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Big Brother Canada Season 6 Episode 13 Recap

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We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Erica says she chose to nominate Ryan because he’s not popular with most of the HG and she’s trying to switch gears from making big moves to smaller moves. She nominated Merron because he’s bee a great pawn and those types of people get taken to the end and she can’t have that. Merron says this is his third time on the block and he feels nothing but frustration at this point and he has no one to blame but himself.


Ryan says back to back nominations and he feels a little more comfortable this time. He thinks Erica has his back and wants Merron to go home, but you can never fully trust anyone in this house. Erica and Ryan talk and she tells him he’s a pawn and Ryan says Merron might be trying to pawn it to the end. Ryan’s only concern is if Merron wins veto and he thinks if Merron comes down she has to make a big move or he will go home against almost anyone.


Olivia and Alejandra are talking and they are discussing pulling Merron in. Olivia tells us her and Ali have become a power due and they will stop at nothing to win this game. Ali is concerned about Ryan’s relationship with Erica and he might be loyal to her, but Merron will be a number for Olivia and Ali because he has no one.


Merron is in the red rose room talking to himself. He says Erica has been having the best Big Brother experience and he’s having the worst. He’s hitting his head lightly against the wall and saying he needs to win the veto over and over. He says he needs to win the veto because he doesn’t think anyone will pull him off the block. Paras comes in and tries to pump Merron up. Merron says it really makes him angry that Erica put him up again. He wants to get off the block and do some crazy crap. Paras says he’s a really nice guy and if she’s nice to him and gives him attention and he stays he might want to work with her. She’s pumping him up and saying he can do it and Canada’s rooting for him.


It’s time to pick players for the POV competition! Erica draws Alejandra. Merron draws Maddy. Ryan draws Johnny. Erica chooses the host as Paras.


Ryan and Merron talk and Ryan says he doesn’t want to be nasty to each other and Merron agrees but says it’s still him vs Ryan. Ryan isn’t sure what kind of comp it will be and he’s working on shaking Merron’s confidence. He says he’s ready to win and Maddy will be motivated to win because she’s 0 for 9. Ryan says Erica might want to win it so she can do something like she did with Veronica. Ryan tells us Merron is a confident kid, but there’s some self-doubt and he’s going to keep poking at it. Ryan says he’s a nice guy, but at this point it’s him or Merron and he needs to shake him.


It’s time for the veto competition and Alejandra is up first. They’re playing a game called Skip the Dishes and they have to scroll through ten orders on a tablet and deliver the food. If someone answers they are correct. But if someone answers and they don’t deliver the correct order, then they will have to try again. If no one answers they are incorrect and will have to try again. However, some of the orders have important information missing so they may have to scroll through the orders to get more information. The winner will win veto and $5,000.


Alejandra goes first and she seemed to do pretty well. Maddy is next and she begins by scrolling through the orders and seems to be off to a slow start. Maddy goes to make her first delivery of a pizza, but doesn’t take it out of the bag and it gets handed back. She tries again and is still wrong. She finally realizes she has to take the pizza out of the bag. She completes her deliveries.


Johnny is up next and he says he uses Skip the Dishes all the time at the home. He seems to be off to a good start and he says he’s not worried about time right now, he just wants to get everything right. He wants to win to protect his people and have some control. He finishes.


Erica is up next and she wants to win because she put up her nominations for a reason and she doesn’t want them to change. She seemed to do well.


Merron is up next. Merron feels like he will be faster than most of the people in the competition. He seems to get off a good start but then tries to make a delivery to the wrong address. He then switches the item thinking that’s what is wrong and he is wrong. He decides to skip it and go back. He does well with all of the rest of his deliveries and goes back to the one he skipped. He’s still trying to figure out what’s wrong with the order. He’s getting frustrated and says he doesn’t know what he’s missing and they highlight the worst “Use the Door Knocker”, which will help him with the address that is missing.


Merron is still looking at the screen of the tablet and finally realizes his mistake. He’s frustrated and runs to make his delivery and buzzes in to stop his time. He is frustrated and is talking to himself asking why he rushed. He says he’s never been more disappointed himself.


Ryan is up and he’s ready to take this one. Ryan says when he was younger he had a paper route and that experience will help with this. He says he wouldn’t have been able to do this two weeks ago and he’s dropped about 20 pounds since he’s been in the house and this is the competition where his exercise will pay off. He finishes and says he’s proud of his time because he ran every step.


