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Big Brother Canada Season 6 Episode 16 Recap

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Previously on Big Brother Canada, at a buttoned-up HoH comp, the houseguests were hardpressed to keep pressing. And when Big Brother tempted Will with a call from home, Kaela sweetened the deal, "Take the phone call and you're safe and I'm HoH." The toast of the coast spoke to his son and the smooth operator [Kaela] dialed up her first HoH win of the season.


With the two power duos riding high, and Ryan feeling low, Kaela pulled the strings and Ryan spilled the beans.


Fueled by fresh intel, Kaela went to work raising hell. The pint-size puppetmaster reveled in the ruckus; but after the fireworks and Maddy's waterworks, Paras worked her magic.


Then, at the nomination ceremony, the girl with the pearls put up Will as the pawn and Ryan as her target.


Tonight, in a trippy veto comp, who will win Big Brother's passport to safety? Where there's a Will, is there a way-- off the block? Or has Ryan punched a one-way ticket out the door? Buckle your seatbelts, it's time for take-off on Big Brother Canada.


We pick up after the nomination ceremony and Kaela says she just called out Ryan in the ceremony and as HOH she’s going to continue to stir the post.  She doesn’t care who she has to lie to, what stories she has to make up, or how she makes people feel. She loves playing off people’s emotions. Emotional players are easy to manipulate and there are a lot of emotional players in there.


Ryan says with this being his third straight nomination it confirms what he’s already known for awhile…no one has his back. He knows this time it’s worse than any before. He’s going to have to get in there and win the veto or do a lot of scrambling to stay in the house this week.


Will says he thinks Kaela is a dirty liar. She said in her speech that Ryan was a manipulator and liar and he thinks Kaela is the exact same. She stabbed him in the back and used him as a pawn and thinks everything is ok? He’s going after her and he wants her blood on his hands.


Paras can’t believe she saved Maddy and got Ryan on the block. Paras pulls Maddy to the side and says she needs to act sad and cry and blame everything on Ryan. Maddy says me? Cry on command? No problem. And she smiles for the camera. Maddy leaves and Paras celebrates and can’t believe she did that.


Ryan wants to talk to Kaela and he says despite telling people all day that he wouldn’t go up but he needs to reinforce his version of events and remind her that it wasn’t him that set everyone against her. He tells her that her speech was harsh and it’s not true. He says the idea that he manipulated everyone is a little strong and Kaela says she does feel strong about that. Ryan says he’s been on the outside looking in and just doing what everyone has told him to do. Kaela says she’s just going off the information she was given. Ryan says she was given false information.


Kaela wants to know who he is claiming the ring leader was and Ryan says it was Maddy and Johnny was the second person he was supposed to and then Paras and Will. Kaela tells him she was told Ryan convinced Johnny and then he went to Maddy. Ryan says that’s not true and they’ve been telling him all along Daela. Kaela asks all four of them and Ryan confirms. Ryan says if they all four sat down and told her he was the ring leader, they all lied to her. Kaela says at this point she doesn’t know who’s lying and who is not.


Will and Maddy are downstairs and Maddy says she didn’t know that was going to happen. Will says at least she is safe and she says so are you. Will says he’s on the block, you’re never safe on the block. Will says Ryan is cuddling up to her right now right? Maddy confirms and Will says Ryan isn’t beating him in that veto competition. Will wants Maddy to go up and interrupt their conversation and thank Kaela for saving her.


Maddy goes into the HOH and says she’d like to have a conversation when Kaela has a chance. Ryan stands up to leave and Kaela says just to confirm all four of them and Ryan again confirms.


