’t go home. JC says now that Brett won veto he has to get into Faysal’s head and make sure that Scottie goes home for sure and Faysal doesn’t do something crazy. JC tells him not to make a stupid move. Sam is talking to Scottie outside about him being on the block. Sam asks if Haleigh is still in his corner. Sam still doesn’t believe Haleigh was the hacker. Scottie says that would mean Haleigh fed him a pile of BS.


Scottie says there’s only one person he could be safe against and he doesn’t think Faysal would put her up. Scottie says he trusts Haleigh, but after this week he doesn’t know if he can trust anyone. Sam says Haleigh sent home Bayleigh and Rockstar and now you. Brett is telling Sam there is no chance Faysal would put Haleigh up. Sam likes both Brett and Scottie and she’s glad Brett can come off the block, but she’d like Scottie to stay too. She needs to get Faysal to put Haleigh up. Sam says this is exciting, she likes playing now.


We see Faysal and Sam talking. Sam says she’s going to make a strong recommendation. Sam says if Faysal puts Haleigh up as the replacement nominee, she geos home. Sam says Haleigh is always bossing her and sassing her and she doesn’t have his back. She’s using him as a body double because she can’t win physical competitions. She’s looking at him like a tool and that’s not fair. Is he going to let her use him? Faysal says that’s a curveball. Sam says she’s dead weight. Faysal says they haven’t talked game all game and now she wants him to risk his game and put up his girl?


Sam says I’m not telling you what to do you, but I need you to do this. I mean business. She says Haleigh would like it because it was a gamey move. She says let’s pinky swear. Faysal says if he puts her up she might not even go home. Sam says even better. Faysal says that’s not any better! Sam says pinky promise me, right now! Do it! Give me that pinky! Faysal says Zingbot hit it right on the head. That girl is crazy. Faysal goes in and talks to Scottie and says he was never a target, he thought he’d win.


Scottie is talking to Faysal and he’s make a pitch. He says there is one person he could put up and everyone wants out and he gets zero blood on his hands. Faysal laughs and says who? Scottie says let me put it this way…Kaitlyn 2.0. Scottie says he needs a hail mary. Faysal says What? It’s obvious Sam and Scottie are working together and trying to get Haleigh on the block. Does he tell Haleigh and put up a pawn to make sure Scottie goes home? Maybe he should put Sam up and call her out. What will happen at the veto meeting? And who will be evicted? Find out tomorrow on Big Brother!

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