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Episode 15-HOH and Nominations

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Previously, on Big Brother, the BB App Store gave 3 HG powers. With Kaitlyn and Rockstar on the block, Sam told the house that one my return. At first, the house seemed split on who to vote out. But JC was set on sending Kaitlyn packing. At the live eviction, JC cast a surprising vote, but he was the only one. As Kaitlyn said good-bye, the bonus life said hello. So Kaitlyn competed to get back in the game, but even her spirit guides couldn’t help her beat the clock and the life coach’s Big Brother life officially ended. Tonight, the battle for HOH begins again, and loyalties are questioned. Plus, two HG will be nominated for eviction. All this right now on Big Brother.


We pick up after eviction on Day 37 and they are talking about how heartbreaking it was to watch Kaitlyn do that comp. Rockstar tells us she is still in the Big Brother house and she’s so excited. She doesn’t know if they really didn’t like Kaitlyn or loved her, but whatever. So now it’s time for her, Haleigh, Bayleigh, and Faysal to dominate this house. Sam tells us as she watches Kaitlyn walk out the door it was with a heavy heart. She had so much game it came back to bite her in the butt. What goes around comes around.


Faysal tells us getting Kaitlyn out is a big relief. He and Kaitlyn were close but she was not good for his game and she caused a lot of commotion in the house and it was time for her to go. We see Sam apologizing to Tyler and he says it’s ok. Tyler says honestly he’s feeling pretty sad in the moment and now his head goes back to that one random vote and he needs to clear his name and get to the bottom of it.


We see Tyler in the bedroom with Haleigh and Faysal and he swears on his life he evicted Kaitlyn. They begin speculating and Haleigh asks Faysal if it was him and he asks if she’s serious. Faysal tells us really Haleigh? I used veto on you and you think I voted to keep her? JC comes in and gives hugs. It gets quiet.


JC and Tyler are whispering in the WA and JC says he didn’t vote Rockstar out. JC says he’s going to find out. JC tells us he voted to keep Kaitlyn because he knew would bring paranoia and drama, but Tyler is his buddy and he doesn’t want him blamed for it. JC tells Tyler he will tell people Tyler didn’t vote to keep Kaitlyn. Tyler says everyone thinks he was close with Kaitlyn and she was his number one, but in reality they weren’t “that close”. He tells HG in the KT that he didn’t vote to keep her.


JC, Angela, Kaycee, Brett, and Tyler are in the HNR. Kaycee says someone voting that way is done, but it gives them ammo. Brett says Scottie got uncomfortable and he was staring at him the entire time. They think Scottie was the rogue vote. JC tells us he campaigned hard to get Kaitlyn out and no one is blaming him. JC says he is doing such a great job.


Sam and Bayleigh are talking in the WA and they are discussing the rogue vote. Bayleigh says she thinks it was Scottie because he did the same thing to Swaggy. Sam asks why and how she knows and Bayleigh says he told her. Bayleigh says she thought it was Tyler, but she thinks Scottie did it to frame Tyler.


Sam comes out and it’s time for the HOH comp. Brett says walking out into the yard and they are speaking his language. Brett is going to take this one home. Kaycee says hopefully at the end of this she has someone sliding into her DM’s or the HOH key.


Sam reads welcome to the information super highway. This competition is called Perfect Timing. One at a time, they will sit on their email and send themselves from the Outbox to the Inbox. But it’s not about being the fastest! Because this competition is all about accuracy. Your goal is to get there in exactly 8 seconds. It doesn’t matter if you’re over or under, it’s just whoever is the closest. The HG who gets their email to the inbox closest to 8 seconds will be the new HOH.


JC feels like he’s been making a lot of decisions behind the scenes and it’s his time to make some decisions open to all the HG. He wants to win. Tyler says Level Six has been doing a decent job of staying together, but the other side is definitely dying to pick them off so someone from Level 6 needs to win HOH so they have some control this week.


Bayleigh says herself, Rockstar, Faysal, or Haleigh cannot lose another number this week. They need to have the power because they have to go after the other side. So it’s time to put on the “nice nasty” face because they are out for blood.


The order has been chosen by random draw and Bayleigh is up first. Bayleigh recaps the competition directions for us. Kaycee says to Bayleigh, you can slide into my DM girl! Bayleigh says she needs to win this HOH because she is tired of being the last person to know what’s going on. She wants to make decisions for herself and know that she’s safe. She finishes with a time of 8.08. She screams in the HOH and says she is so excited and she is so hyped for herself right now.


Tyler is next. Tyler says how am I supposed to follow that up? Tyler tells us Bayleigh gets a perfect score basically and this is not good for Level 6. He just has to be really precise and send his glider down with the right amount of force. Next thing you know he’s bouncing off walls like a pinball machine and he finishes with 10.98. Tyler is just hoping anyone from Level 6, please he needs them to win a competition.