Ryan goes to ask Will to chat with him in the white rose room. Will says how was that for TV and Ryan says he’d rather have not been called a manipulative liar on in front of the entire country, but it is what it is. Will says no one saw that coming and now he has a huge target on his back as a pawn and Ryan says no he doesn’t, not this week. Ryan asks Will if his name came out of his mouth today and Will asks if she told him it did. Will says he’ll swear Ryan never slipped out of his mouth. Ryan says she told him that all four of them, Maddy, Paras, Johnny, and Will told her he was the ring leader behind trying to get them out. Will asks Ryan if he takes his word for it and Ryan says he takes his over most. Ryan says this is his third straight nomination and Will tells him to fight for his life tomorrow. Ryan doesn’t know that he wants to play. He lives in an honest world and this game, he has everyone lying to his face.


Kaela and Derek are downstairs with Erica, Maddy, Alejandra, Johnny, and Paras and she tells them Ryan threw Maddy, Paras, Johnny, and Will under the bus. Kaela tells Maddy that Ryan was very adamant she was the ring leader. Maddy says she’s furious. Maddy tells us well, yeah, I was the ring leader, but Ryan is a grown man and if he thinks he can go up and blame it all on her with no implications on himself, he’s wrong. Maddy says she needs to put out this fire quickly and what better way to do that than with big crocodile tears.


Maddy goes to talk to Ryan and asks to talk with him alone. She starts to cry and says how dare he and that she stuck up for him. Ryan says Maddy told him he needed to shift his target and she says then why did you Kaela and Derek’s name before that? He says he didn’t and says he shifted to Ali and Olivia. Maddy says Ryan says he didn’t want to go after Ali and Liv, he wanted to go after Kaela and Derek. Ryan says what do you mean I’m throwing you under the bus? She says because you said I was the ring leader. Maddy says I don’t believe you, this is heartbreaking. Maddy tells Ryan he sewered the people who voted to keep him last week.


The HG head out to the veto competition and it’s Air Transat. Erica, Johnny, and Derek are joining Kaela, Ryan, and Will to play for the veto. Olivia is hosting and is dressed as a stewardess. Will says of all the airports he’s been in Canada, she’s the hottest customs officer he’s seen yet.


Houseguests: Grab your passports and get ready for an adventure as you’ll be jetsetting through three of Air Transat’s 26 fabulous European destinations. The winner will win the POV, but that’s not all. The winner will also receive a trip for two to London, England. Kaela would love to go to London and she’d probably take Derek.


First stop, the city of love, Paris, France. Each of them will transfer one champagne glass at a time to their tray and lap around their table to pick up their next glass. Once they have all 21 of their glass they must stack them in a pyramid shape. If at any point you drop one glass, you must start all over. The first four HG to successfully stack their glasses will continue on to the next destination.


Ryan says this competition is stacked against him. Erica and Johnny have 7 comp wins between them. Kaela is a professional server. This isn’t looking good. There’s no way he survives an eviction vote, this is do or die. Johnny says this is about staying calm, cool, and collected and keeping that laser focus going. Johnny is down and has to start over. Erica also has to start over. Derek is starting over as well. Then Will. Will says it’s ten times harder than it looks.


Kaela says she’s been a server for several years and she’s won server of the year, there is no way she has this. Kaela doesn’t think Ryan has the upper hand in this one and she doesn’t think he’ll do well at all. Ryan is the first to start on his pyramid. He takes his time as he’s shaking and he’s the first to move on. He says he beat Kaela at her own game. Sorry, not sorry, mon Cherie. Will drops again and let’s out a scream of frustration.


Will says he needs to win this veto because if Ryan wins someone else will be next to him and he’ll be the next to go. Johnny says Will and Ryan can’t win this veto because he’s pretty sure he was on Kaela’s radar. Erica begins working on her pyramid. She finishes and moves on. Johnny begins his pyramid. Kaela says the longer she does this her arm hurts. Johnny finishes his pyramid and moves on.


Who will get the last spot, Kaela, Derek, or Will? Will drops again and lets out another scream of frustration. Kaela starts working on her pyramid. Derek is starting his pyramid and Will drops again. Derek says he and Kaela are working and he thinks he’ll let her win because she’s his HOH and he doesn’t want to end up in the dog house. Kaela finishes her pyramid and is the final HG to move on to the next destination.


