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Episode 22-Veto competition and ceremony

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Previously, on Big Brother, Tyler was on cloud 9 in the BB App Store, and after keeping his power secret for weeks, he finally told Sam. With Haleigh taking control, Tyler suspected he would be the target, but with a cloud up his sleeve he planted the seeds to be backdoored. At the nomination ceremony, Tyler’s plan worked. The hacker power was back up for grabs, but this time this it shifted to Level 6. With the power to change one of the nominees, the former hacker got hacked. Tonight, Rockstar and Kaycee lock horns. Then the two sides of the house clash for control on OTEV’s battlefield.


We pick up on day 52 after the hacker named Rockstar as the replacement. Rockstar says the hacker took Kaycee off and put her up and she feels like she’s being targeted and she’s weak. But it’s cool that she’s being underestimated because they still have a veto to play. Haleigh says great, she finally wins HOH and she gets a taste of her own medicine and her best friend is put on the block. Hopefully she can still backdoor the head of the snake, Tyler, but we’ll have to see how this goes.


Kaycee says she put up Rockstar because she’s not a competitor. Now all she has to do is make sure no one outside Level 6 finds out she’s the hacker. Kaycee and Angela are whispering about Kaycee’s acting skills and trying to figure out who Haleigh would put up. Kaycee wants to pick Tyler to play in veto. Tyler says he’s pretty sure Haleigh wants to backdoor him so if he can win the veto the old fashioned way, he can keep himself safe and keep his cloud.


Brett says he’s been infiltrating the other side of the house, but now that he knows Kaycee is the hacker, he knows he made the right choice. He stayed loyal to Level 6 and all they have to do is win veto and steam roll to the end. We see Rockstar going upstairs talking about the “power moves” the hacker made. She joins Faysal and Haleigh and they are discussing possible hackers. Rockstar says Kaycee is very smiley and she thinks it’s Kaycee. Faysal says she might be denying it so she’s not the replacement nominee. Haleigh says Kaycee and Angela have no interest in working with her so her, Faysal, or Rockstar need to win the POV and make sure one of them goes home.


Sam and Tyler are in the BR and Sam says she feels like she’s losing her mind here. She didn’t think she’d be there this long and she thinks she has set herself up to look stupid. Sam says Tyler is supposed to be her BFF in there, but she feels like he’s not genuine and she hopes it’s her imagination, but she thinks it keeps coming up for a reason. Tyler talks to her and comforts her and then gives her a hug. Sam says her gut told her a long time ago that Tyler is lying. She says she heard it, it resonates, like a rattlesnake. Tyler says that’s why he told her about his power app. Tyler says he loves Sam to death, and he has been hiding things from her, but he’s had to. He’s trying to do whatever he can to bring her back to earth so she doesn’t out his game.


Tyler and Haleigh are talking in the HOH. Tyler tells us he knows Haleigh is probably a little upset about the hacker and he’s just trying to reassure he’s not the hacker so he can get on her good side. Haleigh thinks the hacker is Kaycee and she’ll probably pick herself to play and take Angela down. Tyler asks so you want Angela out? Haleigh says yes. Haleigh tells us she wants Tyler to feel safe and hopefully she can backdoor him. Haleigh tells him the plan is not to backdoor him. Tyler says he’s not dumb enough to believe she doesn’t want to backdoor him when she put him up last week. But he’s not concerned, he still has the power app in his pocket.


Sam and Rockstar are in the WA and Kaycee comes in. Rockstar says she’s not 100% sure that Kaycee is the hacker, but she’s 75% sure. Plus, Kaycee hasn’t spoken to Rockstar since she came off the block and she’s walking around awfully comfortable. Rockstar confronts Kaycee and says there are 6 other people that could have gone up on the block. Kaycee denies again that she’s the hacker. Kaycee says if one more person asks her one more F’ing time, she’s going to blow the F up.


Kaycee goes to the BR and Rockstar is going to her BR and she confronts Kaycee again and says she thinks it’s a B move. She says it’s anonymous thing, take a bigger shot. Maybe they didn’t come to play and make big moves, but she’s off the block. Rockstar says let’s see who gets picked for the veto. Haleigh then comes out and it’s time to pick veto players!


The hacker comes on the screen and they are hacking the veto competition and they are choosing Tyler to compete. Kaycee says she picked Tyler to play because clearly this kid is a competition beast. That’s for you Rockstar, you’re welcome! Tyler says thanks Hacker, or Kaycee. Level 6 is not losing a member this week if he has anything to say about it.


Haleigh draws Rockstar and she tells us she’s tired of people underestimating her and she wants to take herself off. Rockstar picks Faysal. Haleigh then picks Angela or chooses Kaycee to play. Angela wishes one of them wasn’t on the block still. Tyler says he’s going to winning. Tyler says the line has been drawn in the sand, it’s 3v3. One of the sides is losing a number this week and he’s going to make sure it’s not Level 6. This means war.


They head out to the BY and OTEV seems to be a sick skunk. Haleigh says this game requires a lot of brain power and athleticism. The skunk sneezes on all of the veto players. OTEV is too sick to go outside and he needs them to deliver the medicine he needs to get over his cold. He will give a clue to the HG for the medicine that contains two former HG names. If they are incorrect, then they will be out. If they are last, then they will be eliminated. The last one standing wins the POV.


