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Welcome to the Morty's TV Big Brother USA Season 20 Community Discussions!


There are a couple of things I want to mention for your enjoyment.


First, you can read the real time live feed updates in our Morty's TV Big Brother USA Season 20 Live Feed Forum:





You can also follow the Live Feeds in real time on our Facebook page and Twitter stream:





As well as join in the conversation on our Facebook group:




If you would like to join the Morty's TV team as a LFU (Life Feed Updater) or TFU (Twitter/Facebook Updater), just go to http://mortystv.com/to/volunteer, or email contact.mortystv@gmail.com for more information. Get a printable guide to this season's houseguests that you can use to identify the HGs and learn their names.  Big_Brother_USA_Season_20_HG_Reference_Guide.pdf


Second, the Morty's TV Big Brother Live Feed Meme Contest is back for Season 20 and you can learn all about it here:


bb3_morty_logo_20 Live Feed Meme.jpg


Third, we are introducing the Morty's TV Fantasy Big Brother USA Contest for Season 20.  The winner will win a Big Brother t-shirt from Morty's TV!  Learn all about how to play here:


bb3_morty_logo_20 Fantasy Big Brother.jpg



We are pleased to offer two Morty's TV Community Blogs for Big Brother USA Season 20.  Check them out here:


bb3_morty_logo_20 Community Blogs.jpg



And lastly, Morty's TV is proud to once again sponsor The Big Brother After Show by Sam Williams.  You can check out past episodes and be sure to catch each new episode recorded live at 11pm each Thursday night at:



BB After Show 20.jpg



Finally, Morty's TV provides all of this to you, our fans, free of charge.  But it is not free for us to operate, so we are dependent on your support to keep the lights on.  If you're interested in helping out at any point during the season (or multiple points if so inclined), go here:




So welcome to Morty's TV's celebration of the 20th anniversary of Big Brother USA.  Let the games (and discussion) begin!


bb3_morty_logo_20 Blank.jpg

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