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Big Brother Canada Season 6 Episode 26 Recap

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Arisa tells us the season 6 finale is just one week away and there is so much unresolved in the house. We’ll clear some of that up tonight. Who will replace Kaela in the HOH suite? We’ll find out later tonight.


We pick up after the POV ceremony. Kaela says there are two people voting this week, Will and Derek and if there’s a tie breaker she gets to vote. She says Maddy is too dangerous of a player because she’s come too close to winning mental comps to want to keep her around.


Paras is in the white rose room talking to herself. She says it sucks so bad. She says it’s hard to believe this could end for her in three days. She keeps imagining Arisa announcing her as the winner, but that image is getting faded. If she gets voted out she’ll be proud she made final five and jury. She can’t believe she sucked so bad at competitions.


Maddy says this stinks. She has not given up and is rolling over, but that window is getting smaller and smaller. She says she’s been climbing up a pit every week and she’s almost out of finger nails. She says this is almost the end of the line. She says from the very first week of the season she has been the option to go on the block for every HOH. But she is not ready to give up.


Maddy is talking to Kaela and says if she feels she can help her then she should influence someone to keep her. Maddy says either way 5th place is something to be proud of. Paras is talking to Will and making sure she has the votes. Paras says she knows what Maddy is capable of and that makes her nervous. Paras says everyone is telling her she’s safe but if she’s learned one thing this season is it may start out black and white, by the end of the week things have changed.


Derek is doing laps and Maddy comes in and wants to join him and make her pitch. She says she needs two votes to stay and she’s going to start with Derek. Maddy points out that Derek has never competed against Paras in an endurance comp and those two comps she came in second place. And the reason she dropped in those comps is because Johnny told her she was safe. Maddy says it might be in Derek’s best interest to keep her to take her to final 2. Derek says Paras isn’t dumb either though. Derek says they are just trying to give themselves the best chance to move on to the next week.


Will, Maddy, and Paras are in the kitchen and Will is teasing her and Paras is grumpy. Paras says her and Will are very different, they feel differently and look at things differently. She says she realizes she just has to keep her mouth shut and keep her eyes on the prize. Will says let’s go Maddy and leave this grouch. Paras mumbles after they leave. Paras is venting about Will giving up that veto and having a chance to change the trajectory of the game. Paras says want to know what she’s scared? Because anyone can have a five minute conversation and get in his head because he doesn’t have one. Paras says if you see this in the future Will, screw you!


Right now Paras and Maddy are on the block. Arisa says let’s see what they’ve been doing to try and stay. Derek and Kaela are in the hot tub talking. Derek asks Kaela if she can see him in the final two with her. She says she knows if she cuts Derek he’ll be upset and never talk to her, but she came to play a game and she does care about him. Derek leaves and Kaela is talking to herself and says he better take her because she doesn’t have the heart to cut him.


Maddy has made a little “calendar” and she’s using uncooked pasta to mark days and she’s listing the names of the comps and who won. She says she wants to win because everyone said she couldn’t. She’s had so many people tell her she’s not interesting and she’s too boring and not bold enough to be in the house and win. She says even if she leaves on Thursday here she is in final five and that’s amazing.


Paras is talking to Kaela in the HOH and she tells Kaela she’s nervous. Paras tells us if it comes to a tie breaker she needs to reassure Kaela she is better for their game than Maddy. Paras tells Kaela that Maddy has been studying and if Derek kept her she would be gone next. Paras isn’t sure she wants to say that to Derek because it’s kind of in your face. Kaela tells her to do what she has to do. Paras tells Kaela that Maddy is spinning some BS. Kaela says she is doing everything she can and you need to do everything you can. Paras asks Kaela if Derek would tell her if he changed his mind and Kaela says he doesn’t talk to her about his decisions. Kaela whispers after Paras leaves that Derek tells her everything, but she doesn’t want Paras to know that.


Maddy is now making her pitch to Will. Maddy says Will shows every time that he goes where he’s the safest. Maddy is pitching that Paras has outperformed Will in comps and Maddy might be safer for him than keeping Paras who could beat him. Maddy points out that if Paras and Will are final 2, then she will have most of the jury. Maddy says maybe now is the time you kick that idea in the butt and consider getting rid of Paras so you don’t have to go to a final 2. Maddy says if Will buys this she might make it to the end and she could be the most mediocre winner in BB Canada.


