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Episode 4-Power of Veto

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Previously, on Big Brother, Sam became a robot, and Kaycee got the pinwheel of doom punishment. With the head of household on the live, the life guard dove into action and he was quickly reeled into an alliance. So Tyler, Angela, Winston, Rachel, Brett, and Kaycee officially became level 6. On the other side of the house, Swaggy C was gathering a crew of his own and Swaggy, Kaitlyn, Haleigh, Faysal, and Rockstar.


At the nomination ceremony, Tyler put up targets with no allegiances. Meanwhile, Swaggy was targeting Bayleigh’s heart, but after a make out he started to freak out. Knowing that Swaggy and Bayleigh were close, Level 6 considered a rear exit for the flight attendant. A new power was unleashed on the house. With the app store open for business, Faysal got a crap app, while Sam earned a power app. Tonight, it’s the first veto competition of the summer. Will it be used to save either Sam or Steve for eviction? The fireworks are just getting started on the 20th season of Big Brother.


We pick up on Day 9 as the app store is closing. Tyler says his HOH is going smooth, he put up two people and didn’t get too much blood on his hands, but then Big Brother drops this gnarly power twist and hopefully it doesn’t screw up his HOH.


Sam says this past week in the BB house was rather rough and she was starting to feel discouraged and feeling down. But then she gets this power and she has a chance to come back into the house if she gets evicted. She thinks her best play is to keep it to herself, an ace up her sleeve to use to her advantage.


Faysal announces to a few HG in the lounge that he’s the least trending and got the crap app. Haleigh says one of the members of the FOUTTE alliance got the crap app and hopefully someone from the other side didn’t get the power. Steve says it sucks he didn’t get the power app so he has to do it old school and win veto. JC says Fessy should get in a showmance and America won’t forget him anymore. JC cuddles with Faysal.


Sam says she feels weak and shaky as she comes into the HOH where Tyler and Swaggy C are. Swaggy C gives them a chance to talk. Sam wants to tell Tyler about her super power because she feels like they can work together because she likes him. Sam says she means what she says and she says what she means. She tells him she has a thing and she’s going to be there. Sam says it’s not a guarantee if she gets evicted or if anyone gets evicted. Tyler tells us he thinks Sam is trying to tell him she has the power but she isn’t coming out and saying it and not giving him details. Sam says she doesn’t want to give details because she doesn’t want him to have to keep her secret.


Swaggy C says he likes Tyler a lot and he calls him to play chess and talks. Swaggy C wants to make sure if someone gets removed with veto, Tyler makes the right move. Swaggy C pitches Angela and Tyler isn’t biting. Swaggy C says Angela is going no matter what. Tyler tells us Swaggy is trying to run things, but you know who looks like a good replacement? Bayleigh, because Angela is in his alliance. Tyler pitches Bayleigh and Swaggy says he won’t risk her on the block and he’s going to go out and play veto and win.


It’s time for a Hamazon delivery! Faysal goes to the front door for his delivery and it’s a box with a label that says Hamazon Swine. It’s ham and every time he gets a delivery he has to eat all of it. Faysal starts to eat and it’s vegan ham, but it’s like 40 pieces of meat. He can’t eat anything else or go to sleep until the ham is gone. He says it took him hours to devour the first delivery. Just as he finishes he gets another delivery. We see him get a third, and then one while he’s asleep, and then one while he’s working out. Faysal tells us they just keep coming, and coming, and coming. JC says Faysal is so cute and Big Brother is trying to make him fat. We then see Faysal getting sick with another delivery.


Swaggy says Bayleigh is his girl in the game and now that Tyler has suggested he’s going to put her up Swaggy has to tell her. He tells Bayleigh that Tyler doesn’t think she’ll go home. Bayleigh tells us she feels betrayed and like she was hit by a train. He says Swaggy is here to win the money and not a showmance and she needs to be able to clean her hands of the relationship. Bayleigh gets up and walks away from Swaggy.


Swaggy and Bayleigh are in bed and he’s asking what she’s thinking about and she says just stuff in her head. Bayleigh is crying and Swaggy asks why and tells her to talk to him. Swaggy asks do you think we should detach ourselves for the sake of the game? She says that would really hurt her feelings and she feels like the damage is already done. She says why would you even say that though? She says they are friends and if she distances herself, then she is all by herself.


Bayleigh goes to the HOH to talk to Tyler. Bayleigh says she doesn’t want to talk to Tyler, but she has to see what she can do to save her game. She says she thought they were ok with each other and she doesn’t deserve to go up. Tyler says looks like Swaggy told Bayleigh and now he has to do damage control.


Tyler says if she went up she would be safe because she’s the safest bet to stay. Tyler is asking Bayleigh to trust him and she wants to know why she’s the only option. Bayleigh wants to know why Angela isn’t an option for her. Tyler suggests to Bayleigh that Angela might have the power and that might hurt his game. He again asks Bayleigh to trust him. He tells us if someone comes down, Bayleigh could go up and she could go home. Bayleigh tells us Tyler’s word means absolutely nothing in this house.


It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Only 6 people will participate in the veto competition, the HOH, the two nominees, and three other players selected by random draw. Bayleigh is hoping and praying she gets picked. Tyler and the two nominees will each pull a chip to determine the players.