Will is frustrated and says if Ryan wins veto and takes himself off, then Will is in trouble.


Welcome to London! Ryan, Erica, Johnny, and Kaela, must maneuver their stick through a maze that represents London’s underground subway system. The first two HG to succeed will then move on to the final destination.


Kaela says Ryan is her number one target and if he stays he’s definitely targeting her so she needs to make it to the next round. Erica says she’d love to go on a trip to London with her girlfriend so she’s going for it. Johnny makes quick work of the puzzle and is the first to move on. Ryan completes his puzzle and moves on with Johnny. Ryan says there is a new comp beast in town! Cheerio Kaela, you’ve been eliminated!


Welcome to Rome, the final stage of this competition. It’s Johnny vs Ryan for the POV! Here you two will race to put together a veto symbol. First, you must smash the clay pots to uncover your puzzle pieces. Once you collect all twenty of your pieces, you can begin your puzzle. Be careful! If you smash a clay pot with black sand you will receive a time penalty! The first person to complete their puzzle will win the POV, as well as the trip to London!


Ryan says he WILL win the veto, he WILL earn his freedom, and he WILL have his vengeance.


Johnny recaps what they are doing and Ryan says this is Big Brother’s house and he’s trying to treat it with respect, but tell him he can smash something?!? Johnny breaks a pot and it has black sand and he has a time penalty. He says this is valuable time he’s losing and if Ryan takes himself off the block he could be Kaela’s next target. Ryan breaks a pot with black sand just as Johnny’s penalty is over. Johnny breaks a pot and he has a time penalty again and Ryan goes back and he gets a penalty back to back. Ryan says he cannot lose to Johnny because there is no way he’d use the veto on him.


Johnny has all 20 of his pieces and is starting his puzzle. Ryan is not far behind. Johnny is frustrated and he says he needs to use his brain. Ryan is mumbling that he has to focus and figure out the pieces. Johnny says something isn’t right and he’s rearranging things. Johnny thinks he has it and he does. Ryan is devastated and kneels at his puzzle podium. Johnny tells us sorry Ryan, but he had to keep himself safe this week. Will tells Ryan good try.


Ryan says close isn’t good enough. It means he failed his family and that’s a pretty heavy burden to carry. Alejandra goes to comfort him and Ryan says he needs time. Ryan says six years of waiting, six years of anticipation and he’s going home without even coming close.


Kaela and Derek are in the storage room talking and she says she was thinking that if Johnny didn’t win that then he was going to be Ryan’s replacement nominee. Derek says he was thinking the same thing and Kaela says they were both literally fighting for their lives there. Derek says this is good because Ryan goes home and Johnny is even more of a target.


Ryan, Will, Johnny, and Erica are outside and they tell Ryan good try. Johnny says Ryan doubled his time on that puzzle and Erica says Ryan caught up hugely in that puzzle. Ryan says nice try doesn’t mean squat, nice try means go home. Erica says at least you made it past the first round. Ryan says it doesn’t matter and Erica says you don’t think it matters? Ryan says it doesn’t matter if you get close if you don’t win. Today was win or go home and he is going home. Erica says there could be a secret veto out there. Canada votes are out there. Ryan says no one is using it on me, I’m toxic.


Will tells us he just lost the veto and he’s on the block and he needs to talk to Johnny and see if he’ll use the veto on him. Johnny says he doesn’t want Will out of the game because he trusts him. Johnny tells Will he can’t ruin his entire game if Ryan is going home anyway. Johnny tells us he really likes Will and he could be a huge asset in the game to him.


Alejandra is in the WA with Olivia and she asks her to dance. Olivia is waiting for her hair to dry. Alejandra says they escaped the block again this week and they are sitting pretty so they can be a couple of ding dongs without a care in the world. Alejandra says her and Olivia are from two very different worlds, but she’s exactly what Ali needs in the house to balance herself.


