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Episode 20-Eviction and HOH

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Previously, on Big Brother, Level 6 had a plan to backdoor Bayleigh. Angela put up two expendable pawns on the block, but a new twist threw a wrench in her HOH reign. At the first ever hacker competition, Haleigh cracked the code and she anonymously changed the nominations.


Tyler and his alliance suspected that Bayleigh was the hacker and Bay was clueless that she was in danger. At the veto competition, Tyler won the game, but let Angela keep the veto. At the veto meeting, Angela saved her ally, then put up who she believed to be the hacker. Tonight, either Rockstar or Bayleigh will be sent to jury. But which HG will the hacker prevent from voting. Plus, the house goes completely nuclear. All this live on Big Brother!


Julie greets us and tells us it’s day 51 inside the BB house and it’s been a tumultuous week. Ultimately, Bayleigh was backdoored and blindsided. Will Haleigh’s hacking of the pending vote make the difference between who stays and who goes? We’ll find out soon.


We pick up on day 48 after the veto ceremony. Angela says backdooring Bayleigh was a no brainer. Getting rid of Bayleigh who has too much power as the hacker and with the power app. Tyler says another blindside for Level 6 and hopefully a unanimous vote for Bayleigh to leave.


Haleigh says she needs to pick her jaw up off the floor. She thinks it’s ridiculous for Angela to stand there and speak with such confidence about the hacker and now Haleigh feels guilty. Bayleigh says she feels stupid and they are trash. Bayleigh is talking in the KT to Tyler with others around and she’s swearing she’s not the hacker. Tyler says he doesn’t care if she’s telling the truth, but she still has power and she has to go. Bayleigh says for Tyler to come at her is real aggressive and he’s not going to get away with disrespecting her like that.


Haleigh asks Bayleigh if Angela gave her any inkling that’s what she was thinking. Bayleigh says it makes sense because they planned this all along and she walked right into the plan. Bayleigh says she lost all respect for Angela after that veto speech. Haleigh tells us having this conversation with Bayleigh is hard for her and she feels guilty. But she realizes she has to take this lie with her because she’s in too deep.


Jessie’s granny appears in the bedroom very early in the morning and she gets Brett up. Brett tells us InstaGranny is going to be visiting for 24 hours. Brett says she’s a frumpy, bulgy, demanding, and rude old lady. We see Granny drop her pills and ask Brett to pick up all 57. They are going up the stairs and she drops her walker and asks Brett to get it. She tells Brett he’s not trying hard enough and Brett responds that Granny is not dying fast enough.


Granny appears in the DR with Brett and she knitted a sweater that says I heart Granny. We then see Granny feeding Brett. Brett says she’s kind of embarrassing in public but she’s fun to hang out with. We get music for Kaycee’s punishment while Granny is visiting and all the HG and granny get up and dance in the BY and she says that was amazing!


Haleigh and Bayleigh are talking and Bayleigh says someone out there is the hacker and could be the reason she goes home. Bayleigh thinks the hacker is working with them and whoever has the hacker app is letting her suffer and look stupid. Bayleigh says they are evil and worse than everyone. Haleigh says she knows it’s a game, but does she compromise what she knows is right to risk a half million dollars? She’s struggling with whether she should come clean.


Julie welcomes us back and says to keep a secret or not to keep a secret? That is the question. Haleigh tells us that she is the hacker this week but her friend is suffering. At the end of the day, she does not want to be the reason she goes home. We see Haleigh talking to Bayleigh and she tells her she won the hacker competition. Haleigh says she wanted to take a shot at Tyler and she would never have done it if she knew Bayleigh would go home. Bayleigh is so mad and Haleigh starts to cry and Bayleigh comforts her and says it’s ok. Bayleigh apologizes and says Haleigh shouldn’t feel bad and Haleigh says it wasn’t worth sitting there watching her suffer. Bayleigh says she’s mad because everyone was so quick to kick her and throw her under the bus and they showed their true colors.


Haleigh says once one person in this house knows something, soon everyone will. So now she has to work herself up to let everyone know. Haleigh says to see someone go home and be accused of something they didn’t do is just not fair. Haleigh then calls everyone into the living room for a house meeting. Haleigh says she loves everyone, but there are several people here that owe Bayleigh an apology, including herself because last Thursday she won the hacker competition.


Haleigh says she didn’t put Tyler up for personal reason and Angela, she never meant to steal her power. It was just the first time she got any power and she wanted to make a move. Haleigh then tells them Tyler came up and wanted to backdoor Angela. Tyler denies it and Bayleigh says he’s lying. They start screaming at each other and Bayleigh says he needs to be a man and apologize. Haleigh says that’s all I had to say on my part. Tyler says Bayleigh is mad at him when Haleigh is the hacker and did this to her. Bayleigh starts to walk away and Tyler and Bayleigh still argue and scream. Tyler says he’s not apologizing because he never threw Angela’s name out. Tyler says Bayleigh is the one who lied to everyone about having a power. Bayleigh is screaming in a very high pitched voice. Tyler says Bayleigh is taking it way too hard and he never did anything to her. Tyler says he is not a villain like that. Angela motions Tyler to go upstairs.


