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Episode 18-Hacker Comp and Nominations

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Previously, on Big Brother, Queen Bay powered up in the app store. Wanting Rachel as a pawn, HOH Bayleigh told her about her power app and the news quickly spread to Level 6. Bay was targeting Brett, but Level 6 was secretly plotting Rachel’s demise. Bayleigh’s side of the house assumed they had the votes, totally clueless that Tyler was working to save Brett.


At the live eviction, Brett gave a shocking speech and before the dust settled, half of the house was blind-sided. With the HOH back up for grabs, Angela pole vaulted into power. Tonight, Angela will nominate two HG for eviction. Plus, with the house fiercely divided, tempers go into overdrive and a brand new twist will shake up the game like never before. All this right now on big brother.


We pick up on day 44 after the HOH competition. Brett tells us his speech went flawless and the other side of the house is so mad he’s still there. You’re going to have call him El Cockroach because he’s not going anywhere! Losers!


Rockstar is in the DR and she’s crying. She misses her family and winning would have meant safety and getting pictures. Tyler is comforting in the SR and Rockstar says she misses her family so much.


Angela hugs Rockstar and says she did so well. She says guess who’s HOH this week? They got Rachel out of the house and earlier in the week her and Brett hatched a plan to flush out Bayleigh’s power app. We see them in the hammock planning Brett’s speech. Angela in the hammock tells Brett if she were 30 and had Rachel’s life, she’d have to be re-evaluating things. See ya, Rachel! I’m glad you’re gone!


Tyler tells us Rachel had to go but that’s not what Bayleigh wanted. Bayleigh says she’s annoyed with Brett by being extra. He thinks he opened a can of worms by trying to tell everyone about her power app. Bayleigh goes to talk to Brett wanting to know why he’d try and make her look like a fool. He says he threw Rachel under the bus and he was on the block. Brett says Bayleigh put him on the block and then is mad he defended himself. How is he the bad guy?


Bayleigh says it kind of worries her about the power app being exposed. She doesn’t know if she should use it now or use it later. Faysal is talking to JC and they are talking about votes. JC tells Faysal he didn’t flip the vote. Faysal tells us this is the fourth time he’s been blindsided. He says they think the week is going smoothly, but he has no idea what’s going on in this house. JC tells us Faysal’s side of the house thinks he’s voting with them so he’s throwing names out. Maybe it was Scottie or Rockstar. Faysal doesn’t have any brains, JC is his brains.


Bayleigh and Rockstar are talking in the bedroom. Bayleigh could have sworn Rachel would stay and someone is flipping and she needs to get to the bottom of it. Bayleigh asks Rockstar what is going on and she says she doesn’t know. Bayleigh says they must want her to go off the handle. Bayleigh tells us Rockstar is not telling her anything about anything, but right now Rockstar isn’t fooling anyone.


Tyler goes into the lounge with Kayce and they do a little celebration. JC pops in and says he heard a victory dance and he comes in and joins. Tyler tells us he can’t believe they pulled it off and the other side is running around like chickens with their heads cut off. He says fun times in the Big Brother house. Faysal comes in with Rockstar and Tyler in DR says he has to put on the right face because it’s a complete 180.


The HG are milling around and they hear “I need everyone in the living room”. The screen says hacker comp. Bayleigh is sitting on Kaycee’s lap. The tv says the next big twist of the summer is about to be unleashed. For the next two weeks, there will be a competition and the winner will have the ability to hack the game all week long. The hacker will be able to remove one nominee from the chopping block and replace them with the nominee of their choice. They also get to choose one player to play in the veto competition. And finally, the hacker will keep someone from casting a vote on eviction night. So will you be hacked or will you do the hacking?


Scottie says ugh! Another new twist. Scottie recaps the details of the hacker app and says it’s completely anonymous and it could be a game changer. Haleigh says she was blind sided again and her side is not in power and she doesn’t have a great relationship with Angela. If she can win the hacker comp she can have some power this week. Angela says this sucks! She can’t even control nominations this week and it could throw her HOH for a loop!


Haleigh, Scottie, Faysal, JC, and Rockstar are in the HNR and they are talking about the hacker competition. They are also talking about Bayleigh’s power. Rockstar says this game is so unpredictable, but there are already two powers in play. Faysal says let’s get it, let’s go to war.


Tyler and Brett are talking and they need to win the hacker thing. Brett says he’s still in a pot of boiling water because Bayleigh could still put him up with her power and then this hacker thing comes along and someone could anonymously put him up!


Sam calls a house meeting. She says this hacker thing is a bomb to the game and she has a plan to keep the power, throw it away, and keep playing the game. Sam says to the HG they should just make sure she gets the hacker comp win. She tells them to go into the competition and completely refuse to participate. Scottie says you want me to throw a comp? Sam says she promises not to use it. JC says oh Sam! No way is anyone in the house is going to throw a competition. Sam says she’ll nullify her own vote and she’ll play in the veto.


Rockstar says Sam you’re promising to have control. Sam says no she is giving everyone control. Rockstar tells us she doesn’t trust anyone in this house. Rockstar tells Sam it’s not just about trusting you, it’s about trusting everyone. Angela says that power is too tempting for people to throw it. Angela tells us Sam is trying to run the house when she’s not even HOH. Angela says there are too many snakes in this house and we see a shot of Tyler and JC. No one agrees and Sam says fine, go back to whispering in the rooms and being paranoid.


