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Big Brother Canada Season 6 Episode 22

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We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Johnny says he just nominated Kaela and Derek and he feels AMAZING! His target is Derek because he put him up last week and he’s stronger in every area. Derek says this was the one thing he and Kaela didn’t want to happen. Kaela says it sucks they are on the block together but she is going to do whatever it takes to stay in the game. Paras says Kaela, you came after me this week? Well now you’re on the block and I’m going to have a fun week.


Johnny is talking to Kaela and Derek in the kitchen and they are talking about how it’s not personal it’s part of the game and it’s not fun being on the block. Johnny tells us yeah, it sucks for you guys but I’m having fun.


Paras is in the red rose room venting about Kaela and Olivia comes in with Johnny right behind. They thank Johnny and he says he was ready to put them up. Alejandra came in and she says his speeches are so fun. They talk about Johnny saying let the showmance showdown begin.


Johnny says he now needs to talk to everyone and make sure they’ll keep his nominations the same. He doesn’t really trust anyone in the house but he has the most trust with Will and he could help him with the other side of the house. Will says he’d rather send Derek home. Will is hoping he gets to play in the veto.


Johnny goes into the HOH room and Olivia is in there. Johnny says he trusts Liv more than Ali and he wants to pick her brain. Liv says if she wins the veto she would keep nominations the same. Liv says worse case scenario is Derek wins and takes himself down.


Derek and Kaela are in the red rose room and Kaela says since Johnny won HOH none of them have been talking to her. Derek says it doesn’t make sense for Johnny not to take the opportunity to make final five. Kaela doesn’t see Johnny making it to the end unless he wins every HOH and POV he can. Kaela says one of them has to win veto.


Johnny is heading into the HOH room and Kaela is in there. She wants to put a bug in Johnny’s ear and let him know where she stands so maybe he’ll save her. Johnny says if Derek wins veto and Kaela says I know I’m going home. Kaela says she has no one in this game, she has Derek but now it’s come to this. Johnny says he’d rather Kaela stay than Derek. Kaela says she is not here to play for someone she is here to play herself. She says she will do whatever it takes to get herself further in the game. She tells us it’s not a great spot but if it comes to her and Derek she is going to pick herself 100% of the time.


We have a digital set up for the veto competition. They will be “downloading” some of the iconic moments from this season. In each round, they will be shown a series of images and asked a question. They will have to find the corresponding images to answer the question. The last HG in each round will be eliminated. The last one standing will win the POV and a cash prize of $5,000.


Maddy says it’s been 50 days in the house and she hasn’t won anything, but mark her words! Today she is going to get this. Derek says they are in serious trouble and one of them has to come off the block to survive. Johnny says if Kaela wins, it’s not the worst thing, but if Derek wins, that’s no good.


The first round they have to bring back photos of competitions that were won by females. Johnny is the first to finish and he is off to the next round. Derek is second. Kaela has one wrong. Kaela says she doesn’t know what she’s missing. She’s having a brain freeze and this is not good. She’s fighting for this veto for herself because her life is on the line.


Alejandra locks in and is correct in third. Paras is incorrect also. Maddy locks in and is correct in fifth place. Kaela is finally figured out what she did wrong and she locks in again and she is correct. Paras has been eliminated.


They need to bring back photos of competitions that Hamza competed in. Maddy says she is a Big Brother superfan and she has been studying since day one. She says this is an easy question. She is the first to lock in and she is correct. Johnny locks in behind her and is correct. The other three are looking for their last photos. Derek is correct and Ali locks in right behind. Kaela has been eliminated.


Kaela says Derek has been her rock, but he can NOT win. As much as it sucks her best chance to stay is sitting next to Derek. Ali is in front of her large computer pretending to type in questions. She says she needs internet access right now. Is her family ok? Is Trump still president? Did Khloe have her baby?


They need to bring back photos of HOH competitions that were played on odd numbered days. Alejandra locks in first and is wrong. Maddy locks in and she is correct. Johnny locks in and he is correct. Derek locks in and is incorrect. Ali cannot figure out what she is doing wrong. Derek makes it back and he is correct. Alejandra has been eliminated.


For the next round, they need to bring back photos of competitions Erica did NOT compete in. Johnny says Erica was truly this season’s comp beast. Maddy says she is not only killing this competition but she is lapping these guys. Maddy says they thought she wasn’t a threat but here she is and she is taking this one. Johnny and Derek are both looking at the photo field and it’s going to be a tight race for the last spot. Johnny says his mission this week is to get pretty boy out of here.


Johnny thinks he has the last photo and Derek is freaking out. Johnny runs back and locks in and he is incorrect. Derek thinks he has it. He runs back and locks in and he is correct. Johnny has been eliminated. Johnny says all he can think is Maddy needs to win her first competition in this very moment.