Tyler picks first and draws HG choice and he picks Swaggy. Sam thinks the only person she can count on is herself. She draws Scottie. Scottie says Steve is his closest ally in the game and they need to get him off the block and make sure he’s safe. Steve draws HG choice and he selects Faysal. Steve says he picked Faysal because he’s a beast competitor and maybe it will build trust between them and he’ll take Steve off.


Steve, Scottie, Swaggy, and Faysal are in the HOH with Tyler and they think the draw went well. Tyler says Steve is safe because he has the numbers, but he tells us he wants Sam safe and maybe Steve won’t play hard in the veto. Steve says they need to draw whatever that power is this week and he suggests Angela going up to draw the power up. Steve says if Sam comes off who will Tyler put up and Tyler says whoever will ensure Steve will stay. Tyler says it seems to him like Sam doesn’t want to be there and he’s just trying to get the least among of blood on his hands.


It’s time for the Power of Veto! The HG come out to the backyard and there are five “stages” called VimeBro Studios. The worst performer in each of the 5 challenges will be eliminated and the last one standing will win POV. The first stage they must find 3 Like symbols in a Snake Bite Pit. There are live snakes in a tank and the HG are freaking out. Scottie says there have never been snakes before on BB. Tyler says this is one of his biggest fears and he’s not happy this is about to happen. They can only retrieve one icon at a time.


Sam says she has the power but it’s only a chance, not a guarantee. So she has to win veto and make sure she stays. Faysal says his heart is beating through his chest because he doesn’t do snakes. Each HG has 1 like symbol except Scottie. Steve says everyone is saying he’ll be safe, but this is BB and he has to win and keep himself safe. Steve is the first to finish. Sam finishes in second. Faysal finishes in third. It’s down to Scottie, Tyler, and Swaggy. Swaggy says he needs to win and make sure nominations stay the same. He’s just trying to stay ahead of Scottie because if Scottie has zero and he has one at the end of time he wins. Sam says it’s just a little snake and she is cheering Tyler on. Tyler gets his third like symbol because he needs to be in control and he finishes in fourth. Scottie does not get any symbols so he is eliminated. Scottie is ashamed he couldn’t help Steve and he’s praying Steve can win.


In the next stage, they have to dive in a cold pool and find 10 likes. Swaggy learned to swim right before the show and he’s not excited. He says he learned to swim, but he didn’t learn to swim in December or Antarctica. Sam and Faysal each have several, with Steve right behind. Steve says if there were a polar bear in the pool they’d be fighting for likes because he needs this veto. Tyler finishes first with Tyler right behind. Steve finishes, then Sam and Swaggy is eliminated. Swaggy says he is mad, he didn’t just lose by one point, they all smoked him.


In the next stage, they will become human canvases. They have to stand on a post while paintballs fly at them. As the game continues they have to move forward to smaller posts. First one to fall is out. Tyler says he was trying to get some color this summer, but this isn’t what he was talking about. They all move forward to the next post. They then move to their final post. Steve says he sees the last pedestal, but he has a plan and then we see him fall. He’s frustrated with himself because physiologically he doesn’t have balance.


Sam, Tyler, and Faysal advance to stage 4. There is electricity in the air. They have to transfer balls one at a time and the last player to bring back 10 balls is eliminated. But this isn’t easy because they’ll have lightning bolts this time. Sam says snakes, she’s fine. Ice bath? She’s amazing. Paintballs? She’s invigorated. Lightning bolts? Bring it on!


We’re at stage four. They have shock things on their arms. The each lose the ball on their first attempt because of the shocks. Sam says the collars are awful and she can’t compare it to anything except maybe a bug zapper. JC is cheering Faysal on. Tyler says it’s so hard because the shocks suck but he has to make it through to the final round. Faysal is the first to finish with Tyler right behind. Sam has been eliminated. Sam says she really wanted to win this POV and she did the best she could but she couldn’t make it past the shock collars.


Tyler and Faysal are whispering and Tyler wants Faysal to keep noms the same and he agrees. They are making a deal and Faysal says Tyler needs to be on their side. Faysal says he’s telling Tyler he’ll keep noms the same, but if he wins he doesn’t know what he would do. They have to drink three mystery drinks and then find the matching bottles. Tyler says he’s throwing the competition, so he had to try the gross drinks because he was on the side with all the HG. Tyler says the drinks are disgusting. Faysal says mmmmm, not ham. Faysal quickly identifies all three and he wins POV!


Faysal says am I least trending now America? He went from least trending to viral. Steve says he picked Faysal so maybe he’ll take him off. Tyler says he feels ok because if Faysal keeps his word, then nothing changes. But if he doesn’t keep his word, then he’ll regret it.


Faysal collects his POV necklace and says he has a big decision. He does want to pull Steve off and put up a bigger target like Angela, but not pull Steve off and Tyler put up the wrong person. Bayleigh says if Faysal pulls Steve off, she’s pretty sure she’s going on the block and she’s just not ready for that.


It’s time for the veto meeting. Hamazon delivery! Faysal eats his ham and chases it down with a drink. Back to business. Sam and Steve have been nominated, but Faysal can veto one of the nominations. Faysal has decided NOT to use the POV. This veto meeting is adjourned!


Steve says Faysal didn’t use the POV and he’s disappointed, but he’s confident he has the numbers to stay and hopefully it all works out. Bayleigh is thrilled Faysal came through and kept noms the same. Sam says it sucks she’s still on the block and she doesn’t want to use her power, so she might have to dig into her hat.


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