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Big Brother Canada Season 6 Episode 14 Recap

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Coming up in the next hour if Ryan or Merron will be saved. And they have another bombshell to drop and Canada will be involved. Arisa says Merron the pawn has turned into Merron the target and new targets fall into the crosshairs.


We pick up after the POV ceremony and Johnny hugs both nominees. Ryan says he’s still on the block next to Merron which has been death to those who have been there before. But he just needs to lay low. Erica says there are 8 votes this week and if there is a tie she will have to vote and she hopes it doesn’t come to that.


Merron says he’s on the block next to Ryan who is too smart for his own good and he has to secure some key votes. Paras tells us so far the house has been unanimous in votes, but this week is different and you have to decide which side of the house you are on.


Merron is talking to Kaela and telling her that Ryan is confident he is safe and Merron is going home. Kaela tells him Ryan is trying to get Merron to freak out and put a target on his back. Merron says he doesn’t freak out. Kaela says she is voting to keep Merron because she doesn’t trust Ryan. Kaela advises Merron to throw Ryan under the bus because people are saying he doesn’t talk game.


Alejandra, Paras, and Olivia are talking and Ali is pitching voting Ryan out and Olivia is focusing on her leg muscles. Talk returns to who they should vote out and Ali says she needs Ryan out because he’s not good for any of their games and he’s cocky and arrogant, they just need to get him out.


Ryan is sitting upstairs on a bench and Erica comes out of the HOH room and invites him in. Ryan says he needs to make sure he has Erica’s vote, even if he has to throw Kaela under the bus. Ryan says he thinks Erica wants Daela out and if she thinks Merron is working with them maybe she’ll vote him out. Ryan tells us he thinks he has Will, Paras, Maddy, and Johnny, as well as Erica if needed to vote for him to stay. Ryan wants to throw his apple away in her garbage and Erica asks him not to. Erica says this decision this week is not so cut and dry. She says keeping Ryan might be good because he’s an open book and his targets are not her. She says keeping Merron might be good because he’s proven not to be good at comps.


Erica is talking to Johnny and Will about her thoughts on if Merron is working with Kaela and Derek and she doesn’t think Kaela would recruit Merron because she’s too smart to align herself with someone who can’t win a competition. As she’s talking, Merron, Kaela, and Derek sneak up to the HOH and come in to do a step routine. Erica says Merron is sleeping with the enemy right now. 


Arisa reminds Canada they can vote for which game to put in the HOH room each week. The HG love their game nights. Arisa then turns to the nominees and says we’ll check out their campaigns to stay.


Kaela, Olivia, and Alejandra are talking in the red rose room. They are talking about what they would do if they were outside of the house. Olivia says hang out with family, watch a movie, and go to her favorite restaurant…and find a guy to sleep with. They look at Kaela and she says maybe in jury. Kaela says Derek hasn’t even French kissed her yet.


Ryan and Paras are talking in the white rose room and they are talking about her home life and family and how she grew up. Her family moved from Iran and they were permanent residents of Canada for three years and then they became Canadian citizens. She loves the people in Canada, the open mindedness, and how people are so kind. Paras says coming from a religious background and conservative family but having liberal ideas it’s hard to find a balance. She wonders what her family is thinking watching her in the BB house because it’s important to her to make the two most important people in her life proud.


Erica and Johnny are talking in the storage room and they are discussing who Maddy and Will are voting for and if they’d vote the other way. Erica says up to this point she’s been trying to keep the peace between the power duos of Daela and Ali and Olivia, but she’s going to have start burning bridges soon and keeping Ryan will light some fires. Erica tells Johnny if the vote is four-four she will be voting to keep Ryan.


Merron is stressing about this vote and he has to talk to Erica because if there is a tie, she will be the tie-breaker vote. Erica tells Merron she wants to be honest with him. With Ryan she knows where his target is aimed, but with Merron she has absolutely no idea. Merron pitches working with Erica if she keeps him in the house. Merron tells Erica how confident Ryan is and Erica says she doesn’t understand how someone so smart can be so dumb. Erica says she hates that at this point it feels like it’s out of her control.


Ryan and Merron are in the red rose room and Merron says he’s doing a bad job of campaigning. Ryan says it will either happen or it won’t. Merron wants to know why Ryan is still talking to him and acting like they are friends and it pisses him off that Ryan feels so safe. Ryan and Merron talk about how they aren’t at each other’s throats. Ryan leaves and Merron talks to himself and says Ryan is all talk and he’s too obvious. Merron says he’s walking around the house so confident. Merron says he is at Ryan’s throat, he just doesn’t want him to know that.