The remaining 4 members of Level 6 are in the HOH. They are laughing at how stupid the other side is and how their minds are blown. Angela is thinking of putting up Rockstar and Scottie. With the hacker comp, all she can do is put up two people she doesn’t mind going home. Tyler says if they have a chance to get Bayleigh out, they have to get her out. Angela thinks the perfect plan is hopefully one of them gets the hacker comp and puts up Bayleigh anonymously. Angela doesn’t mind if Scottie or Rockstar go home this week, but if they can get Bayleigh out before she uses her power, that’s awesome.


Angela is talking to Bayleigh in the HOH. Bayleigh says she’s happy Angela won, if it were the other she’d be more nervous. She wants to talk to Angela, but she’s not sure she should use her power with the hacker competition. She tells Angela if she’s going to use her app, she has to use it before nominations. Angela tells her she’s going not going to nominate her. Angela says Bayleigh is the brains behind the other side of the house so she’s trying to make Bayleigh feel safe so she doesn’t use her app. Bayleigh says the only two people she’s close to are her and Faysal. Angela says she isn’t putting up Faysal either. As Angela is leaving the room she sticks her tongue out.


It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Angela’s first nomination is Scottie. Her second nomination is Rockstar. Angela says this is a very strange week to be HOH and there are power apps floating around and now the hacker comp so it’s hard to have any strategy this week. Hopefully they can get through the week together. Angela is relieved Bayleigh didn’t use her power and hopefully one of Level 6 can put up Bayleigh anonymously and she doesn’t have to get blood on her hands.


Scottie says he’s not surprised, but we have this hacker comp and the power of veto and he doesn’t think these nominations are going to stay the same. Rockstar says it’s not a surprise, they don’t talk and it’s obvious she’s working with Brett. She’s been trying every week.


Rockstar is sitting on a bed and Haleigh comes in to comfort her and tells her there’s still a comp. Haleigh says things are fine. Rockstar closes the bedroom and covers herself wit her blanket and says she’s getting her butt kicked in this stupid game.


The hacker comp is showing on the screen again and everyone is running to the LR. We see all the HG walking down a hall with multiple doors. There is a computer in each room and headsets. Bayleigh says she is getting ready for this competition because Queen Bay is ready to hack her way back into power. Sam hasn’t touched a computer in five years and if this is speed typing she’s in trouble.


Their mission will be to unscramble words and there is only one correct word for each set of letters. The first three HG to complete the word will get points. After all the rounds, the HG with the most points will win the hacker competition. Angela says it’s important for her to win this comp so she can secretly nominate Bayleigh. She wants all the power this week. Rockstar says she needs to win so she can put Brett up because he should have gone home twice already.


Round 1 is with the letters MOENIEN. Scottie says he needs to win this competition so he can take himself off the block. Haleigh types in Nominee and she gets a point. Scottie and Kaycee also got a pint.


Round 2 letters are OKDABORC. Brett says as a cyber security engineer so he thinks this competition is made for him. While he’s talking, Haleigh, Faysal, and Angela got the points.


Round 3 letters are IDLISBEDN. Tyler seems to be confused and he finally realizes it’s his favorite word. Tyler, Angela, and Rockstar get the points. He needs to catch up because the other side can’t get power.


Round 4 letters are LECALNAI. Rockstar has no idea. Kaycee is just typing randomly. Bayleigh says the words are getting harder but she’s not giving up. Scottie, JC, and Kaycee get the points. Brett says it’s over again. He doesn’t know what’s going on. JC says thanks Big Brother, Spanish is my first language.


Round 5 letters are CIVEOTNI. Scottie, Faysal, and got it.


Round 6 is up and Haleigh says she needs to catch up. The word is punishment and Sam gets her first point, with Tyler and Haleigh behind.


Round 7 and it’s the last round and Tyler says he needs to get this last one so he can be in the running. The word is competition. Haleigh wants to win this comp so she can put up whoever she wants. Rockstar gets a point. Brett gets a point. Haleigh says she has to win this. We see HG typing. Tyler and Scottie are staring and thinking. Haleigh types in the word and she has 4 points.


The hacker competition is over and Haleigh gets the message she is this week’s hacker! She might have to change the noms this week. The rest of the HG get a skull that says Loser on it. Rockstar is disappointed she can’t take herself down. Angela says she didn’t win, but she’s hoping someone in Level 6 did so they can secretly nominate Bayleigh. Scottie says this stinks, he didn’t win and can’t take himself down, but there’s still veto.


We’re back from the hacker comp and they are talking about how many points everyone got. Haleigh says her focus is to reassure everyone in the house she did not win. She wants to put up a target who isn’t on anyone’s radar and think of her own game.


Angela geos to the HOH with Brett and they think Scottie has it. Angela says maybe Rockstar and Brett says no, she wears her emotions on her sleeve. The BB hacker comes on the screen. The hacker has decided to hack the nominations and they have decided to remove Scottie from the chopping block. Everyone looks very solemn. The hacker continues the new nominee is…Tyler. He shakes his head and everyone is shocked! Kaycee and Haleigh’s jaws have dropped and Rockstar is shaking her head. Sam looks upset. The hacker says his job is done….for now.


Sam looks close to tears. Haleigh says you can’t ride the fence or play the middle and not get noticed. She thinks he’s playing both side and she has to make this move now. Scottie says the good news is he’s off the block. The bad news is he will get blamed and he isn’t guaranteed to play veto. Angela says she needs to make sure Tyler doesn’t go home on her HOH. She is going to go out and win veto and crown Tyler prince veto and throw Bayleigh’s butt up on the block.


Tyler is slow clapping in the DR and says well played hacker. It’s about time someone other than me made a big move. But just know it will come back around to you. Who will win POV? And will it be used to save either Rockstar or Tyler from the block? Find out Wednesday!

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