Haleigh is next and she says she got her first taste of the block and she doesn’t want to be there again. She finishes with 8.50. Brett is next and he says it seems super simple, but you have to pay enough attention to minor details and he knows he has to hit it perfect. He hits 10.00 and Tyler says he got a perfect ten. Brett says well he is a perfect ten.


JC is next and he gets 8.48. JC says are you kidding me right now? He was that close to HOH? He’s over this. Rockstar is next and she lays down and she finishes in 6.58. Angela is next and she says she’s a pole vaulter and she’s familiar with timing and accuracy, but she doesn’t want to win because she doesn’t want to get blood on her hands and lay low, so hopefully someone else from Level 6 wins this one. She finishes with a time of 8.71.


Bayleigh says she can’t believe no one has been able to beat her time. She’s so excited. 6 down and 4 to go. Kaycee is up next. Kaycee says she wants to win this HOH competition so she can keep Level 6 safe. She says 8 is her lucky number, it’s her jersey number, and it’s tatted on her arm. She finishes with 7.66.


Scottie steps up for his turn and he says he really wants to win. He says since he made the big move of splitting up the bros, he’s been laying low. But if he were to win, that would change and he’d go after another pair and put Rachel and Angela on the block. He finishes in 5.81.


Bayleigh says 8 down two to go. The queen is close to claiming her crown. Faysal says when he seen Bayleigh’s time, he knew no one was going to beat that so he decided just to have fun with it. He pushes himself very forcefully and finishes with 4.0 seconds. Everyone is laughing. JC says Faysal threw himself down this thing and he was trying to crash the internet.


Sam says the new HOH is going to be either Rachel or Bayleigh. Rachel says she really wants to win this HOH to guarantee her safety. But now that it’s down to her and Bayleigh and she feels like she’s carrying the weight of Level Six on her shoulders. This is a lot of pressure. Rockstar says we’re down to the final round and Rachel is the last person who could take this HOH from Bayleigh. She really hopes Rachel screws this up. Tyler says Rachel is their only hope right now for Level Six to pull out a win and they need this bad. So please Rachel do something.


Bayleigh tells us she has been on the leader board for ten rounds and her heart is pounding out of her chest right now. She is one person away from being the new HOH. Rachel finishes in 10.04 and she goes and jumps on Bayleigh. Bayleigh says your girl is HOH. She is so excited and her key is not going to leave her side. Rachel is really worried that Bayleigh is going to put up two members of her alliance and they can’t afford to lose another alliance member.


Scottie says Bayleigh deserves this HOH with a near perfect score and he really, really trusts her. So her being HOH is absolutely perfect for him. Brett says he’s already been on the block once, he’s been chased around the house with pots and pans, and he knows his name is in everyone’s mouth so he’s not feeling very secure in his safety.


The HG all come in from the HOH competition. Bayleigh says she’s HOH and you have no idea how excited she is. There has been too much chaos, too many lies, and nobody has been telling her the truth. So she needs to know what’s going on in this house and then she’s going to regulate.


Faysal, Scottie, Rockstar, Haleigh, and Bayleigh are in the SR and they are jumping around. Sam comes in and says what’s going on in here and Bayleigh says they are celebrating. Bayleigh is happy in the SR, but she’s looking around wondering what Scottie is doing there.


Bayleigh goes into the HNR and says that was for Swaggy and hopefully he’s proud of her. Rachel walks in and interrupts and Bayleigh says I was talking to Swaggy! Rachel starts to leave and Bayleigh says that’s ok, I’ll talk to him later.


Rachel and Brett are now in the HNR and Brett is saying he has no idea where her head’s at. Brett is doing jumping jacks and Scottie comes in and leaves. Rachel says she’s going to do her best to push Scottie under the bus to her. She’s going to try her darndest.


Bayleigh and Tyler are talking in the lounge and Tyler says he’s in a weird spot. He says he looks like the biggest idiot and Bayleigh says you think you do, but you don’t. Tyler says this week was a roller coaster and Bayleigh says she knows that Tyler was trying to be loyal and he was put in a tough spot. She starts rubbing his back and he says he was just trying to protect her. Tyler tells us he’s trying to make Bayleigh believe that Kaitlyn was his number one, when she was really pretty low. Like 9 or 10 maybe. Sorry Kaitlyn. Bayleigh says Tyler is a lonely island and she doesn’t know what he’s going to do.