Kaela invited Derek, Ryan, and Will to play monopoly on their game night. Kaela fleeces Will out of a property and Ryan tells Will why it was a horrible deal. Ryan says he can’t stop talking strategy. Ryan says Monopoly is like Big Brother and you have to work with people’s personalities. Ryan says Kaela believes she’s a manipulator, and Will is too trusting, and Derek….is just Derek.


Johnny and Erica are in the red rose room talking and Erica says she thinks Johnny narrowly escaped a backdoor this week. Erica says this game looks so much easier without Daela. Johnny agrees but doesn’t know if the veto should be used. He says it’s a power he has in a game where he hasn’t enacted any power. Erica says Johnny could present facts to Kaela. Johnny says they could tell her Will is nervous. Johnny tells us saving Will could be good for his game, but he has to convince Kaela it’s also good for her game.


Johnny goes to talk to Kaela. Johnny begins floating the idea of maybe saving Will. He asks Kaela if she thinks people want her and Derek out so bad they might be willing to keep Ryan around. Kaela thinks he has crossed too many people. Johnny tells her he had a conversation with Will and he’s bummed and feeling not safe. Kaela tells us she doesn’t know why Johnny is messing with her nominations? If everyone is on board to get Ryan out, there is no need to change anything. Kaela tells us Johnny thinks he can outsmart her, but watch her outsmart him.


Kaela discusses putting Maddy up and then Ali. Johnny isn’t saying any names and Kaela wants to know what Johnny’s heart wants him to do. Johnny says his gut wants him to save Will.  Kaela says no one wants to be on the block. Kaela says Johnny is starting to annoy her so she’s going to drag his name around and put a huge target on his back.


Kaela tells Ali that Johnny mentioned her as a replacement nominee. Kaela says he wants to save Will to get Will on his side. Kaela says Johnny said he wants to save Will because Will feels like he has no one and everyone is in pairs and Johnny could be a pair with Will. Kaela then says Johnny told her she could throw Ali up and made it sound like if Ryan didn’t go home, she could still get out someone she wanted to instead of an accident. Kaela then tells Ali Johnny called her sketchy. Kaela tells us Johnny didn’t really call Ali sketchy. Kaela says Johnny didn’t mention anything about Erica though. She asks Ali if she thinks Johnny has Erica more than they do and Ali says 100%. He’s in her ear and Kaela says he scares her. Ali says Johnny has go next week. Kaela says if Johnny uses that veto, maybe she’ll take a shot at Erica.


Johnny heads to the throne room. He’s earned the right to pull down Ryan or Will or keep the nominees the same. This is his third veto and he would love to make a power move. Time is ticking in this game and the power move would be to save Will, but it could destroy his game. As for Ryan, everyone wants him out so to keep in the game and throw a bomb in everyone’s face would be hilarious. But whatever he decides will be for the big picture. He’s not playing week to week, he’s playing for the finals and if this week can help build his position for that, then he will go for it.


It’s time for the POV Ceremony! Ryan speaks first and says in competition one mans victory is another man’s defeat. He won and Ryan didn’t and his game was on the line. His game is still on the line. Help him Johnny Mulder, he’s his only hope.


Will says congratulations. He says if he doesn’t use the veto on him he’s going to come after him next week and send his ass out the door. All jokes aside, he trusts the decision he will make and all the HG to keep Big Willie safe and send Big Red out the door.


Johnny has decided…not to use the POV. He realizes he has an opportunity to reach out a hand and bring one of them out of the darkness into safety. But when one hand pulls, another hand pushes and he doesn’t believe the benefits outweigh the risks. He feels like they are both great people and he wishes them the best of luck in their fight this week.


Ryan’s head is down and he says this is going to be the toughest battle he’s faced yet if he wants to stay. Will is well liked and he is not. Will says even though everyone is telling him he’s safe and he’s a pawn, you still never feel 100% on the block. Especially when there are so many shady people in the house.


Now that you know who’s up for eviction, Canada can save someone from eviction or keep the nominees as is. If they decide not to use it, then they will get one more chance to use it next week.

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