Haleigh tells us that was not where she expected that to go. She didn’t expect Bayleigh to have an outburst like that and she hopes that doesn’t kill Bayleigh’s chances of staying. Bayleigh says what is going on in this house? She says her outburst may cause her to go home, but she’s still going to fight this week. Tyler just keeps saying he’s not a villain like that.


It’s now time for the live vote and eviction. Rockstar does her shoutouts and says HG, I love being here and I’d like to stay because I’m on a mission. And I’d love to stay and not meet Julie in this sick outfit and I have nothing bad to say about the person on the couch with me. She loves them all.


Bayleigh thanks God and CBS and shoutouts. She says this week has been crazy and she has nothing crazy to say. She came in and fell in love with all of them and she understands this is a game. She admits she came at them aggressive and will be the first to apologize, especially to Tyler.


Julie announces the evictee will be the first jury member of 9. The hacker has one chance to stop someone from voting and it’s time to find out who. The hacker appears and their final hack of the week is stopping one HG from voting and the HG they have chosen is Tyler. The hacker’s work is now done!


Time to vote!

Kaycee sadly votes to evict her girl, Bayleigh.

Brett votes to evict Bayleigh.

Faysal is sorry to evict Bayleigh.

Scottie votes to evict Bayleigh.

Haleigh votes to evict Bayleigh.

Sam sadly votes to evict Rockstar.

JC says this is for Rachel and he votes to evict Bayleigh.

By a vote of 6-1, Bayleigh will be headed to jury and we’ll give the news to the HG when they return.


With 6 votes to evict Bayleigh, she will be leaving the BB house. Bayleigh says she’ll take hugs because she’s no longer a big, scary black lady. Everyone gives hugs and they all say they love her and send her out. Bayleigh gives Julie a hug.


Julie says this Bayleigh is a very different Bayleigh than the one we saw at the house meeting and she lost her mind on Tyler. Why did she do that? Bayleigh says she is not afraid of anyone in the house. She’s a true gemini and she felt her back was against the wall.


Julie wants to talk about her power app. Why? Bayleigh says it was an accident and Rachel was crying every two seconds and she wanted to shut her up. Julie wants to talk about Swaggy and Bayleigh says this is real and Julie tells her he went to her parents house and she gets excited.


Julie asks Bayleigh how she thinks it went. Bayleigh thinks they got along because he fits in. Julie says they loved him.


Angela says hacker or not and she had to put her up because of her power. They had a personal connection and she loves her so much. Tyler says Bayleigh, two big players going after another and he had to take her out. He hopes they are friends outside of this. Haleigh says she is heartbroken and she never intended for her to get involved in any of this. Brett says funny how tides have turned…you made an enemy of me and I had to send you home. Julie asks for final thoughts and Bayleigh says Brett is annoying and has no idea what’s going on most weeks.


It’s time for the live HOH competition. This comp is called #hashtagtoolong. The HG will be shown a long hashtag and three photos. Their goal is to decipher the hashtag and buzz in with the correct photo. The loser is eliminated and the winner chooses the next two HG to go head to head. If no one buzzes in, they will both be eliminated unless it’s the final round.


Sam and JC are first to face off. JC rang in first and he is correct. Sam is eliminated. JC chooses Rockstar and Tyler to face off.


Tyler and Rockstar are up and they get their hashtag. Tyler rang in first and he is incorrect. Tyler has been eliminated. Rockstar chooses Kaycee and Brett to face off.


Someone buzzes in and Kaycee uses profanity so we get fish. Kaycee rang in first and she is incorrect. Kaycee is eliminated and Brett selects Haleigh and Faysal to face off.


Faysal and Haleigh are up next. We must have profanity again because we get fish. Faysal buzzed in and he is incorrect. Faysal is eliminated. Haleigh selects Scottie and Brett to face off.


Scottie and Brett step up next. Brett rang in first and he is correct. Scottie has been eliminated. Brett chooses Rockstar and Haleigh to face off.


Haleigh rings in first beating Rockstar. Haleigh is correct and Rockstar is eliminated. JC and Brett are left to face off.


JC and Brett get their hashtags. Brett rings in first and he is incorrect. Brett is eliminated.


JC and Haleigh are facing off for the HOH. Haleigh rang in first and she is correct. Haleigh is HOH!


Julies goes to the LR and asks Haleigh how she feels. Julie realizes the HG can’t hear her but they can see her. Julie asks if they can hear her now and the HG say yes. Julie says ok then good night.

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