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Episode 7-Power of Veto

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Previously, on Big Brother, Kaitlyn was a founding member of the FOUTTE alliance, but after Tyler got in her head about Swaggy C, she secretly blindsided FOUTTE by voting out their ally Steve. After Kaitlyn chakra’d the house by winning HOH, she made FOUTTE feel safe, but Tyler swayed her toward targeting Swaggy and a backdoor plan was put in motion.


Needing two pawns, Kaitlyn first locked and loaded Winston, she then got Scottie to reluctantly nerd up. Hoping to keep herself safe, Sam told Kaitlyn she had a power app and speaking of apps, the BB App Store was open for business. The Vegas girl rolled craps, while Tyler was the top trender. At the nomination ceremony, Kaitlyn put up two pawns. Tonight, will Swaggy C be blindsided or will the power of veto change everything. Plus, pump the hexes, Jess and Cody are back! Right now on Big Brother!


We pick up after the nomination ceremony and Kaitlyn tells us she nominated Scottie and Winston, but she doesn’t want them to go. She’s targeting Swaggy because he’s been talking about her behind her back, horrible things, and he can go.


Scottie says Kaitlyn told him he’s the pawn and Winston is going home, but in this game pawns go home. So he needs to go out and win POV. Tyler says things are looking great for him, they have two pawns, Level Six is on board, and all they have to do is keep the other side in the dark. Winston says he knows the plan, but the only way to for sure keep him safe is to win POV.


Brett tells us it’s tough seeing a “Bro” on the block. All he can do is hope he gets picked for veto and pull Winston off. Faysal tells us things are looking good with Scottie and Winston on the block and the plan is to get rid of Winston. Kaitlyn says if she really wants to backdoor Swaggy, she needs to make sure FOUTTE thinks she is with them. Swaggy C says Winston is on the block…beautiful, beautiful. He’d prefer someone else, but Winston is there and he needs to go home, so stay on the block!


Time to pick players for the veto competition! Kaitlyn says the only person who cannot play is Swaggy and if gets picked and wins she doesn’t know what she’ll do. Kaitlyn gets HG choice and she selects Faysal. She picked Faysal to make FOUTTE think they were still working together. Scottie drew Rachel’s name. Winston draws and gets Tyler. Tyler says this cannot be better, he can win veto and pull someone off and Swaggy goes up and home.


Faysal goes up to the HOH to talk to Kaitlyn. She asks if he’s happy she picked him. She doesn’t want him to win because she doesn’t want him to appear threatening. She’s worried Faysal will be upset because she’s planning to put up his best friend. She tells him if he wins veto then people might see him as a threat and put him up the next week. Faysal says he’s a competitor, it’s go hard or go home and he’s going to go out and win the veto.


The HG are around the house chatting when the doorbell rings. They get excited and Jess and Cody enter the house and greet the HG and hugs begin. JC says Cody is hot but he looks way taller on television. Brett says Jess is so fine, he might even leave the Bromance with Winston for her. Jess says coming into the BB house is a lot different now, she got the guy and they are getting married.


Jess tells the HG that BB created a dating app exclusively for HG and they’ll find out more about it during the veto competition and Cody sends everyone to separate rooms.


Rachel is first out and she reads she’ll be timed and she’ll swipe through 7 dating profiles with things they like and don’t like and they must match each HG to their perfect date location. If they fail to complete in 20 minutes, that will be their max out time. Rachel begins with Boogie and puts him in the movie theater. She moves to Jodi and she puts her in the goat yoga studio. Jozea is next and he goes to the psychic. Christmas is next and she is taken to Sushi. McCrae is taken to the coffee shop and Michelle goes to coffee and McCrae is moved to the Italian restaurant and Cody is sent to the park and Rachel has them all correct.


Kaitlyn is next and she puts Boogie at the psychic and Jodi she can’t figure out so she swipes by her. She says the competition is much harder than it looks. Jozea is taken to the psychic and Boogie is placed to the side. Kaitlyn begins placing other HG and places Christmas and McCrae. Then back to Boogie and she moves him to the movies and puts Jodi in yoga. Kaitlyn is struggling with Michelle and she finally figures out Christmas is in the wrong place and moves her and puts Michelle there. Kaitlyn is wrong so she has to change something and she moves Cody to the park and moves a few other HG and she is now correct.


Scottie begins and scrolls to Jozea first and puts him in goat yoga, but he sees Jozea doesn’t like goats so goes back to move him. Scottie’s strategy is to move as quickly as possible and remember as quickly as possible and he discovers quickly he can’t move fast and remember. He is wrong on his picks and keeps moving HG around. He says this is why he doesn’t date and if he hears the buzzer one more time he’s going to give up dating forever. He moves one more pair and he is correct.


Winston is up and he says he wants to win veto to keep himself safe and make sure Swaggy is backdoored. Winston wants to be quick and efficient because he knows timing is everything. He can’t figure out Michelle and says she sucks. He doesn’t like cats, he’s more of a dog person. He makes a few changes and is wrong a few more times and he’s getting frustrated. He keeps changing and says you’ve got to be kidding me and he’s mad because his game is on the line and he can’t seem to get it.


Tyler is up and immediately put Boogie at the movies. He says Boogie is a catfish. He puts Christmas at the sushi place and he places McCrae at the coffee shop and he realizes Michelle likes coffee too. He places the last few HG and makes a few changes and he is correct. He hopes he wins so he can keep his backdoor plan rolling.


