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Episode 16-POV competition and ceremony

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Nervous he could go up, JC enlisted Faysal to fight for his honor, but Bay wasn’t having it. Still needing a pawn, Bayleigh reached out to Rachel and hoping to earn her trust, Bay took a gamble on the Vegas girl. At the nomination ceremony, the Level Six was level. Tonight, the veto is on the line. Will it be used to save Brett or Rachel? Plus, Bayleigh goes power hungry! Who will be eaten alive by Queen Bay?


We pick up on day 38 after the nomination ceremony. Bayleigh tells us she nominated Brett and Rachel. Brett is her target because he’s dangerous and a smooth talker. She nominated Rachel because she thinks she’ll be a good pawn and won’t hold a grudge. Brett says he knew he was going up because Bayleigh works with the people who use his name as a target. Brett says the good thing is they can both fight for veto.


Rachel is crying in the DR and says she hates people asking if she’s ok. She says it sucks being on the block and she’s trying to stay loyal, but it’s affecting her game and now she’s on the block. Rachel goes to lay down in the HNR and Kaycee goes in to console her and tell her she’s ok. Kaycee says she genuinely cares about Rachel and she’s trying to calm her down. She says Rachel has a tendency to freak out and she’s just trying to let her know it’s happened now they need to move forward.


Rachel is whispering to Kaycee that Bayleigh is adamant about Brett going home and they need to work hard to get her mind off Brett. Faysal and JC are in the SR and Faysal is saying he saved Haleigh and sent Kaitlyn home. JC says he worked to get Kaitlyn out and Faysal says he locked in the votes and calls JC ungrateful. Faysal says it was only him that worked to save JC. JC tells us Faysal hasn’t done anything in the game, but when he does he thinks he owns the house.


Tyler tells us he’s happy he wasn’t nominated and he needs to make sure he’s not an option as a backdoor option because he doesn’t want to be blindsided. Bayleigh tells Tyler she’d like to keep the nominations the same and she asks if he wants to play veto. Tyler does want to play veto. Tyler says right now he’s telling Bayleigh whatever she wants to hear so he can play in veto and use it to take Brett or Rachel off and keep the alliance together.


Bayleigh says she has the identity theft power app, but she knows there’s another power out there and she wants to talk to Tyler and see if he breaks. Tyler tells us yeah Bayleigh, I don’t know how people can lie in this house. He says yeah, he has the other power app that will keep him safe at a ceremony, but he’s not telling anyone and she needs to stop getting it out of him.


JC goes to talk to Bayleigh in the HOH and he says Faysal is so bad because he was the one to change Bayleigh’s mind. JC says he went to Bayleigh because he wants to make them not trust each other and he’ll have Faysal in his pocket. Bayleigh says Faysal is getting on her nerves because this is her HOH and her name does not need to come out of his mouth, especially if she’s supposed to be his number one.


Bayleigh tells us she’s not happy and she goes to wake him up. She tells him JC told her the only reason he’s safe is because Faysal saved him. Bayleigh says it’s coming across as Faysal is running her HOH and she looks like a little witch. She tells Faysal he needs to chill because she should not come out of this HOH in a worse spot than him.


Bayleigh is in her HOH and Rachel comes in to talk. Rachel says she was so upset yesterday because of everything. She feels like she signed Brett’s eviction notice by saying she’d be ok being a pawn. Rachel tells us she’s uncomfortable with Brett leaving and she wants to shift the target to someone else. She tells Bayleigh Brett leaving would not be good for her game because he’s a bigger target. Rachel wants to go out and win veto because when others win they are talked about as great competitors.


Bayleigh tells Rachel Brett is a big boy and she needs to let him worry about his game and she take care of her game. Bayleigh tells us Rachel is starting to make her mad. She’s trying to not make Brett a target and Bayleigh is not having it. Rachel says she didn’t mean to bring negativity in the room Bayleigh says if people keep trying to push me into a corner, I’m going to snap.


Time to pick players for the veto competition! Bayleigh would love for Tyler to get picked to play because he told her he would keep noms the same. Bayleigh picks first and draws Sam. Rachel draws JC. JC says he’s glad he can play because he was almost a nominee, and this way he can keep himself safe. Brett draws Tyler. Brett says this is the perfect scenario. He’s a great competitor and he’s in his alliance and he genuinely believes he’ll use veto on him. Tyler is stoked because if he wins he can keep himself safe. But if he wins then he’ll be expected to save Brett or Rachel and maybe make Bayleigh mad.  


The HG are in the BY and they are working out. They look up and see a black crow. JC says it’s Kaitlyn! He says what? You have a message from Kaitlyn and we see the bird poop.


Bayleigh is first compete and they have to use road pieces to complete a road. There is only one way to complete the puzzle correctly. Once they have the road they must “drive” Steve, Swaggy, Winston, and Kaitlyn to a part. Whoever does it the fastest will win the POV.


Bayleigh says her strategy is to go right through the center of town and hope traffic isn’t bad. Just as she says it a road block goes down and she has to go back. She says this is harder than it looks because the pieces look similar but they are different sizes. She keeps working and the second road block goes down, but it’s not on her path. She continues and completes the puzzle and she gets the former HG to the party.


Tyler says he doesn’t know if he’ll be good at this competition because he’s directionally challenged and he always gets lost. He needs to do his best though so he can keep himself safe and maybe save Brett or Rachel. He says this is kind of tricky so he needs to stay focused and a roadblock falls in his way. He starts to re-route and he is working on the puzzle and the second road block falls, but it’s not in his path. He blazes through the puzzle and quickly drives the HG to the party.


