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Episode 2 - The First HoH

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Previously on BB, 16 strangers began the battle for a half million dollars. Among them, the flight attendant, the cyber security specialist, the welder, the lifeguard, the pagan witch and the tiny dancer.  Julie promised a techtastic summer and the first twist was unleashed in the BB Supercomputer.  But a System Crash sent 8 HG to the System Trash, while the others were sent to the Security Folder.  

Both groups competed for a chance to return to the Supercomputer and Angela and Swaggy C earned the right to fight for the special power while Kaycee and Sam came in last, earning punishments.  For the final competition, Bayleigh got on Swaggy's good side while Angela got on  his bad side.  

It was surf's up as Angela battled Swaggy on the BB Web and Swaggy C got the Swaggy W, giving him the power to keep 8 safe.  Before Swaggy's decision, Kaycee returned with the Pinwheel of Doom punishment, while Sam was rebooted as a robot.  When it was time for Swaggy to make his big decision, half the house was left in danger of being the first evicted.

Tonight, the game gets upgraded when the first HoH is crowned. Plus with nominations looming, robot Sam short circuits. All this and more right now on the 20th season of Big Brother!

We pick up on day 1 with Julie telling the HGs goodnight. Swaggy C says the game has officially started and he had to make a big move, a power move. Saving Angela was not in his best interest and he just made better connections with his move-in group.

Angela says wow Swaggy tell a girl she's safe. It's OK she'll remember that. Scottie is excited and he falls off the couch in DR.

Sam says going around making connections with people will be harder as a robot. It's time for her to switch to terminator mode and kick some butt!

Angela, JC, and Kaitlyn are complaining in the storage room about Swaggy C and he comes and eavesdrops and says they are stupid. These walls are paper thin, but thanks for the insight into their thoughts.

Kaitlyn is talking about how she manifests stuff. She says she gets fired up and she realizes the game is getting real, but after she thought about it, it's a game and he made a decision that was for the best of his game. Swaggy C says earlier he heard her talking dirty about his name but she came clean and maybe they can use that as a building block of trust moving forward. Kaitlyn says it's Big Brother! Namaste.

Rachel says life is pretty good in the Big Brother house. She gets to hang out with her friends, chill by the pool, work on her tan, flirt with the boys. Brett says they pump iron and look at babes and talk about how they would look in front of babes after pumping iron. Rachel says, yep Big Brother life is the good life!

Kaitlyn is coaching Bayleigh, Haleigh, Rockstar, and Swaggy C on mediation. Then we hear snoring from Swaggy C. He says he never thought he'd be part of a hippie commune but connecting with people is getting to like people.

We then see the robot is offline and Sam has re-entered the house. Everyone comes to give hugs. JC says that robot was so sexy, same size and so much masculinity. Haleigh tells Swaggy C she appreciates him for keeping her safe this week. She tells him she really likes Kaitlyn. Rockstar comes in and they are discussing who they are solid with. Swaggy C really likes Faysal. Kaitlyn says she's looking around at their alliance but she's the only one in the alliance who isn't safe this week.

It's time for the first HoH competition! Only the eight who aren't safe are eligible to play for HoH. They have a futuristic set-up with runways for each contestant to maneuver across. The BB Circuit board has become overloaded with HG. They have to race across their balance beam and grab a deletion dot and place into another player's tube. When a player has 10 dots in their tub, they are eliminated. If they fall off their beam, they have to begin again at the start. Who's ready to play Microchip Mayhem?

Angela says she is out for some blood. Kaitlyn says they not only need to win but they have to delete others and that's a moral blackhole for her and she's having a hard time. Bayleigh says she has to win safety to stay. Steve says he's ready to play because he already asked for the whole summer off.

The game is on and Steve starts to think who is the biggest competition beast but then he falls. Steve has five deletion dots and Bayleigh and Tyler start working together. Sam has three and Angela has two. Winston and Angela both start targeting Sam and Sam is starting to feel like she's been made a target. Sam is the first HGs deleted. Angela is up to four and Steve is up to eight. Steve says this is absolutely not his competition. Haleigh says Steve hasn't gotten a single dot in and it's like watching a baby giraffe walk for the first time. Steve has been deleted.

Kaitlyn now has the most dots of the HGs remaining. Winston says Kaitlyn is a weak competitor. It's not personal, but adios. Winston and Angela both are close next, with Bayleigh and Tyler, and JC with the fewest dots. JC doesn't want to win and he doesn't know how to get them to eliminate him. JC finally moves up to five because Tyler and Bayleigh started adding elimination dots to JC.

Angela says she sees Bayleigh and Tyler with the fewest deletion dots so she starts going after them. Bayleigh notices and they start going after Winston and Angela. Winston is now out. Tyler realizes he and Bayleigh need to get Angela out. Angela is out leaving JC, Tyler, and Bayleigh. Bayleigh is trying to talk Tyler into deleting JC. JC tells us they need to stop fighting and delete him already. Bayleigh decides to go after Tyler now.

