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Episode 19-Veto comp and ceremony

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Previously, on Big Brother, the fitness model was poised for power and she wanted to backdoor Bayleigh. But she made the flight attendant feel safe. At the nomination ceremony, Angela put up two pawns from the other side of the house. A new twist was let loose on the game. At the inaugural Hacker competition, Haleigh decoded the competition and the Texas girl decided to keep her big secret. With the power to hack the nominations, Haleigh anonymously saved Scottie and shocked the house with her nominee. Tonight, the power of veto is on the line. Will Tyler thwart the hacker and save himself or is his game sunk? And Mr. Pectacular is back! All this on Big Brother.


We pick up on day 45 after the hacker has nominated their nominee. Tyler says the hacker announces he’s taking down Scottie and put him up. He’s mad. He wants to find out who the hacker is and take himself down and get rid of them. Haleigh says she thinks Tyler is floating by and doing more in the game than he’s getting credit for.


Angela says this is frustrating and she doesn’t understand why the hacker put up Tyler but she can still get veto and backdoor Bayleigh. Scottie doesn’t understand why the hacker took him down. He hopes the hacker isn’t trying to backdoor him by taking away his chance to play in veto.


Haleigh says she feels bad leaving Rockstar on the block, but it would have made it way too obvious who the hacker was. She just needs to keep Rockstar calm. JC asks Tyler if won and put himself on the block. Tyler thinks Bayleigh is the hacker and she’s trying to frame Scottie as the hacker. JC goes upstairs to talk to Kaycee and Angela and they think Bayleigh is the hacker too. Angela wants to confront her but JC tells her no.


Angela says at first she thought Scottie was the hacker since he came off the block, but then she thought he was smarter than that. So now she thinks it’s Bayleigh and it’s just another reason to backdoor her. Kaycee says they have to keep playing nice and make her feel safe so she doesn’t see it coming.


Kaycee and Angela are in the HOH and they say they have to win. Angela says everyone is looking out for Tyler’s best interests. Angela says Level 6 needs to pull Tyler down and they need Kaycee to play. Angela says they think Bayleigh is the hacker and if they can convince her they will keep nominations the same, maybe she’s dumb enough to pick Kaycee to play.


Angela, Kaycee, and Bayleigh are in the HOH. Angela is saying Kaycee needs to play in her first veto and Bayleigh says what if the hacker picked you and Kaycee says that’d be awesome. Bayleigh says Angela and Kaycee wanting to keep noms the same, that’s perfect for her. She says Tyler is liked by everyone and he’s a physical threat. Because if noms stay the same that’s perfect for her game. Angela says Bayleigh, if we win there is no way Tyler is staying on the block, but I can make sure you get put there.


Haleigh says everyone is talking about the hacker. She needs to pick someone to play in the veto that is not going to raise red flags in the house for her alliance or herself. Bayleigh comes out of the WC and is washing her hands and she’s talking to the veto and saying Angela and Kaycee want to keep noms the same.


Time to pick players for the veto competition! The BB Hacker is hacking the BB competition and they are choosing one HG to compete. The HG they have chosen is…Kaycee. Kayce says she knew it and says thanks hacker. Angela says they planted those seeds with Bayleigh and Kaycee gets picked to play and this all but confirms Bayleigh is the hacker. She’s always one step ahead. Haleigh says this pick should keep suspicion off her side of the house.


Tyler thinks it’s great Kaycee got picked but he wants Brett to play because he needs all the help he can get. Scottie is drawn first. The second pick is Angela and she chooses Brett to play. Brett says this is exactly what we want. Brett says if Tyler doesn’t win it, or Angela, or Kaycee, then he’s there to help take Tyler off. Rockstar says with this lineup she’s going to be fighting by herself for herself.


The doorbell rings and the HG run to see who it is and it is…Mr. Pectacular, Jessie. He’s there to host the veto competition. This competition will be played in a series of rounds. They have to roll a ball back and forth to a certain power that Jessie asks for her. If their ball falls, they will have to start over. But since Jessie is so concerned for their health, after they’re eliminated they get a gift.


Angela says her nominations got hacked this week, so she has to win veto and take her ally off the block. Tyler says the hacker obviously wants him gone, so he needs to win this veto and take himself off the block.


Scottie says this veto is extremely important. He’s already been taken off the block by the hacker and if he doesn’t win it would be easy for Angela to put him back up and not get any more blood on her hands. Jessie wants 25 units of power and the HG begin. Brett says he wants to win so he can take Tyler down, but it doesn’t hurt to win a prize. Rockstar says she knows no one is going to win it for her and take her off the block so she is going to have to win it herself.


Angela says this competition is brutal. You have to roll the ball perfectly, but you also have to pace yourself so you don’t run out of energy. Angela drops the ball and has to start over. Rockstar is saying the same thing and she drops the ball and has to start over. Scottie is safe, then Brett, then Kaycee, then Tyler. Rockstar drops again and Angela finishes. Rockstar is out and she gets the power of veto and she knows she’s not going to keep the veto very long.


Next round, they need to 35 energy points. Angela says now that Rockstar is out, it’s four people from Level 6 and Scottie. All they have to do is take him out. Scottie says it looks like each round is going to be longer and longer. So he needs to pace himself because it’s going to be a marathon and not a sprint. Angela drops her ball and she has to start again. She’s just hoping someone else will drop it so she has a chance. Kaycee is the first one safe. Brett is safe, then Scottie, then Tyler. Angela has been eliminated. She gets Jessie’s Fitness and Food program. For the next week she will be on Jessie’s program which includes exercise routines and meal plans. She trades it for the veto.