Paras can’t wait to win HOH next week and tell those two “witches” she’s in charge and Kaela, take a seat and Derek, take a seat. Will comes in. Will tells us this is the hardest decision he’s had to make between Paras and Maddy. Will tells Paras he has to see what’s best for his game and Paras says oh you’re flip flopping on me? Will says that’s not what he said and she says don’t worry me like that. Will says one thing I told her and I’ll tell you is I’m not going to tell you guys each other pitches.


Paras says it’s getting close to Thursday and no one has told her she’s safe so she needs to lock down Derek’s vote. Derek says Maddy just gave reasons why it would be better to keep her and Kaela says you would look like an idiot if you kept Maddy around. Paras is telling Maddy has been studying hard and it would be stupid to keep her around and compete against her. Paras says Maddy is intimidating and she is the biggest hindrance to Derek winning the game and if she stays she’s making it to the end.


Ryan tells us what he’s been doing in the jury house and he especially enjoys ordering from Skip the Dishes. He’d be ecstatic to see Kaela next and he’d be surprised to see Ali because he doesn’t think she’s on anyone’s radar. Ali tells Ryan how she was evicted and says it was Johnny. Johnny and Olivia are on their way and Olivia says she’s going to walk in behind Johnny. Johnny comes in and Ali screams and Johnny is explaining what happened and he hasn’t told them Olivia is there. Then she comes in.


Ali says she loves that Liv is here but she also hates that she’s hear. Johnny says Daela is going to steam roll. Ali says it will be a showmance showdown. Ali says if she has to choose she’d have to go with Kaela and Liv agrees. Johnny tells Liv to tell Ali why they were on the block together and Liv says she told Johnny he could trust her a little more than Ali. Johnny says they are not taking their vote lightly, they are going to vote for who played the best game.


Arisa goes to greet the HG. Paras says this game has been way crazier and emotional and she didn’t know how she’d make it through. She thanks them for having her back and on a game level she’s not ready to go home so please keep her so she can go on the journey with them.


Maddy thanks everyone for allowing her to go on this journey and make her dream come true. She says she’s learned that being independent does not make you weird, having your own opinion doesn’t make you rude, and standing up for yourself does not make you a witch. She will forever be truly grateful.


Time to vote.


Derek votes to evict Maddy.

Will votes to evict Maddy.


By a vote of 2-0 Maddy has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.


Maddy gives a group hug and Paras has tears in her eyes. Kaela says Maddy played an amazing game.


Arisa says Maddy has been such a huge fan of the show. How does she feel now, she made final five? Maddy says she feels amazing and it was so much fun. Regardless of not making it all the way, fifth place isn’t bad.


Arisa says one thing about Maddy is you could say she was loyal to a fault? Maddy agree and that’s why she struggled to campaign. She feels like she can sleep at night over the game she played.


Will and Kaela have both played very different games. Will has a great social game while Kaela has shown herself to be a strategic comp beast. But they have one thing in common they are both from the east coast. Two of Kaela’s friends are there and one of them says she predicted Will and Kaela final two from day one. Kaela’s grandmother says she can’t wait to see her and hear all about her experience. One thing she didn’t know was that Kaela swore.


Will’s friend says they are big supporters of Big Brother. His twin brother says he wish he did better in the comps but he has a wicked social game. His friend says she doesn’t think he intended to be a floater but he just needs to pull out a win at the end. His son says everyone is a comp beast except daddy.


Arisa says earlier tonight Maddy was sent to jury, making Derek, Kaela, Will, and Paras their final four. Time for the HOH comp!


This competition is called Legends of the Fallen. They have a monitor that will slowly reveal information about a fallen HG. If they buzz in and are correct they win and if not they move on. Player with the most points wins.


The first clues are nominated once and first to win POV. Paras rings in and answers Erica and she is correct.


The second clue is evicted day 55 and Derek buzzes in and answers Johnny. Will buzzes in and answer Olivia and is incorrect. Paras answers Aly and she has another point.


Arisa says that does it for us tonight. Tune in Monday to find out who won this crucial HOH competition.

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