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Episode 23-Live Eviction and HOH

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Another week, another hack, and potentially another stab in the back. Previously, on Big Brother, Tyler told Sam he had a secret power causing Sam to lose trust in him. With Haleigh running the house, she put two level sixers on the block. But after Kaycee won the hacker competition, she secretly swapper herself with one of Haleigh’s besties. In a must win veto for both sides of the house, it all came down to Tyler vs. Rockstar and it seemed like the Pagan Witch had conjured victory. But fate is a cruel mistress. At the veto meeting, the hunky lifeguard saved the bikini babe and Haleigh put the hacker right back on the chopping block.


Julie greets us and tells us it’s day 58 in the house. In the Big Brother house, there’s a fine line between an ally and a lie. We pick up on day 55 after the veto ceremony and Tyler tells us he used the veto to save his girl Angela and Haleigh put Kaycee on the block. But if things go smoothly, Kaycee isn’t going anywhere. Kaycee says she’s back on the block, but she can cancel a vote and she’s not going anywhere. She just needs to show her acting skills and act sad.


Rockstar says she’s still on the block, but she’s a boss B and she has a lot of strength. Haleigh is annoyed how this week went. People want to vote out someone who’s not a great competitor vs someone who’s an athlete floating through the game. Sam talks to Rockstar about whether she has the votes to stay.


Tyler talks to Kaycee in the lounge room and Kaycee says the speech was on point. Tyler says it was all true. Rockstar comes in and asks Kaycee if she’s ok and Kaycee says she’s good. Rockstar says expect the expected in this game. She asks to talk to Kaycee alone and Tyler leaves. Rockstar apologizes to Kaycee and she says she feels Angela is entitled and Kaycee wasn’t supposed to go home. Kaycee says Rockstar thinks she’s going home? She’s that confident but she’ll be seeing differently on eviction night. Angela goes into the lounge after Rockstar leaves and Kaycee goes over her conversation and Angela is so mad. Kaycee and Angela are talking and Kaycee says it will be 5-1 and Angela says blindsided again. Kaycee says they’ll cancel Faysal’s vote. Kaycee tells Angela that Rockstar said she was entitled.  Angela says Rockstar is right, she does get what she wants. And what she wants is another beautiful blindside.


Tyler and Sam talk outside and he’s explaining why he used veto on Angela. Tyler says Sam is questioning him and he understands because they’ve been in a F2 since week 1 and he has a lot of irons in the fire and he has a lot of deals. He’s trying to be loyal to them all until he absolutely has to choose a side. Tyler is telling Sam they have to get rid of Kaycee. Sam says her trust is in him. Sam tells us she trusts that he’s doing what he’s doing for the good of both of them.


Haleigh and Faysal are in the HOH WA and she says he’s annoying her right now. He sits on the edge of the sink and it breaks. Haleigh says well…there we go. She says why would you do that and Faysal says he just leaned against it. We then see Haleigh getting ready for bed and Faysal is going to sleep in the HOH with her. Faysal turns the lights out and they are cuddling. Faysal says he cares about her more than the game and they kiss. He says he’s been waiting 54 days. Haleigh says it’s finally happened. It’s a thing. Whatever. She imagines her dad watching it and she wants to throw up.


Rockstar is in the KT and she wants to talk to Brett. Rockstar says as far as she’s concerned she sees Brett has been distancing himself from people he was real tight with in the beginning. Rockstar says she needs to get the votes to stay so she wants to talk. Brett says everyone would be flabbergasted if people knew they had a secret alliance. Rockstar says they were at each other’s throats in the beginning, but they’re working together towards a common goal. Keeping herself safe. Rockstar names their alliance Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Brett tells us Rockstar is eating out of his hands. He’s going to build up her hopes and dreams and take them away from her.


Brett is outside with Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee and he’s telling them about his “alliance” with Rockstar. Brett goes up to the HOH and Haleigh asks Brett if he’ll help Rockstar with her speech. Rockstar starts going over her speech and Brett starts giving tips. Brett tells us he’s in deep, some people are going to be mad about his vote, but he’s going to deny until he dies.


Rockstar, Faysal, and Haleigh are in the HOH. Rockstar is saying it’s really interesting Brett came over to their side. She thinks she will stay and Haleigh and Faysal agree. Faysal says there is no way they are not cancelling my vote. Rockstar counts the votes and says they have Sam, JC, Scottie, and Brett. Faysal laughs and says she’s unevictable.