Now they need 40 energy points. Tyler says the thing about this comp is it gets longer and harder because they have to pace themselves  Kaycee is feeling herself getting tired and her technique is going downhill. Brett is safe. Scottie is safe. Tyler is safe. Kaycee has been eliminated and she gets Healthy Honolulu. Jessie says she wins a trip to Honolulu and Kaycee keeps it.


Next round they need 50 energy points. Brett says he or Tyler has to win this to ensure Tyler’s safety. Kaycee says they all want it and this could be anyone’s game. It’s neck and neck between them and Tyler says he and Brett have to make it out of this round. Scottie and Tyler are safe and Brett has been eliminated. Brett says now Tyler has to take the veto and save himself. Brett gets health nut. Jessie gives him the chance to join Space Pecs for one week. Brett wants to trade and takes the trip from Kaycee.


Tyler is trying to reassure Scottie that he’s safe. Scottie says if he wins he can take Tyler off and they’re both safe. Tyler says even though last week he was telling people Scottie is his best friend, he doesn’t really trust him. He needs to go full force and win this thing. Scottie says Tyler is being stubborn, but he’ll give him what he wants and go forward and see who wins.   


It’s down to Tyler and Scottie. Who will win the game? Tyler says Scottie is saying he’ll use veto on him, but he doesn’t know if he can trust him. So he just wants to bang this out and win it for himself. Jessie says they need 100 energy points. Scottie says they have to get 100 points this round. He doesn’t care if they need 2000 points, he is not leaving without this veto. Tyler drops his ball after 4 points and has to start over.


Scottie is determined to put everything he has into this final round. Tyler has almost caught back up to Scottie at this point. Scottie says Tyler is picking up his pace so he has to match it. Angela says it is neck and neck between them and one dropped ball and they are out. If Tyler doesn’t pull this out, her whole plan to backdoor Bayleigh will blow up in her face. Scottie says at this point he’s only thinking of one thing…winning the veto. Tyler says he’s ahead, but Scottie is right behind him. He needs to stay focused. Haleigh says this competition is so close it makes her sick to her stomach. If Tyler wins this, then it ruins her entire plan to send him home. Tyler has won the POV! Tyler what’s up hacker? Where you at?


Scottie gets $5000. Jessie says he’s cashing out some of Space Pecs stock for him. Scottie says he has to pick his prize. He can do a lot with $5000 dollars, but he knows the only way he can ensure his safety is to take veto. He says he takes veto and Angela immediately starts bargaining. She promises Scottie he will not go up, she swears to God. Tyler tells Scottie that veto is his. Angela says it’s my HOH, I want the veto. Scottie decides to keep the 5k.


Tyler gets InstaGranny. For 24 hours, he has to take care of Jessie’s granny. Angela immediately says she will use the veto on him if he lets her have it. Tyler says he can’t take a prize from one of them. Angela says the hacker took all my power. Angela tells us she just bargained with Scottie and if she hands it to Tyler like it’s nothing, people will suspect something. This way she can keep power and keep Level 6 secret. Tyler says it’s a win-win. Tyler can let Angela keep veto and still be safe and trade for a prize and hide his relationship with Brett. Tyler takes the trip.


Bayleigh is in shock. She says Angela is promising Tyler safety and he didn’t take the veto. Haleigh can’t believe that Tyler, who the hacker put on the block, did not take GUARANTEED safety and instead took a prize.

We pick up after the veto comp and Angela and Tyler are in the lounge and Angela is saying she didn’t know what to do when Scottie was going to take veto. Tyler says he didn’t win the veto himself and he didn’t take Scottie’s 5k so after Scottie stays safe, he will 100% trust Tyler. And the best part is…the hacker is going on the block.


Kaycee is called into the DR and she gets a peanut costume and has to carry free weights. When she hears the music she has to dance, workout, and sing a theme song. Rockstar is out next and she has enrolled in Jessie’s fitness and food program. She has to make a smoothie and then exercise. So when she hears Jessie’s voice she has to go to the SR, get all the ingredients and make a smoothie and then workout.  She says this punishment is awful. Her calves are killing her!


Bayleigh is headed upstairs and Kaycee and Angela are up there. Bayleigh says she just wants to talk amongst friends and go over the possibilities. She says what she seen in that veto competition was crazy and she wants to see if she’s ready to make big moves. Bayleigh pitches taking Rockstar down and putting Scottie up. Angela tells us she isn’t taking anything Bayleigh says seriously. She’s just trying to keep her calm until the veto ceremony. Angela says you’re right Bayleigh, maybe making a big move IS a good idea!


It’s time for the veto ceremony. Angela has the veto and she can save one of them. Angela has decided to use the power of veto…on Tyler. She thanks him for trusting her this week. Since she has vetoed the hacker’s nomination she has to name a new HG as a nominee. She says this has been a very frustrating week for her having her HOH week and she’s known who the hacker since day one. Every conversation she had with the hacker was a string of fabricated lies to plant seeds. She’s made a promise with this individual, but a promise means nothing when it’s followed by constant lies. Now she would like to reveal the identity of the hacker…Bayleigh, would you like to have a seat next to Rockstar. Angela says Bayleigh, you had your week last week. There was no need for you take control over my HOH. Your power trip is over.


Bayleigh never expected to hear her name out of Angela’s mouth. She’s not going to let anyone tear her down. She’s still a queen and she’s going to hold her head high. Haleigh feels extremely guilty they think Bayleigh is the hacker. She was focused on keeping herself safe and now she has to choose between two friends.


Angela says she just made a huge move and now Bayleigh is on the block and all she has to do is ensure she goes home. Tyler says we think Bayleigh is the hacker, but even if she isn’t we are still getting rid of a huge power. Tyler says it’s time for Bayleigh to go.

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