Tyler really needs to win things because he wants to keep himself safe, his girls safe, and keep his power app. The skunk wants the medicine with the two HG who were evicted who had won HOH. Kaycee is the first to head back and she realizes she has the wrong one and heads back. Tyler heads up and is the first one to get there. Faysal tells us he wants to win this veto bad so he can do something good for his alliance. Faysal is the second one up with Haleigh behind. Angela is the next to find the bottle. It’s down to Kaycee and Rockstar. Rockstar finds it and is heading back with Kaycee behind. Rockstar is first up. The medicine they’ve brought was Kaitlynol with Baylegih. That’s correct and Kaycee has been eliminated.


OTEV sneezes again on the HG and turns around and green spews on them. JC says this skunk smells really, really bad. Round 2: OTEV wants the names of the HG that were evicted by a male HOH. Tyler thinks Winston nominated by Scottie and Steve nominated by himself. Haleigh is first up, then Tyler. Rockstar is the third heading up. Angela can’t find the right bottle and she knows she needs to find it before Faysal. Faysal finds it and heads back with Angela a little behind. The HG have brought Winston PM with Vitamin Steve. All the HG are correct and Angela has been eliminated.


Tyler tells us so Kaycee and Angela both go out one and two and it’s just him against the other side of the house to save his alliance. Round 3: OTEV wants the medicine of the HG who became a replacement nominee during a veto ceremony. Haleigh immediately knows it’s Swaggy and Bayleigh because she was blindsided during both of those nominations. Tyler is the first back with Haleigh behind. Faysal thinks of Rockstar and he realizes Rockstar is still there on the stump. It can’t be Rockstar. Rockstar has finished and Faysal runs up. The HG brought Bayleigh Gels with extra Swaggy. Faysal has been eliminated.


Haleigh says it’s down to her, Rockstar, and Tyler and they need to pull through. Round 4: Bring OTEV the medicine of the last two HG evicted before jury. Haleigh knows she’s looking for Kaitlyn and Rachel. Tyler says he knows he’s looking for Rachel and Bayleigh. Tyler is first up and Rockstar says Kaitlyn and Rachel? Tyler realizes he’s wrong and he runs back down to find the correct bottle. He has to find the right answer before Haleigh. Faysal says Rockstar! What the heck are you doing?!? Rockstar says what have I done? She absolutely helped Tyler. Haleigh is still hunting and she can’t find it. Tyler has found it and is heading back up. Rockstar says you better not evict me and Tyler says thank you. The HG have brought back Racheltussin with Kaitlyn oil, barely. That’s the correct medicine and Haleigh has been eliminated.


Haleigh says all the pressure is on Rockstar’s shoulders because if Tyler wins, her HOH week could be ruined. Faysal says it’s down to Rockstar and Tyler. Tyler has won vetoes and Rockstar can’t win anything. He’s just praying for a miracle. Round 5: OTEV wants the medicine of HG evicted with 8 or more votes. Tyler knows it’s Kaitlyn and Swaggy. Angela is on the bench looking terrified and Kaycee is cheering Tyler on. Rockstar is the first to head back and make it back. Haleigh and Faysal are screaming. Faysal says it’s looking like Rocky right now. Rockstar says for all those people who was thinking I was weak, eat this. Tyler says he feels so defeated because not only did he not keep himself safe, he lost to Rockstar. Rockstar brought back Kaitlynol with Bayleigh. She is incorrect. Tyler has brought back Swaggy full of Kaitlyn oil. Tyler has won the POV!


Rockstar says she was so close. She had a lot to prove and she was proving it. She was so close. Angela looks relieved and Tyler is celebrating. Tyler says she got the wrong bottle! What?!? He kisses the skunk. Tyler says this veto might be the sweetest one. First of all, because it’s OTEV. Second, because he keeps himself safe. Third, he can keep his power app. And he can keep his girl safe. Haleigh is fuming, they lost because Rockstar got the wrong answer. Faysal says his alliance with Rockstar and Haleigh is like the bad news bears. Faysal says then Rockstar does this veto nonsense. How did he get stuck with those people?


Haleigh and Faysal are talking and Haleigh says why would you show him the answer? Haleigh says if Tyler pulls down Angela, which she suspects he will, she has to put a bigger target on the block next to Rockstar to make sure they go home. Haleigh asks Faysal who to put up? Faysal asks who are the options? Haleigh lists them. Faysal says Scottie. JC is all over the place, but at least he knows what the heck he’s doing.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Tyler says he knows Haleigh made it clear that she wanted him to use veto on Rockstar. Tyler recaps last week with her hacker app and he says he’s not going to give her her way this week. He’s decided to use the veto on Angela. Since he has vetoed one of her nominations, she has to name a new HG as a replacement nominee. She nominates Kaycee. Kaycee says awesome.


Tyler says sorry Rockstar, but her girl Haleigh came for him last week. Unfortunately, he has to come for her. All they have to do is solidify the votes, plus he has the power app for the next two weeks. Haleigh tells us she’s so glad Tyler reminded them what happened last week because she almost forgot. Kaycee says she’s back on the block. This sucks. But she can still cancel a vote and they’ve done everything they can to run the game this week. Rockstar says expected the expected. Pretty, privileged princess comes off the block. Maybe she should have batted some eyelashes.

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