This season started with 8 independent, opinionated strong women. Now there are 6 left and it’s clear they are running the show. Johnny says he loves women, they run the world. Olivia says the women are stronger than the men in the house. Hamza has said Paras has some game. They say Kaela is smart and Alejandra is so strong. Erica says Maddy has proven to be a strong woman and Ryan talks about Olivia being dangerous, he thinks she’s the smartest.


It’s time to head back inside to see who wants it more, Merron or Ryan. Erica and Kaela are talking and Kaela says she loves have Erica for a friend, but they don’t see eye to this week. She needs to make Erica see that Ryan is not good for her game. Kaela says Ryan will be a threat in comps that require intelligence, where Merron won’t. Kaela says it’s starting to feel like there are fractures in the alliance and she needs to rally everyone and get them on the same page…her page.


Kaela, Olivia, and Alejandra all talk about getting rid of Ryan and Kaela says Ryan has a better chance at making an alliance than Merron. Alejandra says Ryan needs to go.


Paras tells Ali that Ryan heard her say they can’t trust that b*tch and she needs to get to the bottom of it. She talks to Ali and Ali says it didn’t happen, that it’s false. Ali says Ryan talks to much and he needs to get his butt out of the door. Ali goes to Erica and Will and says she’s going to call out Ryan and she wants them to have her back.


Johnny, Will, Erica, Maddy, and Ali are in the white rose room and Paras comes in with Ryan and Ali confronts him. Ryan says he knows he heard her say and she wants to know who she said it about. Ryan says well he doesn’t think she’d call a man a b*tch, so by process of elimination it had to be Paras. Ali says she didn’t say that and Ryan made an assumption. Ryan says she’s been trying to get him out all week and Ali says so you’re making an assumption of an assumption? Ryan says he believes what he heard and Ali says she’s done walks out. Ryan asks the rest of the room if they are ok and things are uncomfortable.


As we go to commercial, Arisa tells us she’s going to make another announcement that involves Canada keeping someone safe.


It’s time to head inside for a few surprises and eviction votes. Arisa goes over what the winner of Big Brother Canada will win. She says she knows who stressful and long the weeks seem and she let’s them know they are proud of her. Arisa but they still manage to have fun and she shows them various clips of them goofing around.


Arisa says the time for fun and games is over for now. Ryan gets to speak first and he thanks his wife and son and he can’t wait to see them and his boss. He’s lost 28 pounds and gained 15 new best friends and he can’t wait to have them as HG in his own home. Whatever the results of the vote today he’s enjoyed his experience.


Merron gives shout outs to those at home. He says people want to know who his targets are and this is their chance to figure it out. If they vote for him to stay, then they will have his 100% loyalty.


It’s time to vote.

Derek votes to evict Ryan.

Kaela votes to evict Ryan.

Johnny votes to evict Merron.

Maddy votes to evict Merron.

Paras votes to evict Merron.

Alejandra votes to evict Ryan.

Will votes to evict Merron.

Olivia votes to evict Merron.


By a vote of 5-3 Merron has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. As Merron leaves he tells them he and Veronica were voted in by Canada and they just got rid of Canada’s boy.


Arisa says Canada voted him but why couldn’t he win a comp? Merron says it pains him so much, he apologizes for letting them down. He feels so blessed to be there and so grateful.


Arisa says people were strategizing all around him, why did it take him so long to talk game, where’s his killer instinct? Merron says it must have been missing. He didn’t want to go too aggressive and he just didn’t trust anyone.


Derek is going to miss his energy and Olivia says he’s a great guy and this gam just wasn’t for him. Alejandra says she tried to save him but it wasn’t enough and she will be seeking revenge. Ryan says it sucked they were on the block together and any campaigning he had to do was strictly game. Erica says on a personal level it sucks he had to go, but she can’t win a game of chess with a board full of pawns. Kaela says he was one of her best friends in the house and it’s going to suck without him.


It’s time to find a new HOH. It’s called buttoned up. They will reach up and push the button above them and keep it held. When they let go, they are out of the competition. There is also a temptation and the first HG to hit their button for the temptation will win it, but they will be eliminated from the competition. There will be no have-nots this week, but for every 5 minutes they are in the competition, they will be on slop for 1 hour.


Paras switches her arms already. All HG look strong to start and Ryan asks if anyone has any good stories. Paras says her arm is already falling asleep.


Arisa tells Canada that they will have the opportunity to save one HG next week. After Wednesday’s show they will be able to vote to save a nominee or leave the nominees the same. If they leave them the same, they will get ONE more chance to save a nominee the following week.

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