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Episode 21-Hacker Comp and Nominations

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Previously, on Big Brother, Tyler got a power in the BB App store. A new twist was unleashed on the house. Haleigh won the first ever hacker competition and she secretly targeted Tyler. The level six alliance though Bayleigh was the hacker. So after Angela saved Tyler with the veto, she backdoored Bayleigh. Feeling guilt about her friend getting framed, Haleigh tried to clear Bay’s name, but it backfired. At the live eviction, the flight attendant was cleared for departure. With the HOH on the line, the power shifted to the other side of the house. Tonight, will Tyler find himself back in the Texas girl’s crosshairs, or will a new target emerge?


We pick up after the HOH competition. Haleigh tells us she is pumped because if she was ever going to win HOH, this was the week to do it. She thought after her speech she was going to get sent home. Tyler tells us Haleigh is the worst person to win HOH. But he has his handy dandy power app and it might be the time to bring this thing out.  


Rockstar tells us this is bittersweet. She’s sad to see Bayleigh go, but she did not leave her family to not win this game. Faysal says after weeks of being on the wrong side of the vote, and he couldn’t chance it this week, but his girl Haleigh came through and won HOH and it couldn’t come at a better time. We see Faysal pick her up and fall on the bed and give her a kiss. Haleigh says she doesn’t need him doing that, but she kind of liked it.


Haleigh tells us as great as it is to be HOH and have power this week, but the hacker could throw a massive wrench in her plans and this week could go very wrong. Sam is in the living room with Rockstar and she’s talking about Bayleigh. Sam says Bayleigh was one of the only people in the house that genuinely cared about her outside of the game. She’s struggling right now because she refuses to cut other people down and everything in the house makes her feel uncomfortable, except her bed.


Tyler is in the SR with Kaycee and he says it’s nice knowing you. Kaycee says they have the hacker and the veto. Tyler can’t believe that vote, he’s shocked. He says he’s over Sam. He’s over it. He tells us he loves her to death, but she’s so bad for his game. He was trying to get Sam to vote with them to get Bayleigh out, he even let her in on a little secret of his. We see Tyler tell her he has the second power and she says why didn’t you tell me? I told him. Sam tells us she thinks it’s a lie, but if he does it hurts her feelings that he didn’t tell her sooner. Tyler says he can’t have people throwing emotional votes out when it could mean the difference in someone staying and going who is targeting him.


Haleigh says there is a clear line of sides and if you’re not with her you’re against her. Haleigh and Rockstar are talking about Angela and her being a target. They think maybe they should put her next to Kaycee. Haleigh says she’d love to target Tyler, but she thinks she needs to backdoor him. She publicly declared he was a target last week, so she would love to see him out of the house.


Angela and Kaycee are talking in the WA and they are saying and there are ten. Angela thinks Haleigh is going to backdoor one of them, but she’s so worried about the boys. She’s really concerned about Tyler first, then Brett. Angela tells us the other side has the power so Level 6 might end up this week with at least one on the block. But game isn’t over if they get Sam up. Kaycee says she thinks Sam is manipulating people with her emotions and she’s messing their game in a big, big way.


Angela says in order for Level 6 not to lose a member and have two people on the block, they need to convince Haleigh to put Sam on the block. Brett and Kaycee are talking in the WA and Kaycee tells Brett the plan about throwing Sam under the bus. Brett is going to turn on the charm and try and infiltrate the other side, maybe get some information, and plus Haleigh’s a smoke show.


We see Brett go into the HNR with Haleigh and he begins by flirting saying their kids will get their brains from her. Brett starts making his pitch and advises her to make the move that will get the least amount of backlash and make the least splash. Brett grabs her hand and Haleigh says his hands are cold and he says hers are warm and then they hug.


Haleigh is talking to Angela and they are careful talking to each other. Angela says she’s glad she did what she did. Haleigh says it’s good you go the veto because the hacker…I mean I almost messed it up. Angela says she needs to say whatever she can to keep two members of level six from going on the block this week. And if that means throwing Sam’s name under the bus, then so be it. Haleigh tells us thank you so much for all this advice about Sam, and I will consider putting her on the block next to you.


Sam comes into the HNR where JC, Rockstar, and Haleigh are and Sam asks everyone to leave. Sam wants to know who’s making fun of her and why does she feel that way? Haleigh says no one is making fun of you, but some of the people you put your trust in don’t have your best interest at heart. Sam is in the DR crying and she says she feels stupid and she feels used. All these people are here to win money and they don’t care about her. Haleigh says Sam is two steps away from going off the deep end. Sam continues with and let her find out one time when someone is making her look stupid or making her look dumb and she will rip them limb from limb and pull their bottom lip up over their head and make them F’ing regret the day they were born.


Haleigh and Faysal are in the SR. Faysal says Haleigh looked so good today and Haleigh says she was wearing jeans. Faysal says Haleigh is a unique one. She’s 21 and she’s beautiful 24/7 and he still wants to rock with her when they are outside of the house. He tells her he wants to spend all day with her and she’ll fall in love with him. Haleigh thinks Faysal is very attractive, tall, and athletic. But right now they need to lay low or they’ll become targets and go on the block together. Sam comes into the SR and interrupts their one-on-one.


JC is in bed and Sam is telling JC what a mudhole is and talking about stomping a mudhole. She asks JC If he knows what a curb stomp is and then she explains that. Tyler’s eyes get huge and JC asks if people die from that? He asks how she knows about that and she says things she’s seen in movies. She gives him a hug and leaves the room and JC says that was terrifying.