Tyler decides not to knock JC out because he doesn't need to do it yet. Tyler says he wants to win so he has to go after Bayleigh right now. Bayleigh eliminates JC and she and Tyler are the last two remaining. Tyler finishes Bayleigh deletion dot and she has been eliminated. Tyler is the first HoH!

Tyler is stoked and he's excited and he has a lot of people to listen to. He wants to come out of the week with no blood on his hands. Bayleigh is mad she lost but she's not going to let Tyler know that. Sam says she feels like Tyler could think it's easy to nominate the robot and it's a nightmare.

Tyler did not want this power at all, but he didn't want to be first out. Steve says his was the worst performance ever in Big Brother history. Kaitlyn has already decided Angela has to go home because she is a physical threat to her game. Sam is talking to Rachel and saying everyone targeting her made her feel really bad. She says she comes from a place where people say what they mean and she trusts everyone. She's never been shunned before. Rachel tells her not to count herself out right now and gather her thoughts and talk to Tyler.

Tyler and Bayleigh are talking about the competition and they don't think anyone took it personally. Tyler says Bayleigh snapped her during the competition but now she's trying to cover it up and he has his eye on her. Winston is talking and says it's time to start making some moves. Winston wants to work with Angela, and Rachel and Rachel says she feels good about Tyler and Kaycee.

Rachel talks to Kaycee and begins pitching an alliance. People are walking by and Winston joins and says they could be a solid group. Winston then pitches to Brett. Winston says they have brains, brawn, and bikinis, now they just need a sidekick and they need to get Tyler on board.

Tyler is in the HoH eating and Winston is making his pitch to Tyler. He congratulates him and says him, Brett, Angela, Rachel, Tyler, and Kaycee could be a power-alliance. Tyler says he's into that. Tyler says this sounds sweet, but there are already 8 people safe and then his alliance so that doesn't leave much to choose from. Tyler says that leaves him putting Sam and Steve up and if one comes down the Bayleigh would be going up.

Robot Sam is going online and Rockstar greets the robot. Sam says she didn't plan on talking to Tyler as a robot but she'll just have to be as charming as she can be. She asks if she looks alright and says wish me luck! Tyler and Robot go to the storage room.

Sam pitches that she's a stand-alone person and she's independent and she doesn't have a teammate and no one wants anything to do with her. She's never been an outcast and she feels like she's being shunned.

Tyler reassures her and Robot Sam says she doesn't know what to do. She's not going to beg someone or talk bad about other people but she tells him to do whatever he thinks is best. Tyler says he doesn't want her to feel like a target because she's not. Sam says she was in tears.

Tyler tells us he never thought he'd be on the verge of tears from talking to a robot and he's not sure if he can put a robot on the block.

Faysal and Kaitlyn now head into the HoH and make their pitch to Tyler. Kaitlyn wants to hold hands as they talk. Faysal says he knows Tyler doesn't want to get blood on his hands but there are going to be hard decisions he has to make. Rockstar then comes in and asks what the plan is. Angie thinks the worst move would be putting up Steve and Sam because they aren't threatening. Kaitlyn pitches Winston and Kaitlyn because they made it obvious they were working together. Angie says he needs to get rid of one of them.

Swaggy C enters the HoH room and he pitches Angela and Winston also as a power move. He says if Steve or Sam go home then it's like no one went home on his HoH. Tyler tells us he's starting to catch on. He says Swaggy C went his minions in to pitch his ideas and then the king comes in to close the deal. Tyler says Swaggy C is not low key.

Bayleigh comes into the HoH now and she's alone to talk to Tyler and she's trying to make sure they are cool and she doesn't get put up. Tyler asks what she's thinking and Bayleigh says he should play it safe and not get any blood on his hands. She suggests the first two who fell of Sam and Steve. Tyler asks Bayleigh how she feels about Swaggy C and she says they are family. Tyler says well, now I know where she stands. Now he has to decide does he take a shot at Sam and Steve or maybe someone from Swaggy C's side.

It's time for the nomination ceremony.

As the HGs head inside Kaycee's pinwheel starts spinning and she must remain outside.

Bayleigh helps Sam up to the table. Tyler is ready to turn the keys for his nominations. The first HGs Tyler has nominated is... Robot Sam. The next HGs he has nominated is... Steve.

Tyler nominated them because it's the first week and no real rhyme or reason why anyone should go on the block. It seemed the most fair thing to do was to nominate the first two eliminated from the HoH.

Steve says put me on the block? That's great. He'll make his deals and come off the block.

Robot Sam got her feelings hurt and she thought Tyler really liked her but she guesses she was wrong. Sam says all she can do is pick herself up even harder.

Tyler says he had to make the safe move and the best move for his game going forward.

Swaggy C says Tyler made a weak move, but there's still the veto competition and hopefully one can come down and Swaggy's true target will go on the block.

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