Julie welcomes us back and says Tyler has been a competitor this summer and according to his family, it’s a position he knows all too well. We meet Tyler’s mom, Charline. She says Tyler may come off as a dumb surfer dude from the beach, but he’s a midwestern child who’s never surfed a day in his life. She says he’s also a competitor outside of the house. Charline says he’s a bowler. We meet Mary, Tyler grandmother. Mary says Tyler was an excellent bowler. Charline says he was extremely close with his father and he was 17 when his father died. He gave up bowling when his father died.


We go to a bowling alley and see bowlers and we see Neil A. McKinnon who is the mayor and they are cheering on Tyler as a town. Charline says Tyler is a huge, huge superfan and he’s learned so much from watching the show. Charline says Tyler is very genuine person and that’s why he’s connected with everyone and that’s going to get him a long way. She knows his dad is watching over him and he is so proud, they are all so proud. The mayor presents Charline with the Key to the City for Tyler.


Who will join Bayleigh in the jury house? Time to go to the LR. Kaycee gives a huge thanks to the all-girls alliance, not just the first one that failed formed by Haleigh and Rockstar. She shouts out to mom and dad and her friends. She loves the HG and she’d appreciate it if they kept this little peanut in the house.


Rockstar does her shout outs to her family and she loves them. Rockstar says Sam has never been excluded from everything. Rockstar says there’s a clear alliance with Kaycee, Angela, and Tyler and they even have meetings with them all and if they keep Kaycee in the trio, then they are empowering them. Three strong players will knock each one of them out and these are some competitive, beautiful people that can win comps, as they’ve seen.


Time for the live voting to begin. The hacker comes on and cancel’s Faysal’s vote. Julie says with that the BB hacker twist is over. Time to vote:

Angela votes to evict Rockstar.

JC votes to evict Rockstar.

Sam votes to evict Rockstar.

Scottie votes to evict Kaycee.

Brett votes to evict Rockstar.

Tyler votes to evict Rockstar.

By a vote of 5-1 Rockstar has been evicted from the Big Brother house. We’ll deliver the news when they we return.


We’re back and with 5 votes to evict Rockstar, she will be leaving the BB house. Time to deliver the news. Rockstar gives hugs and she whispers something to Sam. Rockstar says all right guys, kill it!


Julie says Rockstar looked speechless, was she shocked. She says she was not expecting that. She thinks the little trio did their work and talked a better game. She wants to know who she thinks was the one person who voted to keep her. She thinks Sam did because Sam has late night conversations with her and they have a bond and friendship.


Julie wants to know if she feels betrayed by anyone. Rockstar says whoever came up with that hacker twist. Julie says don’t look at me! Julie wants to talk about the veto competition. Rockstar says she doubted herself and that was a lesson.


Julie says she came so close to winning things and she last two more evictions, why was she such a target. Rockstar says because I was fierce. Julie wants to know why Rockstar waited so long to switch up her game and Rockstar says it wasn’t her idea, it was Brett’s. Rockstar says her strategy was to ride or die with her alliance. Rockstar thinks Haleigh and Faysal are good.


Good-bye messages: Faysal says hopefully he’s not next and if he’s not he’s tearing the house part. Angela says the only person is calling her princess is her big brother, so she can go back to calling her Angela. So she heard Rockstar calling her an entitled little B and says she gets her way, and she’s right since Rockstar is gone. Brett says he doesn’t know what happened but…she’s an idiot! He says she played right into his hand and Mr. and Mrs. Bye-bye.


Julie says do they know you’re a jury vote? Rockstar says the two people she called entitled are still in there and are still entitled.


It’s time for the HOH competition! This competition is called Glow and Flow. It’s a slip and slide comp. They will need to retrieve “rave fuel” from their barrel and deposit it in their large glow stick. There’s a smaller glow stick for $5000. They have to get to the ball to rise to the top and grab the ping pong ball and they win HOH.


This HOH begins now! Faysal is the first down with everyone else behind. JC and Sam are the shower ones. Faysal is lapping everyone. JC is struggling and Sam is very delicate. Kaycee is losing balance but hasn’t fallen yet. The race is on and it’s time for a commercial break!


Zingbot is back for the veto competition! Which side of the house will win this crucial HOH? We check back in and Faysal is still booking back and forth. JC is starting to go for the money. Julie says it’s very entertaining for them. Julie wishes them luck and says good night.

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