Paras is ready to reveal the times. The HG with the worst time of 11:23 is Maddy. Merron came in fifth and Ryan came in fourth. The winner with a time of 5:44 is Johnny. He has won the POV and a $5,000 gift card from Skip the Dishes.


Merron says having the POV slipping through his fingers sucks. He doesn’t want Canada to feel like he is letting them down. He’s in the white rose room talking to himself and he says at least he wasn’t last. He’s done beating himself down, he’s over it. It is what it is.


Olivia tells Johnny she wishes she could have watched him do that competition that fast. She tells Johnny she can’t understand why Erica wants Merron out over Ryan. Olivia wants to convince Johnny to use the veto on Merron to ensure Ryan goes home, but she’s trying to be subtle about it. Olivia can see that Johnny’s gears are turning and thinking about it and that’s exactly what she wanted.


Erica has invited Merron, Alejandra, and Kaela to play Speak Out with her in the HOH room. Kaela says the three hardest letters to say are the B’s, R’s, and T’s. Ali says when Kaela can’t pronounce the word her eyes get really big. Erica says this game is comedy gold. Kaela and Ali won. Erica says that game was so fun.


Ryan, Will, and Maddy are all outside talking and they are talking about how long they’ve been there already. Maddy says it’s the halfway point of the game. Will says it just makes you realize how close you are to winning and how that money could change your life. Will and Alejandra are talking about what they would do with the money in the HOH room while Will is listening to music. Ali wants to help her parents and pay off their debt and hers, but if she doesn’t get it, she’d like to see Will get it for Parker. She tells Will he’s a good dad.


Johnny and Merron are in the white rose room talking. Merron would love for Johnny to use the veto on him. Johnny tells us Merron gets some points for asking him directly, and that’s what he wanted to hear. Merron says Johnny can trust him and he’s not gunning for him. Merron says if he stays this week he’d love to work with him. Johnny tells us Merron is saying Johnny can trust him, but Big Brother says 101 is you can’t trust anyone.


Johnny says he needs to make sure if he uses the veto it’s the right time. He doesn’t want to jeopardize his game if he uses it. He wants to gauge the temperature of the house before making a decision. If he wants to use it, then he has to get Olivia and Alejandra on board because he realizes they are a voting block and will back him. Olivia says at least Johnny is thinking about using it, which is great for her and Ali because it means they are on the same page.


Will comes in with Olivia and Alejandra and Johnny wants to know if they should take a shot at Daela. Will says if that’s what he wants to do. Johnny says they are on board, but he needs to talk to Ryan and see where his head is at. Ryan wants Johnny to use it on him and take out a big target. Johnny says Ryan is only worried about saving himself, but he has to worry about Erica because she might put up the wrong replacement.


Johnny says he’s talked to everyone in the house, but now he has to talk to Erica because she’s the most important because she is the one who has to name the nominee. Johnny asks Erica if she would take a shot at Daela. Erica says she feels like they are on an island by themselves. Johnny questions that. Erica says she’d probably put up Maddy because she’s not as workable as some of the other people. But then Erica says Daela is smarter than they are letting on, Kaela is definitely smarter than people think. Johnny wants to use the veto but he needs to make sure it lands on Daela and not one of his allies.


Johnny heads to the throne room to decide if he’s going to use his veto. He could use the veto and roll the dice and see if Erica puts up a bigger target, but he’s not sure she will and he’s not sure what to do.


It’s time for the veto ceremony. Ryan says in a game where people’s word doesn’t necessarily mean they are truthful, but he thinks he’s proven to certain people that he is loyal and he thinks that might be important for Johnny.


Merron says he understands Johnny may be concerned if he uses veto on him he will get blood on his hands, but they can be blood brothers and work together moving forward and if not he respects his decision.


Johnny has chosen…not to use the power of veto. While he’d love to be the hero and swoop down and save one of them, he has to do what’s best for his game and he thinks this is the best decision for him right now.


Merron says this puts him directly in the danger zone. That veto was his last hope to give him safety and he has no choice but to dig deep to stay in this game.


Ryan says Johnny chose to leave him on the block so he has to go into full scramble mode to stay in the game.


Johnny says he wanted to use veto, but the timing just wasn’t right to make a big move. But Evil Johnny is lurking inside of him waiting for the right time to come out.

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