Final round, Maddy vs Derek. They have to bring back photos of a nominee competing in a veto competition. Maddy says this is the easiest one so far. Both HG have two photos this time. Derek says Maddy has been killing this competition. He’s going to grab whatever she grabs and outrun her the rest of the game.


It’s down to the last photo and Derek is fighting for his life. It’s all or nothing right now…Maddy get out of the way. Derek grabs a photo and runs back. He locks in and is correct and wins the POV and the $5,000. He says he feels incredible! Derek says Johnny put him on slop and put him on the block next to his girl. See it, believe it, achieve it!


Kaela says Derek good for you. But it stinks for her. She is not going to roll over this week. Derek goes to celebrate in the catacombs. He’s pumping himself up and says that’s how you fight Canada!


Maddy and Johnny are talking and Maddy apologizes and says this is so bad. Johnny says this wasn’t ideal. He tells us Derek winning POV was a disaster for him. Now he has to either put up one from the trio or one from the duo. This was not good for his game.


Kaela say Derek winning was horrible for her game. She says her best case scenario is for one of the trio to go on the block. She’s pitching to Olivia and Alejandra and says she wants the floaters out and she wants Johnny out. She says it would be good for them to keep to her. Ali says Kaela is desperate to save herself and they could help her. If they help her now, then she could be loyal to them later.


Alejandra and Olivia are talking in the red rose room and they are thinking about keeping her and Derek in the game. They are trying to figure out who to target to get put up. Ali says if they save them, then they won’t put them up. Ali says it’s almost counterproductive because the reason they kept him was to take the shot at Daela. Ali says Maddy is really good with mental comps because she studies her ass off. Ali says they can’t let Johnny onto the fact they are maybe keeping Kaela until after he’s made the move. But then they have lost him after that.


Paras and Maddy are talking about who should be put up between Liv and Ali and they are think he should put up Liv. Paras says they kept him so he could choose a side but he’s still playing both sides. Maddy says she feels good about their relationship with Johnny but he needs to put up Liv as an act of faith.


Johnny is talking to Maddy, Will, and Paras and they are feeling each other out. Johnny feels like Liv is in an interesting position and Maddy says she feels safe and Johnny disagrees. Johnny says he might put up Ali and Maddy says why not Liv? Johnny asks what’s the difference. Maddy says there isn’t really and Johnny says he hopes they don’t want him to not be cool with her because they are cool with everyone. Johnny says Maddy thinks she’s some sort of mastermind and it’s annoying. Johnny is going to do what he wants and what’s best for his game.


Johnny invited Will to the Hasbro house party and they are playing Operation.


Olivia and Johnny are talking and Johnny wants to know what she thinks about a nominee. Liv says maybe Maddy or Paras. Johnny says if he does that he risks them voting out Maddy or Paras and he can’t do that. Johnny says it comes down to her or Ali. Johnny thinks Ali might take it a little better. Liv says if it comes down to her or Ali, she’s going to push for Ali. Johnny thinks Ali would have voted to keep Ali and Liv won’t say anything. She says she’s hesitant to say anything.


Alejandra goes to talk to Johnny in the HOH and she says she wants to have a candid conversation. She wants to know if her, Liv, and Johnny are working together in this game and he says yes. Ali wants to know if Johnny is 100% with them until the end. Johnny says his plan is going up in smoke here this week and he’s trying to figure out how to keep that from happening. Ali says she will NOT vote out Maddy. Johnny says if he puts up one of the other three that leaves him and the remaining two along with Daela, Liv, and Ali. Alejandra says she wouldn’t do that. Ali tells us she’s lying through her teeth and she’s hoping Johnny buys it. Johnny says he’ll think about it. Ali leaves and Johnny says he can’t believe she thinks he’s believes that bull crap.


Paras is talking to Johnny in the HOH and she wants him to prove they are with him by putting up Liv. Paras says Alejandra is gunning for Johnny hard. Johnny says then why wouldn’t I put her up? Johnny says doesn’t it prove I’m with you if I don’t put one of you up? Paras says she’s paranoid but one thing about her is what you see is what you get. Johnny says what stinks for him is whatever side he chooses will have the numbers this week.


It’s time for the veto ceremony. Derek gives Kaela a chance to explain why Derek should use the veto on her. Kaela says while she’d love for him to use it on her, he earned and she will support his decision. Derek has decided to use the POV on himself. He says Kaela is an amazing woman and his best friend in the house and he doesn’t want to see her go.


Johnny must now name a replacement nominee. His replacement nominee is Alejandra. Johnny says he chose her because he sees a lot of value in the strategy of her next to Kaela. He also says she’s a social assassin and if anyone can break up Derek and Kaela it’s her. Ali says well she’s on the block but giddy up and let’s go and she’s going to fight. Kaela says it’s not looking good but she’s going to talk herself out of this one. She says it can and will happen.


Arisa says this week Big Brother is cleaning house in a BIG way. It's time for their triple eviction.

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