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Episode 14-Eviction and Power App

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Julie greets us and says this week the power of veto lead to broken hearts and broken promises. But Sam’s power app has the power to save an evictee. Previously, on Big Brother, Sam won the bonus life power in the BB App Store. With two bros on the block, Brett caused chaos by lying about Rockstar and after Winston went back to Kentucky, Rockstar went super nova on Brett. With the welder showing her meddle by winning HOH, Sam felt empowered to go after Kaitlyn and Haleigh.  


After Fessy was enlisted to play veto, Kaitlyn made him promise he would save her, but his heart had other plans. With the power of veto on the line, the former all-American chopped, bonked, and spanked the competition, leaving him a tough choice. At the veto meeting, Fessy vetoed his friendship with Kaitlyn. Needing a replacement nominee, Sam almost JC, but had a split-second change of heart and before the dust settled, Sam dropped another bomb. Tonight, Faysal deals with the repercussions of his choice, then the house will evict either Rockstar or Kaitlyn. But will the evictee return to the game, or go home for good?


It’s day 37 inside the Big Brother house. Tonight, one of the power apps is about to be activated, giving either Rockstar or Kaitlyn a chance to compete for their life in the game. By using the veto to save Haleigh, Faysal made his bed and now he has to lie in it. We pick up after the veto meeting and Faysal says he knows Kaitlyn is upset and her heart is broken, but he had to save Haleigh because he has real feelings for her.


JC and Sam hug and Sam says she chose Rockstar because everyone is upset with her and now it’s up to decide who will be evicted and get a chance to come back. Rcokstar doesn’t know why she was the only other option. She thought maybe she could pull this off, but she hasn’t.


Kaitlyn is in the lounge crying talking to the camera. She doesn’t understand why Faysal promised her and she’s sick of men making promises to her they don’t keep. Bayleigh comes in and gives Kaitlyn a hug. Kaitlyn just can’t believe Faysal lied to her, she really, really thought he was her best friend and it hurts her heart so much. Faysal has come in and tries to comfort Kaitlyn.


Kaitlyn tells him he knew if he didn’t save her she was going home. She’s crying and says he looked her in the eye and she truly thought Faysal loved her. Kaitlyn says he knew he was doing that. She says she looks like an idiot. Faysal says the more he thought about what she did to Swaggy and Kaitlyn says she didn’t do anything to him. Faysal says it affected his game. Faysal says Kaitlyn played him and she says that’s it, I know where you stand. She then asks to be alone and Faysal leaves.


Sam is getting hugs and she says she had no time to think. She put up someone she cares about to give them a second chance. She explains her power app again. Rachel tells us not only does she need to figure out who to evict, but she has to consider they might be coming back into the game. Faysal and Tyler are in the SR and Tyler wants to know if he’s talked to Kaitlyn and Faysal says he’s tried but she thinks she’s going home. Faysal says she has a chance to stay. Tyler tells us Kaitlyn is a wild card right now and keeping her around for as many more weeks as he can use her is beneficial for him and Level Five. Haleigh comes in and Tyler leaves and Haleigh gives Faysal a hug.


Faysal asks Haleigh if she was nervous up there and she says yeah, she was worried about being blindsided. She asks Faysal about how they are voting and he says whatever she wants. Haleigh says she’s leaning towards voting for Kaitlyn because she’s a better competitor and she’s not loyal. Haleigh says plus it doesn’t matter if she can come back, because she’ll return as the biggest target.


Kaitlyn and Tyler are talking in the bedroom and Kaitlyn wants to know if she has the votes against Rockstar. Tyler says Brett is cool with Angela and she needs to get Rachel and JC. Kaitlyn says she’ll win HOH and Tyler says then you’ll backdoor his behind. Kaitlyn says and Tyler will be her number one and Faysal will be going home. Julie says for the first time this summer, it’s up in the air on who to evict knowing they’ll be given a chance to return to the game.


Julie says the decision on who to evict is more strategic and emotional than ever before. Brett wants to send Rockstar home obviously, but he needs to make sure JC is on board with them again. JC says Kaitlyn is a better competitor and Angela says Kaitlyn is manipulatable. JC really wants Kaitlyn out but she’s a really good competitor and she has no loyalty to anyone on any side. He’s going to fight for everyone to evict Kaitlyn.


Brett says it’s a risk with Rockstar but they need to get her out. JC is still firm on getting rid of Kaitlyn. Tyler says JC has been with them on the past, but for some reason he’s not budging at all. Angela thinks Rockstar is gunning for her and Tyler says him too.


Faysal and Kaitlyn are talking and she tells him he signed her death notice. Faysal says he still cares about her and Kaitlyn says don’t lie to her anymore. Kaitlyn says she’s put so much trust in men this game and she needs to transfer all this sadness into motivation energy. She says Faysal should have just looked her in the eye and told her she didn’t need to be there. Kaitlyn says Faysal knew she would go home if she were on the block and Faysal says he doesn’t know anything. Kaitlyn says do you know what it’s like to go your entire life being rejected by men and thinking you’re not worthy. Faysal says he’s tired of dealing with Kaitlyn because she goes on these huge emotional rants and makes everything personal. Faysal says if he votes her out and she comes back in, then he’s probably her number on target.