Sam says she wants to win this veto for her own safety and she wants to keep nominees the same. As far as she knows, someone she is close to could be a target and she doesn’t want that. She used to put puzzles together when she was a child, but she put them together in her own way. She finishes just as time expires.


JC says he’s good at puzzles and this is not going to be that hard. He says he’s getting his cardio today. He says he’s trying so hard and he was sweating his asphalt off. He says he knows people want to go to the party, but he doesn’t think it’s happening.


Rachel is feeling the pressure this week. If she or Brett don’t win veto, then someone in their alliance could be going home. She starts her puzzle, but her pieces aren’t connecting correctly. She says this is by far the most important competition she’s played to date and she has to stay positive and keep moving forward. She’s starting to feel defeated because she’s getting closer to the 30 minute max out and she’s feeling frustrated and hopeless.


Brett says he has to win this veto because he’s not only on the block, but he’s next to an ally. He needs to win this veto and keep himself safe. He wants to figure out the best route by using reverse engineering. He has 16 pieces and he’s calculating which path that is. He realizes he’s wrong and has to create a second path. He says he’s about to Fred Flinstone this and get them to their party. Brett says roasted! Mic drop! He just hopes it was fast enough to pull himself off!


Let’s see how everyone did in the Goober Driver competition! Brett says he’s on the block next to Rachel and that’s a difficult spot. Rachel finished with a time of 30 minutes. Bayleigh finished with a time of 14:24. Brett finished with a time of 10:59. Bayleigh says Brett beat her time and is terrified and she’s hoping Tyler can pull through.


Tyler is just hoping his time is faster than Brett’s and he can secure his safety. JC timed out with 30 minutes. Sam also timed out with 30 minutes. It all comes down to Tyler. Let’s see if he can beat Brett’s time! Tyler finished with a time of 6:54 and has won the POV!


Tyler says would you look at that! More importantly he’s safe, but now he has a tough decision to make and someone is not going to be happy. Brett says he didn’t win veto, but Ty is his alliance member and hopefully Tyler will take him off the block. Rachel says she’s the pawn and she hopes Tyler will take her off.


Tyler goes to the HOH room with Bayleigh and he asks her what she wants to do and she says keep noms the same. Bayleigh says she wants that chunk of people to lose a number and it’s more even. Tyler says now that he has veto he needs to sneak his way around Bayleigh and find out who the replacement might be. And what better way than to blame a power app? He asks her if a power is used to take Brett down, then Angela will go up, right? Bayleigh says yes.


Tyler says he’s going to use a little reverse psychology and tell Bayleigh that Scottie is his best friend and maybe she’ll retaliate against him and put Scottie up. He tells Bayleigh that he’s close with Scottie and Bayleigh looks at him and says oh really?


Bayleigh is in her HOH room and Rachel comes in and gives Bayleigh a hug. It’s a very long hug. Rachel is crying and lays her head on Bayleigh’s lap. Bayleigh tells her she doesn’t want Tyler to use the veto on Brett. Rachel says Tyler told her the only way he’d use it is if she put Angela up. Rachel says really? It sounds like he wants a girl out. Bayleigh says at this point it’s girls against guys. There are 4 guys and 7 girls. Rachel tells her she will be loyal to her and Bayleigh can count on her. Rachel says Tyler really said that? That’s crazy!


Rachel goes to the HNR and she is fuming. She looks at the camera and says are F’ing kidding me. Then F’ing snake. She goes to talk to Angela and tells her what Bayleigh told her. Angela tells us she immediately doesn’t believe Rachel and that it can’t be true. She’s going to get to the bottom of it. Angela tells Kaycee in the lounge room what Rachel told her and Kaycee says that doesn’t make sense. Why would he do that? Kaycee doesn’t see Tyler saying that.


Angela tells us her and Kaycee are on the same page at this point. Why would Tyler go out of his way to target her? Rachel is so full of crap. Kaycee then talks to Tyler in the HNR and she recaps what Angela told her. Tyler says no, that got twisted up. Tyler says he needs to talk to Angela without Rachel there. Angela and Tyler are talking and she tells him she thinks Rachel is lying. She recaps the conversation. Angela says if Rachel is going to act like this then she doesn’t want her to stay.


Tyler tells us that Rachel is freaking out and twisting everyone’s words. If she’s going to freak out then maybe he should use the veto on Brett. Angela says she’d rather have Brett stay than Rachel because he stays calm and doesn’t run around the house all crazy.


Rachel is talking to Angela and she says she’s mad. She says when she is in alliance and she has a ride or die she’s loyal. Angela tells her sometimes it can go to far and make her look suspicious. Angela doesn’t trust Rachel right now and she’s trying to deflect game conversation and get her to calm down. Rachel then tells Angela about Bayleigh’s power. Rachel says don’t tell anyone and Angela makes a zipping lips motion.


Angela tells Tyler about Bayleigh’s power. She tells him if he uses veto and makes Bayleigh mad, then he could be a target next week. Tyler says now that he knows about Bayleigh’s power it makes his decision even harder.


It’s time for the veto meeting! Tyler has decided NOT to use the power of veto. He loves them both, but at the end of the day this was Bayleigh’s HOH and nominations and he understands she doesn’t want to put up a third nomination and he respects that. Bayleigh whispers I love you.


Brett says he’s still on the block and it sucks and he’s going to fight to stay. Rachel says she’s feeling relieved on one hand because she feels she’s going to stay, but the reality is there are two members of Level six on the block and she doesn’t want either of them going home. Bayleigh says Tyler did exactly what she wanted and Brett is going home and she can honestly says she’s had the smoothest HOH so far. Tyler says he didn’t use the veto because he knows Bayleigh has the power app. But she wants Brett to go home, so maybe they should keep him. Bayleigh shouldn’t get everything she wants, should she?

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