Tyler tells us if Bayleigh believes he’s this lone wolf now it really would be pointless to target him now when she can use him as an asset going forward and put him in her pocket. Bayleigh says she thinks he has great loyalty, but his loyalty hasn’t been towards her. She doesn’t feel like Tyler’s been targeting her, but she also doesn’t feel like he’s going to take her farther in the game. Tyler says whatever she needs from him to let him know and Bayleigh tells him she wants him to be loyal to her. She’d rather him on her team and he says he’d rather have her on his team. Bayleigh tells us talking to Tyler is opening her eyes to a lot of things, one he’s wounded and she doesn’t want to kick him while he’s down. And two, Tyler is a free agent and a competition beast and hopefully they can work together moving forward.


Bayleigh says moving forward she just wants to make sure he has her back because this game is about to get crazy and she doesn’t want any mess. Tyler says he doesn’t want a mess either and he’s a free agent. Bayleigh says she is scooping him up. They get up and hug each other and leave the lounge.


JC and Faysal are in the lounge playing with the Jenga blocks. Faysal says he’s tall and he fits the criteria. Faysal says time in this house can pass by slow sometimes, but thank God for JC to help pass the time when he needs it. We see The Tall & Short of It starring Fessy and Jay Cee. Faysal asks JC to put lotion on his back and JC says no, but then we see him doing it. We see other clips of Faysal and JC.


We then see an “episode” of their show and it’s called “Bed Bugs’ and we see Faysal and JC at night in one of the bedrooms and he knocks over a water bottle, but we hear glass sounds. JC says who has a water bottle in the middle of the bedroom? We then see Faysal lay down on the edge of the bed and JC tries to get it on the same edge and push Faysal over. JC is laying on the edge while holding onto the other bed and eventually Faysal moves over. We hear a laugh track and then we hear someone tell them to go to sleep, both of them. Faysal is then called to the DR and we hear the laugh track.


Bayleigh and Haleigh are in the HOH and Haleigh says she has no preference. Bayleigh says the only people that threaten her are guys in this house. She has Haleigh guess the two guys are who would put her up. Haleigh guesses Brett and Tyler and Bayleigh says Brett and JC. Bayleigh then says Scottie is being shady and she thinks he was the rogue vote. Haleigh says maybe you can convince Scottie to be a pawn. Bayleigh says she’s thinking of putting Brett up and she doesn’t know yet. She knows she’s putting up Brett, but she needs to figure who to put next to him that won’t cause trouble for her.


Bayleigh asks Scottie if he did the weird flippy thing again and Scottie says no. I did not flip my vote. Scottie tells us that Bayleigh would even fathom to keep Kaitlyn is absolute crap. Scottie thinks Rachel was the rogue vote because she was flipping out afterwards. Bayleigh says Scottie is crazy and he does a lot of weird stuff and she needs him to be Team Bay. She tells him what he did to Swaggy wasn’t cute or funny and if he flipped and didn’t tell her she’ll find him and gut him. Scottie says 100% I did not flip and he’s looking her in the eyes. Bayleigh tells us she knows Scottie is shady and she knows he does crazy stuff, but she doesn’t think the crazy side is directed towards her. So she’s just going to let him be and deal with him later.


JC and Bayleigh are talking now and JC says he’s not going to kiss her butt. Bayleigh says she’s just weighing her options and she says she needs to know JC is not going to turn on her. JC immediately says he’s not going to turn on her. Bayleigh says if she doesn’t put him up, he better remember. Bayleigh says out of everyone in the house he was going to be a pawn because that’s what people suggested to her. Bayleigh says everyone loves him and trusts him but she needs to make sure he’s not making promises to everyone in the house.


Bayleigh tells us she and JC have had their issues in the past, but he is definitely not her target this week. But she is considering using him as a pawn and she needs to see how he’s going to react because she doesn’t want him to freak out. Bayleigh tells JC she is trying to see where his head is at because she doesn’t want have to use him as a pawn. JC tells us are you crazy girl? Is this how you want me to start working with you? You must be out of your mind right now. He came here to play, not be some kind of puppet. JC says if you and me are working together and running this crap, then we are the brains and we put them to play and like win vetos and crap. He says he’s going to go be bossy.


Faysal and JC are talking in the lounge and Faysal asks how their talk went. JC says she told him that people threw his name because he was one of the most liked in the house and stuff, they want to use him as a pawn because he won’t go home. JC says he’s not down for that. Faysal says no one knows where his head is at. JC says he’s been talking game with Faysal for two weeks and every time he tells him stuff it’s been beneficial for him at the end, but he’s just dumb.


Faysal tells JC he’s trying to make sure he doesn’t end up on the block this week. He’s been loyal and he’s still in this game so don’t call him dumb. He says JC is dumb. Faysal says the last thing he wants is JC to go home and JC tells him he needs to go talk to Bayleigh. Faysal says he works really closely with JC and he needs him in the game and he doesn’t want to risk him going home this week. So he has to go talk to his girl Bayleigh and make sure she keeps him. They both do a last minute you’re dumb back and forth.