Faysal is in the hammock with Bayleigh and Haleigh and Scottie and Rockstar joins them. Rockstar tells us this is really stressful and she wants to count on her former alliance members, but she doesn’t know where these people’s loyalties really lie. Haleigh says they need Rockstar going forward to help them in the game. They need two more votes because they have four. Faysal says Rockstar needs to get JC and Bayleigh tells her to have conversations with people and talk it out. Rockstar says she wasn’t really going to campaign, but she has her friends behind her and she’s not trying to go out week four.


Kaitlyn is in the WA with Rachel and JC and Kaitlyn and JC are arguing over the pronunciation of yin and yang. JC is saying jin and jang. Rachel and Kaitlyn are trying to help him out. Rachel finally gives up.


Brett is getting a drink in the KT in the middle of the night and Rockstar begins to make her pitch. Rockstar says they’ve certainly had their differences but if they can work together, that would be great. Brett doesn’t really care what Rockstar has to say but he has to decide if he’s going to vote personal vendetta or strategic game move.


Brett, Angela, and Tyler are in the lounge and Brett says the more he thinks about it the more he thinks they need to get rid of Kaitlyn. Tyler says they are all so flippy-floppy. Angela says keeping Kaitlyn is a bigger target than him. Brett says he’d just hate to keep her and then three weeks down the road realize Rockstar is a non-threat and has a horrible social game. Tyler says Rockstar doesn’t have a good chance of coming back. Tyler feels confident he has Kaitlyn under control. Brett says it’s a real battle for him because he thinks they need to get rid of Kaitlyn, but his team is bringing up valid points and he doesn’t want to go against them.


Sam asks Tyler in the HOH, officially what are they doing. Tyler says everyone is flippy floppy. Sam says if it comes to a tie, she’s going to put two dots in a cup and pull one, but they’ll both be the same color and she won’t tell people which color is which. Tyler says if he votes for Kaitlyn, then she’ll be mad if she comes back and if he votes for her to stay, then the house could be mad at him. Up next, Rockstar or Kaitlyn will be evicted. But whoever it is will immediately compete for a chance to stay in the Big Brother house.


Julie says the nominees know they have a chance to come back, but they have no idea how it will go down. But first, one of them has to be evicted. Julie goes to the living room. Rockstar sends love to her family, Baltimore, and the east coast. She says the HG are all awesome and she’s honored to be in amazing group of young people and she hopes to stay here. If she doesn’t stay, she’s charged some of them with a mission and she hopes they carry out. She has love for everyone, including Brett and Kaitlyn is a very amazing young lady. Julie cuts her off.


Kaitlyn thanks her teachers who taught her how to be a spiritual person. She doesn’t know what else to say but to be true to herself. She says it’s about intuition and they have to follow their intuition and she hopes everyone is playing the game following their intuition and not what others are telling them to do.


Time to vote!

JC votes to evict Rockstar.

Bayleigh votes to evict Kaitlyn.

Haleigh votes to evict Kaitlyn.

Faysal votes to evict Kaitlyn.

The vote is 3-1 to evict Kaitlyn. The rest of the votes and the live eviction next!


Now let’s see how the rest of the votes go!

Brett votes to evict Kaitlyn.

Tyler votes to evict Kaitlyn.

Angela votes to evict Kaitlyn.

Kaycee votes to evict Kaitlyn.

Rachel votes to evict Kaitlyn

Scottie votes to evict Kaitlyn.

Time to let the HG know the results. By a vote of 9-1, Kaitlyn has been evicted from the Big Brother house.


As Kaitlyn is hugging people and we hear a music sound and the Bonus Life App has been activated. Kaitlyn kneels down and starts crying as Julie explains the power app. Kaitlyn will be given the chance to return to the game. And chance is the key word because she must now compete in a live challenge to stay in the game. Win and she stays and lose and she goes home. Julie tells Kaitlyn to head to the BB App store and everyone else can watch on the monitor.


Julie tells us Kaitlyn has received the bonus life and it’s time to get things started. Kaitlyn is standing next to a fully assembled puzzle of her. She’s on the outside of a house. She has to take the puzzle apart, squeeze the pieces through the door and fully reassemble it on the inside. She has 2 and a half minutes to put it together. When she thinks she has it she has to hit a button. IF she’s correct, she wins and can re-enter the house. IF she’s not correct she can try until time has expired. If her time expires before she completes her puzzle, then the eviction stands.


She gets a 2 minute warning and she’s working steadily. She gets a 90 second warning and she’s arranging some pieces on the ground and putting some up.


She’s starting to get frantic and she’s grunting. She takes the standing pieces down and assembles it on the floor. She gets the one minute warning and she says no! She doesn’t want to go. She starts crying and says she can’t make it. She stops and cries.


She starts putting the puzzles back up. She has 15 seconds. Then 10. Time has expired and she has failed to put the puzzle together. She sits down and starts crying and Julie tells her that her time is officially over and she needs to head downstairs and make her way out the door.


Her HG start clapping for Kaitlyn as she comes down. Rachel says we love you Kaitlyn and they see her to the door and she leaves without saying anything or hugging anyone.


Julie is now with Kaitlyn. Julie asks how she’s feeling. Kaitlyn says she’s glad because that was in her control and she can live with the fact that she failed herself. She’s so proud of herself. Julie asks Kaitlyn who the vote was and Kaitlyn guesses Tyler and Faysal. Julie tells her it was JC and Kaitlyn is so sad.


Julie says you can see the extended interview on CBS. Julie says one app is gone, but there are still two in play. Join us Sunday to see who wins HOH and who will be nominated.  

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