Faysal is the last one to go and he says he’s been on a lot of dating apps and has a lot of matches so this should be easy. He places his quickly and he finishes. Jess and Cody are back and it’s time to see their times. Rachel finished in 5:49. Scottie got 18:20. Winston got 20:00. Tyler got 5:29. Faysal got a time of 6:22. Kaitlyn’s time is 13:12. Tyler won the POV.


Tyler says he got the veto he’s stoked. But not that stoked because so far he’s been running things, but he doesn’t want people to know that. He has a lot of thinking to do because making the wrong move this early can mess up his game. Kaitlyn says now that Tyler won, she realizes this is a big move and she’s starting to get nervous.


The HG all come back inside and Tyler tells us he has a huge decision to make. He needs to make sure the right person comes off the block and the right person goes up or he’s going to have a lot of blood on his hands. Swaggy says Tyler won the veto and he’s happy because Winston didn’t win. Winston clocked his time all the way out and Winston’s time in the house is almost all the way out too.


Tyler talks to Rachel about taking Scottie down and she agrees. Tyler and Kaitlyn go into the HOH and Kaitlyn says her entire backdoor Swaggy thing is becoming real and she’s a little scared. Kaitlyn says if she does that the other side will not be her friends anymore and they will be out for blood. Tyler says the stars have aligned and Kaitlyn is freaking out. He needs to get her back on track because they are far too along to back out now. Kaitlyn tells him she trust him but she’s really freaking out right now.


We see Kaitlyn and Faysal talking. Kaitlyn tells Faysal she wants him to use it on Scottie. Faysal says I thought you didn’t want him to use it and she says yeah. Faysal says he respects that and that she’s sticking to her word that she told Scottie she’d take him down. Kaitlyn in DR tells us it’s not easy to look Faysal in the eye and lie to and she’s emotional and she’s scared she’ll ruin their friendship. On one hand backdooring Swaggy is perfect, but on the other hand but she can lose the best friends she’s ever had. She starts crying. She tells Faysal in HOH he is her family.


We hear another doorbell as Sam and Rachel were heading outside. Rachel says since she was least trending, she chose the Yell app. There is a man yelling at her and telling her how much of a disappointment she is and she gets 0 stars. He will come into the house for 24 hours and insult her and her game.  


The yeller is back and says this might be the worst bed she’s ever seen in his life while she’s in it. He keeps popping in and saying zero stars and zero point zero stars. She’s asleep and he begins yelling at her while everyone is sleeping. He says she tosses and turns more than a washing machine and he didn’t get sleep at all because she’s worse than a washing machine. Rachel is giving a DR and he walks in and says it’s the worst DR session he’s ever seen. He comes up to her and asks for a cup of coffee but then spits out and says that’s the worst coffee he’s had in his entire life. Zero Stars!!!


Kaitlyn and Haleigh are outside sunbathing and Kaitlyn wants to tell Haleigh so she’s not surprised and there are no harsh reactions. Haleigh keeps reassuring her she’s ok with anything as long as it’s not her. Kaitlyn is beating around the bush and Haleigh finally guesses Swaggy and Kaitlyn finally confirms. Haleigh says her stomach dropped because it’s not just another person being targeted, it’s from her side and she can’t tell the HOH she’s not on board with that.


We see Rockstar and Haleigh go into the SR and Haleigh fills her in on Kaitlyn’s backdoor plan. Rockstar tells us what is she doing? They had a perfect plan, a perfect strategy, and there she goes messing up everything. Tyler comes in and they start talking about food. He leaves and their discussion returns to the plan and they think Tyler is in on the plan. Rockstar says she needs to start making a different plan in her head.


Rockstar goes in to the BR and Faysal is laying down and Rockstar says she doesn’t have a good feeling. She thinks Tyler is getting close to Kaitlyn and maybe influencing her and she thinks Faysal needs to talk to her. Faysal tells Rockstar Kaitlyn wants Scottie down and Angela up. Rockstar tells us Faysal is sitting there with his big brown eyes and this loyal dude really believes Kaitlyn and she really wants to tell him Swaggy is the backdoor target. Faysal says it’s about to get crazy.


Kaitlyn comes outside and wants to talk to Faysal. Kaitlyn says she hopes they can stay friends after what she’s about to do. She tells him her plan and she apologizes for not telling him sooner but she didn’t think she could and she hopes he can trust her. She says she needs to play this game and asks for a hug. Faysal says no.


It’s time for the veto meeting. Kaitlyn is crying before Tyler even reveals his decision and Faysal shakes his head. Tyler says he’s decided to use the POV on Scottie. Since he has vetoed one of the nominations, Kaitlyn must name a replacement nominee.  


Swaggy asks what’s going on and Faysal says she just apologized for what she was about to do. Kaitlyn stands at the front and cries and she’s sorry and she’s not promised this position ever again, so she’s really sorry Swaggy. Faysal shakes his head and Swaggy takes the nomination seat. Kaitlyn turns around and cries and Bayleigh is shocked. Tyler steps up and this veto meeting is adjourned.


Tyler says this is huge. They got all the stars to align and now it’s time to show him the door. Faysal says he’s confused because Kaitlyn is supposed to be his friend and she had this massive plan behind his back and he’s mad. Bayleigh is panicking and if she’s willing to do that to him, what will she do to anyone else?


Kaitlyn says she feels empowered because in this moment she’s standing up for herself and her game. She’s proud of herself for sticking up for her. Swaggy is in DR looking stunned. Swaggy says one of the things from growing up in the hood you have to be prepared to die and he knew his game would eventually be in danger and he’s going to do everything he can and make their lives hell. Who will be evicted? Winston or Swaggy C? Find out tomorrow on Big Brother!

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