Faysal is upstairs in the HOH waiting on Bayleigh. Bayleigh says the only three she was considering is JC, Rachel, and Brett. Faysal asks if Brett is for sure and Bayleigh says yes. Faysal says look at it this way. Rachel is on their side. He doesn’t want it to seem like he’s trying to save JC, but he thinks JC is a much more valuable member. Bayleigh says for you. Faysal says for our team. Faysal says if she doesn’t put up JC he’ll be much more loyal than if you don’t put up Rachel.


Bayleigh says JC will be loyal to you, not me. She says JC has never in his life said I have loyalty to you Bayleigh, she says JC walked out of there and says if she just listens to him and does what he tells her everything is going to be fine. Bayleigh says JC is not going to be bossing her around. Bayleigh tells us she really doesn’t want to hear Faysal out right now, especially when it’s concerning JC, but Fes is making some really good points. JC is an asset right now and even though he’s on her last nerve, she has to think about what is best for her game.


Haleigh and Bayleigh are talking and she tells Haleigh Faysal is trying hardcore to save JC. Bayleigh tells us she and Haleigh have an alliance with Faysal, but he’s sticking his neck out for JC and she needs to find out what’s going on and she needs answers. She calls Faysal in for a few minutes. She tells Faysal her filter comes off only with him and Haleigh and he should never tell her what she’s doing is a bad move. Faysal says when did I say that and Bayleigh says last night when they were talking. Faysal says he did not save that and Bayleigh says he did say that and he needs to be Team Bayleigh and Haleigh and not Team JC and he needs to quit sticking his neck out for this crazy little Tasmanian Devil over them it will step on him. Bayleigh says it’s clear in this house he’s Team JC and Faysal says that’s not a bad thing. Haleigh says it’s not a good thing! Faysal says he has made it very clear where he stands and he doesn’t need any questioning, especially from Haleigh. Haleigh says it doesn’t look like they are 100% and Faysal says all he said was laid out the benefits of keeping JC over Rachel. Haleigh says she would never question a move one of her good friends was making and Faysal says he didn’t question Bayleigh and she says he did. Bayleigh tells us Faysal is getting on her nerves because this is her HOH and she’s going to put up JC if she wants, regardless if he agrees or not, he needs to shut up.


Bayleigh tells us nominations are today and Brett is target, but she’s still undecided who to put next to him. She needs to figure out who will make the least amount of splash during her HOH week. Bayleigh and Rachel are talking and Bayleigh tells Rachel that Scottie told her absolutely he didn’t flip and that it was Rachel. Rachel shakes her said because he did it. Bayleigh says probably but she doesn’t want to put Scottie up because when he goes he needs to be backdoored. Bayleigh says it would be a better idea to Brett up. Rachel says she has Brett wrapped around her and he’s easy to control. Bayleigh says Brett will never choose her over them so she can’t keep him. Bayleigh tells Rachel she’s considering using her as a pawn. Rachel says she’s so mad right now. Scottie and his smug face if he sees her go up. Bayleigh says I need you to trust me and she will tell Rachel one thing. Bayleigh says no one knows about this and she says she has the third power up. She explains her power.


Bayleigh tells us by her telling Rachel about the power app she has proven to Rachel she can keep her safe and hopefully she won’t hold a grudge or be mad at her later and she’ll be loyal to her in the end. She tells Rachel not to tell anyone or she’ll kill her and Rachel says she won’t tell anyone. Bayleigh says she’s just weighing the options and Rachel says she trusts her if she goes up. Rachel tells us this is an incredibly scary situation because pawns go home. Pawns go home in this game and she’s not sure what’s going to happen.


Time for the nomination ceremony. Bayleigh’s first nomination is Brett. Bayleigh’s second nomination is Rachel. Bayleigh says she has nominated Brett because he’s the easiest one to put up because he’s already been on the block and it wouldn’t put any blood on her hands. Bayleigh says Rachel she hasn’t talked to very much and she wanted to let her play for the veto. None of it is personal, it’s strictly game.


Bayleigh says she didn’t nominate JC this week because it would have been more of a headache this week than to protect him. But she’s very aware Brett and Rachel are capable of winning the veto and no one should feel safe because she hasn’t ruled out anyone from being on the block.


Rachel says she’s sad she’s on the block with an alliance member, but she wants to win the veto because she wants to control her own destiny. She wants to show everyone she came to play and save herself. She is NOT going home. Brett says apparently he’s the biggest threat in the house because he’s so charming and he’s the man. Bayleigh should be worried because she just declared war with him. He’s going to win that veto, take himself off the block, and then he’s gunning for her.


Faysal says it worked! He says everything went as planned. He kept JC safe and he’s actually playing Big Brother. Look at that. Who will win the power of veto? And will it be used to save either Brett or Rachel? Find out Wednesday night on Big Brother!

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