Tyler is in the HOH room with Haleigh and he is trying to figure out if she’s going to put him up right away or backdoor him. Tyler says as crazy as it sounds if he can convince her to backdoor him then he doesn’t have to use his app at nominations and he can save it for veto and bam, sorry Haleigh, mission failed. He makes his pitch. Haleigh says wait, did Tyler just volunteer to be backdoored this week? Hmmm, what a great idea! I might just do that.


It’s time for nominations. Haleigh calls everyone in from the bedroom. Tyler says he’s not using his power app which is pretty risky, because if she nominates him he could be walking out with an app in his pocket. Haleigh’s first nomination is…Angela. The second HG Haleigh has nominated is…Kaycee. Haleigh says Angela, she knows when she had a suspicion Bayleigh was the hacker she her number target, so why should believe that she is not after she said she was. Haleigh says she nominated Kaycee because they never talk game.


Haleigh says she nominated Angela and Kaycee to get a number out from the other side. Kaycee says Haleigh is fake and she steers clear of that because there’s a whole lot of that going on. Angela says I’m on the block. The first time. I don’t know what Haleigh was doing because she wasn’t even on our radar. Haleigh must be trying to make the entire house mad.


We see Kaycee, Tyler, and Angela talking in the HNR and Angela just can’t believe that Haleigh would put them up! Tyler says he’s being backdoored, he guarantees it. Upstairs, Rockstar, Haleigh, Faysal, and Scottie are talking and Haleigh says they need to win the hacker comp and keep noms the same. She calls Brett up and asks him to keep noms the same and he agrees. Brett tells us he knows exactly what he’s going to do with the hacker comp, and it does not include keeping noms the same. He says as soon as he got her email, he bypassed her anti-virus and compromised her.


It’s time for this week’s hacker competition. They are told to get in their gear and head to their computers. Haleigh says this week’s competition is very, very important. Tyler says here we go again. Last week, the hacker put him on the block and the best thing is for him to win and put up one of Haleigh’s good friends and return the favor.


In each round, they will be showed fragments of an image and they must identify the room where the image is located. The first three players to identify the room will get a point. If they get it wrong, they are locked out of that round. Winner will be the HG with the most points.


Kaycee cannot stress how important this conversation is. She’s been laying low as long as possible, but now she’s on the block. Angela says winning is a must for her because she can’t be sitting next to someone in level 6. Scottie is the first to get it right, then Rockstar, then Kaycee.


Kaycee says she gets the first one right but she has to stay focused and keep going. Round 2 is up and Sam gets the kitchen. Haleigh gets it and so does Kaycee. Brett doesn’t get it, he doesn’t understand. He looks at chicks all the time, he’s very observant.


Round 3 is up. Scottie says the hacker comp has pros and cons and he needs to make sure he wins so he’s safe. Kaycee is super confused on third round. But she finally guesses game room and she’s right.


Round 4 is up. Faysal guesses backyard and is correct with Brett behind. Scottie is the last one to get it right.


Tyler says this hacker comp really suck. He hasn’t gotten one right and if someone from Level 6 doesn’t win and that means two of them on the block. Round 5 is up. JC is correct and he says he doesn’t walk around looking at the walls and lamps. Sam guesses the HOH room and is correct. Tyler is correct. Kaycee is incorrect. Brett gets it and he gets 2 points. He can hear all of America saying who’s the man? Brett, Brett, Brett.


Round 6 is up. Kaycee says there are 2 more rounds to go and she has to pick this up. Angela guesses game room and get is right. Scottie and Kaycee also get it.


Round 7. Kaycee says this is do or die. She has no idea how everyone else is doing and she has to get this last point because last place is not going to get her off the block. Angela guesses bathroom and she is correct. Tyler and Faysal also got it. Kaycee is the hacker!


Kaycee tells us guess what Haleigh, I’m taking myself off the block and turning her HOH upside down all week long. Angela says she didn’t win the comp but she’s hoping someone in Level 6 did or someone who likes her and has her back. Haleigh says she needed this win but she’s crossing her fingers and hoping someone from her side won or her HOH is about to be hacked.


Kaycee and Angela go into the HNR and Kaycee tells Angela she won. They hug and celebrate. Angela says Kaycee won so that means Level Six has a chance at survival this week. Tyler comes in and Kaycee tells him and they celebrate. Kaycee tells Tyler not to tell JC or Sam. Faysal and Haleigh are in the HOH. JC comes in and says please tell me we have it. Faysal says we’ll find out real soon.


Scottie is in the shower, Rockstar is listening to music and everyone else is in the KT. The hacker calls everyone in the living room and the hacker comes on the screen. The hacker has decided to hack these nominations. The hacker is removing Kaycee from the chopping block. The new nominee is…Rockstar.


Tyler is laughing and Haleigh looks frustrated. The hacker says his work is done…for now. Kaycee says she loves being the BB hacker. Kaycee says Rockstar will not win the veto and everything will stay the same. Haleigh says ok hacker, cute move there. This sucks, but this week is not over because they still have veto. She will not let Rockstar go home on her HOH. Rockstar says sure throw Rockstar up there, I’ve already been up there so don’t get blood on your hands. Did you come to play or come to blend into the wall? Tyler says they might be in power, but his side can stay safe and they control the vote. Tyler says Haleigh might want to backdoor him this week, but he’s riding on cloud 9.

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